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Batman is cool because he doesn't need toxic waste or gamma rays to be a great superhero. He's equipped with some of the most awesome weapons, such as Batarangs, and, of course, the Batmobile.
Batman is the best because he doesn't even need super powers to fight crime and be awesome! Even in his alternate identity, he is still an awesome rich guy!
all the gadgets & the sweet ride
[Newest]Because he is the batman
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He May not be the strongest superhero ever, but spiderman is one of the most coolest and entertaining superheroes out there. I'd go watch/read him over anything else ANY day. And just look at his suite! Completely bada**!
Spider-Man has been the coolest Marvel comic for a long time. Countless comic books have tried to beat Spider-Man, but it seems close to impossible.
I wish some how spiderman, batman, superman, nightwing and the hulk can be #1 at the same time but no. I love all of those superheros but when I was like 5 years of age I LOVED spiderman he was my favorite superhero. He may not be as epic as Batman, superman, nightwing and the Hulk but well he's easy to relate to, even though people say batman is a human being people can relate to him but seriously how many people are like BILLIONARES and have a butler. Peter parker had a rough life before he became your friendly neibourhood Spiderman he was bullied, he was a geek had only like 2 friends and the rest thought that he was weird and geeky and way to smart and they were jeolous so a lot may people may have a simaler life so that's way he's relateable to. Don't get me wrong Batman, superman, nightwing and the Hulk are great superheros but me and spidey were tight so that's I vote for him.
[Newest]Spider man is the most amazing super hero and bat man is the most poor super hero
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Superman is by the coolest superhero in my opinion. Despite his physical dominance over humanity, he has a deep love for mankind and finding balance and harmony on Earth. He sets an example for other superheros to follow, he is greatly respected by his peers, he is greatly feared by his enemies, and he knows many languages. SUPERMAN ROCKS!
Superman basically has every required super power and then some. Sure Batman has his gadgets and gizmos but Superman would find them useless. He'd fell the same way about the powers of Spider-Man, Ironman, The Hulk, you name it. Nothing beats a combination of really every useful superpower in one hero. And his backstory ain't half bad either.
With all his power, he is totally selfless. And set the standard for all the superheroes that came out after him.


[Newest]"you know what America's a part of? The world I saved"
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4Iron Man
I like Tony because he's an unlike able character made likeable! He's different, he's not he type to follow anyone else's rules! Makes him a unique hero, he's also funny and a genius. He also has THE best superhero girlfriend, him and Pepper are made for each other. Without the suit, he isn't powerless either his a genius billionaire too! I love Iron man, my absolute favourite!
The suit is so awesome. I wish I could wear one forget superpowers, super iron man suit beats the all. Tony Stark is a genius
Cool, funny, easygoing attitude. He's also a genius. He's really a personal favorite of mine because once this guy who thought I was a genius said that I should build an Iron Man suit to go to school. That would be awesome - I've already started to work on it :) Easily the best Avenger and probably the best superhero!
[Newest]Iron is the vice leader of the avengers

By far the most interesting and violent superhero of all time. Not only that but perhaps the most influential when you consider all of the wolverine knockoffs that followed over the years (lobo, deadpool, cable every image comics character etc... ) Not just that but popularity wise he's still more popular than ironman hulk and superman. Don't believe me? Just look at all of the xmen, wolverine books or anything that he's guest starred in. All became huge sellers and let's not forget that he's always been the premier vs guy in the marvel universe. He should be in the top 3 of this list, but the movies don't do him any justice because if they followed his character by how he's done in the comics, then everybody would say that he's the best superhero they'd ever seen.
The story of James Howlett and how he became the Wolverine is one of the greatest superhero stories ever. He is basically second in command to the X-Men, after Professor X, of course.
He should be #1 adamantium claws stronger than metal and healing factor
Are you guys brain dead he beat hulk, deadpool, spiderman, magneto, andsabertooth (victor creed) you guys should know that duh dummies
[Newest]Wolverine is awesome he is cool because he has claws

When Professor Bruce Banner loses his temper, you don't want to be around him. Unleashing his rage, he becomes the famous green Hulk. Many call him incredible!
Awesome superhero! He can be a hero or villain! But who cares he rule! Heheh! Love this guy!
Dude, hulk is too cool. I know that from the way he smashed Loki without any difficulty in the avengers. He is a green strong monster who at times is out of control but who is really strong when in anger. The only problem with hulk is that he does not have tacts. He just smashes the person who comes near him. If hulk would attack not only with strength but even with brains then he would be the best superheroe. I support his ranking.
[Newest]Hulk is the best

7Captain America
A superhero is defined not just by power, but primarily by character and Captain America has the most admirable character among every other other superhero. He has a relatable and natural life, thanks to his limited powers. He has limited strength unlike thor or hulk, he lacks funding for high tech gadgets or suits unlike batman or iron man and he is not even a mutated superhuman like spider man or an alien like superman. He is just a normal human, who's humanoid abilities have been enhanced to some degree by a serum and having a shield and a bike (he doesn't even have a proper weapon like hawkeye). In spite of lacking significant superpowers, he is fearless and one of the toughest heroes to beat because he makes the most of his limited abilities. An epitome of humbleness and modesty, Captain America is perhaps the most endearing and THE BEST SUPERHERO WHO DESERVES TO BE NO. 1!
Captain America has been my favorite since I started reading comics many years ago. He is the quintessential super soldier, enhanced strength, speed, agility and endurance at the zenith of natural human potential. He always chooses the moral path even if it fights against the government, he is a fighter for the people not the government.
Captain America was the first super hero the world had ever seen his shield cannot be broken and he never ages he fought the world war 2 with might and mane and acted in such a way that he was immortal he was put in ice before shield asked him to fight a battle he had a close fight with Loki who's kind of a hodge fought with great strength and skill even though he lost in my mind he is the greatest super hero the world has or will see he really is a true warrior and can die for his country
[Newest]He awesome and should be number1

Thor is a god that not only has a hammer that is indestructible and only he can pick it up but he can summon lightning and thunder he can fly and showed in the avengers he beat iron man and captain America up he's a friction god that is immortal and indestructible no questions asked Thor is at least in the top3 at least
Thor, the actual Norse god of thunder, is a very amazing and powerful hero. His intensity and power to control lightning along with his hammer, the Mjolnir, give him his spot on the top ten list.
He's a God Strong as Hulk, energy power on level of silver surfer, heart of CaptAmerica, fighting skills of Black Panther and he's a God
[Newest]Thor should at least be above iron man, he creamed him.

Come on you guys this guy is faster than the speed of light. Flash is so fast that he broke some laws of physics. He can basically walk through buildings, and on top of that has super reflexes, which basically makes him almost impossible to hit.
Coolest costume out there, and if you really think about it super speed is one of the most powerful abilities out there.

Top it all off with great humor, and what's not to love!

Flash for the win
Flash is awesome. He's faster than the speed of light and he's so fast that he can even travel through time. The Flash is smart and he can do much more than just run fast.
[Newest]He doesn't deserve enough credit

10The Green Lantern
It really depends on which green lantern one is referring to, as there are thousands upon thousands. The entire green lantern storyline is so engaging because as there is the Marvel universe or the DC universe, it is as though the green lantern universe could easily be its own thing. There are various different green lanterns one could follow, and there are more conflicts and villains than any other superhero has. Except the batman family, because those guys have a big ass heap on their plate. The green lantern rings themselves are a very creative concept, more so than most of the other superheroes on this list. Think about Thor, for example- he was already a character of much fame! A Norse god! Anyway, all of the conflicts between Hal Jordan and earth and his fellow lanterns and his nemesis (Sinestro) and even his bosses (the guardians) creates a story line that is incredibly engaging.

Part of this is because the writers can be so original with every new story line, as there are infinite possibilities one could conjure up out of the darkest reaches of space. It really manages to combine a man, awesome powers, and impossible enemies. The story line also takes so many twists and turns. Such as him being stuck to the source wall, the introduction of the new gods, being possessed by the entity of fear, dying and then coming back, having his dad momentarily resurrected, and everything with mogo and oa being destroyed and all of that. There is a sturdy backstory, relatable drama, and connections between characters as well as clear antagonists throughout. It is also interesting how sometimes Hal can be a bit of an anti-hero, and also how he is constantly put in battle against the rest of the force or his own friends.
Hal Jordan, or the Green Lantern, wields a mighty power ring that can generate a whole bunch of effects sustained by the wearer's willpower. The Green Lantern's power to control all physical things gives him a spot on the top ten.
In simple way! The most powerful weapon is will! The will to act
[Newest]"I couldn't here you over the solar system I saved

The Contenders

The funniest hero ever made. I'd say we need more hero like Deadpool, but no, he is the one and only. If you have any doubt, try the Deadpool game. Deadpool rules!
Because he had his own funny game wher he destroys many people

He if super violent and doesn't give one

He super funny and barley serious

He will school batman

He is extremely rude witch everybody likes
He should easily be in the top 10. he has a great regeneration power so he is nearly invincible and also he is really funny... He can defeat any other hero with his weapon skills (including batman, who is currently at number 1 position)
[Newest]Deadpool is awesome. He is way better than superman and batman combined. He is funny and really awesome.

12Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman deserves to be very high up on this list. She's always been my role model, because of her class and her toughness. She is the perfect example of a strong woman, because she never quits and never turns down a challenge. Not only is her beauty beyond that of any heroine, but her godly strength and her status as an Amazonian warrior princess make her unstoppable. Plus, I love her relationship with Batman
Wonder Woman is the prettiest! Shes from the world of gods! Shes the best!
It's great to have a female super hero as a role model. She is strong and courageous and she never gives up.

Dick needs a little more credit than he actually gets! He is a lesser version of batman in a way. He has the same skill, it's just not nearly as fine tuned as Bruce's.
Are you serious? Nightwing is by far one of the greatest sidekicks ever. If you ever played Injustice: Gods Among Us you know about his OP attacks. Besides that in the comics he's all chill and cool, plus his extreme hand to hand combat skills are almost up to par with Batman's.
[Newest]Yeah thanks for the compliments guys

A totally fearless hero despite having limited powers, his only one formed as the the result of a disability? Gotta be cool. He took on the Hulk, for God's sake! And the coolest costume ever.
In my personal opinion of an avid comic reader daredevil the he greatest comic book character ever.
What' snot to like about him?


I don't think she should be at the bottom however at least shes in the top 10
She's not that powerful
[Newest]Is the best because she is a cat a sexy cat

16Green Arrow
He's amazing, he spent 5 years surviving on an island nicknamed the "purgatory" with highly trained soldiers everywhere! He pretty much only uses a bow and takes down murders that have men and guns, he pretty much single handedly takes down anyone who is "poisoning" his city! No powers, just money, he's an underrated version of batman!
Should be in top 5 cause he like the assassins creed version of a super hero... With a bow
His goatee is amazing, his skills in archery are amazing, maybe he is not as cool as Batman, but man he is awesome. I would give the 5th place.
[Newest]He fights the crime with a bow and no superpowers.

17Silver Surfer
The Power Cosmic Runs Through Me
I think the silver dood is epic, strong and a secret marvel hero.
The silver doodis a fast guy who is a cool,

He is so ignored! While all the other superheroes need super powers or tons of gadgets, Barton only needs skill, muscles and an epic bow-and-arrow!


He is boss with a bow and almost killed loki
I think he should be in top 10 and I think he is too awesome and epic

19Ghost Rider
Awesome character, great back story as well. I think he should be listed in the top ten as well!
He has the most awesome, badass and original powers.

Sidekick of Batman never fails... sometimes!
Worst hero ever! Batman treated him like crap for a reason, especially the short shorts he wore. He should not be included as a super hero!
Teen Titans is awesome... Robin is awesome... And he is pretty much Chuck Norris-teenage edition-with awesome tools.
[Newest]I want be Robin

Just such a deep anti-hero. He is what batman would be like in real life.

Frank Castle, also known as the Punisher, is one of the best anti-heros of all comic book history. He is known for murdering, kidnapping, threats of violence, and torture in his war on crime.
Cool, because he doesn't need super powers. He just uses his strength and awesome guns!
He has the best method of all superheroes and he doesn't need the be called one to be one also best story line of all. He should be number one

Nagraj have snake powers. He have many snakes in his body and more snake power. He is best super hero in india with raj comic.
A God not a hero
A Snake Prince and one of it's own kind Superhero, like no one in the world. his stories makes us believe in Indian mythological stories
[Newest]Nagraj is against terrorism he is very brave he should be at 8

24Beast Boy
Simple but I love any superhero that can use be an animal but possess the intelligence of a human
Beast boy doesn't really have intelligence... Or a brain... #raven
Your one of my great super hero
[Newest]He is the funniest and best ever. You go beast boy

25Human Torch
Common he is so awesome he can do anything with fire. He's funny, smooth and hot. He can beet anyone just by burning them to death. And he's supernova is hotter than the sun, so I don't know about you that is pretty awesome.

He is like a lesser known deadpool but is still awesome
He deserves something in th tens spot
He is epic a great assassin should be way higher on this list. deadpool is just a rip off of him. that is all marvel does stanlee has no creativity and yet he is the face of designing superheros. the face of designing superheros should be the person who designed the idea of having powers or maybe even designed comics. not some person that steals ideas from another company

27Martian Manhunter
Does anyone else realize that M. M is tronger than superman in EVERY way? AND he is just as selfless, perhaps even more, also he did not kill anyone but superman did, so who's really the better person/alien?


He should be hier on this list. for me, he would be about 2nd or 3rd

28Super Commando Dhruva
He is a indian superhero who uses his intelligence and martial arts skills to fight against the crime
Born in Circus family. Dedicated his life to fight crimes of Rajnagar. can talk to animals do deadliest stunts. His sister and girlfriend both are superheroes

29Storm (X Men)
Storm is an epic character with powers that really are nearly unstoppable. She should easily be number one on anyone's list.
She should be the third best

OK. Everyone else on the list is a girl, but in the batman universe, anything goes!

31Aphrodite (Venus)

32Winter Soldier
He is pretty sick but I still hing Deadpool is better

33The Doctor

34The Thing
I love the thing because he is epic and has no weakneses

He is great. His optic blast is so powerful (though he can't control it)... Moreover he is also an omega level mutant

36Kick Ass
Kick-Ass is a really great superhero but the only let down is most of them have a special power or something but he's got STYLE!


Not as good as hit girl (who should be number 1) who is also in the kick ass movie but in guess he's cool enough to be in this list
He's a great character but not a great hero
[Newest]Dude nerd turned superhero + funny


37The Phoenix

38The Mask
This Guy is a superhero, is you've seen the original then you'll know what I mean.
From zero to hero
The most powerful and funny


One of the best superhero, that he is helping the people and most important is that he has a feelings to understand the situations.
And the costume is also unique. I want to see him on worlds best Superhero.
HE doesn't need any, gadgets, or power source...HE IS VERY POWERFUL AND WITHOUT ANY WEAKNESS...basically he is kryptonite immune superman.
He's the coolest & powerful superhero.
I want to see him on top.

41Black Widow
Black Widow is intelligent and powerful. She is a standout character who deserves more recognition on this list than she gets, and should definitely be #1.
She is really good at fighting and deserve more credit
BLACK WIDOW ROCKS. she is one of my many faveories

Vegeta was ruthless and mercyless, but then he became a hero and sacrificed himself to save Earth. His powers are seemingly unlimited: as a SSJ4, Vegeta can destroy entire universes!
I agree, Vegeta has really turned his life around, but Vegeta is more driven on pride and facing strong oppenents than save people.

This guy is more powerful than kratos from god of war! No joke.
He is too underrated

He is cool with he's element

45Doctor Manhattan
This guy is literally a god, created from human machinery. He's also really cool, with his translucent blue skin and awesome powers.
This guy can't be killed and has no weaknesses
This man is god litarally he is god how do you kill a man that can do everything.

Yellow Costume and Flying Superhero

47Black Panther
He's just really awesome


Ever since I saw him on A:EMH in 2010, Black Panther has been my favorite hero for the past 5 years. He's extremely underrated and no one seems to utilize all his abilities: agility, strength, vibrabium suit and weapons, claws, and the vibranium on his soles that let him walk on walls and water. He's a strong leader and tactician, and has contingency plans for just about anything (including Galactis). He's right on up there with Stark, Cap, Wolverine, and Spidey, perhaps even above them, in terms of power. This "minimal Panther" world is sad. Just sad.

Doga biggest Indian superhero
Cold blooded. and hardcore violent. believes in on the stop justice we really need superheroes like this.

We are talking about heroes. This guy/girl is the epitome of heroes. Come on. Alan Moore has the most realistic interpretations of heroes and V proves that. Code name V should in the top 5 at least. You guys need to read som comic books to understand.
The best. Behind the powers hide a believe

Technically, she's not an actual superhero. But she's my hero! And she doesn't claim to be some sort of super... sowwy.


51War Machine/Iron Patriot

Nope I'm not having this. Gambit at 55? Fudge off! He's an alpha level mutant and he's kind. He risked his life to save a girl he never knew! And he's a thief not some rich ass like iron man (not saying iron man is bad, just an example) and he's not popular in the society but still risked his life
Gambit can create matter from kinetic energy. That defies a law of matter
Already. He also carries a deck of cards. Each one of those can become a grenade with his powers, and he can throw them better than Seto Kaiba!

53Red Hood
He came back from the dead just to get back at the joker (Jason Todd)

This is captain marvel


55Spider Woman
I think spider women is cool even no she is a bad guy




59Captain Marvel
Um in my opinion he is the best when you think of the word shazam all of those meanings are kind of like invincible. if you think of him also he is the only character to beat superman the most times. And the new fifty-two version has a lot of magic so I do not think he should not be number 99 on the heroes list he should be in the top 3. He is a pretty awesome hero. you know what I am saying, please agree.
I think he is great he only possesses one super power which is lightning yet super man possesses more and he is the only one who is able to beat him billy is a cool guy with his family and his story was awesome in my opinion he is my number one but not a lot of other people think so he is my favourite with his suit tawny the tiger which has always been my favourite animal I love him because I also like Greek mythology
She's a awesome female superhero.

He's adorable my god he is the best.

61Kid Flash
He is almost as fast as flash. And he was great in young justice

62Doctor Strange

63Light Yagami
Okay, first of all, Light Yagami is not even a superhero. Yes, I believe that Death Note is an excellent show, but Light is more of an anti-hero than a superhero. But he is still very handsome, and he pretended to mourn over the loss of L, who is a very popular figure in the show. Then, when the people left, Light gave a maniacal laugh, thinking that he won when in truth L won the battle. Now that is one insane anti-hero!

64Monkey D. Luffy

Epic in xmen first class

66Power Rangers
They suck. There for fat babies
I'm pretty sure if I DO watch it, I'll be a dweeb.
I love this if you don't you a dweeb I mean watch one epsode I mean I once I did not want to watch it but I saw 1 video and I loved and it was the voted worst power ranger seires I watch but I was like the critics are dumb and I had chat at my freinds and they saidt he rest is on kix and that comvestion changed my life so WATCH IT YOU WIL LOVE IT PEACE SUPERHERO OUT!



He is too awesome! His show is one one of the best show (but his movie sucks)
He is so cool! He can beat anyone in avatar state...
I have loved Aang since I was five and I still watch the show.

70Black Canary
No one can beat her screech


Aquaman is actually a very powerful hero. People think he can just talk to fish, but he has the strength of Superman, the brain of Mr. Fantastic, and the leadership abilities of Abraham Lincoln. So this guy who put him here knows his stuff, and didn't just put him here to piss people off, doofus!


He is more powerful than you think
Just to piss people off I see.

73Dick Grayson
Even though my favorite Robin is Damien Wayne, Dick is a better all around character. I enjoy Nightwing as much as the next Batman fanatic, but Dick's time under the cowl is an era I will never forget. I think it's great that despite their differences in the past Dick still wanted to carry on his mentors legacy.
He is the best hero you ediots

74Captain Kirk

I don't think he is a super hero he's just a regular hero, no he's the hero of time who has the best ever sword with superpowers


77Charles Xavier
This guy can simply control anyone on the top of the list while sitting on his wheelchair.
Can even change your hero into a blood seeking villain.
Can even kill each person on the planet too.
But he won't.
You all suck if you hate him
Pro X is probably my favorite mutant outside of Wolverine. I'm a sucker for telekinetic powers and Pro. X is the champion at using them.

He is such a genius and is a really good fighter with his teleporting
This guy is awesome. with his teleporting
Also a good character


80Captain Britain

He is on fire
Why isn't Hellboy higher up on the list? Give the devil's spawn some love.

82Max Steel
Max steel is the best, he has different types of modes like speed, strength, stealth, cannon, flying, scuba, clone modes. he is unbeatable and has a strong suit that can hide his identity,

Google it.
Welds stray dogs to villians faces

Come on beast should be higher! He's A... How do you describe it... BEAST!
Vote for Beast... He's a Beast
He is the beast

By the power of gray skull! I have the POWER!

86Teen Titans

Wasp should be way higher

88Cassie Hack


90Chhota Bheem
He is an super Indian


92Red Robin
Tim Drake and Don, t you forget it


Indian version of Captain America

95Damien Wayne
Yes another Robin on the list! Damien is my most favorite Robin of all time. He gave Robin an edge we've never seen before, and was a great challenge to his fathers moral stance on crime fighting.


God! Phantom rocks, he is the first super hero. He is classic and far better than super man. He is a legend. Please vote.

98Scarlet Witch
Scarlet witch is awesome. Her powers are great. And she looks absolutely beautiful. Why is scarlet witch so low. She is an avenger and she should be higher
How is scarlet witch so low she rocks


100Red Tornado

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