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181 Young God - Halsey Young God - Halsey

This song made my ears bleed like her other songs. Worst song ever. Go back to New Jersey please.

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182 Carousel - Melanie Martinez Carousel - Melanie Martinez

Actually I really like this song so I don't agree with this.

If any Melanie deserves to be on here, that would be Alphabet Boy

What? Melanie on this list? You must be deaf.

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183 Be Real - Kid Ink Be Real - Kid Ink

Kid Ink is the worst rapper ever

This song is terrible! It is the worst song on Full Speed. - madoog

A good club jam produced by DJ Mustard? Yeah... Those don't exist. And this song is no exception.

Wait? How would this be in the list? It's a good club jam. - SelfDestruct

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184 Freedom - Pharrell Williams Freedom - Pharrell Williams

This song is like Macklemore's "Same Love" its got a good message, but the song itself isn't that good. He screeches the word "Freedom" so loudly, it gets annoying.

He screams like a rat on crack cocaine

185 Break a Sweat - Becky G Break a Sweat - Becky G

Whoa there, going from "Shower" to this in 1 year? I've seen teen pop stars end up trying too hard to sound grown up, but usually not this quickly.

This song is literarily about her while she's having sex

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186 Infinity - One Direction

It's a one direction song, do I really need to say anymore?

It's a one direction song therefore it automatically sucks

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187 Diddy Bop - Soulja Boy Diddy Bop - Soulja Boy

Now that "Watch Me" and "Hit The Quan" have brought back that awful rap dance craze, I could easily see Soulja Boy having another hit.

Please, music gods, don't let that happen...

Why is he still rapping? I don't want him here. And I've never even heard of this song. Thank God.

The vengence of Soulja Boy begins now. All the stupid dance songs will face terrible pains!

That cover looks like a Beatles cover. Shame on Soulja Boy! Shame! - RiverClanRocks

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188 Perfect - One Direction

One word: boring. And it sounds too much like Style.

This is the third song in the Jealous by Nick Jonas trilogy (the second is Style by Taylor Swift). It's terrible, but it's about in the middle. - WonkeyDude98

I didn't mind Drag Me Down, but this is awful. - Swellow

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189 The Weekend - Eden Xo The Weekend - Eden Xo

What is this? Sound like she trying to sing reggae rap with a Caribbean beat or trying to get into the next Grand Theft Auto game.

Oh man. This is verging on so bad it's good, but it's just not bad enough.

And there's a Lil Jon remix.

190 Better When I'm Dancin' - Meghan Trainor

Some people seem to have confused autotune with gang vocals and vocal layering. This song is almost great. - WonkeyDude98

This song hs some potential that other songs simply do not have. But they do have one thing in common the auto tune. Honestly Meghan could've done way better. This was just a promotion scam!

It's a good song. But there's only 2 problems:
1. It's Meghan Trainor.
2. AutoTune. AutoTune everywhere. - RiverClanRocks

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191 Get You Alone - Maejor Get You Alone - Maejor

That flute sounds annoying. The song would have been better without it. - madoog

The Maejor part is amazingly done but the god awful Jeremih part cancels it out! - SelfDestruct

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192 Home - One Direction Home - One Direction V 1 Comment
193 Only Love - Shaggy Only Love - Shaggy

Who calls them self shaggy?

194 Smoke Break - Carrie Underwood

Every song of hers sounds the same. Same vocal range, nothing new.

195 B.Y.H.B. - Uncle Ezra Ray B.Y.H.B. - Uncle Ezra Ray
196 Title - Meghan Trainor Title - Meghan Trainor
197 Thank God for Girls - Weezer Thank God for Girls - Weezer

Creepiest lyrics ever.

Weird lyrics. But the beat and vocals are good. - RiverClanRocks

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198 Renegades - X Ambassadors Renegades - X Ambassadors

I like this song. Good beat and guitar, but do I have to hear it five million times a day? - RiverClanRocks

This song is absolutely boring and annoying. - madoog

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199 The Fix - Jeremih The Fix - Jeremih

Why are songs keep being sampled? There are too many unoriginal songs. This is terrible. - madoog

I guess the trend this year is to take a Marvin G a y e song and ruining it. Seriously, first there's Thinking Out Loud taking the instrumentals from

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200 Tear in My Heart - Twenty One Pilots Tear in My Heart - Twenty One Pilots

I hate how Tyler Joseph screamed it just terrible

I hate how Tyler Joseph screamed it just terrible.

Twenty One Pilots shouldn't be anywhere near the list in the first place, the whole Blurryface album as a whole was one of my favourites of the whole year so far, and this is one of my favourites from it. In my books, at least.

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