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The Top Ten

Mr. Saxobeat
I know Alexandra Stan only due to this song. I have not even heard her other works yet, but as I am a fan of good music :) I think I'll listen to them when I have free time. Actually, this song deserves to be the first.
Became her worldwide breakthrough hit, selling almost 1,000,000 copies in less than a year and reaching the top five in over twenty countries


If this song didn't exist, Alexandra Stan wouldn't exist either for me. I mean, I wouldn't know her at all. This song is AMAZING! It is always in my head and I really love it. It is her best song ever.
[Newest]What a nice song by Alexandra...

2Get Back (ASAP)
Second single from her debut album "Saxobeats"


I love her song. This is beautiful. She looks hot and sexy.
Its just excellent
It is my one of the favourite song.
[Newest]Awesome tune and singing

3Lollipop (Param Pam Pam)
The most amazing song with a beautiful singer
I love her man... She is amazing
This is my best song
[Newest]She is so sexy

4One Million
Best song ever heard by a female... Can listen to this song the whole day!
That is a nice song
It's really one in a million song.
[Newest]This song is awesome!

This song z awesome, so underrated, give this song a chance, it's my favorite song of Alexandra Stan... Awesome lyrics and music, voila!
This is an absolutely brilliant song. The lyrics the beat its all perfect. Actually all of Alexandra's songs r great! Love you alexandra!
Ahh lemonade the best drink and song ever
Best alexandra stan song people my favorite it screams summer and fun and partys love
[Newest]Its just excellent song from Alex.

It is my one of the favorite song.. I just love to listen it..

6Bitter Sweet
Better then lollipop people listen to the sample you will thank me so much it is so good should have been a single instead of get back (ASAP) come on music brings the people together or this song at least
Please listen to this underrated song its really really really good I love this song vote vote vote for a song that would be a huge hit in america because it has awesome beat and lyrics



9Show Me the Way
Lovely voice, and lovely name.
My girlfriend happens to af Alexandra and I am Danstan

10Cherry Pop
Alexandra stan cherry pop! I like her because she always tries to do something new love you

The Contenders

11Cliche (Hush Hush)
I like the lyrics of the song and also alexandra stan
Hewest song and is defaintly the next mr saxobeat
I think "cliche" is the best song of alxandra stan,

Come on people, Dance is by far the best song ever, deserves to be no. 1 by a distance. You people don't know what good music is.
Take it at least to the second spot
Really? This one must be number 2

13All My People
The best song ever

14Baby, It's Ok

15Thanks for Leaving
Can't stop listening! I don't like Alexandra that much but this one is really exceptional. just awesomeee

16Give Me Your Everything

17Set Me Free

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