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The Top Ten

Lonely Train
"But you can't judge a book looking at the cover" some people should remember this sometimes...

2Blame It On the Boom Boom
This song just gets after it. Solid song all the way through.

3Blind Man
This is the song that got me into Black Stone Cherry... Lyrics and music are great together... This song is heavy and still gives you the true feeling of southern rock... Love this song... I purchased the BSC and Folklore and superstition albums at the same time, I played this song and fell in love with Black Stone Cherry...

4Things My Father Said

5Peace Is Free

6Killing Floor

7Please Come In

8Rain Wizard

9White Trash Millionaire
Good southern rock n roll

10Like I Roll

The Contenders

11In My Blood

12Hell and High Water

13Backwoods Gold
Although Rain Wizard was the song that first made me like Black Stone Cherry, Backwoods Gold (in my opinion) is a better song.


15Tired of the Rain

16Maybe Someday

17Devil's Queen

18Long Sleeves



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