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Vegeta is absolutely my favorite character. With a strong, sturdy, and gruff attitude, he is a tough opponent to beat and a worthy, although questionable, ally. His romance with Bulma is perhaps the mark of how he began to grow softer, and she worked wonders on his heart! He has goodness deep inside of him, as shown by his noble sacrifice during the Majin Buu Saga. He is a seasoned and powerful warrior with an extreme (and highly amusing) ego, as well as the soft side we all know exists.
Vegeta's dedication is undeniably far above than anyone elses. Kakarot achieved his super saiyan transformation while training under 100x gravity for what, 6 days? Vegeta relentlessly trained under 300x gravity and exceeding 400x gravity over 4 or more years and then traveled through space, far and wide training with meteors for so long to find the mother of all meteors to which he mustered his remaining strength to destroy. Only then, through his passionate anger did he achieve his super saiyan transformation. Kakarot was practically born with indefinite potential that's always easily obtained while Vegeta struggled his entire life alone only to be on par with him. He has transcended his limits like no other. A sentiment as deep as this, "What has more meaning than your own strength? " can only be fully understood by Vegeta.

With this, is his pride, not just arrogance for vanity's sake, no, it's much more noble than that. Deep within Vegeta's core is his self-respect, his pride, this is what drives him, this is what sets him apart from the rest and grants him his entitlement to the best of the best, as is his right as the Prince of Saiyans; the title he did more than enough to earn through his blood, sweat, and tears. No other could even imagine of matching his absolute and resolute state of mind. He may have softened in his heart and lost his cold blood down the line, but his mind was and is as hard as ever.

Vegeta is the Ultimate Being of Greatness.
Of all characters in DBZ Vegeta is my favorite. Yes he's arrogant, proud, prideful, reclusive and VERY stubborn but he's also extremely smart, serious, tactical and a very powerful ally.

Akira Toriyama designed him to be different from the other characters. He wanted you to get a sense of how alien Vegeta is (because he is an alien) by giving him the tanned skin tone, reddish brown hair and English names for his signature moves: I.E. big Bang Attack, Final Flash, Final Explosion, Final Shine, Galick Gun (supposed to be Garlic gun). ((If you notice, everyone elses' signature moves are in Japanese)). Those qualities defiantly set Vegeta apart from all the other characters in DBZ.

I don't like how drastic of a change that funimation (worse) and Ocean made to what the DBZ characters actually say in the ORIGINAL Japanese version. In my opinion he doesn't talk as cocky as he does in the English version (note: "as cocky"). I like to watch DBZ in Japanese dub only because you get a true sense of who Vegeta and the others are and are supposed to be.

Just to clear some things, Vegeta did not go Super Saiyan 3 in Battle of the Gods. **SPOILER ALERT** He did however surpass Goku in strength when it came down to Bulma getting slapped.** It's argued that he believes Super Saiyan 3 is stupid because of how fast it wears off so therefore does not care to transform to SS3.

Vegeta is a force to be reckoned with. He's different from the other DBZ characters. He is arrogant, proud and stubborn. He has a persistent hunger to fight. He is smart and powerful. He's very VERY protective of his family. That is why Vegeta is MY favorite DBZ character!
[Newest]Vegeta is the best he is so badass and smart too
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Goku is the strongest sayian in history
He kicks vegetas ass. Without him none can get destroyed. He has more than thousand forms.
Goku is the strongest saiyan in history.
he kicks vegetas ass. Without him no one can be destroyed. He has more than thousand forms.
This is pretty irrelevant as this list is about the best character, not the strongest character


[Newest]Goku always surpasses Vegeta in everything he does. He became a super saiyan before Vegeta ever could
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Gohan's power level constantly increases the more he's pushed. If Toriyama had gone with his original idea of making him the main character after the Cell saga, you bet he would be number one on each of these power lists. His powers are grounded in his emotions, so they increase rather than decrease during the course of a battle. In other words... He's a BADASS.

-Constantly growing hidden powers.
-Took out Garlic Jr. At like, 3 or 4.
-Alternate counterpart defended Earth against the androids until age 23.
-First juvenile Super Saiyan.
-First half-breed to acheive SSJ.
-Only unfused demi-Saiyan to acheive SSJ2.
-KILLED CELL. (In your face, Hercule! )
-Two words: One-handed Kamehameha.
-Went head to head with Broly at 18.
-Killed Frieza in less than 5 seconds.
-Stronger than Super Buu before the absorption of Gotenks and Piccolo.
-With his Mystic form, Gohan is officially the strongest unfused fighter at the end of DBZ.
Gohan is so bad ass expecially when destroying cell. I don't even count the gt saga when he became 10x weaker but he's the only 1 who actually got a real family in dbz
Gohan is the absolute best.

He is the first guy to pierce saiyan armor! (Remember he didn't even have any training and stuff).

He fought Frieza when he was just a kid.

He totally defeated cell when he was a teen.

He was stronger than Buu even! It was only when Buu absorbed Piccolo that he was shown to be slightly weaker. He is truly a gift fighter, like his father and his emotions gave him that extra edge. However, he lacks the killer instinct a true saiyan has, like Goku and Vegeta, and that's what makes him more human and acceptable character in my opinion.
[Newest]I love Gohan well Teen Gohan kid Gohan is really weak and adult Gohan is a huge disappointment first of all TEEN Gohan defeated the most powerful android in Dragon Ball Z with a one handed Kamehameha (normally a kamehameha requires two hands) plus he is the first one to achieve ssj2 (finally someone other than Goku to achieve something before anyone else, IN YOUR FACE Goku! )
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Piccolo killed Raitz.
Piccolo Strongest Of Race
Piccollo is a mean green ass kicking machine
What is DBZ without piccolo!?


I love all dbz characters but I love piccolo the most he has been the most awesome dbz character of all time (in my opinion) without him everyone would be dead maybe he did die 3 times but those were all sacrifices and without him everyone would be dead and gohan would be weaker than he is
He is a mean green but-kicking machine
[Newest]The coolest DBZ person ever.

Trunks is one of my favorite characters. I love all versions, including future Trunks, present Trunks, and present teen Trunks. Present Trunks' laid back attitude makes him especially my favorite. He may be a saiyan, but he seems to be the most optimistic (Besides Goku, of course) about things that just look impossible. Future Trunks was also a great character, just Vegeta being his father made the plot so much better. It was great to see him kick Frieza's butt.
I think teen trunks is the best becuse he had the balls to stand up to the androids and when it came to cell he tried his hardest and his uss transformation is awesome way better than vegetas and his spikey hair is awesome, best bragon ball z charecter ever.
What are you voting guys? Teen Trunks doesn't exist on Dragon Ball Z.


Trunks is the best. He gave it his all to beat the androids, Cell and the other villains that he has fought. AWESOME MOVE he pwned Frieza with about 5 slashes from his sword and a huge energy blast.
[Newest]Cut Frieza in half enough said
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Okay, so, let's look at his track record.

Survived being stabbed in the chest as a baby.

Escaped an exploding planet by making an energy shield.

Took a kick from Vegeta as if it was nothing, in restricted super saiyan form.

Destroyed a planet with one barely charged, probably ordinary, ki blast.

Smashed Trunks into a rock, and a building, then he never got up again.

He kicked Goku around for the first half of the fight, and Goku was finally out after a barrage of ki blasts.

Took everyone's punches, kicks, and whatnot, like they were nothing.

Took a Kamehameha to the face, one that could destroy a planet multiple times over.

Personally beat Goku into the ground.

Made Vegeta scared for half of the movie. That IS worthy of mention.

Killed his father, and threw him into the comet heading for the planet.

Survived being blown up from the inside, hit by a comet, and frozen.

Beat up two kids.

Beat up a SSJ2 Gohan, despite the fact he was rusty.

Survived being in lava.

Last but not certainly not least, destroyed a humongous portion of a galaxy, before he obtained the LSSJ form.

How many villains are like this?
This guy has the potential to be strongest dbz character IF he actually trained. I mean think about it, he never actually does training yet beat all z fighters even Goku.
GUY'S A DEMON! Has a power level of 1.4 BILLION (Confirmed via TOEI's 'Daizenshuu 6: Movies & T.V. specials' Production Guide) UNFUSED, with a regenerative energy supply, an energy shield that protects him in extreme environs, formidable rapid fire Ki blasts, the Eraser Cannon blast, and the PLANET BUSTING OMEGA CRUSHER enough SAID, Guy's a living god, with freaked out, super attuned, NATURAL Ki Manipulation. Barring any Buu past the Fat One, the fusions, Super Saiyan 3s (Goku/Gotenks), Ultimate Gohan, or some of the later movie villains, Broly has few equals at the end of the day, One on One he can match Super Saiyan 2s I content readily, his constant supply of Ki and the strength/muscle mass, leads me to believe he's some sort of Ultra Super Saiyan 2 in my humble opinion!
because he is just awesome, plus he is like the only guy with a realistic amount of muscle to how strong he is -ssj4goku is 100x stronger and has less muscle
[Newest]took a Kamehameha to the face
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Cell is the best character because he is strong has great techniques and is fast as hell. He is always confident about himself and that is important in a match. He is also the best and strongest android in Dragonball Z.
I give him credits for being the best villian in the entire show
Cell is my favorite as he uses his smarts and cunning to outsmart some people. He is even told by Goku he is stronger then him and he has a cool design. Am I the only one who liked Semi-Perfect Cell? Plus, we saw his story from DEAD START TO DEAD FINISH (Larve form to Perfect form to Hell) Unlike "SOME" other people who we see from like 20 years old.

Then Goten (he is cute)
He was totally unstoppable back in his day. It took Gogeta to kill him, with cell, all it took was a Super Saiyan Goku. I <3 DragonBall Z, and Cell is definitely the most badass villain in the entire series.
[Newest]Cell is just the Coolest, his intelligence and charisma are just awesome together, he was always just such a bad ass!

Frieza is the best as he is a galactic overload space tyrant. He is practically most cruel and popular villain in the entire dragon ball franchisee. Not just that, he give goku the longest fight in the entire anime history. If just Frieza kill Goku instead of Krillin, then no force in the entire universe can stop him from total destruction as he probably destroy the entire planet earth so cell and majin buu won't even get chance to introduce, and if cell and majin buu is not even introduced, then whom can defeat Frieza in the entire universe?
He brought the best fight scenes in whole DBZ series! He is cold and sneaky bastard that got the best out of Goku like no one before... Or after. (I don't even count that silly GT episodes)
Friezas is just awesome he held his own against a super saiyan for the most part and survived severe injuries that would kill just about anybody else. He is a master at a lot of techniques and most of all he is so powerful he has to weaken himself to keep from killing people to fast and destroy planets at his weakest form.
[Newest]He is the best of the best

Bardock was a complete badass hero since he tried to prevent frieza from blowing up planet vegeta and also w/o him goku would not exist.
Everyone says that bardock is overrated but that is completely wrong. Krill em over bardock is ridiculous. Bardock was a low class soldier but he had the most heart. After his crew was destroyed he deliberately took friezas crew down by himself... Which was very hard or merely impossible rather to do back in those days. He was the first person to stand up to frieza and he was all by himself. He wears the red headband which many people don't know that it's his former comrades blood he wears in honor by his deceased partner


Bardock proves how brave and badass he is when he attempts to take on Frieza even though he does lose. He and Raditz are my favorite dbz characters. You can tell he is Goku's dad because he looks just like him only with a slightly darker skin tone and a scar on this cheek. Saying Bardock is overrated is WAY wrong. He Rocks!
[Newest]Bardock< Original Ssj< Goku's Father < Badass=Coolest and one of the strongest Dragon Ball Characters

Without gogeta, heck, everyone would be dead by the hands of super janemba! He had the balls to mess with omega shenron and would've killed him with only 2 energy beams! Way better than vegito, who has too much of vegeta's cocky side. Gogeta has vegetas seriousness and goku's playfulness. Gogeta should be #1!
The ultimate fusion he fights with his arms folded and his big bang kamehameha
Big bang kamehameha!
[Newest]The soul punisher can obliterate any if it hits

The Contenders

Krillin is the representation of hope and perseverance. He isn't the strongest, or the coolest, or the tallest, or the fastest, but he still always fights till the end, providing all sorts of humour and good times along the way.
Plus he scored android 18. RESPECT.
Krillin is so underrated... he helped goku and the others so many times in saving what there was to fight for.
Krillin may be small, but he's the strongest human excluding Uub!!


[Newest]He's a cool dude, I'd go to a bar with him n' Yamcha.

Strongest character by the way toriyama planed it. He has the cockyness of vegeta and the goodness of gokus heart. I love the way he teases buu, like a cat playing with a mouse before the kill. Plus he is not as dumb as goku and inconsiderate as vegeta. Vegito ROCKS!
The strongest and the coolest. He has the best personalities from vegeta and goku. He just had too little screen time for people to warm up to him.
Vegito is the most strongest character in who Dragon ball z series because he is goku and vegeta fused no one could ever beat Vegeto specially his final kamehameha
[Newest]Vegito could beat super buu with many z fighter absorbed he is by far the most powerful

He is so good because he could so kick both Goku's and Gohan's butts if they were the same age because Goten can go super sayion and fuse with trunks when he's like
Goten is so awesome he is the youngest super saiyan but of corse goku is better than him but goten is younger than him so duh so I like to compare goku to gotenks. Goten fights way more stronger opponents than him.
Goten was the earliest super saiyan I mean come on he is the youngest son of goku he has to be strong they exxagerate with gohans power but goten is the real deal
[Newest]He's cute, funny, and innocent, what more could you want?

14Tien Shinhan
Aside from Piccolo, Tien is the strongest non-Saiyan on the team.

Don't forget, he was able to help stall when Nappa and Vegeta attacked earth, and had enough power to temporarily keep Semi-Perfect Cell at bay. He even was able to assist in the Buu Saga.

I liked Tien's fighting style. I just wish humans could reach Saiyan levels of power in DBZ... I would have loved to see a stronger Tien fight Vegeta or Goku later in the series.

For being a human and thus having real limitations of power, Tien did more than his fair share.
Come on, Why is Tien so low, He is awesome and Underrated, mainly since he is weaker but he is still awesome. Tri-Beam is one of the best DBZ attacks and Neo Tri-Beam is even better, and those attacks are both his, So he is an overall awesome character
Tien is underrated. He has some of the best moves in DBZ. Lots of people used Solar Flare because of Tien. He helped save the world every chance he got. He always stood up to the enemy, even though most of them were stronger than him. He also has awesome training methods.

15Kid Buu
Kid Buu, not only was he the strongest of Buu's forms, he was random and unpredictable, to the point of even fallin asleep in battle. Also he's pure... Pure evil maybe, but still pure as he was able to deflect the spirit bomb, not use another attack to stop it, he actually deflected it right back at Goku. Another thing, not only is he pure evil, he's so powerful Goku openly hopes that one day Kid Buu will return as a good person so that they may have a rematch. In the Other World, King Yemma hears Goku's request and makes it come true by having Kid Buu reincarnated as a Human named Uub. That just proves how overall Badass he is.
This boy! Absolutely scares anyone...
He can kick goku and vegetas ass
[Newest]I love him and I don't watch dbz!

16Android #18
The only super powered female fighter in the entire series, she's hot, pretty and perfect fighter! Also she and #17 destroyed Future Trunk's timeline laugh out loud.
Sadistic, collected and calm, she's one of the strongest characters in Dbz universe and the strongest female, with the strength to destroy a timeline, infinite energy supply and fatal techniques like Sadistic 18, she's definitely one of the best characters in Dbz.
She is awesome. I mean, she kicked goku, vegeta, trunks, etc. Asses!
She is the most powerful woman in the world, and is in the top 10 strongest characters in all the story of dbz.
[Newest]She should be ranked number 18 not 19

17Master Roshi
Roshi was a great teacher, even with his perverted old mind. He's not as strong as the Z fighters (even krillin at the start of Z is stronger than him), nor was the one who taught Goku the spirit bomb, fighting with aura, instant transmission, etc. But there's a reason Goku and Krillin still wear the uniform of the old turtle hermit. I love that Roshi didn't just teach Goku and Krillin the correct way to fight, but the reason WHY. Not to mention he's the creator of the most popular technique in Dragonball Z history and the one who taught the Kamehameha to Goku.
Master Roshi is the king of perverts and deserves his respect. He is the only character on Dragon Ball z that actually act like people in real life, pervertic.
Master Roshi was the original master, and he was the start to the training done by all the z fighters and with out him they would not be the same fighting machines.
It just sucks that master roshi has become more generic in the dbz series
[Newest]Roshi is a pervert. Creepy!

18Kid Goku
Kid goku is insanely funny and makes gohan look like a wimp
The funniest part is to check a boy or a girl
He's awesome when I watched dragonball he loses to pirate robot than reks him no probably, probs because that Saiyan blood

Bulma's character developed better than any other in the series. Initially she was a source of juvenile humor appropriate to the series. Later she matured into a woman who could take care of her family and became important to reflect on the softer side of Vegeta.
It was amazing watching Bulma grow up. She's always badass on her own terms. She might not throw a punch or a kick to the villains, but unlike other warriors she never becomes useless thanks to her brain and engineering skills. Kudos to the lady who invented time travel, created some of the first interplanetary spaceships, was an awesome single mom, hacked scouters and domesticated Vegeta. Go deux ex Bulma!
She's my favorite character in DB and DBZ. She always made me laugh, suppose I was laughing at her, but also with her. Her character development was pretty good, I wish she and Goku had one more adventure together for old times sake before the series finished! She was the comic relief and the real human heart of the series!

Without him goku piccolo krillin etc. would not even be alive! Most people don't see him as a main character but think how many episodes/movies has shenron been in? Enough said.
I think the earth would be doomed without him. Plus, dragons rule anyway. He is without a doubt the most important character in the show.
He is basically the reason of why DBZ exists

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