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61Black and Gold

Seriously? Not in a list?

62The Ending

Oh well this song starts so slow and then this lovely lullaby sort of hum come's and then there boom! The lyrics are so powerful and amazing I think this is one of the best songs ever!


This song is so awesome

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64Midas Touch

A must listen, one of her deeper cuts. Excellent song!

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66Fighter PlaneV1 Comment
67Two Years AgoV1 Comment
68Let It Die
69ParadiseV2 Comments
70We Can't Move to This

How is this so low? So catchy and fun.


The lyrics at the start of this - 'hold me like nobody else does, can I get the best of your love' - are sung in such a great way, it's speedy and fun but still emotional. Not a clue how she does that. Also, 71? You're kidding right. This needs to be top 20 AT LEAST.

72Fall Into the Sky
73The End

The End is just an amazing song. Seriously listen to it, you'd be surprised that it isn't at least in the top 15

74Who'd Want to Find Love

Unreleased song, that is a great acoustic and very upbeat and catchy. She expresses her feelings very clearly in "Who'd want to find Love." Listen on Youtube amd other website.

75We Were Friends

This isn't even on the list?! Definitely my favorite song from her.

76Life Round Here

HOW IS THIS SO LOW. 77? Are you kidding me? I love this song, Ellie's vocals mix so perfectly with Major Lazer. This would certainly be in my top ten.

This song is last place!No, not one of my top 10 Ellie Goulding songs but it definitely should be higher!

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78Keep On Dancing

I'm sorry but how could you not love the whistling in the chorus?

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79Around UV3 Comments
80I Do What I Love

This song is hilarious, my friends and I dance like crazy whenever this comes on shuffle. I wish she'd sing this live.

Wow is all I have to say. I didn't really know she had a powerful voice in this song. She really pulled it off.

Only the title line sounds good but rest whole as a song it could have been more better

I love this one, wish it was on the actual album and not just a bonus track - mtndewlord

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