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I spent time in Germany when I was younger and studied German in high school and college. I love how pretty Germany is. I like the people too, they are very hard working and caring. The food is good, there is just so many good things about Germany.

Germany and Japan is awesome. Live strong. - SuperSaiyen312

I spent the best part of my life in Germany, once I was able to speak and understand the language life could not be better. From living, working, friends, it was great. And hope to return soon.

German engineering!

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Beautiful country, great standard of living. Worked there for one summer, found the people to be extremely friendly, open minded, and tolerant. The whole country is kept very clean and tidy, you'll hardly ever see graffiti or litter. The Swedes are hard working but have a great balance between work and leisure, with a very sizeable part of the population playing sports on a regular basis, they are generally very health conscious. There is also a lot of space around nine million people in a country nearly three times the size of the UK which has nearly sixty five million tells you all you need to know.

Very nice country. Full of beautiful and kind people. And they speak good English.

Awesome country I love it here hot sexy girls with blonde hair nice bodies I would love to go to Sweden

How Sweden can be second? , a country when a man can't pay for sex but a woman can kill her children is a nice place to live? , and what is a bad place?

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Most peaceful, beautiful, and homely country on the face of the earth. Great people, great views, and great chocolate.

I live in Switzerland and it's actually the best country to live in!

I lived in Lugano, Switzerland for a while. Very expensive but beautiful. I want to go back.

Switzerland has some of the best quality of life

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I only visited france twice but I really want to move from usa to france. I loved Avignon area.

How is France not number one?

Love to be in France soon.

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5Czech Republic

Why Czech Republic is in the 34th spot here? You should discover more off this promise its like as beautiful like its neighboring country Germany.

Come on it's a nice country beautiful rivers and lots of places to visit its awesome


Quite a tidy country, moderate weather, beautiful countryside, strong economy and strong military.

Also in England you are entitled to free medical care (including free GP visits) and also schooling for up to 18s is completely free. England has Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College and UCL which are world renowned universities.

London is a city of opportunities, with paths for almost any career. London is filled with rich history and beautiful monuments. London is a massive city, but travel is efficient and very cheap thanks to the London Underground.

We have a low crime rate too.

I feel that England is a country where it is truly comfortable to live. England is tidy and well maintained, but above all, a country with a future.

Seeing my country listed here made me think about it for a moment, and what being a Brit meant to me. It's only then that I realised just how lucky I am to live in the greatest country in the world.

Steeped in history, and the mother of the modern world. Spreading enterprise and knowledge around the world, and taking civilisation to every corner of the globe. The birth place of engineering and one of the oldest seats of learning on the planet. One of the most tolerant and liberal countries, with unrivalled personal freedom and security. With justice and equality for all it's citizens. A great overall standard of living, and the freedom of expression the envy of most of the world.
Great cuisine, fantastic culture, arts, music, film, some of the worlds greatest sports events, we've even got the BBC!
Beautiful cities, stunning countryside full of charming little villages full of thatched cottages and little pubs.

Every country has it's problems, but Britians minor ...more

It is a lovely country to live, and very tolerant, and free, beautiful villages, and some fantastic architecture, and Cathedral cities.

Should be higher up than tenth maybe 2 or 3 I mean come on

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The heart of Europe should be at least top 5. Very clean, friendly people combined with amazing nature that makes you think you are in the garden of Eden.

Very clear country.
Not so loud for the parties like London, but a piece of mind lives there probably.

Very peaceful and neutral country

Love it. Just, love it!

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Oh My Lord. Finland has loads of racists. We went there just a month ago with my folks for holiday and some idiot comes and tell us to stop wasting our money and go back yo our monkeys in Africa. Not only that. Like 5 other guys called us out for being Africans. Smh. Its out money and they still feel threatened. Idiots I tell you. And Helsinki hotels are the devil. No one even bothered with our bags or nothing in the two hotels we staid in. Thank God We left and are now enjoying Estonia.

Best education system on the planet. Need I say more?
If I do: Extremely advanced economy
Very little inequality
Men & women are almost completely equal.

One of the bests economies in EU zone. Richer than many southern EU countries combined. Nice people. Very much reminds of Germany


Poland is a beautiful and amazing country it's like livening in Hollywood very pretty language polish is hard to learn but it's a beautiful language Poland is an awesome place to live

You people suck. Poland is amazing. You should make this number one. Bye bye Germany. 😈

Poland is a great place, people are warm and welcoming, low cost of living and great landscapes to enjoy, it's a hidden gem!

Beautiful everything, Poland is awesome!

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I mean legal weed! Come on! And our social system is one of the best! So is our school system. The people here are world open and very kind

Netherlands is the best place to live in Europe if you are non European because Dutch people are the least racist and most fair in comparison to other nations in Europe.
But in general I think Germany is the best country in Europe if you are German.

Amazing. everything in the right place. dutch people are great, too bad for the immigration. they are ruin the Netherlands, you guys should kick out all those intolerant parasites. you don't have any obligation to work your ass off, to support them.

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Viva dens best spot ever in north-)


Really how is Iceland not in the top 10 Iceland is a very beautiful and peaceful country very clean very very very low crime rate lots and lots of freedom so Iceland I am awesome place to live one of the best places to live

I am seriously stunned. Please tell me how this is not in the top 10? - Joansb


Best healthcare system in the world.
Most peaceful place according to survey.
One of the best education systems worldwide.
Amazing public transport


Really? I've been to Romania, and I must say that I found a lot of racism, poverty, and corruption. Lots of beggars, people trying to rob you or pick your pockets. Went to a supermarket, and the produce was all either old or half rotten. Education is terrible. I felt most comfortable with the Hungarians that were in the country. I must say, I went to Hungary afterwards, and it was honestly a breath of fresh air. However, I will give Romania credit for having beautiful nature.

Romania is so good for live. They have Mountains, sea, castels, palaces. There are friendly people, the cities are awesome, this country is so beautiful.

It's a nice place, beautiful landscapes

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What the hell is Spain doing down here and England or the Czech Republic up there? The food, the weather, the cost of living, the landscapes and the quality of life in general is way better than most countries in Europe. Spain should definitely be on the top 3.

Canary Islands have a near perfect climate and the cost of living is cheap.

The beauty of its nightlife and weather shapes Spain as more dominant to the others. Despite hard economic times, the people have never been more excited to live life to the fullest.

Spain is one of the most beautiful country and have beautiful persons.

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Pizza and Pasta
But unfortunately
Part of Italy is falling apart
:( - MassiveYumYum

Okay to me this is the best place to live in this should be number one because Italy is life and it has everything over there I'm just surprised its number 16

I love it for its architecture and its food

No other place on earth can replace Italia!

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Green, Clean, Hardworking people, and friendly people to. A country that received much abuse and survived. Ireland for the win!

Nice people, green, and a country that survived many years of abuse. Irish people are very hard workers. Ireland for the win!

Best Country ever!

It has the Top :

Top 19th best health care system in the world.

Top 8th best education system in the world.

How could Ireland be the 17th!

Love this country don't care what this list says we are the greatest country in the world

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Friendly people, always helpful, felt super safe, how can this be number 20?!

HOW IS THIS 18! Norway is the best

How could Norway be #18?! - xXImMyOwnHeroXx


I think Portugal is a beautiful place to live. I've been there before and thinks it's very calm and peaceful.

It is a beautiful country to live in peaceful but low wages

Beautiful country. beautiful people

The best food and the best weather!

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How is it 20th on this list? It's where I live!

Scotland 21st? How is that possible? It's one of the most beautiful countries I've ever been to. Also the home of golf, and whiskey!

Great country - friendly people, fabulous scenery, safe and single malt... fantastic.

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