Best Female Country Singers of All Time

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1Carrie Underwood

As Brad Paisley has so aptly pointed out, Carrie Underwood is the best voice in country music if not all of music and the man has heard live some of the best. This is high praise indeed and she receives this kind of praise again and again from some of the best: Randy Travis, Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton, Vince Gill, Tanya Tucker to name just a few. Carrie Underwood cannot only hit all of the right notes but with ease and she has a beautiful tone to her voice. Actually not one tone. I am constantly hearing different sides to Carrie's vocals from the power she employs in How Great Thou Art (Her live performance with Vince Gill is a must see/hear and should make even the most ardent skeptic a believer) to the pure head voice in Just A Dream to a soft and warm vocal in Mama's Song and Temporary Home. She sings from the heart.

Carrie Underwood is one of the best country singer... I compare herself to her voice she's beautiful and her voice is so beautiful and amazing!

She is country. Reminds me of the great ones... Loretta Lynn and Patsy Cline.
She is not worried about fame she truly wants to stand for something good.

She is a great country singer in this world...i always love her voice and every performances

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2Dolly Parton

Are any of y'all serious. How can anyone on here be better than Mrs. Dolly Parton. She has been in country music longer than any other artist on this list, and she has one of the most natural country/bluegrass voices, which is what is should sound like, not the pop crap that Taylor Swift sings, which I don't even know why she is on this list. Taylor is one of those artist that faked a southern accent to fit in, until people caught on and learned that she is from PA. I'm just really ticked that Taylor Swift is just behind Mrs. Dolly, when Taylor only gets by because of her looks, while Dolly had to struggle through poverty from growing up in a family with 12 kids in the Smoky Mountains. That is how the best artist come by, through hard work and growing up with hardly nothing; case in point, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Dolly Parton, etc.

I think Dolly Parton is the best female country music singer of all time.. Her songs and her voice is like no other... She has produced songs duo as well as solo.. Which is amazing.. She's a singer, actress, amusement park owner. Great success...

Dolly Parton has had one of the longest careers in country and is still around today, with her unique sounding vocals she lands herself at number 7.

Dolly is love, dolly is life

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3Shania Twain

To me she is the total package... I don't think anyone has impacted country music the way she has

Shania Twain was able to merge two genres together, which is why she sold so many albums (besides the fact that her songs are great). Her music can be fun as noted in "Man! I Feel Like A Woman! ", however, it can be quite sentimental like "You're Still The One", and relatable like "Up! ". She's impacted many people's lives, including mine, and overall, she just seems like a genuine, kind, and honest woman unlike other artists.

She is the reason I love country music she is beautiful and has and amazing voice and does not lipsync live and writes a huge portion of her songs. Hope she makes a come back really soon.

At first glance, I didn't think Shania deserved to be this high, but I remember the late nineties and first few years of this millennium when it seemed young girls really started listening to country music. The two artists mainly responsible were Shania and the Dixie Chicks. So I guess I'm okay with her ranking here, as she really did help bring a whole new audience to country music.

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4Martina McBride

Martina McBride is not just the greatest country singer of all time, but I believe she is the greatest SINGER of all time! Her voice is not only strong and powerful, but it is also sweet and feminine, and her range is phenomenal. Plus, I really love that she sings every song with great passion & conviction & she uses her talents to promote a better world.

Martina is, if not the best singer of all time, then one of three, only equaled by Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand. Her voice is so powerful and range so great that she brings tears to my eyes sometimes and raises the hair on my arms and neck. She and Celine have been the only performers that have I've ever had that reaction to their singing. She's got to be #1 on the country list because she is only equaled and not surpassed by anyone of any type.

I am a borne again country music fan and only discovered Martina in 2011 and the sheer range of vocals and collaborative music I have listened to featuring Martina I rate her ahead of the pack but with the likes of Carrie and Kellie Pickler snapping at her heels Female country music is set for a good few years.

She has the range and also a great personality of kindness. She deserves being #1!

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5Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline's vocal prowess is still incomparable. Others pale before her monumental and seemingly devil may care singing. She tossed off scores like no other, before or since. Has any other woman ever dared to record any score- after her's -so that we, might somehow, find someone as good as, (or better) to compare to? You see, Patsy Cline besides her great range, her athleticism within the range, besides her warmth (resonance) of sound-SANG:A/K/A legato.

The others don't. They talk sing. Talk sing. And talk sing:Which is not singing... And never can be, singing

One of- if not the- best singers of all time. Her vocal range and voice are unbelievable. It is sad how singers like Taylor Swift have surpassed her in this list. Taylor's live performance with Stevie Nicks at the Grammy Awards was terrible.

Reba McEntire, Dolly Parton, and Loretta Lynn are also amazing, but Patsy Cline is the best.

No one has or ever will come close to the singing sensation of Patsy Cline. She was the ultimate of talent with a voice range for which there is no equal today.

If the bar is crowded and noisy and the music is playing, the place always quiets down whenever a Patsy Cline song is on.

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6Taylor Swift

I think Taylor swift is the best country singer of all time and deserves to be listened to. She writes and composes her own songs and I think most of us girls can really relate to her. She might not be an inspiration to others but at least I know that she is mine. I love you Taylor swift!

She's so young and yet really talented. Her songs are so enchanting

I think why she's eleventh is because some people think she's not a country singer, which isn't true. She IS a country singer, only that when live, she makes her songs seems energetic. VOTE FOR TAYLOR SWIFT!

She still counts.

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7Reba McEntire

Reba should be at the top of this list. Her soulful delivery, her passion, her wonderful contralto 3 octave range, she always sings live and makes you feel every word of her songs. It’s impossible to overstate Reba’s impact on country music, and her contributions go well beyond recording. She is one of only four entertainers in history to be honored with a National Artistic Achievement Award by the U.S. congress. She's had number one hits in every decade of her career (starting in 1976: 24 in total). Her first in 1984, her latest in 2011. With estimated sales of 80 million worldwide - because her career began long before billboard even started recording sales. She has won 16 AMA's (incl specials) 13 ACMA's (incl specials), 8 peoples choice awards, 7 CMAA's (incl specials), 5 TNN/Music City News Country Awards, 2 Grammy's, 2 BCMA's, 1 ACSAP, 1 Billboard Award, 2 Blockbusters EA's, 1 Walk of Fame, 1 City Music Walk of Fame, 1 Drama Critics Award, 1 CMT Flameworthy Award and has been ...more

She's the queen of country music! That's the name she was given by the Academy of Country Music! Shes in the country music hall of fame also. Her songs are awesome and her voice is so amazing.

Reba is the best country singer/actor of all time. No one can beat her. She's my idol! Reba is a legend that can't be beat. She most certainly beats Patsy Cline

She's #1 in my book

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8Faith Hill

I love Faith Hill! She is definitely in my top ten! Her voice is so pure and gorgeous! Pop or Country, she is great! I love all of her songs, and am looking forward to her newest album to be released in 2011! - JalonWatts

Faith Hill has a beautiful, melodic voice with such an awesome range! Way high to hit the notes which emanate strength as in "Stronger"... Way low to hit the notes with husband Tim McGraw as in "I Need You". So pure! Holds a note without cracking and breaking, unlike Carrie Underwood who is strong in the lower range, but cannot go high. Faith also sings from the soul, drawing you into the meaning of a song with heart and passion. Plus, she's not afraid to vary her songs and expand her style, instead of just sticking to what is considered popular. Always inspiring to hear Faith sing!

She is amazing and talented she sings good live even without all the editing she deserves respect for her natural voice she doesn't let fame go to her head she seems like a person who is easy to like I love her music and he has been in the music industry to know a variety of styles for her songs taylor swift is all about break ups and has so real value if you ask me faith hill knows true love and how to handle the trails and tribulations that may be thrown at her

Very beautiful lady and awesome singer. Breathe was a mega hit for her!

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9Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert is true country. She is a sweet Texas girl and she is a wonderful influence to young girls. She is proud of her curves and shares her opinions whether you like them or not! She writes beautiful songs and writes about things that everyone goes through. Her marriage to Blake Shelton is just so sweet and you can tell that they really love each other. Miranda Lambert is the best female country singer of this generation!

How did Miranda Lambert place lower than Taylor Swift. Taylor just sings songs about her failed relationships. Miranda sings for the love of her fans. Just because you put on boots with a sundress and play guitar don't make you a country singer no matter how much of a southern accent you play off in your music.

Miranda Lambert is the best female country singer ever! She deserves all the recognition she is getting and more. She has an amazing voice and is very beautiful!

Miranda's music is wonderful and I don't mean to diss her or anything, but it just goes to show how fragile marriage can be sometimes. Her marriage to Blake, as we all know, is not sweet or even existing anymore.

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10Loretta Lynn

Loretta Lynn is by far the most recognized name in county music. Well In any type of music.. People who are in pop, rock country all know who Loretta Lynn is! She is Country Music Royalty at it's best. She is real, down to earth and loves her fans. There are 5 great female singers of all time.
Kitty Wells, Patsy Cline, Loretta Lynn and Tammy Wynette and Dolly Parton. I'm not saying the other girl singers did not pave the way.. But These Girls Kicked down the doors and Will forever Be Known as The Queens of Country Oh I'm sure some are jealous, but face the fact! Loretta Lynn is at the top!

The duet Queen as country has known to call her with the most appearances on the Grand Ole Opry and one of the purest voices known to country she is one and only.

She is a top 10 for sure. Who could make a top 10 list without Loretta Lynn? Her music endured for decades, and Coal Miner's Daughter is an epic song that she not only sang, but also wrote. I'm not wishing to trash on Carrie Underwood or Taylor Swift. But gee gads, ranking them over Loretta Lynn on a "greatest of all time" list is crazy.

I'm in total agreement. We're talking about the greatest of all time. Some of these girls might be in the running for the last ten years... But, come on. Loretta has been a mainstay in country music for more than fifty years. She broke the door down so that female country artists could sing about real life. The only one that I would even consider being number two would be Patsy Cline. Her music has endured the ages just like Loretta's. And the woman is still touring and bringing audiences to their knees... And she will turn 83 in April. Who else can say that?!?!?

I watched Loretta Lynn, live in Toronto, as she opened for Johnny Cash. Bare foot black haired beautiful woman. I couldn't believe my ears or my eyes. I knew then she would be the Queen of Country. I knew, provided she stayed who she was & didn't change she would be loved & her music would open the door 4 female artists. Loretta stayed Loretta & she is number one.

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11Linda Ronstadt

It is insane, she was one of the most sensational women in her day, she invented half of Country.

The very essence of a natural vocalist. Everyone else, even Patsy Cline, sound nasal compared to my Linda. Plus her material and her bands were the best.

The most beautiful voice of all time! She is my generation and no one else can compare. Her voice and songs alway make me stop and listen even now after all these years!

She is basically country rock, but is the rare country singer that is also comfortable singing other styles of music, unlike anyone in your top ten except Faith and maybe Dolly.

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12Sara Evans

She's amazing, she has the most beautiful voice in the world. The sings with her soul, and with her heart. I just LOVE her..

Love Sara Evans! She is beautiful and has an outstanding voice. She avoids the crazy media stuff and has actually continued to remain successful through the years. Still remember Suds in the Bucket from 2001! Needless to say I hope she is around for another 10 years!

She's wonderful. Great pipes, easy on the eyes. I love her.

I love her. No other person in this world can sing a song like she can. john

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13Emmylou Harris

The first album in 1970... She does so many good songs really well, and she can harmonize perfectly with anybody... Emmylou you will always be in my heart.

Emmylou has a beautiful voice and can sing such an amazing repertoire. Her albums are crafted pieces of art in themselves, not just collections of individual songs. In the last 15 years Emmy has also blossomed into a very talented songwriter in her own right, and when she sings her own songs the result touches your soul.

Emmylou Harris is the epitome of real country music and no other artist has so successfully sustained a career in music that is now in its 4th decade - her ability to interpret a song to make it uniquely her's is unmatched in country music and she is also a fine songwriter as well.

Beautiful in every way!

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14Patty Loveless

Having just retired I've had opportunity to discover youtube and country music. After hearing Patsy Loveless I'm wondering where I've been all my life. I've Perused female country/bluegrass/rock singers. She stands out. Her voice is full and resonate with just that twinge of twang.

Patty Loveless is the best and most real country music singer ever. Her voice touches emotions in the listener like no other singer. She doesn't need flashy costumes or choreography like today's singers. She is talent and class all the way.

The most beautiful and yet poetic haunting voice at times. Patty can touch your heart like no other when she sings.

Best country singer of all time

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15Alison Krauss

Alison Krauss is simply has an amazingly beautiful voice. She is highly respected amongst the music community for her talent -- people should check out the collaboration songs she's done and look at the renowned singers who lined up to sing with her.

My wife hates country, but when she heard Alison sing, she had nothing but good things to say about her -- even if she doesn't care for the bluegrass sound.

Alison Krauss should be on top of the list. She is not just an incredible singer, but also a true artist. If you have a chance to listen to her selected musics from blue grass, to duet with Robert Plan, James Taylor... Etc.. You would know how great she is.

Alison Krauss is not at the top of this list because she's not the great beauty that Shania Twain is. She is, however, one of the most unique and beautiful voices of our time, a true musician, and she has the knack of being able to back up anybody seamlessly. She is, I believe, one of the top two or three country music female talents of all time.

I listened to her over and over when I was stressed about something. She has such a beautiful voice. #1

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16Tammy Wynette

Tammy Wynette has a voice nobody can beat! I have no clue why she isn't number one. How many top records did she have? Like 36 if my memory recalls correctly!

Tsmmy Wynette was the first lady in country music to go platinum. She had over twenty #1 singles and had over fifty albums. Since her death, she is a very over looked star that deserves to be in the top 5 with her friends Dolly and Loretta.

Tammy is my all time favorite. She HAS the best voice. I love her song "Till I Get It Right" among others like when she sings with George too.

Tammy was the best female country singer ever! She was beautiful and her songs are still the ones I love to listen to the most. Country singers today are good but none can compare to Tammy. She is number One!

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17LeAnn Rimes

How on earth can you forget Lee ann Rimes? She ABSOLUTELY deserves a place in top 10. Listen to 'Blue' by her and then give it a thought. And what's more is that she has successfully crossovered into pop music and proven to be an all-rounder, a complete package...!

Shes one of a kind greatest country singer real country singer just like patsy cline loretta lynn

She is the best singer since Patsy Cline.

LeAnn and Taylor Swift need to do some duets together, it would be an unbelievably awesome sound!

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18Danielle Bradbery

Her voice is extremely flawless and has a great range for a 16 year old!

GO Danielle! Amazing voice!

She wil change the world

And her biggest hit was?

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19Kellie Pickler

Kellie has it all. She is true Country more than half of all that is listed. Her voice range is beyond and her control is the best. Taylor Swift is the least Country of all that is listed. She has no range.

Kellie has great tone, range, control, emotion, heart, soul, power and the most beautiful voice in country music! She's also the best singer of country classics. Look up the "Kellie Pickler Country Classic Covers" YouTube playlist.

Kellie is such an amazing singer. Her vocal range is just flawless. She's one of the best performers in her generation! She is a true star and I really admire her.

You would have to go all the way down to number 30 to find someone less accomplished than her. She may be good in the future, she has talent, but since this is an "all-time"list, or is supposed to be, this ranking is way too high.

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20Wynonna Judd

How is she not #1 on the list? She is one of the greatest vocalist of our time, PERIOD! Male or female country or pop. She transcends all genre's and stands alongside the likes of Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin.

She is spectacular! Her vocals are so full and colorful and beautiful and she doesn't have to force it

How is she not on this list?

She is no1 for me

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