Best Female Fronted Metal Bands


There are a few lists out about female front women, but this list is for the best female fronted bands that are considered "metal" including metalcore, nu-metal, death metal, etc. Don't agree with the list? Vote for an existing item you think should be ranked higher or if you are a logged in, add a new item for others to vote on or create your own version of this list.

The Top Ten

Seriously? Evanescence? Get real. They're not even close to metal. At least Nightwish has several metal elements so that many people actually consider them to be a metal band, unlike Evanescence. Not to mention Nightwish is much more creative than Evanescence, even in their Origin era. (Although by no means am I saying Nightwish is the most creative band out there. ) There are many great female-fronted metal bands on here, but I slightly prefer Nightwish over the others because I believe Tuomas Holopainen is one of the best songwriters in this genre today (just my opinion) and Nightwish is one of the most "symphonic" symphonic metal bands I know.

Also, in my opinion, people need to stop fangirling over Evanescence while proclaiming they're the best thing ever because, to speak bluntly, NO band is the best band ever. I have nothing against Evanescence, but after seeing comment after comment on website after website about how "haunting", "beautiful", and "angelic" Amy Lee's voice supposedly is, it makes me wonder how many female singers Ev fans have actually heard before. And to be quite frank, I am so sick of Ev fans always going on and on about Amy's voice as if we haven't heard it all before.  

Seriously, Ev fans (although I'm doubting they'll ever read this If you haven't heard of any other band on here, then you probably shouldn't be on this page to begin with.

/end Evanescence rant.
To bad nightwish sucks because the vocals sound stupid as crap. I listened to 10 of their songs and stopped each one 30 seconds in because I felt embarrassed to listen to it.
Nightwish is great! With Anette And with Tarja. Of course we all miss Tarja, but that doesn't change the fact that anette can sing. Of course it's a different nightwish now, but it's still a great nightwish! I can't wait for there new album, that's for sure!
Tarja always be the best.. So I say that Nightwish is the best whether Tarja is still with the band or not cause she left an amazing music history with The Nightwish... Now, Annete plays the role of Tarja and Tarja going with her individual life.. Please stop comparing them but keep on loving Nightwish as it is where we know Tarja from.. NightWish Rock on.. M/
[Newest]I just saw this band April 13, 2015 in Quebec City. This band is the most complete unit of all time. Brains, good looks, tons of talent and a composer that is second to none. This is the best band of all time period. Evanescence isn't in this league. They shouldn't be on this list at all.
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Amy lee has got amazing talent... Evanescence music's specialty is that it displays strong emotions through beautiful melodies... With hard rock music... Those who read this post must consider this and MUST listen to its songs
She a a excellent singer with lyrics you feel in your heart she is definitely the BEST!
This band has been underrated for a long time. They are great and really unique. Every other female fronted rock/metal band should be proud of them because they opened the road and were almost crucified for having success. Unique lyrics, emotional melodies... So you don't believe they are metal? Listen to Understanding, Lacrymosa, Whisper, Weight of the world, Haunted, Never go Back, Made Of Stone, Even In Death, Snow white queen, Your star, all that I'm living For... Etc. They are awesome, for real. There are many bands, and I love many of them, but there is nothing like Evanescence. NOTHING.
[Newest]Evanescence is such a wonderful band to listen. It's a band that people can easily relate and has real talent. They deserves to be at number 1 on that list.

I haven't heard of Nightwish at all.
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3Lacuna Coil
While the band has struggled to find a consistent sound, and thus keep the same steady fan base as some of the others on this list, Cristina Scabbia is hands down the most talented female vocalist in metal.

Early releases like "falling" off of their self-titled ep showed her ability to convey raw emotion through her voice, tracks throughout Comalies and Karmacode showed her voice being precise and never falling short over a massive range, and in their latest album Dark Adrenaline she even proved capable of delivering vocal blue notes.

I've seen a good chunk of these bands live, including the power houses like Within Temptation and Evanescence, but they just didn't measure up. Lacuna Coil had a small and unresponsive crowd, and yet still gave one of the most energetic and well played shows I've seen; Cristina's voice was so powerful, it was easier to hear from her lips than it was from the speakers.

There's a lot of talent on this list, but Lacuna Coil takes the cake.
Lacuna Coil typically isn't on people's mind when they think of the term "metal", however they serve their own purpose in the controversial "gothic metal" genre. Lacuna Coil features Cristina Scabbia, a simply mesmerizing vocalist who's haunting melodies will definitely be loved by listeners. Cristina also has a running mate known as Andrea Ferro, who's less then pleasurable vocals contrast incredibly well with Cristina's. However, Andrea can become particularly annoying on certain selections (especially alive) as his growling/singing can grate on the ears. (Sorry dude) On the musical side of things, Lacuna Coil utilizes a dark soundscape featuring down-tuned guitars, simple yet effective drumming, and somewhat prominent basslines. Despite the incredibly simple structuring and seeming effortless playing, it somehow works for the band, as most people listen to them for Cristina's vocals. Lacuna Coil's lyrics are generally abstract and dark, meaning inspecting the lyrics will be different for various people, but they are usually pretty good and tasteful. Despite what some people think, Lacuna Coil is rather hard to classify as a metal band as their instruments do not present heaviness as so many other bands do. As I said before, people listen to Lacuna Coil for the vocals/dark atmosphere. Lacuna Coil's more recent albums have suffered from a severe drop in many of their previous "metal" qualities and have taken on considerably more pop elements limiting their "metal" nature even further. Despite some of this negative talk, Lacuna Coil is an incredibly easy band to listen to and they have quite a few lovely songs which have enough pop influence for anybody to listen to. Lacuna Coil is an amazing band, however if you aren't a huge fan of vocals, (I find that strange) then you should probably look elsewhere.

Vocals - 9 1/2 Darn it Andrea.
Instruments - 7
Lyrics - 8
Metalness - 6
Approchability - 9 1/2


Cristina vocal abilities are just amazing, which is why I surprised that lacuna coil isn't higher, and their sound is very distinctive which separates them from everyone else.
[Newest]SHE IS FIT! Would destroy so hard that those 4 seconds of her life would be her best!
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4Within Temptation
Within Temptation is my favorite ever! Can't believe they're not higher up.
What really makes a good band great? Charisma. Of all the leading front ladies in this list (and there are a lot of terrific one's) Sharon has a certain quality of charisma that you just can't stop watching or listening to. It's like it's always a perfect fit. They can do much more symphonic based stuff (like Memories) and then they can turn a very different direction (like Sinead) and Sharon just becomes what that song needs.

I love Simone. I think Annete is terrific and Lacey is crazy good (and there are many others as well) but Sharon just IS.
[Newest]Fantastic Band. Sharon is great.
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5Arch Enemy
Arch Enemy is my favourite band, but that isn't the only reason I've voted them. As many has said, this is the most METAL band of the ones listed. Nightwish are great, and I would say they are metal, but not compared to Nightwish. And personally I don't think Evanescence counts as metal, just to mention the two bands that are above Arch Enemy here.
like @skt, I am not a big fan; I only like two songs of them ("Nemesis" and "Symphony of Destruction"), but this girl deserves to be in the first place. She demonstrated that men and women can be together in metal bands...


although I am not the biggest fan of Arch Enemy they deserve to be at the top of this list. As far as nightwish and evanescence I love them both a lot, however, neither band are a metal bad and they don't really belong on this list
[Newest]It's simple - Arch Enemy are the best
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I've heard a lot of female singers, but Simone Simons is out of this world!
Epica today is a symphonic metal bands of higher quality, have a unique style, a perfect sound, the voice of Simone and the choirs are amazing!
Is an amazing band!
Dutch gothic metal band, Simone is very pretty, sweet vocals
[Newest]Excellent singer. Simone is second to none. Too bad one guy has to snarl and growl his words. It spoils this band for me.
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7In This Moment
Absolutley insane band! Great music and singing/screaming. Maria Brink still makes her screaming girl rather than a female singer screaming and sounding like a man.
Maria Brink has it all. Literally. Looks, personality, vocals, vocal range (are you KIDDING?! Soft as a whisper on one song, and will *kill* you with her voice alone on the next track), lyrics... The chick is it. THEN she surrounds herself with a talented band, and they take off through the stratosphere. No surprise here that they're in the top 5... But she blows Amy Lee away.
Such a great band maria's screams are intense alonge side with her vocals and I've never seen a band get so personal with their fans its amazing.
[Newest]Its not the fact that she screams or the band plays well its that every song has a deeper meaning and it can either build you up or rip you apart
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8The Agonist
I don't generally love metalcore or melodic deathmetal but Alissa White-Gluz's balance of fierce growl and beautiful feminine vocal styles really works for me. Her favored topics of animal rights, human emotional experience and social justice inform her music with metal aggression that for a change isn't based on cheesy satanic fantasies or juvenile delusions of power. The fact that she's a hottie who brings a modern looking personal style to the stage doesn't hurt either. Seems that most ladies of metal still think it's the eighties.
I've been listening to this bend ONLY for ten straight months. Nothing else I could possibly say. Alissa is my new love (and I am a girl, and so what? ), she can do anything with her voice, her growling is SO GOOD that I am amazed. AND she is animal rights fighter.
Amazing band and the singer is really hot. They are talented and I can't believe that a girl can do that. Nothing eles to say that are very talented and that they aren't putting it to waste.
[Newest]Alissa und now Vicky do a grade job with the mix of clear and unclear vocals

Fantastic music with her amazing lyrics and vocal ability makes them amazing
This is one of my favorite bands ever. They have so much skill and so much passion, and that is really emulated in their music.


Otep hands down. Huge talent just like other
Greats like Pantera. Genius. And tough as nails.
[Newest]So under rated. can't wait til they shine

Kittie is without a doubt a top 3 of female metal bands. I wasn't a metal head. The problem was allot of metal didn't have any melody. Anytime a genre of music can sway a non-listener to another genre... They have strong validity in that genre. Morgan voice is beautiful and her Sister Mercedes plays as good as she looks... Femme joli.
I've listened to other female and male bands and I can't seemingly find another solid melodic band... I did manage to find Black Label Society.. But as far as female bands.. No competition...
Doro pesch is the goddess of metal and has good melody without sounding like a soapbox, and without too much screaming and grunting though she is the goddess of metal and can do all of them with ease. The person mentioning BLS and the like just need to be more open minded and dig deeper and not only be interested in the gothmelody soapbox type metal of which I see less metal more screamo which irritates me. Raise your horns to true metal! I pity the fool that don't know Kilmeister and Sweden.

But as an honorable mention, Kittie is a fairly decent band brushing along the genre of metal... And the person that mentioned BLS, Morgan and Mercedes did say "metal" and not "Heavy Metal". So in that analogy she was correct and accurate and honest and I'd trust her (? ) rating to a good degree. Enjoy Kittie, I will. Though I prefer the bitches of metal rro...
Kittie is far and away the best all female metal band in existence. Mercedes Lander is stiff competition for any drummer in the metal industry and in my opinion the glue that binds this band together. I don't mean to take away from the rest of the band. They are all extremely talented at what they do but through all the lineup changes over their career Merecedes is what keeps me listening and just keeps getting better.

I honestly don't even know how Evanescence got on this list not to mention the top of it. They aren't a metal band. Maybe there are some hints and nods at metal in their repertoir but overall just pop/rock. Greatly talented band and I love them but not metal.
[Newest]They are a awesome all woman band

The Contenders

Absolutely amazing band! Lzzy's vocals are just incredible and I think she definitely proved that to everybody with Love Bites! She has great tone and fantastic belts and not to forget she is gorgeous, just so hot! Love this band so much and would recommend to everybody to see them live! They are all full of so much energy on stage and are good at interacting with their audience as well as each other. They all have great personalities and everything they do is just so real.
Lzzy has the best voice of a Female metal Vocalist I have heard in a long... Long time, there's just something about her voice that has this 80's metal feel to it and that's not a bad thing. She has power and a slight roughness to her voice when she sings songs like "Love Bites" and "I Miss the Misery" and this beautiful, echoing, powerful voice on their ballads and as I'm sure everyone agrees she is Stunningly Gorgeous, I for one think Halestorm deserves a much higher spot on this list and I can't wait for their latest Album "Into The Wild" coming this year.
Yes, they have those kind of "poppy" songs as well as some of really powerful heavy rock heritage from late 80's and early 90's. With Arejey's energetic rhythm sensation and Lzzy's powerful, 'marmoreal' and 'refined' vocals, they have to be at topmost, or even the top of this list. I hope they continue to make music and stick with their already powerful sound -like "Love Bites", "Freak like Me" and so on, instead of those silly pop-ish / ballad-like songs like "I'm not an angel" etc.
[Newest]Simply Amazing either on studio takes but extra amazing live

Therion is my favorite symphonic metal band. I lost both of my parents years ago, I was always close to them. And when they died there was a big void in my life. And Therion's music helps me through the pain of their loss. I guess you could say Therion's music takes away the empty feeling I feel in their absence. I LOVE THERION
Exquisite musical development, fascinating conceptual lines and amazing musical variety. Always at the forefront. Highest level of composition, harmony and staging, you'll not find clichés in therion, such as single composition introductions followed by a flat and repetitive song (Unlike most bands who call themself symphonic metal)
therion is the best symphonic metal band in the world, and Cristofer Johnsson is a genius! And classical music and metal is a great combination!

13After Forever
Floor Jansen is one of the worlds best singers in this genre. Her voice reaches from opera till grunts, what she does is fascinating. I can't really tell, what's my favourite song because I love them all.

It's really sad, that this band doesn't exist anymore. But you can hear Floor sing with the band Revamp.
Decipher... say no more

14Leaves' Eyes
Yes! Liv kristine is amazing! In TOT and leaves eyes! Her voice is just poetically beautiful... TOT and Leaves' Eyes... It can't be any greater than them both.
Last three albums are classic Viking metal. It just does't get any better.

15Eyes Set to Kill
Awesome band. They have developed well through there career. I say the deserve top ten status.
Amazing band with sexy female members and incredible music. One of my top 3 favorite bands.
Awesome... I love alexia and annisa.. The music is so great aw nice
[Newest]They should be on #1...

Very very good song...

I love all their songs...

16Shocker Stalin
... Otherwise known as Shocker-X they are a homegrown band out of Buenos Aires, mashing up tango with metal-core. Ban Lesage is their founder ^^ charismatic front-person ^^ she delivers my favorite take on the "one vocalist singing both sensitive feminine ^^ death growl" thing. Check them on youtube.
Que puedo decir. Lori Lewis es es la mejor Soprano del mundo, y por eso fue llamada a ser miembro oficial de la mejor banda de mùsica del Mundo

The Other Side is a great song. Pretty singer.
Excellent solid band with a great singer.

18Straight Line Stitch
They have done well over the 11 years. They have been on tour and are interesting in there delivery. I haven't seen them but read they are good live. I think they should be higher than 17th place
Alexis has the best female screamo voice. SLS should defiantly be a lot higher on the list
Straight line stitch is my all time favorite female vocals for any screamo band. I saw them live at meyhemfest and they were so good! They definitely should be higher on the list
[Newest]I am in love with Alexis Brown

Lead Hungarian Folk Metal Band, and one the most creative bands ever! Incredible artists, amazing musicians, doing work of the highest quality for 15 years now. Dalriada deserves to be known outside of Hungary, and the world deserves to know Dalriadas excellent music!
The most complex creative and beautiful music I've heard ever. They belong to the few bands, which released a lot of albums (7 so far) with a plenty of true masterpieces, BUT every single one is PERFECT! They started with folk themes influenced power metal (Walesi Bardok), then played great folk metal like Ensiferum, finally on the last albums they've found a totally special and unique style, wich is simply inimitable.
Hungary's finest - folk metal but with a lot of melodic power in it as well. Check them out on the Metal Female Voices Fest in 2013! Vote for Dalriada!
[Newest]Great band and female vocals. Greetings from Brazil!

20The Runaways
If it hadn't been for the Runaways, girls would not be in rock or metal!

We all take our stand just to support our fave. bands, even though they're too many. However, if you all would ask me? Then that's all in all for AMARANTHE. why? It's not like just the other bands you know and already heard, but, it is how many song you were amazed with. Of course you all should choose wisely and on what you would really think was for you.
Just like this for example: Though AMARANTHE front-girl or front-woman weren't that pretty or good looking, see that? But because you liked the song then that's good for you. The only there is... Do not be fooled by their beauty or styles. That's when I actually mean - DON'T JUDGE THE BOOK BY ITS COVER!, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
Very funny no one or lookslike nobody would really vote for this band and in any case I've been envying such band they were a good ezample of metal. Well lets just say they were not a gothic rock/metal band, but they are the only band that can compete with legends and I kno that they could suceed to that and that's the reason why I think and always think that they were the best. Lets just have this for example: I am searching through the net then I've seen many, too many popular bands (female fronted) of course then I saw this you know, what they always said "that's nothing" or "no it won't last long" but I can still see that there is a small somewhat light that can shine that can just become like those now popular bands and so I would go and support because I know that I was doing right. And I know that it was just right so thoroughly I voted AMARANTHE. that's what I called a glory of a band AMARANTHE is the one that I am saying.
Amazing Band! Just out of this world, their songs is beyond words. Eliza's voice cannot be matched by any other.
[Newest]Best metal band I have found love the growler

22The Birthday Massacre
They are simply one of the best industrial rock bands in the world! I can never understand why they aren't recognized internationally.
I have to say I was confused with this band, their love for electric piano made me confuse of what genre to put them, they really don't have a rock or metal sound, but maybe that is just me, but I do like their songs


Chibi's vocals are unique! The band is amazing, and again I'll say: the sound they make are unique!

23The Pretty Reckless
Taylor Momsen has an amazing voice. You make me want to die is my favorite song. My ex boyfriend actualy introduced me to her music because he could relate to her lyrics and her voice was very pleasing towards him.
The best band ever! Taylor is so talented and she has a amazing voice. Listen her. LOVE HER SO MUCH!
Only when I heard the pretty reckless makes my skin crackles like a chicken.. They are one of the few girl bands that play a kind of classic rock with notes of alternative... And taylors voice is so amazing that makes all the money.. Really!
[Newest]They sound refreshing and Taylor is a Femme Fatale at its best!

Like Save my life and Eversleeping.
I wouldn't have voted for this one before but now that they have hired Manuella Kraller it's one of the best bands here (if not the best). I still haven't seen anyone complaining about their new sound. With just 1 album with Manuella they've reached something amazing. Just like Nightwish did with Tarja. I expect REALLY good things from them, I'm sure they are going to become a legend in Female Fronted Metal!
This band should be higher on the list. They are better than most on here.

Tristania is the best female fronted metal band, but with Vibby, not with Mariangela.

Tristania was the real gothic metal. But the band just wasn't the same when Morten left, and later Vibeke. Now they're just another band, not to mention Mariangela can't sing.
Tristania was epic with vibeke and mortem. Of ruins and a red nightfall and aphelion and beyond the veil are the best
This should definitely be in the top ten at least! Tristania is an amazing gothic metal band. But I agree it's not the same without Vibeke... She must return!

New band of great Floor Jansen!
Very good songs
The best vocalist ever is here. Floor Jansen. She got the most range and can belt and be operatic.

Both male and female fronted band. Lisa is one of the most beautiful female voices in metal music. Her ethereal voice with anders's deep beautiful growling creates a great atmosphere. Draconian is only metal band whose music fill my eyes with tears.
Best gothic doom band. Masters from Sweden. Divine gentle voice of Lisa. Beautiful, atmospheric music...
Can't believe this is not the number on band on any scale

I've seen many of these bands live; and while most are quite good, none can replicate the energy of Delain. Their songs epitomize the unpredictability of symphonic metal and seamlessly blend aspects of pop and jazz into the genre. Their lyrics are simply inspiring. And for those who haven't seen Charlotte on stage, she is the ultimate artist in her element.
An awesome band that really deserves a top five nomination! Great songs like "april rain" and "see me in shadows"
Dutch band, Charlotte sings and looks good. Love April Rain.

Should be in the top 10 together with Epica and Within Tempation (The Unforgiving is awesome)
[Newest]Another solid band with a great female singer. They deserve to be higher on this list.

Arkona is an epic black/pagan/folk metal band, covering lots of musical styles. And their frontwoman Masha isn't just there for looks or to add a pretty voice. She writes all the music and lyrics about her pagan beliefs, she sings passionately in several clean and harsh styles, and on stage she's a bundle of manic energy. They're not just one of the best female-fronted metal bands, but one of the best metal bands.
They are my favorite female fronted metal band easily. Masha (the singer) has an amazing clean voice as well as great harsh vocals. Not to mention their mix of metal and folk is one of the best I have heard.
Awesome band. It is a different style of music. You should give it a chance! Go listen to Slavsia Rus - Goi, Rode, Goi - Yarilo - Liki Bessmertnykh Bogov - Slovo. Go!


31Amberian Dawn
Amberian Dawn is the most unique sounding band of the genre with Heidi Parviainen's fantastic soprano vocals and the band's driving metal riffs coupled with catchy songs. You can never mistake and AD song for any other band's.
Sorry folks, but without Heidi Parviainen as the lead vocalist Amberian Dawn is major suckage. New vocalist Capri sounds coarse and unrefined and really just plain sucks after you've heard and enjoyed a phenomenal vocalist like Heidi for so long.
La mejor voz de famele band metal

Freakin' awesome!
Her swing style clean singing absolutely phenomenal just next to her screaming/growling
When I first heard this band, I thought it was a guy singing. Afterwards, I was baffled to find out their singer is actually a girl. Krysta Cameron can pull off great metalcore vocals that no other female singer can replicate.
There best female singer iver heard yet with beautiful singing and screaming like no other she has a very talented voice with good meaning in her songs
[Newest]The women that sing for this band are insane!

33Theatre of Tragedy
Pure Doom metal when they begins.
The godfathers of the genre. Aegis is the best album ever!
Velvet darkness they fear... Truly a dark album. With Livs angelic voice and Raymond's angry vocals. They really are the beauty and the beast.
Bring forth ye shadow

34Ancient Bards
A rare band that simply gets better with every album of their continuing Black Crystal Sword Saga. Vocals work perfectly, with the plenty of strength and the right amount of roughness to the vocal quality for true metal songs.
Saw them live, will again. Great band, the passion of these guys in their music is sickly great.

35Stream of Passion
Stream of Passion has Marcela Bovio, who sings like a Goddess! They have amazing music quality and I listen to their album Embrace the Storm on a daily basis. They're new album is really good too! Seriously, 'Wherever you Are'is an amazing bolero that will obsess you :3
Marcela Bovio is just suberb!... Without a doubt, Stream Of Passion is one of the best prog/symphonic bands out there

36Theatres des Vampires
This is one of my favourit bands. I just love them and their vampire style. Sonya has an amazing voice. First they were playing black metal but later they created their own style (adding some electrical stuff) wich is amazing and original. Their 2 latest albums are the best in my opinion: anima noir and moonlight waltz.
Their live concerts are full of the vampire atmosphere.
Really great Italian gothic metal band!

Brutal. This band is sick! Such a huge voice out of someone as small as Mallika is insane. M/
Mallika Sundaramurthy. One of the best female growlers out there.


One of the best, if not the BEST, female death metal vocalists.


38Forever Chained
Forever Chained is a female fronted hard rock, verging on metal, band from
Eastern North Carolina that's reminiscent of Halestorm meets Black Sabbath.
With their mix of Damian Smith's animalistic drums, Shane Page's in your face
Guitar, Ben Thoren's driving bass lines and Nina Page's melodic vocals,
Forever Chained is a musical force that's quickly making a name for themselves
On the local music scene. They are currently working on their first studio album
And are expecting a mid spring release.
Forever Chained is bring a kick ass Halestorm meets Black Sabbath sound that will entice your ear holes! They are awesome live! Check them out!

Lacey Mosley is fantastic she has such a pure an beautiful voice! Broken Pieces with Apocalyptica has so much emotion the lyrics are beautiful but the voice brought it to life!
I think Flyleaf doesn't get enough credit for their work. This band saved my life and many others over the years. Their music has so much meaning, but many people dismiss them because of their faith.
No one can beat them DOWN! Flyleaf is the best! I really love their songs
[Newest]Lacey Sturm is amazing. The entire band is amazing. Flyleaf deserves MUCH more recognition! Their music is beautifully written and played. This band saved my life. I am sad Lacey left the band, but they have a legacy.

40Kobra and the Lotus
I am not too much on Heavy Metal music. But I was very impressed with this group. They rocked when I saw them open for Kiss.
Discovered by Gene Simmons himself, this band is looking to make a name for themselves. They're great Canadian metal from Calgary, really nice people and they have Charlie Parra on guitar.

Anne Nürmi is one particular voice, but she sings very well. I love them

Nice symphonic metal band. I like their music, especially their last album "The Quiet Resistance". Just hear "Caught In The Middle" and you all understand.
She has a really amazing voice, I love her singing.
I like speed music they play! Manda's voice is incredible! I listen their music during trips and it's really gives me a power!

The Warlock albums fronted by Doro Pesch were all amazing and so is her solo career. Great voice and the true queen of metal

44Dreaming Dead
Liz Schall rocks on guitar while screaming the 'Death; Chuck Schuldizner' vocals

45Landmine Marathon
Grace Perry is one of the sickest death matel vocalist
F****** sick... If you don't know who this death metal band from Arizona is youtube them and listen to red days... So mother f****** BRUTAL

46Icon for Hire
This band is amazing! Saw them live and the energy from the entire band was just incredible. Ariel does what few female fronted bands can and makes the music with a clean, beautiful in-your-face voice while the riffs and beats are off the chain! Absolutely my favorite!
Although her vocals aren't the best in the world, she has passion and that's what I love.
These guys are amazing, listen to Get Well and Make a Move!

Eths is absolutely wonderful! I've seen them live and Candice, the singer, is really good. I love their newest ablum, Tératologie. And the lyrics are sublime! They are really complicated, and they invent a lot of words to express the darknest and most horrid things imaginable. It's like Otep and Arch Enemy, French style. I love them to death.
They are AWESOME candice is my total idol and listening to them has actually really improved my French work at school!
French Metal. I'm hooked. Amazing, sick vocals. Several tracks from "Soma" blew me away.


Come on, Doro should top the list. She is the only real metal vocalist here. #0 years and still around. She isn't death metal vocals, isn't opera, just old school style metal and paved the way for all other females who wanted to be in a metal band.
Really? She should be #1
Oh please, do any of you know metal? If so, Doro would be near or at the top. She could hold her own against any male metal vocalist let alone female. She sings metal the when it should be sung.

50Infinited Hate

51Without Mercy

A great band... I don. T know why is 52 place! Just because is a new band and others have much more experience?! Do not forget.. A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step!


53Mortal Love
Mortal love's creations are great. too bad guys. hope you'll come back soon.

54Splintered Soul
Amazing Band! I don't normally like Metal music but Splintered Soul is different. The music is so unique, amazing and powerful. You have to really use your heart to listen to every single notes and instruments. The complexity of the music is unbelievable. All I can say is 'Unbelievable talent'! PEOPLE Don't Know What they are missing...
Fantastic drumming, fantastic guitar, and two gorgeous lasses, all of whom are awesome people as well. What more could you want? I'm looking forward to their album release with great anticipation and excitement! Watch these guys (and gals), they're gonna be big!
Girls and guys! Please vote for Splintered Soul, because they are an awesome band and they will release an epic debut album in summer! Another reason to vote for them is that many of the other bands are already well known :-)
[Newest]The finest Female Fronted Metal band in the world, Splintered Soul have changed music forever. There is no competition for what they do, and as a result, they are leaders in their field. Truly magnificent.


56Drain STH
For me they sound like the female black sabbath.
Best band ever wish they would reunite

57Battle Beast
I usually don't like female fronted bands, but their singer has a true powerful voice.
Beautiful and rough voice. One of the best I ever heard.
Check this band. True metal band with great songs. New singer Noora Louhimo is on of the best female METAL singers. No operatic but proper powerful METAL voice like Rob Halford.

58Bloodlined Calligraphy
They had two different female singers. Very good band.

Best band way above many others way too low on the list
This should be a top 20 band on this list.

60The Gathering
What happens with you? Anneke has the must amazing voice I've ever heard, her voice is better than any other singer in this list.
Can't believe this band isn't higher up! Well worth a top 5 spot. Several awesome albums. Check it.
Anneke es lo mas bello!

61Cry for Eden
Great musicianship all around and very strong female vocals! Cry for Eden's debut album release 'The 11th Hour' is a great start for the band and offers some wonderful female fronted symphonic metal that even at times borders on progressive metal. They have a free download of one of the songs of their album available on their facebook page - - Truth Beyond Reason. I first learned of Cry for Eden when I noticed a posting of theirs in the female fronted symphonic metal group on Facebook. I am now hooked!
This band composed and played inspirational music. I listen to their music over and over because their music doesn't hurt my ears. This is one of those bands that most people are going to like because of the quality of music, production, singer, and really good musicians who are part of the band. Keep rocking!
Cry for Eden is a progressive orchestral rock band hailing from Portland, OR. Cry for Eden's first debut concept album "The 11th Hour" centers around the theme contemplating the human condition in modern times and promoting positive values in life.
[Newest]Love this new female fronted symphonic rock band! Keep Rocking! - Edna, Philippines

Whats wrong with the people! They should on the Top! Check out their new album and the song "Don't Mess Around".
Unbelievable. How can girlschool be so far down the list. True classic metal


63Sister Sin
Old School Metal with a modern twist. I love it, but this group would be nothing without the amazing Liv Jagrell. She is the backbone of the group, with her amazing, gritty and dirty voice! WHY are they not bigger? It's melodic, hooky and great rock n' roll!
Sister Sin are amazing! Old school riffs with the new sound. I came across there music not long ago and I just can't stop listening to them! Seriously check them out!
Actually real metal, and not bad.

64Crucified Barbara
Why this band is stuck this far down the list is an... OUTRAGE! Just listen to their 2nd album Til Death Do Us Party ^^ you'll agree this is band belongs in the top 10
Grate band with strong guitars and drums. Their two albums are amazing.

They're pretty good. Don't want to be an ass but they're not the best. The album "My Fatal Kiss" was the best album in my opinion and their latest one, "All Beauty Must Die" is pretty good just not as great as the previous album mentioned.

Their other albums aren't in English so you're sol if you don't understand the language.
They�'re one of the bands I instantly fell in love with. I don�'t say that their music is the best and I like all of their songs, but in my opinion they deserve more attention. I didn�'t know about them until I accidentally found them on YouTube. And I don�'t know many bands with only Asian singer (by the way. She�'s really pretty, but that�'s not the point).

Leather Leone has one powerful voice, metal through and through!
The voice of the cult! Simply one of the best!
One of the originators of female strength, voice and general kickass from 1984@!

67Visions of Atlantis
Very good symphonic power band with operatic female vocals - Nicole Bogner, Melissa Ferlaak and Maxi Nil

68Fit for Rivals
Awesome control and raspy effects given, Renee Phoenix delivers whats to be expected in vocals.
Awesome voice, awesome music! Should be way higher. You can really rock out to these guys!
I've only heard one song, but I still like them

69Dawn Of Destiny
Great band have all there discs. brilliant

70Holy Moses
Sabina Classen is one of the best female 'growlers' in the world and Holy Moses are one of the best European metal bands ever.
Disorder of the order

Mexico "goth band from méxico the first band leader from south central country... Is powerful song is very melancholic and... Best musics for me "eres tu", "velo negro", "barcos fantasmas", "sangre"

Amazing band. I can't believe they are at #76. Needs to be so much higher. Great vocals amazing music
Seriously underrated band. Great band with beautiful vocals and massive riffs!
Should be much much higher on this list,100% of talents in that band
[Newest]Once again this band should be much higher on this list. Great singer, solid metal sound.

73Dead Sara
I absolutely love this band and they should be MUCH higher than 88th place! The vocals on this girl are stunning! I would do anything to see them live and watch the way (i'm sure) they get a crowd going!

Karyn can blow any chick on this list out of the water. No disrespect intended towards the other vocalists, but Karyn is the real deal.

What the hell is this doing down here!? People need to open their ears up. Great Japanese bands like onmyouza and liv moon have fantastic vocals. Hell, throw in matatabi with kuroneko and you get marco and tarja from nightwish. Their number 2 in my book, and if you give them a listen they should b in yours as well
Kuroneko is a great singer (as are the rest) and the band have created 11 masterful albums. Very consistent with great talent. Others may disagree but Onmyouza is my favourite. m/
Great guitar works, great melodic lines, great vocals of the two vocalist, solid drumer and bass and interessant concept.

A unique band composed of great musicians. It has so many different styles that only the label "Horror Metal" is appropriated to describe it.
Cadaveria herself is a talented singer, capable of great range from guttural growl to pure clean.
She's also an excellent songwriter, and the lyrics mirror her soul and also deal with art, death and magic.
A powerful introspective travel that makes the songs so communicative that they encourage people to undertake great things.
Those who don't know the band should listen to: Spell, Blood And Confusion, Anagram, Flowers in fire...
Cool band great voice mixing different singing styles. Dark atmospheres from death metal to gothic.
Just got cadaveria new album horror metal and I cannot stop listening to it. Good sound with great vocals.

77The Iron Maidens
Is this a joke or are people that retarded? They are a damn tribute band.
Are you kidding? Read again. THE IRON MAIDENS. They are a tribute band.
One of the best bands some of the best songs ever!
[Newest]See them live, that's all I can say.

78Skeptical Minds
I simply like them and like the voice of Karolina. They must be at a better place. :)
Great and original band and nice people, I really like them!
Belgian electro-metal, strong metal riffs and clean female voice of Karolina Pacan, will give you shivers!

79Dreams of Sanity

80My Ruin
My god, no other woman has as much power and anger as tarrie does, lyrically and vocally.
Love love love her. She is a beast of a singer!

81Crystal Viper
Great metal band with metal clean singing, unlike most of these. Check this out if you like Iron Maiden, Iced Earth or the like.
Marta has a powerful voice! Damn this band deserves more!

I truly love these women. And yes I don't believe they should be listed as a metal band. But just the say their music is truly beautiful. Other that Think should be listed here is the band Leah which has over tones of Celtic music and European Symphonic metal & Raven Quinn whom has recorded her first album with George Lynch (Of Dokken & Lynch Mob)
Very Great Symphonic Metal Band from Finland, Indica are 5 Pretty Girls, very hot
Love this band particularly when they sing in Finnish but they are not metal in any way. They are very much pop/rock despite being on a metal label.


84Femme Fatale

From the band SANGUINE.

She's hot and can do a big range of vocal styles. Tonight is their best gothic metal track, other songs are varied styles.
Has anyone checked out their new single For Love? It's bloody brilliant!

Great voice and amazing lyrics

A great band, they are an American Christian rock band and lead singer is very talented

They truly are amazing. The singer sings with her heart. Amazing talent all around.


90Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult
I have all their Cd! Their attack and conviction are good for one step of the walk

91Girl Scout Hand Grenade


93My Own Sin
You haven't lived till you felt experienced this band! They are awesome!

94Echoes of Eternity
Not so well-known but great band. The singer is a good dancer.
Best female vocals on the list. Heavy, progressive style music with incredible, emotive vocals
Power & beautiful voice

95Lee Aaron
Great voice, I think she turned to Jazz music after a couple of decent albums in the 80's

Love Autumn, great vocals and one of the few bands listed here that is progressive. From my "New Time" to "Cold comfort" they are on a roll!
Autumn is underrated. This should be a lot higher.

97White Skull
Power Metal Band from Italy. Vocalist Federica "Sister" de Boni is one of the best female metal singers in the world. Check out their new album "Under this Flag".


99Pin-Up Went Down
Absolutely incredible experimental band from France - great vocals by Asphodel - positively brilliant - get both albums


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