Kittie is an amazing band. The band manages to combine Morgan’s highly feminine clean vocals with her intense screaming nearly perfectly without ever feeling forced. Every album they put out is vastly different, showing progress from the last, yet manages to always maintain the core essence of the band. And on top of that, albums like Oracle, I’ve Failed You and in particular Until the End are some of my favorite albums of all time.

Love them. They deserve to be higher in the rankings. These women actually have metal sound and melody, not just death growls... Evanescence is a pretty girl with a pretty voice combined with what pop radio would call "rock. " Kittie will kick your ass and make you like it!

Kitty is the only death metal band that scares me I love these women. And I've got to say if this is what when you get girl playing death metal I want more. Morgan voice is beautiful and her Sister Mercedes plays as good as she looks

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! They are probably the only metal all girl band that has been successful. I LOVE THEM!

A favorite of mine from like ten or so years ago when they played all the metal bars but weren't old enough to drink. Morgan sings so sweetly and when you least (or most) expect it lets loose with demon-tones, while her sister and drummer Mercedes is a true master (mistriss? ) of the double-kick. They're working hard this spring, after a trip to Oz, they have dates from 4/10 thru 5/25 with NO days off!

Kittie DOES deserve to be in the top 3. They are heavy, they have rasp in the scream and their music flows well. They were huge in their prime.

Kittie in my opinion is not just one of the top female metal bands but also one of the top metal bands period...

In my opinion Kittie are hugely under-rated and underappreciated, for years they have been overlooked and ignored by metal fans purely because of their gender.

They are a awesome all woman band

Future is in kittie hands