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61Titi DJ - Indonesia
62Lea Simanjuntak - Indonesia

Another Batak Singer who has high quality vocal. With her high soprano opera type voice.

63Anuradha Paudwal - India

She has the voice of an angel. Has sung over 20000 songs to date! Her voice suits all generations of actresses 1!

Anuardha paudwal has been the voice for three generation of actresses and has sung almost 20000 songs in the various Indian Languages! She has a beautiful voice quality!

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64Jennifer Kim - Thailand

Nice voice I ever hear
She can sing every popular western songs that you can recognize. Awesome! Even though, she isn't famous, she gets many praises.

Jennifer Kim is the one and only singer in Thailand.

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65Desy Ratnasari - Indonesia

I love desy voice... Awesome... Congratulation
Desy Ratnasari is an example of 'pure' Indonesian woman with strong eastern cultural feature as well as Indonesian woman feature. She is one of the famous Indonesian public figure and well known not only in Indonesia but as well as in Malaysia. Born in West Java, 12th December 1973 with height 169 cm and weight 49 kg, this young lady has achieved numerous awards as an actress. In 1999 she was chosen as the best Indonesian actress in Panasonic award and in 1997 she received A Vidia trophy (Indonesian's Grammy) as the best supporting actress. However, what makes her special than any other artist is her intelligent and charism. The way she speaks, the way she carries herself in front of the public is mesmerizing. Somehow, she reminded us with Lara Dutta (Miss Universe 2000). Her strong figure, intellectuality, charism, inner beauty, and the way she carries herself as Desy Ratnasari and public figure. Her Album "Tenda Biru" ...more

A good voice, good song. I like her very much
beauty, smart, humble, Indonesian look... Desy is the best forever...

She's very talented.. She's a very good singer, actress and host... Multitalented... The best actress
beauty, brain, behaviour

Love Desy Ratnasari

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66Faye Wong - ChinaFaye Wong is a Chinese singer-songwriter and actress, often referred to as a "diva" in Chinese-language media.

She is a highly successful and influential Chinese singer-songwriter and actress who is usually referred to as a diva.
In 2000 she was recognized by Guinness World Records as the Best Selling Canto-Pop Female.
Hugely popular in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia, she has also gained a large following in Japan and is to date the only C-pop artist to have performed 4 times in Tokyo's Budokan

Faye is old now, but 10 years after her last album, still no female C-pop singer - whether from China, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong or the rest of the world - has come close to her popularity. This is what you call a legend.

Faye Wong and Aoi Teshima are the best female singers in Asia, Their voice is so beautiful and great. - peyman_eun

67Rainie Yang - Taiwan

She is all rounder. She can act very well and sing very well.
Can see her hard work and improvement through the years.
She should be recognize as one of the best female artist in Asia

She is many people's idol. She can sing and dance very well. She never say give up, she encourages some of her fans. She is the best one is my heart!

She is a very duties artist. 43rd Taiwan Golden Bell Award for Best Actress in 2010, is sufficient proof of her acting. Her 16-year-old interpretation of the career, the Asian music scene all-around days later, Taiwan idol drama queen of the said. Debut so far issued six Mandarin album, a selected series, an EP of music singles and music soundtrack, and starred in 22 movies, television dramas. More than 100 music and drama awards, to take over about 100 endorsements, cumulative breakthrough of 10.05 million record sales in the whole of Asia. She is the first Asian Music Festival in Japan, "Chinese pop music singer, " the winners, first served as the global spokesman for the Chinese actress in travel to Australia. The first octave on the international fashion magazine "VOGUE" International Chinese version of the cover star. Debut has starred in more than 200 field providers performances, the Live strength are well recognized. Asia's first concert singer of the cloud ...more

She should be in this position! Should be in top ten!

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68Mika Nakashima - Japan

Overrated just because she sang Glamorous Sky in the anime Nana doesn't make her great. I like Hyde's version more anyway.

69Kavita Krishnamurthy - India

Kavita Krishnamurthy is one of the most famous Indian film playback singers.
She is classically trained and has sung a wide range of classical-based songs. In her career, she has worked with a variety of music composers
Including R.D. Burman and A.R. Rahman.
She is also the recipient of four Filmfare Best Female Playback Awards, including 3 consecutive awards in the period 1994-1996 and the prestigious Padmashri which she received in 2006.

70Maeda Atsuko - Japan

Maeda Atsuko is a fantastic singer. Her songs are really gorgeous and she has a beautiful voice. She is very popular in Japan. She was also a member of popular Japanese music group AKB48.

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71Lee Hyori - South Korea

It's the Queen: Lee Hyori!
Don't you know her? Well you should hurry up and check her videos on YouTube cause hyori is the bomb!

She is by far the most attractive and talented Asian singer.

She is hot~~ Although she had been disappeared in Korea's variety shows for years, our love towards her won't disappear~ Probably she is not the best singer, but she always the sexiest singer~~

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72Yuna Zarai - Malaysia

Yuna should go top ten because she is the most talented singer in Asia.. She wrote her own song! And no she is in Europe and try to Express her music to the world!

Yuna zarai is the best... I like her new song 'sparkle'2012... Don't forget to download her new song, she is the bestt

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73Jessica Jung - South KoreaJessica Sooyoun Jung was born on April 18, 1989. Known professionally as Jessica, she is an American singer, actress, and businesswoman currently based in South Korea. She is a former member of South Korean girl group Girls' Generation. In 2014, she established her apparel fashion brand, Blanc & Eclare. more.

She is the second main vocal in SNSD and she has the highest voice in SNSD too. She has her unique voice and her vibrato even if you compared it with taeyeon

Sica Is the most Talented Girl In SNSD!

Listen her voice, so amazing.. :)
I can't explain it... But its really2 angel voice

She is next to Kim tae yeon she is the best and even tiffany Hwang.

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74Aya Hirano - Japan

An amazing singer, she's also the voice actress for Konata Izumi and Haruhi Suzimaya!

75Krisdayanti - Indonesia

She is the first Indonesian Singer to be entitled as a "POP DIVA" and she is the highest paid singer in Indonesia too... Her songs are well-known and she is also famous across south-east Asia region

She is the nightangel voices in Asia,
Winner grand Champions Asia Bagus in Japan,
Winner Planet Muzik Award
Best female singer in Indonesia
And many more in indonesia or international Awarded

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76Asha Bhosle - India

Asha Bhosle has a remarkable voice quality and unbelievable vocal range. Her songs are worth listening to.

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77Pinkan Mambo - Indonesia

She's family orientated and so down to earth. She also has a ton of energy!

78Tia AFI - Indonesia
79Jaya - Philippines

Knows as the Asia's Queen of Soul, Jaya still remains to be humble despite of her achievements in the music industry. She was the first Asian to hit in the U. S billboard charts top 100. Her voice is a touch of the greatest black singers in the history. She can do Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston, Patti Labelle, Chaka Khan, Mariah Carey and Anita Baker. Her dark sultry voice can hit the lowest and the highest register! The only singer who can play with notes with ease, control, and play with her runs and riffs. She can sing 1 song in a hundred different ways! Her strongest genre is RNB, SOUL, GOSPEL, RAP, and POP. I believe she is untouchable when it comes to soul genre, not even regina velasquez nor lani misalucha can a par. She belts like no others business! But she has been underrated and always gives chance to new singers. As humble as she is, she remains to be the Queen of soul, and an icon.

She is the Filipino singer who recorded a US album and got the top 40 in billboard.. She won the grand prize in asia song festival in hong kong in 1996... A vocal range like no other can go low and still pleasing to the ears and yet belt high notes with clarity and a very powerful alto voice she the best there is in Asia

80Melly Goeslaw - Indonesia

Daughter of Melky Goeslaw (one top Male Singer in Indonesia, who won 1975 National Singer Competition And runner up 1977 National Singer Competition together with her duo partner Diana Nasution (mother of Marcello Tahitoe or popular as Ello, top male Indonesian Singer). She has a band called Potret in which she has a role as a singer as well as song composer,

Her father is one of the 1970s Top Male Indonesian Singer (Melky Goeslaw), who won 1975 Singer Pop Festival and runner up 1977 Singer Pop Festival (duo with Diana Nasution, Mother of Nowadays Indonesian Top Male Singer, Marcello Tahitoe or popular with Ello).

Though her father came from. Mollucas, she was raising in Sundanese climate in Bandung, the city that her mother comes from. However, her musical talent comes naturally from
Her father

Besides as A singer, she is well know as Great Composer and her songs are often becoming Hits, such as : "Menghitung Hari" by Krisdayanti (Indonesia), "Bukan Cinta Biasa" by Siti Nurhaliza (Malaysia), and many others.

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