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141Cha SooKyung - Korea

- Cha so Kyung is one of Korean female singers the most talented, but also one of the singer the most underrated.

- She's the only Korean Singer who can use the "whistle register" and control with such ease. (she's the only one Who can reach the G6-G#6 (for the Korean singer)

- She's one of the most talented singer of Asia, I will even say.

She's the only Korean Singer & Asian Singer Who can reach the C7.

Her Vocal Rang is of more 4octaves, her whistle register is the best of Korea & one of best of Asia.

She's the Korean Mariah Carey.

- She's one of the most talented singer of Asia, same if she's totally underrated.

She's THE BEST of the best.
Her whistle is so unique. I love er voice but she's such underrated singer.

142Coco Lee - China
143Kiyoe Yoshioka - Japan

A very cute and high pitch Japanese singer of the band ikimonogakari. She wrote very meaningful songs with her band

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144P. Susheela - India
145Ging - Thailand

Ging is the singer from the singing contest in Thailand as Gam. She has a beautiful voice. I think the best single of her is 'pid praw ruk'.

She's the singer from "The Star" singing contest. I love her so much because she is only her when she sings a song. By the way, she so beautiful.

146Shumon (Bassbaba) - Bangladesh

But HE is not a "FEMALE SINGER"!
He's the damn good bass player/singer and founder of famous Rock band of Bangladesh AURTHOHIN

147Ebi - Iran

Ebi is not a female!

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148Sohyang - South Korea

She is the best singer in Asia, her voice is amazing, her high notes still shocks me, The Goddess's Voice So Hyang

One of the best vocalists ever! Her breath and voice control are incredible, most of her notes are fully supported and resonant. Plus, she's definitely the best belter nowadays.

She is such a great singer, such a powerful voice and a kind spirit

She has angelic voice

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149Kelly Chan - Hong Kong
150Izumi Sakai - Japan

All Japanese pioneers consider her as the age of JPOP. She is one who made history in the J Music industry, too bad, she already passed away. She is the lead vocalist of the band ZARD, the voice behind great song like MAkenaide, Kitto Wasurenai, Yureru Omoi etc. You could go on with the qualities she had, beauty, voice and heart for her fans. She is a simple lady who doesn't wear any make up in cam. Rest in Peace, Queen of Pop.

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151Aya Kamiki - Japan
152Inul Daratista - Indonesia

She is a Dangdut Singer. Most popular in Indonesia.
She can sing all kind (genre) of music.. Not only dangdut.
I see the show, and I like her voice, I like the way she dancing. I like her performance, Bravo INUL

153Shiina Ringo - Japan

look at her solo and Tokyo Jihen - ronluna

154Syaharani - Indonesia

She come to music industry in the same period with Reza Artamevia, Krisdayanti, Denada Tambunan, However, she choose in genre that is very niche which is Jazz and she hold very strong idealistic to little bit move away from commercial aspect

Jember East Java is hometown, the city that created many amazing female singer like Emilia Contessa, Krisdayanti. Jazz is her musical soul

She has a very sexy Jazzy vocal that is very scarcity in Indonesia. She could be not as shinny as her colleague in her generation like Reza Artamevia, Denada or Krisdayanti Lemos but she has the quality that is far more elegant than them.

Jazzy Singer who come from Jember East Java has sexy voice, as well as cute face. She often represented Indonesia in European Jazz Festival with Krakatau Band Dwiky Darmawan

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155Gummy - South Korea

Gummy is most powerful female singer of korea. She sang superbly in the songs like Namjaraseo, There Is No Love etc etc. Gummy is her stage name. Her original name is Park Ji Yeon.

156Reza Artamevia - Indonesia

A single mother of two young teenage daughter has a big sexy voice. In early 2005 she made a collaboration with Japanese Singer Mazako Ueda making one unique song uniting three languages: English, Japan, and Indonesia in one song. Comparable with Krisdayanti, she is also popular outside her own country: such as Malaysia, Japan and Singapore.

Reza Artamevia is the most adorable diva. You have to listen to her songs like Pertama, Satu yang tak bisa lepas, Dia, Keabadian, Cintakan membawamu, Berharap Tak berpisah. But after divorced with her ex husband (ajie masaid). I don't understand, why she left her career. Please Comeback, Reza Artamevia. We love you so much.

Being known after her song "Pertama" and "Satu Yang Tidak Bisa Lepas" became very popular in the late 90's. Her collaboration with Japanese Singer Masako Ueda was also considering another milestones for her. Today, her song is recycled by many younger singer such as Mulan Jameela

She has everything: Beautiful sexy Voices, sexy body, two lovely daughter, her own Hit song that has been recycled by many other singers like Mulan Jameela,..

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157Brellanda Medico - Indonesia

BRELLANDA Medico (born in poor, 12 January 2002, age 10 years) is a singer and artist nationality Indonesia. He began his career in the entertainment industry at the age of 3 years as a singer. Brellanda has released an album of children who managed to deliver his name to the row of the popular singer in the era of the 2000s.

I really like the personality as a very talented medico brellanda small age can be a presenter, singer, modeling, etc... And she was very beautiful and kind-hearted fellow friends

Her little female singer who had hits with "I see it" and a lot of friends like him a lot of friends in class and achievements of the age of 2 years

I love brellanda medico

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158Angelique Martha Pieters - Indonesia

When she performed at David Foster and Friend Show in Jakarta as a Suddent Local Guest Singer, David Foster said that he found Angel in the same way he founded Charice from Philippines.

She was a Runner up Indonesian Idol Cilik session 1 an learning vocal in Elfa Secioria Music Studio. She performed at David Foster and Friend Concert in Indonesia at 2011 together with Putri Ayu.

She was a Lead Singer When Elfas Children Group Vocal won Gold Medal In 2010 Olympiad Group Vocal in Busan, South Korea

159My Tam - Vietnam

The best singer in Vietnam. She is known as a queen of V-Pop

My Tam is a superstar in Vietnam. She have a beautifull voice! I love her!

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160Patti Kim - South Korea

Should be number one. Everybody else here sucks

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