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Sarah Brightman
I used to laugh at stories of 19th century concert-goers who had to "take to the bed" because they were so overwrought. I no longer laugh -- not since one November night in 2004 when I was electrified by the beauty and magic of Sarah Brightman and her art. Her concerts are an initiation into an enchanted realm of beauty and wonder.


I heard this voice from no more than 15 feet away without a microphone. This voice is unmatched in perhaps, recorded history, as Ms Brightman was able to hit full operatic notes, and tones, and immediately come down to sing in a pop necessary breathy tone. A very unique talent.
Not even close this list is obviously not a true representation of our nation. Concerts are expensive & for my money I want a total show, vocals, dance, & flow... Come on people youtube some more variety in your selection and try this list again when you are more enlightened by true entertainment.

2Ann Wilson
The most amazing female rocker vocals... Ann Wilson has been my favorite musician for a long time. I saw her and her sister Nancey in concert on their baby le strange tour! That's when I decided I wanted to sing play guitar and be a rocker
I agree with all of the comments made about Ann Wilson. I've watched many of her live performances and they never cease to instill great emotion. She has a simplistic concert setting because it is her voice people go to experience.
Ann Wilson just keeps getting better and better every year! I saw her in July and she just blew my mind! In my opinion there is no better singer than Ann.
[Newest]Little queen and dreamboat Annie were the best. Ann wilson has a amazing voice.

3Sarah Geronimo
She's really a concert performer... She can sing all genres... She's a good dancer too, a truly versatile performer I have heard ever. Whenever she performs on the center stage, she become something we never expected from her. She's truly a one of a kind performer/entertainer I have witnessed in my entire life.
total performer! she can sing in any genre and she can dance gracefully... the most successful young superstar in her generation here in philippines... very successful in all aspects because she is very talented...


I have seen all of sarah's concerts
here in the philippines and she is
really a total performer and the
quality of her voice is extra ordinary beautiful and the emotions
when she sings fantastic



She revolutionized pop concertes! All of her performances are a unique piece of performance art: every song has a deep theme that is presented thru a combination of amazing live music, energetic-owe inspiring dancing, the latest in visual effects and fantastic videos. The production is out of this world.
Saw for the first time on HBO, overseas world tour... danced and sang for 90 minutes, only briefly stopping to change outfits. I will always give her her just props and prayers to her! That Concert on HBO was back in the 90's.
Sure, this Lady is the best in concert for many years. Every Madonna's show is fantastic! Amazing Woman...


The best female artist ever in my opinion, helping 500,000 kids worldwide going from spanish to english and even singing for the President! Nothing screams success like buying your own private Island. Shakira donated 45 Million dollars to rebuild a destroyed school in Haiti.
Watch her live in Paris and Singapore F1, the complete performer... she must be top ten. You get belly dance, samba, flamengo, songs in French, Spanish, English, guitar, harmonica... men cry watching her on stage.. the ultimate pocket dynamite.
How can they put shakira in 5th she should be in first
[Newest]Great Singer and Entertainer so talented and she's an absolute Foxy & Sexy women! (HOT! )

6Demi Lovato
Demi Lovato has been through so much, yet she is still here with us, and going strong. She has amazing vocals, and a great live performer. Oddly enough, I'm listening to a Demi Lovato song right now. She's on a huge tour right now- a female empowerment one with Fifth Harmony and Little Mix. She's bringing along Nick Jonas. Remind you, she went through a nasty breakup with his brother, who partially caused her depression.

Demetria Lovato should be recognized as the best female singer of the 20th and 21st century. She deserves every once of success she has. She is amazing, and should have more fame than others. Such as Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, or even One Direction.

She is an amazing performer, and I look forward to more from her. God bless her soul, she deserves everything she has,
Why isn't beyonce or whitney on this list? But demi is a good singer, so much better than Miley. god bless demi
SERIOUSLY?! This is best SINGER. Demi being behind Selena Gomez is a joke.
[Newest]Blah she shouldn't even be on the list not trying to be mean, but seriously.

7Shania Twain
Did you see her live? If yes you'd know what I mean


8Jackie Evancho
Jackie Evancho has the most beautiful singing voice in recorded history. Not since Jenny Lind [the Swedish Nightingale] in the late 1800's has a singing voice had this rich tone and timbre. Broke Michael Jackson's record as youngest artist in history to have a Top 5 and Platinum album. Will be around for the next 50 years or so.
She sings wonderfully, purely, genteelly, with full emotion in her live performances. Her concerts at PBS Great Performances - Dream With Me In Concert and Music of the Movies - are unforgettable and had many listeners, The DWMIC raised record amounts of money for PBS stations. Not only common visitors are moved, her angelic voice brings feeling to been around soldiers. I wish her she preserves the great gift to her. But she amazingly and purely showed to us, she wish seriously to be a huge star of the classical crossover music and she already is the real star.
This young lady has it al... Mesmerizing vocals, charisma, stage presence and charm. Seeing her for the first time in concert is truly a life-changing experience.
[Newest]Beautiful voice, beautiful personality. I've never been moved by anyone's voice save hers.
More comments about Jackie Evancho

9Lacey Sturm
Lacey is amazing. She can scream and she has a very beautiful voice...


Lacey is the ISH. She sounds perfect, she's energetic, and most of all, THE HEADBANGING. The headbanging does not get better.

10Taylor Swift
Is it just me because I went to her Speak Now Tour and she was amazing. She sounds like the studio versions of her songs;n is just so amazing how fantastic she sounds. I love taylor Swift in concert and can not see why she is not up high on this list for top singer at a concert.
She is amazing in concert and sounds just like she does in the studio, but it is LIVE! She is so talented and amazing. Her song writing is quite brilliant and fantastic. How on Earth is she not near the top of this list, she is amazing in concert
I love taylor swift she is world best singer ever
[Newest]It's just a great experience! I loved it๐Ÿ˜

The Contenders

11Katy Perry
Her prismatic concert was amazing. best visual performance and production EVER
She is the BEST performer ever and should be close to number one
How is she at 20? She should be AT LEAST in the top 5!

12Selena Quintanilla Perez
The only artist I know who sang 1,000,000 times better live than she did than on the studio track. Can not believe I have to make the entry for her, she should already be on here.
Selena was the best. Her Astrodomes concerta were epic. you can see her live on Dvd when they released her last concert a month before she died.

13Nelly Furtado

14Selena Gomez
She is like the only child celebrity that didn't grow up to be a wacko, let's face it, everyone who says she can't sing are just haters. She's beautiful, she can act, and she can sing! Come on guys, show some respect. Selena works very hard. She's nice and sweet. Go Selena!
Selena Gomez's 71. You guys gonna be mad. Selena Gomez is the world's best singer, why not take a look or listen to some of Selena Gomez's song on youtube and vote for her this minute
She is really pretty I always support her<3 no matter what

Pink is so good at live! She should be at least in top 20! I don't understand why artists such as Christina or Pink are lower than Britney Spears. At least THEY SING LIVE and have great voice!
have you heard her? she sounds like her studio version of her songs. very raw, real and unedited.
She should seriously be number 1, I have been to her concert and it is like nothing you will ever see. She sings perfect while hanging upside down soaking wet spinning around. Pure perfection.
[Newest]UM HELLO! Her songs are the best ever! Haven't seen her in concert but I'm sure it's great!

16Shirley Bassey
Few artists, past or present, are able to just walk up to the microphone, start to sing, and then you hear the 'oohs and awes' from the crowd. Bassey's body, arm, and hand movements are at one with her powerful voice and after all these years, she is still able to mesmerize the audience.
My favorite going back to the 70"s

17Lady Gaga
Lady gaga is one of the very few artists out there who don't lip sync. She has an amazing beautiful voice that gives you a certain feeling. Plus when you go to her concerts she makes you feel free from yourself and free from all of your weaknesses. You also get to see her amazing performances and crazy outfits. Love you gaga. Paws up!
Her shows feel like catharsis. Everyone in the audience feels that mighty inspiring vibe of hers, when she sings and talks to her fans. It's almost a divine experience, I dare say; though I'm not some crazy fan of hers at all. And yes, she NEVER lip syncs.
Umm Madonna #7? REALLY? She lip syncs all the time! Gaga is one of the best live performers ever! She never lip sings, ever. She deserves to be in the top 10.
[Newest]If you don't understand why Lady Gaga deserves at least a top 10, it's because you've never been to one of her concerts! Let's bring her to the top!

Best female entertainer ever
Cher. Is a great singer. :).

19Miley Cyrus
Blah blah blah! She can't act or sing.

20Whitney Houston
amazing, most singers just stand there and sing, however when Whitney performs its out of this world the fans always comes first and she gives them the best time of her lives, even if she isn't feeling her best, Whitney we love you and good luck with your new album
UM EXCUSE ME? Whitney should be first on the list, I mean she did drugs sure, but it's about singing, not about drugs! I love love love "I will always love you" and I will always love you Whitney Houston.
Whitney never EVER sings a song the same way twice. She is 10 billions times better live than in the studio where she is perfect anyway.

21Kelly Clarkson
She is the best female singer in concert and should be the first.

People like Madonna, Britney Spears, Shakira, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and Hayley Williams do not belong in this list, because this is about the best female singers in Concert and not the worst.
I've never seen anyone who can sing live like her, she sing with such emotion. I absolutely love her
I don't know about her.. I like her songs, but not so much her voice. :-( sorry Kelly.

22Tina Turner
There's not a single lady on this list that come close to the raw energy Tina Turner puts into a concert, she is without question the greatest live female performer of all time

Where is the love for Lorde? She sounds almost exactly like she does in the studio.


24Katie Melua
Beautiful musical voice. Perfect diction, effortless presentation, and good looker as well- the world is badly devided! PF
I'm proud of her.. I'm proud to be GEORGIAN! Ketie rules!



25Regine Velasquez
She is the best female concert performer not only in the Philippines but in the whole world... Gifted with a powerful and high pitch vocal chord, she is really amazing in her live concerts performances... The one and only Asia's Song Bird...
Best of all, has the record of the Fourth best next to Whitney, etc.
She has a good, powerful, effortless voice.
Oh, did I mention she's charice's idol?
She is the best live concert performer, has an amazing powerful and high pitch effortless voice. Our countries Asia's song bird. Guys put her in a top ten list because she is best 101%.
[Newest]Regine is regine no one can beat her...

26Britney Spears
Have you seen any of her performances? She may not have the BEST voice, but her moves and talent is incredible. She can put on a show like no other. There's always something going on, and she basically defined the modern tour method and show method. She's a true legend.


Britney spears is the best! She is a true performer and she clearly commands the stage whenever she's dancing. Plus, Brit is an institution now, she's a pro and won't let anyone in the audience down.
I agree she doesn't have the best voice but her moves are amazing! I would recommend this as well with her new single scream and shout.
[Newest]There is no one prettier than Britney Spears.

27Celine Dion
Celine Dion's Taking Chances Tour is the second highest earning tour by a solo artist of all time behind Madonna and the tenth in all. And you people place her 36th. Please, pay some more respect to this fine lady. She is a nice person and a nice singer. But is never cited on any top compilation lists. I just wonder why? Whoever agrees with me. Please vote for her. Cause she rarely appears in the Top Ten good lists and can be found in the list of overrated singers. Fix your brain, people. Pleasee.
Oh my word! Celine is such an entertainer! I went to her Taking Chances concert and we were up on our feet throughout the entire concert! She is an incredible singer, she's just beautiful, we had so much fun. Love you Celine
She has a voice like a beautiful melody! For me she is a perfect woman and mom! She is also have been my inspiration. She is the best female singer for me in concert for the whole time!

28Sheryl Crow

29K.S. Chithra
She never needs to do a sound check as you cannot practice on perfection. She is amazing live and interacts with the fans as a lot of singers do not. So that alone should give her the #1 spot

30Avril Lavigne
People who vote in this site must have been paid by Heart and/or Sarah Whats her surname. Seriously. Avril is a lot better than them, thank you very much.
The Best of the Best
Why number 27? Her songs have so much meaning! She is my role model! Nobody has a better voice than Avril Lavinge.

31Gwen Stefani
This woman in amazing in concert, a bit weird but still amazing! Lady Gaga stole many ideas from Gwen!


32Beyonce Knowles
It's unbelievable that she is already not on this list, she not only has one of the best voices I've ever heard in recordings but also in live concert (unlike many of the people listed) she sounds exactly the same; which is perfect. Youtube, google or whatever you want her singing live than in a song. Amazing is all I can say.
Oh come on, she should be top. she has everything in her live shows. she never mimes, she has fully loaded dance routines in which she sings at the same time. Also, she has stunts like flying. she's also been voted one of the top attractions in the world for her live concerts.


I went to see her I Am... Tour, she was AMAZING! It was the most honest(cuz she got things wrong and did no miming like she did in her last tour), and was better vocally than her last tour. I AM... IN LOVE WITH HER! SHE THE QUEEN!


[Newest]Beyonce would be #1. I've never seen a better performer live before!

33Floor Jansen
Floor Jansen - an amazing singer, one of the best, and
Maybe the best of metal vocalists singing live!

34Agnes Monica
No Mariah Carey. So disrespectful. Out of all these woman besides Madonna Mariah Carey will have a song that will live forever. Come on man
Agnes monica is a new comer in Hollywood music industry. But, she will rock the world. Beautiful, multitalented and smart. She has golden voice and always amazing in every perform.
Agnes Monica is a real diva
Best Asian Artist
Proud with her
[Newest]She is an amazing voice!

35Ziana Zain
I love her body when she's standing on the stage. She has her own style. She sings like a princess and she smiles like a fairy tale...
She has done many road tour in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and around Asia also in a live telecast with Japan Television


She is stunning! She always give her best in each performance...
[Newest]Ziana Zain vocal prowess can simply break the speaker into a pieces.. Thunder voice!

36Hayley Williams
She is cool live, see is so enthusiastic and is having a lot of fun out there, and with all the epic headbanging
Best live, her voice has so much more emotion. Definitely one of the best singers out there these days!
She's one of the best live! Mt favorite by far! Coming in a close second is Amy Lee. Well, they're tied.
[Newest]31!? She should be higher! She's better than Demi Lovato, Avril Lavigne and Taylor Swift.

37Gladys Knight
The First Lady of Soul put on one of the best shows ever. Catch her when she comes to your town and you will see. Amazing voice and performer.

38Tarja Turunen

39Amy Lee
30?! She sounds AMAZING when she is singing live.. She deserves to be in the top ten at least!
Amy Lee should be on top of this list, She can high and low and keeps you coming back for more and more.
People have no good music taste. She is the best one. She is a god

40Hayley Westenra
Hayley is one of very few performers who actually sound better live than their CD productions with none of this miming rubbish many others are guilty of. Please visit Australia!

41Christina Aguilera
I know, she should be much higher. She has an amazing vocal range - she's the voice of our generation. And she has more octaves than most of those stupid pop singers. I can't believe Avril Lavigne is higher than Chris. She can kick Avril's ass everyday. I haven't watch a bad live performance of Christina yet. Yeah, she should be higher.
This list is a joke! I've seen her live in person before and when this lady hits the stage all bets are off! She doesn't play any games! She truly is the real deal! She commands the stage like a true diva should... I've seen beyonce live too and she's incredible but christina knows how to connect to a song and to the audience in a way no other singer besides whitney could!
She should be much higher. Her vocal range is incredible and she sounds amazing now matter what. :] She is such an amazing singer and has incredible songs.

42Cara Dillon
Cara is one of the most beautiful heartfelt live folk performers you'll ever likely to hear. Her vocals and heart wrenching Irish ballads will melt the hardest of hearts yet uplift your soul at the same time.


One of the most beautiful heartfelt live folk performers you'll ever likely to hear.


43Charice Pempengco
Charice is one of the gifted singer in the 21st century. She's Celine and Whitney both. I do hope and pray that she will used her God given voice to sing gospel songs. Charice, always praise and thank our almighty Lord Jesus Christ. God bless.
Charice should be at the top. Its not only her voice but also her attitude and character. With her popularity, she remains grounded and decent. She's a very good role model not only of teens but everybody, esp the celebrities of today.
I love listening to Charice singing live because her voice is so amazing, it sounds even better than in the recording studio. I love the emotion she puts on every single song she sings.

44Mika Nakashima

45Ellen Shipley
greatest live performer in the eighties


The best singer
Live performances were the hottest!

46Sharon den Adel
Hail Sharon! Within Temptation sold about 12.000 copies in the US in the first week of release their new album "The Unforgiving"- which, btw, kicks ass! They are starting to concorde American market! Now they gonna see how real female fronted band see and look alike. All the "new age rock chicks" gonna fade away when Sharon comes to US! FIRST SHOW OF THE NEW TOUR- AUGUST THE 12!
What Iron Maiden means in a world of heavy metal, that WITHIN TEMPTATION means in a world of gothic rock! Sharon Den Adel is definitive the role model for female fronted rock/metal bands! (but, the fact is that they need a hundred years more to became so stylish and charismatic like her:) SHARON IS THE QUEEN OF PERFORMANCE!


48Stevie Nicks
Are you kidding, Stevie is one of the all time great performers in concert, for the younger crowd check her out on you tube under "Fleetwood Mac 1976 Rhiannon Awesome Performance", the last two minutes is one of the most intense concert performances ever.

49Vikki Carr
This four time Grammy winner deserves the number one position.

50Kate Bush
She's the best. the problem is, she does not tour anymore.


Rihanna has a nice concert, many people watch her concert. When I watch her concert in hackney (love the way you lie2) I was jumping on my chair and many people around of applause and say that's is a outstanding concert.
She is the best, she is real, rock girl
She deserves at least top 10 spot not on 65... Its a joke

52Aria Tesolin

53Barbra Streisand
She is still so inspiring even after all those years. We are NEVER going to have someone in the music industry that sounds like her and have her star quality. Well, Lea Michele had the potential but now she's making pop cheesy songs.
Simply, the most talented of them all.
The greatest singer ever

54Dolores O'Riordan
She never needs to do a sound check as you can't practice on perfection. She is amazing live and interacts with the fans as a lot of singers do not. So that alone should give her the #1 spot


55Kim Tae-yeon
Wonderful voice... She knows how to combine feelings, emotion,... Queen of ost in korea

56Sarah McLachlan
Oh boy, have any of you ever seen this woman live? Sarah McLachlan sounds better on the stage than she does in the studio. Her songs sound so much more edgier, and her voice gets filled with more emotion. The feelings you get from watching her live cannot be described. It's a shame to see her notches under lip-syncing Madonna and Auto-Tuned Faith Hill.

57Boa Kwon

I have a old dvd of hers and by far this is the most sexiest female concert given by a grown woman tastefully. I wish she would have performed more often in the states.

Much love to Sade.

59Siti Nurhaliza
Voice of asia


Voice Of Asia Best Singer In Concert!

60Lisa Kelly
Amazing vocalist, I could listen to her singing all day every day :) JUST AMAZING! And can sing so well live! Wish I could vote for more than one on here!
Outstanding voice, always sings live, which is a rarity these days. Part of the amazing Celtic Woman.

61Amy Winehouse
Best soul singer of our time, I think I've never seen someone singing better than in his album! She deserves first place


She's so edgy and it works out for her

62Mariah Carey

63Bonnie Raitt

64Angela Gossow
Complete Control of singing and great technique in studio and live

65Aretha Franklin

66Carrie Underwood
I was blessed to hear Carrie Underwood in concert one year ago and was astonished to discover that she sounds even better live than on her impeccable studio recordings. This woman does not need and tricks a studio can provide. All she needs is the voice she was given and it is like hearing an angel sing.
I just can't believe carrie is down this low, I have never seen her in concert, but I have watch her every time she is on T.V. and she is amazing every time I have seen her, let alone how beautiful she is on stage she always looks great
She should be higher in the list.

67Karen Carpenter
Best singer in the world

68Lzzy Hale
She's one of two female singers I've seen live in-person and she was by far the superior of the two. Absolutely flawless live performer. She deserves to be much, much higher on the list.
What?! #75? How many of you voters have seen Halestorm live?

69Ariana Grande
I can't believe Ariana isn't in (at least) the top 20, her voice is literally perfection. She deserves to be way higher.
Ari shouldn't be 116! People are sure stupid these days
She is SO cute. I can't believe she's #1 for most aful and annoying female singers

70Lisa Marie Presley

71Gretchen Wilson

72Faith Hill

73Bette Midler

74Janet Jackson
Because if it wasn't for janet being bold and added sexiness is her dance steps without being all out like Madonna at the time other artist like beyonce brittany ciara rhianna has followed jackson and copied her swag her concerts love at hawaii is the best she has been an inspiration for all these female artist and open more doors she is the 1st female performer to dance the style and form and other followed shes been on T.V. since 5 on the carol burnett show the dinah shore show the jackson variety show good times different fame another show 1st album then herb albert control she gives her fans a show the props are not needed and she is the 2nd best female dancer in the world her songs and dance moves are explosive the is the mother the teacher of all these young ladies and she did the most difficult stood from her famous brothers and worked hard an made a name for herself beyonce copied from every artist that was a legend she said so that's where her inspiration comes from and took bits of artist scenes out their plays concerts and live performances videos time matched them and build her video add janet jackson swag shakira brittany aaliyah and don't forget michael jackson cause she followed his lead her songs were taken from old songs and combined different songs to make hers shes not original janet is original no one did the type of dancing she did till later true entertainer click beyonce the biggest copycat beyonce the biggest copycat 1 2 3 beyonce still songs janet jackson copycat janet jackson blueprint janet jackson inspires the world beyonce wears a booty pad beyonce admits she copies beyonce being sued for plagiarism
Come on back janet you are well miss, the dancing is gone, please come back. Anita.
She's not a bad singer at all. Please show a little more respect.


76Sally Yeh
The vocals are unmatched in the Asian Music scene. Live singing evokes such passion and poise. Sally Yeh is undoubtedly the best Asian female singer!
Best vocals and showmanship. No one can do it like she does at 50.

77Namie Amuro

78Mary Margaret O'Hara

79Sinead O'Connor

80Sandy Denny

81Linda Thompson

82Roberta Flack

83Etta James

84Laura Nyro

85Laurie Anderson

86Carly Simon

87Maria Muldaur

88Kelly Chan


90Natalie Imbruglia

91Karen O
She dances, turns and jumps. She does whatever she wants and goes wild in her strange clothes. Irresistible.


92Angela Aki
Go to youtube and check out her live performances... Absolutely beautiful voice... she's cute with those glasses too!

93Anni-Frid Lyngstad

94Kavita Krishnamurthy

95S. Janaki

96Anette Olzon

97Doro Pesch

98Cristina Scabbia

99Dora Carofiglio

100Chloe Agnew

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