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21The Way of All Flesh

This must be in top ten songs. The drums are just marvelous.

This song is just what represents the band entirely.. There are so many different sections in this song.. The right on heaviness and the atmospheric progressive melodi in the end.. Simply just beautiful!

Such a underrated masterpiece, wich deserves way more credit,


Not their best, but I think within the top 5. Not many bands can keep releasing music with such intensity for 15 years, and this song proves that they can, even if they may be focusing on more melodic vocals with L'Enfant Sauvage and this song. I'm highly anticipating Magma's release and a big part of that reason is this song.

Not as much of a journey as their other songs but a killer banger nevertheless, one of the best songs I've heard in a while

Not the best but can clearly get in the top 15.

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23Wolf Down the Earth

Heavy, slow and melodic riffs, lyrics about rich men destroying of the eart - there's nothing that feels better! This song IS metal.

24Adoration for None
25To Sirius

This song is the best song of gojira

26In the Wilderness

This song is very very amazing

27From Mars

I don't know why but this one always makes me feel incredible.


If you have seen them play this song live, then you understand. It was seriously almost 15 minutes long. They know exactly what to do with their songs for live performances.

This song is really really good with meaningful lyrics and some heavy vocals I think its top 10 easy

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Such an insanely badass song. Not to mention the outro riff / breakdown is one of the heaviest things I've ever heard

Heavy Heavier Heaviest

Learned In School
Found Here

That western feeling in the end!

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31World to ComeV1 Comment

How is this number 29? This song is groovy, technical metal insanity from start to finish

The rhythm and work put into this piece is amazing. By far my favorite.

Can't believe this one didn't make it into the Top10, what guys!

Gojira enough said

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33Lizard SkinV1 Comment
34Of Blood and Salt

If Beck Affleck was my dad, that would be really cool. Also I like this song

35Satan Is a Lawyer
36Low LandsV1 Comment
37The Link

Amazing song with really heavy, progressive riffs, great vocal and pumping double bass and expert drum lines throughout make this the best song off The Link and one of the best Gojira songs ever.

I voted for Ocean Planet as that is my personal favorite, but this song needs to be higher up on the list. Top 20 at least.


Is this song like not even recognized? I mean at first when you listen to it it might not be good as expected, but as you keep listening to it, it becomes better and better

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39Pain Is a Master

If I wouldn't have listened to this song I might not even be a gojira fan today

This should definitely be higher than 36, at least in the top 15!

40Embrace the World

KILLER drums. What more do you need?

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