Best Grunge / Alternative Rock Bands


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The Top Ten

Nirvana invented grunge,
Without them there would be not 30 Seconds to Mars and if there were there music would be nothing like it is now.
Nirvanas music means something. it has emotion, and kurt cobain expressed his depression through his music. 30 Seconds to Mars music means nothing, its just words that rhyme and music. although I do like 30 Seconds to Mars but there music has no soul. nirvana had great vocals, great guitars, and amazing drums. they were one of the greatest bands of all times. THEY WERE THE Beatles OF GRUNGE.
The best grunge band ever.30seconds to mars is good but can't compare to nirvana. Smells like teen spirit, breed, school etc best song ever made in 90's
I can never get over the fact that Kurt Donald Cobain committed suicide at such a young age, and just next month will be his death anniversary yet again. but still, nirvana INVENTED grunge and will always be the best band in my heart, although soundgarden and Foo Fighters are amazing bands too,
More comments about Nirvana

230 Seconds to Mars
Just amazing guys, taught me how to dream and live your dream and guided with their songs through the hard times I had
Jared's voice is sometimes so similar to the voice of Kurt's style of singing... ) Nirvana grunge is clear, nothing to talk about what but my hand was pulled to the side of Mars)
30 seconds to mars... LOVE 'EM, such a great band, their songs all ways make me happy especially "Closer to the Edge" and "The Kill".

3Pearl Jam
This list is ridiculous. Most of these bands aren't even grunge/alternative and Soundgarden isn't even in the top ten. And RHCP are surely one of the best alternative bands.
Horrible list, full of pop rock bands (Linkin Park, 30 Seconds to Mars, Muse) and post-grunge bands (Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, Nickelback) and Soundgarden and Smashing Pumpkins haven't even made it to the top ten yet. Stone Temple Pilots was ruined by Chester Bennington.

Rant aside, these guys are legendary. They are pretty better than Nirvana with face melting guitar solos, deep vocals, emotional lyrics and catchy choruses you won't forget about. Their best album is Ten, buy that not Rearviewmmirror (their greatest hits) since it doesn't have their best on it.
My favorite along with nirvana and stone temple pilots. They should all be way above 30 seconds to mars, the most overrated band EVER!
[Newest]Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in chains, soundgarden and temple of the dog should be numbers 1-5 whatever the order! And why is mudhoney only 70?!?!?

4Alice in Chains
Half of these bands aren't even grunge. What idiot came up with this list? Hilarious. AIC definitely the best grunge of all. Layne... RIP
These lists are really really lame lame lame. Who votes here? Justin Bieber fans?
best voice, dramatic sound, force and tragedy of life
[Newest]In decades to come alice in chains music will out last the rest, haunting voice and lyrics, zeppelin for example

5Linkin Park
They are the best band ever... They brought me into alt rock and grunge.. Their lyrics, music everything pulls you towards it... Linkin Park ROCKS!
Linkin Park should be #1.
As far as history goes, they have the most experience, meaning, sold more records, and are the first alternative rock band to get over a billion hits on YouTube.
They are also the most sucessful.
Their song "The Catalyst" has won Best Song In A Video Game.
[Newest]Best Band ever, with many very good songs.

6Foo Fighters
The foo fighters are the best modern alternative band out there, hands down. I absolutely love their music and all of their songs, from the hard rock sound of all my life to the plain soft metal of everlong, they ROCK!
Best grunge band.. Yo foo's style is classic in every angle. Never compare everlong, rope, pretender, walk, these days... You like grunge, you like foo fighters
No one matches the Foo Fighters in quality. They make the best music.
They're not just the best alt-rock band. They are the best band of all genres.
[Newest]The only good thing to come from the post-grunge movement

7Three Days Grace
My opinion is that Three Days Grace is best grunge or post grunge band ever and Adam Gontier is the best grunge and post grunge vocalist.
TDG is a great post-grunge band that knows how to explore their musical ranges and talents without failing to deliver to their loyal fan base. They are not new to the music industry and know how to do all the right things. Kudos the Adam and the band for another great run in the post-grunge field and the release of their newest album, Transit to Venus.
Adam brings so much reality with his voice and band effort.
How ever those critics may be, but they are as fake as there comments.
They are jealous of TDG simplicity lyrics.
Music is tat where you can find yourself within... And TDG have
Everything to be in top of list... Rock means TDG
[Newest]Great band, I would say they're more Alternative METAL :/

8Red Hot Chili Peppers
This is the best band that has ever sang the sad thing is that nowadays people that said to be good singers are just singing for money and not for they're soul like red hot chili peppers do! But its good that they're in the hits again!
I can't believe it's not in the top ten it's definitely one of the best you alternative band you can hear. Come on people this list definitely needs a checkup
RHCP at least at one point in time should qualify to be among the top 3. Technically or in their originality in lyrics, tunes and melody stand apart from any band I have ever heard. I adore Keidis as much as I hate him. I miss the magic of Frusciante and Flea so so badly...

Muse are the best alternative rock band today along with foo fighters
Showbiz is AMAZING! Cave, Showbiz, Muscle Museum, Falling Down, Escape, Uno and Sunburn are Outstanding! All the songs on Origin Of Symmetry and Absolution are Masterpieces! Origin is My Favourite album of all time! BH^^R is filled with most of their "Mainstream" Stuff yet its still stays Alternative. The Resistance was Jaw-Dropping best song being: Uprising, Resistance, Undisclosed Desires, unnatural Selection, I Belong To You and MK Ultra. Matt is an amazing guitarist. He owns the Neck His Playing is ALIEN! The best Solos are New Born, Citizen Erased, (vocal solo)Muscleum Museum, Hysteria, Easily, Invincible and Eternally Missed Chris is an Amazing Bassist His best Bass lines have gotta be Cave, muscle museum, New Born, Bliss, Hyper Music, Hysteria and Exo politics and Uprising. Dom has some sick beats incl: Stockholm Syndrome, Showbiz, Assassin and Exo Politics. All Their B-sides are Amazing as well! Some are better than songs on albums! The Best Being: Dead star, In your world, easily, Shrinking Universe, map of your head, Coma, Host, Pink ego box, Fury, Eternally missed and the Radio live performance of Sing For Absolution. Anyway they are the best alongside Foo Fighters, Nirvana, Soundgarden and Peark Jam! God knows why 30 Seconds to Mars are #1 they're Okay But not amazing and don't even have any "GRUNGE" in them at all!
Just listen to Muse and you'll see- they are the best. While listening their music I just keep falling into my own world. They have absolutely amazing songs for different moods. Matthew Bellamy is THE MOST TALENTED songwriter ever! <3 MUSE!
Matt os a great singer/guitarist.. The bass player and drum player are completely sick and combined with their multiple prizes for their performances, they are THE BEST alternative rock band EVER.
[Newest]My favourite band of all time. even if they made hip hop it would be unique

Come on guys. I think everyone has heard at least one song by Weezer. They have songs that are interesting, original, meaningful, fun, and all of them sound amazing. They deserve to be in top ten.
Wow, yeah.. weezer is WAY more grunge than most of these bands.
Great party rock. Sounds like guys you can hang with.

The Contenders

11Breaking Benjamin
So original, they don't just make their music for people to listen to it. They make it so you can feel the song deep inside you. No matter how you are feeling there is always a song from them to make you feel better. Just listen to some of their masterpieces like So Cold, Follow, Away, You Fight Me, Dance With The Devil, Until The End, Breath, Give Me a Sign, What Lies Beneath, Anthem of the Angels, Dear Agony and you'll know what I mean.
This is my favorite band of all time! These guys aren't really pure GRUNGE, they're more like REALLY heavy post-grunge, also known as Alternative Metal. Other Alternative metal bands would include Staind, Another Black Day, The Exies, Seether, Avenged Sevenfold, Trapt, Taproot, Shinedown, and Skillet.
If Benjamin Burnley did not have a mental illness, I trully believe this band would be the best in the world. You listen to his voice, and you hear a passion. Passion so immense that it takes you into the bands music. Get well soon Ben. The band should be #1 on any list.
[Newest]Oh really? Well, this band kicks ass of so many other bands above. Just saying!

Anyone who doesn't have Soundgarden on his top 10 list don't listen to grunge, don't know anything about grunge and shouldn't spend time on this site.

The big four, Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam should be 1-4 automaticlly.
I can't stop thinking that Rusty Cage is kind of the best rock song ever written. Does a single song make a band one of the top bands? I don't know, but I would give up to the entire discography of STP for just that song.
How is Soundgarden not in the top ten list of Grunge and Alternative bands? Look at all of those bands on the list with the exceptions of the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Without Soundgarden there would be no blue print for there music. Soungarden is one of the founding members of grunge! They should be in the top ten.
[Newest]Soundgarden was the first grunge band to sign a record label, not Nirvana.

13Smashing Pumpkins
Truly one of the greatest bands I've ever heard. I recommend either the album Gish or Siamese Dream.
oohhh smashing pumpkins def. but I also LOVE seether, stp, bush, and nirvana this one was hard


By far the best Grungle / Alt Rock Band in existance. Billy's lyrics are beautiful and very full of meaning.

Top 5 At least people.

How can Radiohead be this far down?! And with only 2%... Come on! This is truly an amazing band, with almost every album being an absolute masterpiece. And OK Computer is maybe the best album ever. EVERY SINGLE SONG is amazing. Each album brings new sounds, and a totally new experience. In Rainbows is simply awesome, with songs like Nude, 15 Step or Reckoner that are wonderful. Oh, and I forgot to mention Thom Yorke's voice is unbeatable.
Like Nirvana before they revolutionized music for the 00's. Reccomend the album The Bends
This band is the pinnacle of alt rock. Comstantly reinventing themselves. They've churned out masterpiece after masterpiece. Can't understand why it's not the first
[Newest]The song was entitled creep.. Best song..

15Stone Temple Pilots
They have something different in their music. It's a band with nice music, lyrics. Moreover, they are inspired from many kinds of music. I admire that! Special and unique!
This band isn't my favourite (Alice in chains is) but they are very underrated and they really defined the 90's. Core is amazing

I think Seether is the most underrated music in the world. They have carried on what Nirvana and Pearl Jam started, and they are just so good. The metal, and the not metal, and Shaun Morgan has an amazing voice, so yeah they totally deserve to be on here
Seether is OBVIOUSLY the best here! There vocalist Shaun Morgan has the ABSOLUTE BEST voice outta all these chumps EXCEPT Kurt Cobain but Seether's instruments are the best 2!
Far and away the best post grunge band (nirvana, pearl jam, soundgarden considered grunge). Vastly overrated. Intelligent lyrics, emotional flexibility, soulful riffs, cathy beats. They're best songs are some of the hardest songs to burn out.
[Newest]I think they have to be the best alternative band out there from the lyrics to the instruments. Of course I agree with all the bands above being on top for the exception of 8-16.

17Green Day
Just listen to their Insomniac album and you will understand. Green Day is a mix of Punk Rock, Alternative Rock, and some Progressive rock! They're awesome
You got to be kidding me! Huh?
Green day is not on the list of best Alternative bands? GOD!
They are the best! Listen to their music at least!
They suck want to be punk band

I personally think that Nickelback should without a doubt be in the top 10. Their music's main sound revolves around grunge music. I'm a guy who LOVES grunge music, and Nickelback! I base my music around a few main grunge bands. One being Nickelback, and the other who are and should be on this list: Daughtry, Theory of a Deadman, Art of Dying, and Three Days Grace. But that's just my oppinion.
Not exactly what I'd call grudge..
But anyways their pretty cool, by far its my 2nd favorite band (next to linkin park)
These guys deserve better
Should be in top 10 not down here in 19 :L its a bit off a joke isn't is thoe they should be higher I ain't going to lie. Other good bands in my opinion are Breaking Benjamin, 3DG, crossfade, Adelitas way (not very popular but they are awesome), Daughtry, Downstait, Papa roach, sick puppies. Those are all I can think off that I like


I don't really know how most people don't even know about Audioslave. I think that Chris Cornell as a vocalist and Morrelo on the guitar, they should at least be in the top 10.

21Rage Against The Machine

22Papa Roach
İ think papa roach best band ever. Their songs are very nice

23Atlas Genius

Every single song is listenable over and over again. Their open lyrics with multiple hidden meaning are just awesome.
My favorite band of all time

Coldplay is practically the only "alternative rock" band and so should be in the top 10
How and why is it so below in the list?! It is THE best alt rock band ever!
Coldplay always be the best you know!? ;D
[Newest]I think the best band in the world
Coldplay isn't really rock. It shouldn't really be in the top ten and shouldn't really be on this list. HOWEVER, from a pop perspective, they are actually pretty good.



273 Doors Down

28Puddle of Mudd


30The Black Keys

31Cage the Elephant

32Imagine Dragons
I understand that Imagine Dragons are just Nr. 31, because they're not so long in the music buisness but I know for sure that in 10 years they will be in the top 5.



35The White Stripes
They are in the blues category, but many people today can only name Icky Thump. I reccomend their self titled debut album. The White Stripes
Too good to be this far down the list

36Passion Pit


38Alter Bridge
How in the bloody hell they are on no.43 They are number 1 kinda stuff. Myles is an angel... They deserve much more than this
This band is awesome in every field of their music... So this should be in the top tens..
Must be a lot above

39System of a Down
System of a down has really spellbinding rhytms and lyrics, their music quality is one of the best for me. They should be in top 5 minimum
They are just perfect

40Queens of the Stone Age
Songs For The Deaf is one of the greatest albums I've every heard.

The band has some cool music.


42Finger Eleven
Post-Grunge / Alternative band. Only had two hits in their career, neither of which I am a big fan of-- however, they have so many incredible songs nobody has heard about such as "Famous" and "My Carousel".


They kind of sound whiny in their songs. Not my favorite band.


I really really love their songs especially BRANDON BOYD the super duper handsome vocalist..

45Buck Cherry

46The Killers
Their lyrics are all well thought out and have a meaning. I love the fact that they aren't afraid to change their sound with every album.

Shinedown's evolution is great. They should be higher in the list. They've shown a very different side in each album and deserve respect.
Brent Smith is close to a complete Vocalist...

4812 Stones
One of the best bands.

Flyleaf is so epic that there are hardly any words. Also, when you listen to music like this from someone so Christian, YOUR ARGUMENT IS INVALID.
Fully Alive and mostly all of their songs are wonder full. The lyrics of their conveys the band personality.
Sorrow is one of the best songs: lyrics melodie makes it epic

Way too low! Tool is no. 1

I love somewhere only we know

52The Pixies
Nirvana did not invent grunge. The Pixies did, and in doing so inspired bands like Nirvana and Radio-head.

An amazing band that delivers such amazing sound, with breathtaking vocals, and deep lyrics. Red mixes in several different musical elements, and you won't get bored listening to them. The lead singer has amazing vocals, and the band delivers such an awesome sound. But the best thing about Red is the meanings of their songs. Every song, whether it be a slow paced song like "Not Alone" or a heavy song like "Feed the Machine", is packed with such a deep meaning, that all of us can realte to. Red DEFINITELY deserves more attention and a higher spot on this list. Oh, and if you haven't heard Red yet, then you're missing out! I guarantee if you like this type of music then you won't be dissapointed by Red. Just such an amazing band
If none of you have heard of Red you're all missing out! Their music is amazing with great lyrics along with amazing instruments... If any of you get the time look up at least one song from each of their albums- I swear to you... You won't regret it!
I don't care they are a Christian Band, as an atheist, I could only say they are PERFECT! Your really have to listen "Feed The Machine", "Death Of Me", "Let It Burn." You will not regret it, I promise!

54Band of Horses

55The Pretty Reckless
Favorite band! Taylor's voice is so unique and her lyrics can bring you to feel exactly how she feels. Awesome performer, too. Makes me sad they are so underrated
I the best band ever. I'm sure they will score a lot with the new album coming up. I love taylor momsen and her melancholy voice.
The pretty reckless are by far my favourite. There music like explains how I feel. Taylors voice is amazing. And she is bloody gorgeous
[Newest]This is an amazing band!

This band is so epic... So energetic... They should be in top 10 not down here. Alternative rock is dead...

57Dinosaur Jr.
Most people do not know they started in the 80's. They were also trailblazers like Sonic Youth. I recommend the album Your're living all over Me or their self entitled album.

58Angels & Airwaves

Don't deserve to be so fa down
Great band, good music!
Best hard rock/post-grunge song since time began. Wonderful lyrics and the voice of a genuis


61The Melvins
The Melvins are quite possibly the underrated rock band ever. Nirvana, Tool, Mastodon, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Isis, Pig Destroyer, Eyehategod, Strapping Young Lad, Neurosis and Boris are just a few of the bands they inspired.

62The Fray
These guys have some really great songs like How to Save a Live and You Found Me. Give them a listen and I promise you won't regret it.


Come on man this is best alternative band how to save a life is best song ever! The fray touch my heart no 60 this ain't fair vote them must listen their scars and stories album a complete pack of songs awaiting for their next album! 1

Chevelle at 91? You gotta be kidding.
My favorite band... I feel like a hioster now laugh out loud



66Nine Inch Nails
Trent Reznor did and does so much to make electronic music heavy and unique.

67The Verve

68Stone Sour

Pretty good) not all songs, but there are some "rich") firstly, listen to "up all night" and you'll see)))

Perfect blend of punk rock with hard rock. One of the originators. Let it slide and touch me I'm sick are classics.
The inventors of grunge should be higher, sorry. The only thing they really made was Superfuzz Bigmuff.
Mudhoney very good band

Wow this generation is just sad if switchfoot isn't as good as linkin park

72Jane's Addiction
To think that they were in L.A. Music scene around the same time as all the rubbish hair metal bands. Nothing shocking and ritual de la habitual still sound relevant today. Perry Farrell was instrumental in the whole alternative rock becoming mainstream through lollapolanza
Good rhythm and fantanstic guitarist!


74Blind Melon
The first two songs in their album really get me going!

75Mother Love Bone

76Green River
Man... they created grunge...

77The Exies

78The Afghan Whigs

79The All-American Rejects
These guys are awesome they should be in the top ten

Why it is not in TOP 10? It sustain the potential to stand against breaking benjamin and three days grace..


82The Raconteurs


84Taking Back Sunday


86Living Colour

87Sonic Youth
Their sound is undeniable a true alternative trailblazer. Reccomend the album Daydream Nation.
So experimental, pushing boundaries and cool.
Even though their great this is punk


89Seven Mary Three


91Collective Soul
They make the real alternative band. Have you heard their song, "when the water falls"? It's just amazing. They deserve to be in top ten. Else I decline the entire list

92Theory of a Deadman


One of the best bands in the 90's to come out post nirvana, pearl jam etc...

95Hands Like Houses

The band have stormed the uk for years and are one of the best alternative bands out there.

Best of the best, I don't know why it wasn't here

98Billy Talent
What WHAT Why is Billy Talent on 98th?
Cool as can be
Billy Talent are exceptional. Its embarrasing that half the bands in this list are not even Alternative E.G. korn, Disturbed, Nine Inch Nails.

99Moby Grape

100Temple of the Dog
One album "band" like a jam but fantastic. Old school!

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