Best John Mayer Songs


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The Top Ten

Your Body Is a Wonderland
One of the best songs I've heard lately. Great stuff by Mayer
It's so relaxing and yeah, chicks do dig this song. The lyrics are just amazing!
It makes girls feel appreciated.. Aside from the good vibe of the beat of the song.. The lyrics are sincere and not too shaggy...
[Newest]This song is amazing

2Slow Dancing In a Burning Room
It is so beautiful and true, it almost makes me cry.

You can feel the emotion and the pain in his voice, and I think that everyone can feel it in his or her heart.

This song isn't only the best song of John Mayer, it's the best song in my life!
This song reminds me of my old self so I believe that it's the best song from John Mayer; I've never heard a better song from all new artists.
With sincere lyrics and a beautiful melody, this blue oriented master piece is easily the best Mayer song. It conveys love, soul and pain in a melodic heartbreaking, yet romantic, ballad.
[Newest]Goosebumps when ever I play it

3Half of My Heart
New song...will go up as more and more people hear it. it really should crack the top 5 in a few months
Great song... Hearing it makes me feel happy... Can't stop listening to it...
Just can't get enough... Music is beautiful.. Simply adore
Or in other words... Can't stop loving you
[Newest]I love this song, taylor swift x john mayer


This song is amazing. Not only does John do good, but the whole band too.


This is the track that made me fall in love with Mayer. The beginning of it is absolutely gorgeous along with the rest of the song. The guitar solo toward the end is pure talent. Love Mayer.
This is my most favourite song. Out of all the artists I listen to, this one track makes me feel the most. The guitar and the entire intro is absolutely phenomenal and the lyrics, and Mayer's ability to tell a story in so little time is incredible. The very last bit "Keep me where the light is" speaks absolute volumes.
[Newest]Sensitive, beautiful lyrics and some of Mayer"s best guitar work makes this song my hands-down favorite.

5Heartbreak Warfare
I love THIS SONG so much 3 so so so good could listen to it over and over. It's just one of those songs you never get sick of, and can relate to!
I love this song the lyrics are just amazing, and I could listen to it over and over. It's great!
lyrics about people going through heartbreak. Really touching song
[Newest]A laid back beat with intense lyrics.

this song is incredible and should be what we all live by. I even taught it to my friends so we all sing it whenever were about to fall asleep.
Say what you need to say!
John has a voice so drowsy and at the same time light and happy that its, its, words can't explain the feeling
Amazing vocals, even more amazing guitar, it's just the perfect song
It's all true, anyone should say what they need to say
[Newest]That song should be first!

Beautiful song. Deserves a better rank definitely. ^_^
This song got me hooked. Beautiful lyrics that a lot of you would find very meaningful if you give it a listen. Still to this day, sometimes I tear up when I listen to it!
This song made me give John a second listen. Now, I'm hooked. He has Stevie Ray going on with a great voice and inspired lyrics. Who could not love this and be moved by it?
[Newest]This song is just an appreciation to girls and women who are in love or want to be loved.

8Stop This Train
How is this way down here, really :/? This song is amazing, just listen
Great song. I believe one of the best song of john mayer. Very good lyrics and very good tune. Love this song.


Just beautiful.. Makes you appreciate and fear time.. Love that part about the numbers game and his old man.
[Newest]The lyrics are amazing.. it's something that we all worry about at some point in our lives, and I feel the music has the feel of a running train to it.. LOVELY!

9Why Georgia
Best song. Innovative. Great guitar playing. Soothing vocals. Awesome artist! My favourite!
Beautiful melody and such a soothing song. Just can't keep this song outta my head. Love it! Let it be in top 5.
Great songs relaxes mind
[Newest]I love it because it's so relatable. Also because musically it's ingenious. I love the acoustics and the rhythm of it.

10Waiting On the World to Change
This is a very meaningful song in my view.
Got to be in top list.
This song is without a doubt one the greatest songs, and the lyrics are incredible
It never get's old. A breath taking
This song is my all time favorite
[Newest]Beautiful lyrics.. No matter which part of the world you are from, you can relate to this song instantly...

The Contenders

11Free Fallin'
John Mayer is at least a damn good musician and songwriter. One Direction are just bricks in a puzzle with no other´╗┐ talent than singing, like Bieber and Rihanna
It isn't often that the cover is better than the original.. But John Mayer completely gives Tom Petty a run for his money!
Mayer's Best song Of All Time!
[Newest]This is the best song of the John Mayer's song ever!

12Dreaming With a Broken Heart
It's Is the Most amazing And heart-touching, I Don't believe that it is on 18 it must be on top 5 the song is Very Real very emotional. You don't even realize that when it started and when it's end! Just brillant
Such a great song by John Mayer! Deserves to be in the top 10 at the very least. It is so emotional and raw and breathtaking all at the same time. Hard to resist listening to this song over and over again!
Amazing. Most people can relate to this song in one point in their lives. This Excellent melody can bring tears to your eyes.
[Newest]Always makes me emotional!

13No Such Thing
This song is easily top 3
"I wanna run through the halls of my high school
I wanna scream at the top of my lungs."
How could this not be on the top 3? This was the soundtrack of my childhood!

14The Heart of Life
Amazing song, the Lyrics are great. Favorite John Mayer Song, highly inspirational
Such beautiful lyrics. This song has a really great meaning behind it, definitely my favorite Mayer song.
This song takes me to the stars...
[Newest]It is so beautiful this song, me makes remember so much really very very beautiful

15In Your Atmosphere
Best Mayer song ever! Amazing lyrics and vocals. My favourite from live in LA. My top 5 would be: 1- In Your Atmosphere, 2- Neon (live in la), 3- Gravity, 4- Split Screen Sadness, 5- Stop This Train. So make this higher! Way better than the new country stuff he's into at the moment.
His best song by far. Shouldn't be at 37! Come on people! Amazing guitar and vocals once again. "I'm gonna steer clear, burn up in your atmosphere"
Absolutely amazed that this song isn't ranked higher. The guitar in this song is fantastic, and I don't think I have ever heard John sing better than on this song.

What adds to the charm of this song (for me), is the fact that it hasn't been released on a studio album. He wrote it in the tourbus. Well, if In Your Atmosphere is a leftover song, I can't even imagine what kind of other masterpieces he has written in his tourbus.
[Newest]I think this song should be the 1st, come on guys

This needs to be at least at the top 10 Continuum is his best album and this is one of the best it gets stuck in my head and and John's falsetto is amazing
Such an amazing song, has a great vibe and he really shows his range and how it so easy for him tossing both high and low, love the music too!

17Who Says
This song is really a nice one... The soft melodious guitar chords with a low heavy voice.. Composed of soft pitches... Evenly distributed.. Its a perfect song.
Very nyc song... Deserves to be higher
Such a beautiful tempo and melody throughtout the entire song not to mention the peaceful voice of John Mayer and it's just so relaxing you get lost in the words of the song as if you are being hypnotized
[Newest]Simple yet complicated tunes, combined with Mayer's low voice. Superb! Get me stoned every time!

Really good song,... Amazing music, I think the acoustic version of this song is excellent... And I love the guitar riff of this song...
I really like the melody :D

19Edge of Desire
That top ten list is not complete without this song, in fact, it deserves to be right there at the top, any spot less than that is injustice. Period!
How can this song not be number 1?! Listening to it just makes me feel like nothing else. What he says is true love. You just feel how sexy he is.
Its a real heartwarming song.
This is the best song I have come across.
This one deserves a place in the top 5
Top 10 would be undermining the quality of this song.
[Newest]Such a shame it's not in the top 3. This song definitely deserves better.

Bloody people all of you,
Its a shame for this site while kept this great song under 22

Totally its worst voting by you your fans
Awesome riff, kinda bluesy, can't wait for the Born and Raised Tour
One of the greatest political songs of the past 10 years.

21Walt Grace's Submarine Test, 1967
Top 5 material.. Can't be a better way to tell a story in a song.. Great vocals as always by john... Glad that your parents met, JOHN!
Sounds a bit like Lovebug by The Jonas Brothers in the beginning, but of course no one can compare to John! Great song. Makes me happy.
Come on, by far the best lyrics of any Mayer Song. Just listen!

Easily his best song. Each verse has a slightly different tune, and the music complements his voice perfectly. Huge variety of tunes.
This has got to be his best song! Got a GREAT beat. Really glad I found it as I looked through his songs.
This song is absolutely beautiful. John's voice sounds amazing.
[Newest]Such a chill song very unique and captures the essence of john Mayer's music/genre

23I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)
Definitely should be up there with the best of Mayer, in my opinion top 5. One of my favorite songs of all time.
I cannot stop listening to this. It's been like 3 weeks and I've listened to it almost every day. One of those things that won't and can't get old.
Can not believe it is not in top 50. Not mentioning that it is a top 20 material for sure!
[Newest]Man this song is amazing... I'm disappointed that this is this low... It should be up there with heartbreak warfare

24Bigger Than My Body
It's so inspiring to me... It should definitely go up in the list... Maybe even top it... Because it so deserves that
This song deserves a better rank, you guys must listen it!
Inspiring and a surprisingly good upbeat

25Shadow Days
I love this song, one of the best motivational songs
I just love the music & when I feel good I listen to this song
Oh my god
Are you crzy this song should be in top 10. Its so amazing. I cannot feel boared
Come on people lets vote for it

26My Stupid Mouth
The best song of John Mayer. It just reflects all of the cause of each arguments out there. Well, no all but some of them. The lyrics are great too. And so is his guitar.

I can't believe I had to add this one to the list. Y'all are going to be kicking yourselves for having gone so long without hearing this one!
This is by far his best song ever!

28Who You Love
Great collab with Katy Perry

29Not Myself
So sad to see this master piece at this position. It's the first every song by John Mayer that just hooked me like crazy. I got badly addicted and would play it on loop for hours and hours.

I love this song. Actually, Room for Squares, the entire album is a collection of fantastic tunes that you can listen to for an entire day. It's a must listen to album by John. I relax to the album always.
Yet another great song by john mayer..has a great solo..lyrics are awesome..give it a people

30Queen of California
What a wonderful song, simple and sophisticated at the same time, a Song truly for the Queen of California

This song is far more amazing than most of the songs listed above. I leave it up to you gups hear it and this song will surely climb up the list.
This is probably the first John Mayer song that I have really listened to. Great vibe for a relaxing setting
Only rivals to this song are Gravity, Slow Dancing and Your Body Is A Wonderland and should be in the top 5 among them... One of my all-time favourites.

32All We Ever Do Is Say Goodbye
This is the most beautiful song ever! I love this song so much, if you don't know this song, listen to it now! The lyrics are perfect, and I just love everything with it!
I think this song is so original in it's arrangement. The backing vocals also are exquisite
That's exactly the way I feel at the moment. All we ever do is say goodbye...

33I'm Gonna Find Another You
Beautiful song and it definitely deserves at least top 20
Amazing guitar playing. should be in top 15

34Perfectly Lonely
Great Song come on! For me is the best of Battle Studios Album. The guitar is perfect and the lyrics are great
Awesome overall guitar and lyrics. Funny and catchy. True time and time again (lyrics that is).
Best song of his "post-continuum" music.

35Good Love Is On the Way
Such a catchy beat, definitely deserves the best hierarchy..

36Back to You
This is insanity, this is like John's Best song
Back to you
It always comes around
Back to you
I tried to forget you
I tried to stay away
But it's too late


Back to me,
It always comes around,
Back to me,
Doesn't it scare you? Your will's not as strong as it used to be

37A Face to Call Home
A Song I would sing for my wife the day I get married

38Split Screen Sadness
I don't know how this isn't in the top ten. Also In Your Atmosphere should be higher. I love this song. It talks about two people who break up and see other people but on the inside they're actually miserable. Its spilt screen saddness because its hard for both of them. "Two wrongs make it all alright tonight"-this is saying that the two people are spending the night with the wrong people. They actually miss each other but don't know it yet. Vote for this song!
Hands down one of Mayer's best songs
The bridge in this song is great.


How the hell is this song so low? Its an amazing song.
Such a Fun Song!

40In Repair
Awesome song... Should b in top 10 4sure
Love this song! All time favorite! Describes me when I'm alone n try to reconcile my situations!

41Covered In Rain
Not sure why this isn't even on the list. Probably Mayer's penmanship's at its finest.
Brilliant vocals, great guitar solo, beautiful lyrics and a terrific song overall
[Newest]His best solo ever! Amazing!

42Bold As Love
Anyone who calls themselves a John Mayer fan must check out this one. It's a ton of fun.

43Born and Raised
Such a good song doesn't deserve to be this far down the list..

44Another Kind of Green
His best! Interesting structure, nice tempo changes, great guitar playing. And steve rocks.
Great guitar playing arguably his best hendrix-style rhythm guitar he has written

45Friends, Lovers or Nothing
How is this missing on the top 10? Beautiful song. A *Must* hear.
Simply beautiful song for a broken hearted.
This must be in the top five. Period.

46War of My Life
Got me through a rough part in my life. I think it should be way higher.

Along with "3x5", this song has more spins on my iTunes than "No Such Thing" and is probably the best song on Room For Squares.

48Love Is a Verb

Every single one of you who says "Your Body Is A Wonderland" is the best John Mayer song (which is a joke) seriously need to drop everything right this very minute and listen to Comfortable. This song is nothing but an emotional roller coaster from beginning to end. It captures the simple moments of a happy relationship perfectly. Please, for your own sake, listen to this song.
Why no one add this song to the list? This song is the best!
Best song my far

50Badge and Gun
Absolutely Brilliant song, John's brilliance doesn't cease to amaze me and he truly displays he's musical and songwriting talents alongside his diversity in this wonderfully put together master piece!

Listen to the guitar solo. And the lyrics for that matter.

52Do You Know Me
This is the BEST John Mayer song EVER! How can it be number 50 when it's me and my friends favorite song?!
It is one of the best songs. I don't know how you guys missed it...

53Dear Marie
A song that takes our love for John Mayer to the next level.
The music here is real enough said
Best song by John Mayer... Love it

54Paper Doll
This one is good.
Its new so dosen't have much popularity but eventually it will rise up the list.
Give it a listen people.
This song got me into john mayer's music!
I generally do like John Mayer, but this song.


55Go Easy On Me

56St. Patrick's Day
WHAT? This should be on the 10 list! This is probably one of the saddest song ever been, oh man what is wrong with you.
Just check out the lyrics and try not to cry

It has great hook please just listen to it will instantly amaze you seriously you wont regret it

58If I Ever Get Around to Living

59Great Indoors

60Man On the Side
This is simply one of John's best songs, unbelievable guitar brilliance alongside breath taking singing, John Sings his heart out in the live version from " Any Given Thursday"
Why isn't this song on this list?

61I Will Be Found (Lost at Sea)
My favorite john mayer song!
How isn't this song on the list? You poeple must be crazy, it tears me up every time I listen to it

62New Deep
Great song especially for beginner.

63Something's Missing
What a great song! John Mayer is so creative with his songs. I think he is the best guitarist in the world.
I couldn't believe that a masterpiece is so underrated!

Wow! The original version is good, but this is amazing! This is the kind of song you would want to listen on repeat for at least 100 times and still would want to hear it again. Just simply out of this world! And have to applaud the lyrics too! Portrays a beautiful story regarding the fact that we don't know how much time we have and asking the person you love to keep loving you till the end and cherish every moment! Just too good!
New song and it will pick up position by time. Sure to come in top 10.
It's so perfect cover from john mayer. love it so much
[Newest]Blows Beyonce out of the water.

65City Love
Nice arrangements! Great great song


67I'm On Fire


69Waiting On the Day
Wow! This is my favorite John Mayer song out of all of these songs and it's not top 5?

70Come Back to Bed
Great song, I love it!
The Lyric is cool

71Home Life

72Whiskey, Whiskey, Whiskey

73Call Me the Breeze

74Everything You'll Ever Be (Hotel Bathroom Song)
This one hasn't officially been released on any of his albums but it has a beautiful melody, very underrated. It is my favorite song of his.

75Love Song for No One

76The Age of Worry

77Something Like Olivia

78Out of My Mind
John Mayer Trio - Uncanny ability to drive a slow blues with both vocals and guitar. He shreds in this one!

79Only Heart

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