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Hades should be first the best song kalmah have ever done great solo and just a all round awesome song
KALMAH are probably better then Children of bodom?
This is the trademark of Kalmah. The riffs, melody, solo, vocals everything is just mind blowing. The solo is filled with emotions.
It's definitely the best one of Kalmah.
[Newest]Best melodic metal song ever.. just love the intro and the solo

2Heroes to Us
Awesome starting... I love this song... This is the best song from kalmah... I think, its better than hades... Get I enjoy the rock...
Yeah! This is the best Kalmah song ever! Awesome intro, awesome riffing. Actually this is the best melodic death metal song I've ever heard! Kalmah are even better than Children of Bodom!
Well That was the first track I've heard from them and from the start this song has some kinda power it has some magic hard to explain though but definitely that track is no. 1 for me
[Newest]One of best death metal I've heard

3Withering Away
Love this song. The chorus and prechorus are what makes this song great in my opinion.
Although I really like Heritance of Berija (especially the violin introduction), I just can't get over Withering Away. It will always be one of my favorite songs.


4The Blind Leader
Best death metal solo ever, purely unbelievable
The song just blew me away the first time I heard it.. best riff best solo in the whole kalmah's song kalmah best melodic death metal band ever
Deserves top 3. One of the best solos. And the pace of the song is unbelievable.
[Newest]Awesome, best kalmah song for me

5Evil In You
Best song they have ever performed.
This one is actually has the best extreme power/melodeath metal solo out there you have to hear it

6They Will Return
What its like got the best solo ever just listen to it and you will vote for it right away on of the best melodic death
This is my favorite. The solo is heavenly. The lyrics is backed up by perfectly synced drums. All together give the unadulterated Kalmah experience. Love it. Just listen once!
This song is so epic that it should be the no. 1 kalmah song..
[Newest]I cry tears of amazement when I listen to this.

7The Groan of Wind
Awesome intro with melodic guitar and those hair raising vocals... Yup tats kalmah for you baby (-o-).
This is the best song of kalmah all time. Great guitar riff and also great harmony of the song. This is the best song I have ever hear. Kalmah rock the world yee
I love how they show us that we just can not beat the nature. Awesome song by the way!

8Heritance of Berija
Beautiful Masterpiece of Melodic Death Metal.


9Moon of My Nights
An epic song of kalmah. For these song they deserve to be a melodic dead metal band.


I think Hades should be number 1, but this one is my personal favorite. Epic song.

10The Third, The Magical
Awesome track really.. One of the best mind-blowing melodic death metal songs by the masters of melodic death metal KALMAH!


11 th are you kidding me!
Its got like the most magical solo ever, Definitely number 1
Not number one but don't deserve to be so low

The Contenders

11The Black Waltz
Black Waltz is one of the best songs of Death Metal and also one the best what I heard. This is favorite song of Kalmah. You should listen it for vote
Best melodic death song ever, the chorus, the symphony, the Riff and the Solo


13Seventh Swamphony
This is also a good song by kalmah. The thing that I loved the most was the harmony and main solo that was awesome in my opinion this song is the best GREAT JOB KALMAH

This song has the best solo ever :)
An orgasm from beginning to end. Some of the best guitar melodies.
This is right up there with hades... Sick solo...

15My Nation

Come on this song is underrated it has the most epic intro go I bet you didn t listen to it yet!

This is best among other songs of KALMAH
Hey guys! You hadnt listen to this yet? It MUST be in top 5! Just listen tu the music... Then youll find out

18The Trapper
From the new album

19Ready for Salvation

20To the Gallows
This is the best song off The Black Waltz. I can't believe I had to add To The Gallows myself. A very underrated song that sets the bar very high for all other melodic death metal bands
I love this song. Every riff is fantastic and the chorus just gives off an amazing feeling, I listen to it almost every day and also have a lot of fun playing it on guitar.
No doubt one of kalmahs best works and a melodeth masterpiece in general.

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