Top 10 Best Kylie Minogue Albums


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All I enjoy her music, Aphrodite is the first Kylie Minogue album I've actually purchased. I put the CD on and listened the All The Lovers, the lead single, the catcy song that made me by the album. Once the song finished, I started to regret buying it because I thought the good would end there. But it did not! The rest of the album brpught out masterpieces like "Aphrodite", "Looking For An Angel" and "Get Outta My Way".
Aphrodite is easily the best album I've ever listened to. The musical dynamic is indescribable. This album is so alluring musically, as well as lyrically. The songs all have this very majestic feel to them.
The best album of 2010!
Illusion is amazing, has a totally new disco vibe at times, dancey, like ear candy

2Impossible Princess
Kylie's most underrated album. It has often being cited at copying Madonna's "Ray Of Light", but Kylie's album was released 4 months prior to Madonna's. Although they are both excellent albums - Kylie's is the best!

Too Far is an amazing, experimental, solely Kylie-penned trip-hop track which should have been released as a single.
The whole album is built of risky masterpieces, especially: Some Kind Of Bliss, Breathe, Limbo, Dreams and TOO FAR!

Also, it is the only time that Madonna has taken the light, happy side while Kylie has gone for a more dark, mysterious image. It is usually the other way round.
Easily her best album besides Fever and Body Language. This is the original Ray of Light, yet has been buried underneath under other material that it's criminally underrated. It's honest, unique, and beautiful.
Nothing Much to say... It just is the best album she had!
[Newest]Great Album And So Different! (I'm Listening To It Now! )

I am a HUGE Kylie fan and I would give anything to meet her. Kylie Minogue's Fever album is 100% amazing! It is simply the best of her albums... It is great and it reach number 1 in loads of countries! Fragile, love affair and your love are the best songs on there... They are brilliant and I can't get enough of them. All of her songs are AMAZINGG! I love her so much!
Her best album BY FAR! Can't get you out of my head, Come into my world, Love at first sight, In your eyes, Fever... Wow, that's amazing!
Can still listen to this all the way thru on repeat. Absolutely stunning album...More More More is my favourite track from Fever. Come and give me more More More...:) xx
Great Album Very Electronic And Her Best Selling Album!

4Light Years
Light Years, X, and Aphrodite are all pretty close for me, but I will pick Light Years because she truly went out on a limb with this one. She experimented with many different styles, both retro and modern and brought herself into the new century with a bang. "Light Years" is actually also my favorite song.
It makes me want to dance, So Now Goodbye is a really good song. When I listen to this album I feel like I am on a cruise. When you listen to it with your earphones, , it's so magical.
Light years is the best kylie album ever. When kylie was back in 2000, she hit it with this album. kylie is cool! Specialy in this way! Go on kyle!

5Kylie Minogue
I feel this is her best because she wasn't following any formulas and helped write more songs. She did that with Impossible Princess but to a point her music was unrecognizable. This album has a soft, quiet feeling yet at the same is one of her boldest and most mature.

This album is very underrated, but it showed us a Kylie stepping out of her comfort zone and experimenting with new sounds, and the result of it was a brilliant album with songs like 'In Your Arms, Like A Drug, Heart Beat Rock, Wow, The One, among others' instant classics.

One of the best Pop albums ever.
Saya amat amat meminati miss kylie minouge

7The Abbey Road Sessions

8Let's Get to It

9Body Language
I absolutely love this album! It's the only one I've heard of hers, but it's one of my favorite albums of all time
Coming after Fever, it had a lot of expectations but I think it is close to or as good as Fever!

10Enjoy Yourself
This album had omething very specal. First at all the love songs were dramatically amazing and also the sounds were easy and catchy.

The Contenders

11Kylie: Greatest Hits

12Kiss Me Once
I Love This Album! It was very hard to choose my favourite album, 'Kiss Me Once' or 'Fever', but I feel that 'Kiss Me Once' was the one that it would not be so easy to skip a song. I don't like 'Sexy Love' too much but whatever. My favourite song I think is 'Les ***', then 'I Was Gonna Cancel', then Mr. President and then 'Fine'.

My Favourite Albums By Kylie I Think So Far!
1. 'Kiss Me Once'
2. 'Fever'
3. 'Body Language'
4. 'Aphrodite'

13Love at First Sight



16Ultimate Kylie

17Rhythm of Love


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