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1One Piece

I have read some great manga including naruto and bleach, but this anime is just so good. The story, character, plot and everything about this anime is awesome. Oda is so much brilliant! ONE PIECE FOREVER!

I really love this manga... It makes my heart flutter... It can make me laugh and cry at the same time.. The story is amazing... All are connected to the main characters.. Eichiro Oda is the BEST!

A long story manga with a single group leading character, best fighting, best twist, best art, best storytelling, best adventure theme, make every reader cry-laugh-angry-and touching in the deepest of heart...

If you think one piece is the best anime in the world, give me a hell yeah! #stone cold#

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Naruto is the best!
I really like the "never-give-up" attitude of his

These manga is the only one which makes you feel all kinds of emotions... Laugh, cry, angry, sad, depress, happy, etc... Naruto is the best Ever!

I understand you liked it, but have you ever read any other manga? It's not the only one that makes you feel like that.

Out of the other manga/anime Naruto is My ultimate favorite not just because of the cool ninja techniques and how awesomely cool it is to walk on water, but its because of Naruto's personality the way how he doesn't give up and that he works hard for others to appreciate him not for money or fame and that is the most pure thing that I love about Naruto!

No manga can ever have a greater story than Naruto. It has the best story of any manga I have ever read and the characters are awesome too.

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3Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist's characters are AMAZING. So is its plot. And it's art. Or maybe I'm just too obsessed with it" READ IT!

Full Metal Alchemist is a fascinating anime. I am the biggest fan of it since it's first series.

Full Metal Alchemist is very interesting and they are very brave characters, even when they took the risk of trying to bring their mother back.

One word to describe it all. "AWESOME"

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4Death Note

Should be number 1 for manga quality!
The others are only in front of it because they are mainstream...

Clearly by 'mainstream' you mean well-known or famous, so why do you think they are well-known and famous? It's because they are great manga that have gained popularity for being so great. Granted, Death Note is fantastic, but in my opinion it is in its worthy place on this list. Your opinions are not facts, so please don't act like they are.

L. Lawliett V.S. yagami Light! Really different from the usual fighting mangas, this psychological duel it really draws you in!

This manga gave us the two best characters manga/anime could ever have...L... And Light...!

Death Note is the best. So mysterious and thrilling. A very genius story.

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5Fairy Tail

How the hell is this down here, this manga would be in my top five. The art work is amazing and so is the story. Its much better than rave master, the authors previous series.

This manga is just amazing, in my opinion they have perfected the combination of Naruto and DBZ. Action and emotions on every episode. Genius work and keep on doing it.

This manga is far too good with the story and the characters to not even be close to top 5

This is too good to not be above naruto

I love fairy tail, for me it's one of best manga

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6Dragon Ball

Dragon ball is the first series but the second series of dragon ball (dragonball z) is the best ever it's awesome anime in the world and we can't compare dragon ball z with others because it has the best storyline and most action packed and adventurous anime. It's number 1 anime created in the world ever.

I absolutely love this manga. Akira Toriyama is an absolute genius. There are long complex arc always topped off by fantastic fight scenes, you have to like this manga!

Just plain badass the "greatest battle manga in the world" it even says it on the first page

Just get this to the top 5 guys. Nothing else needs to be said here.

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Bleach was the top second manga series in the world for the longest time as legendary #1Naruto and #3One Piece. The Big Three. Or even hailed as the "Holy Shonen Trinity. " Bleach had a wonderful heart-gripping return as Rukia just as in the first beginning chapter gave him shinigami powers. He returns with his shinigami robes and a brand new Zangetsu (what a thing to look forward to! ). Who knows what hollow ichigo and zangetsu look now, and the epic huge getsuga tenshou for the first time in ages! How is that for a comeback! Another thing I think we should look at is what Ichigo's mask will look like now, and what his new hollow powers will hold. Is he going to join the ranks of a Vizard and gain the ability to produce his Ceros? The wonderful reality and possibilities are endless and what if Rukia finally achieves Bankai! And will Kenpachi finally see his zanpakuto...?
Let's return Bleach to it's rightful place as the top three.
And... What will happen finally, seeing in the end, who will turn out Ichigo's romantic love interest...?
Halibel's alive and being held captive. What are they going to do about it, how is the relationship and communication between Ichigo and Halibel going to come about anyways? Yoruichi hasnt been seen as of yet. She SHOULD have an epic and badass return too.
Is the "Shinigami+Quincy" war going to have a bad effect on the relaionship between Ichigo and Ishida? Maybe even everyone's relation with him?

The anime died from filler arcs but I still really love the manga~ Maybe it's the characters but I love how the emotional stuff are mainly kept close to reality (like, nothing too dramatic) and it's full of twists and turns that you wouldn't expect~ Ichigo might be a little too powerful, but he works for it so it doesn't bother me too much.

Honestly bleach is was better than most mangas the plot of the whole is compelling and makes me want to watch more.
can't wait for bleach:hell chapter.

Personally I'd vote for bleach and Naruto but bleach is so so intense

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Most people have no taste is literature or deep story line that's why berserk is so low on this list. Berserk is easily the best manga ever made

Berserk has the best art, the best story, and the best characters in any manga I have ever read. Berserk gets a 5/5 from me.

can't be matched.
the greatest manga ever.

So dark its blinding

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9Hunter x Hunter

Why is Hunter x Hunter here? It must be in the top ten! I LOVE the characters, their personal problems and lives (the friendship between Gon and Killua is amazing, really), the themes and the fights... Everything is AMAZING! It keeps me glued to the pages! The mangaka made a brilliant work, I hope it will gain success!

Hunter x Hunter is the prime example of how action/adventure shonen manga should be. The characters, the plot, the landscapes, the tension, EVERYTHING is a joy to follow and explore. Forget Naruto, Bleach, One piece and Fairy Tail. This is what action/adventure fans are looking for!

I first saw the anime and loved the logic of the characters way to deal with hunters test and after, when they learned how to use nem, it's awesome to see how Gon gets stronger and helps everyone he mets while trying to find his father. After the last anime episode in treasure island, I had to see if he met Gin, I found the manga and its 10 times cooler and more bloody! Maybe not the best Manga in the world, but it's my top 3.

I think hunter x hunter is the best

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10Attack on Titan

I'd stay sleepless with no food to watch the entire series. There's a lot of bloody scenes in there which I still recommend you even though you might be some of those creepy-pasta coward. It gives you a lot of experiences and I think that it's also very emotional.

(More like Attack on Feelings)

Most of my friends who watch Shingeki no Kyojin cried on the first episode. FIRST. EPISODE. Now I don't know about you but for me, I'm a cold heart lizard when I heard my friends crying on the first episode but they still watch it and even read the manga. I didn't actually cry until the 20th or 20 something episode where (SPOILER ALERT) they throw the bodies of their dead comrades. One drop... I'm such a cold hearted person.

It's very realistic how the characters act even though they only exist in the fictional world. There's a lot of feelings put into it, and there's this intense sense of fear in the story line which just makes me love it more. Most of the time when mangas and animes shows a death scene of somebody the main character loves, he/she only acts sad or just cry off silently with some short words. But in Shingeki no Kyojin when an important character dies, it's like they're obsessed with the feelings that come. The author puts a lot of emotions into it as if he saw somebody's death before. I've heard there's a rumor when the author was going to a cafe or something and then somebody grabbed his collar. Physically grabbed his collar. And there's nothing else I could find that tragically inspires the author as if his emotions are that big.

I think the reason why people don't really vote for this anime are these:

1. It's bloody
2. They didn't update anything

Regardless these reasons, it's still worth it. You have no idea, what I'd give up for this one series.

A few last words, I know I'm younger than an average manga/anime readers/watchers. But hey, I know for sure regardless of my age, this is one sad and beautiful masterpiece that needs more followers and more support for this amazing manga/anime.

I also recommend you guys to read the manga but don't watch the anime (unless you're an anti-spoiler free) because the experience is so amazing, you might get tired of the time it takes to make these animes. The manga goes out slower but it goes out. I've heard that the anime will come out for like, next year or the year after that or something. There's an official date for it, there will be a lot of sources.

This is probably the one best manga/anime I have ever read/watched. After hearing from my best friend that this anime/manga series was die-hard epic, I decided to give it a try...

I stayed until 5 in the morning after one episode of this series.

It's full of emotion that makes you feel the same way as they do Tears were already coming out in episode ONE. It made me sob during the last half of episode 5. I cried the whole entire of episode 6.

It was heart-wrenching, but so realistic in terms of how people felt and their fears. I mean, not everyone is perfect in our world and Shingeki no Kyojin mirrored the true personalities of people in this manga/anime. Eren wasn't a perfect person, who was always trying to push and push -- He cried, he was scared, he bled, and he acknowledged people -- But, his character was truly amazing. All the characters were so... Human -- None of them had that perfect personality or perfect knowledge or strength... (Execpt for Mikasa, but she was scarred for life. So she's an exception)

It's full of action, not to mention mature action and lots of blood and gore. I'm not a fan of lots of blood and gore, but this is the true reality in Eren's world. This anime/manga is honest in feelings and the true mechanisms of their abilities.

The suspense... UGH, it kills YOU! Like, I'm telling myself at 7:00 in the morning to just stop, but I can't... I just hoped that I could leave off at a good part -- No cliff-hangers or something so tragic, otherwise I couldn't sleep. OTL

I even converted my brother, who didn't like any animes except for Fairy Tail. So, now, we're die-hard Shingeki no Kyojin fans too. &

My all time favourite anime and manga series. There are no words to describe how good this appeals to me, especially with the characters and their different ways of acting. The fandom will tear you apart though, get ready to cry, you're favourite character might die. This is the only reason I hate fandoms. You get attached to do many characters, and especially in this series, they're bound to die at some point. (Levi... My bae... (I know it's technically a rumour and all but still))

All in all it's a great show. You're gonna laugh, you're gonna cry, you're gonna kill some Titans! Hopefully you're favourite character will last.

The series is nothing but a true masterpiece.

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It is realistic story about a boy name Capeta. His only dream is to be F1 champion. It shows how his poor dad and his two childhood friends supported his dream and how he climbed up the ladder from cart racing to F1 and how he struggled with his defeats.
After reading this I got to know what a race car driver has to endure even to get one chance in F1.
Reading manga motivates me to do the same and follow my dream no matter what.

?Black Clover
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11D. Gray-Man

D. Gray-Man's a Gothic beauty and the art is amazingly beautiful. It's inspirational, and the characters are seemingly and REALLY hawt :3 On top of all THAT (waves hand), D. Gray-Man's plot and storyline intermingle with all of the main characters, telling their life stories and struggles. It brings to mind of horrors which normal people wouldn't have ever thought of.
With only 217 chapters as of 1-2-13, this manga is quickly gaining strength in the world of otakus. Mangaka Katsura Hoshino does a beautiful illustration of this manga, and her art has been praised readily by many. Her career is already becoming more and more illustrious, and will continue to add more glory to the D. Gray-Man series~!

This manga is so awesome! The story and artwork are just amazing. The story actually makes you want to read more. There is only one problem with DGM... It takes a whole month just for a new chapter to be released, but apart from that, the manga is amazing. One of the best ones out there.

This anime is absolutely splendid! It displays practical relationships, and reality, if there was a world full of exorcists, Innocence, God, Demons, Noahs, and villains-yet-not-so-villainy people. It shows horror, realistic morals that apply to life, and tragedy. OOOH the feels it gives! The main character's personality is not cliché, and it has plenty of black and white mixed in, not pure-as-white. The characters shows completely logical reactions, and the main character's not pure-oh-justice-is-everything. Allen Walker has his dark faltering moments, his contemplative moments, his happy moments, his tragedy moments. And, technically, he isn't like those every-anime hero, because he happens to be a somewhat similar to that of the villain's blood. This anime... Is perfect! The characters, the interesting plot on Innocence, and the way the author and manga artist used the Bible as a sort of reference to the Noahs and the such. All in all, if the artist was still continuing it, I would die happy. But of course, sometimes I don't get what I want :(
Too bad the author broke/injured her wrist she paused the project till an unknown date, and is now starting to probably draw for an anime's characters.

Honestly, I loved this art, it is probably the most beautiful manga I have ever read. The first time I read it, I just read the one-shot and fell in love. Plus I don't think that there is a single character that I hate, I even like most of the bad guys. The characters are all beautifully complex and have wonderful personalities.

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12Dragon Ball Z

What the heck is this doing here?
It should be in the top 10

Are you kidding me
It should be at 1

Are you stupid this should be number 1.

This series is the prime... Started seeing anime and manga because of this series... This series should be on top of all..

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13Detective Conan

The best manga/anime definitely! Unlike other shounen animes this series learns you how to think logical. Beside that the genre of this series is really varied it is a mix of mystery, action, comedy, drama, detective fiction, adventure and a bit of science fiction. There are also many interesting characters.

The most interesting thing in the whole series is the main antagonist appearing really rarely what makes them really mysterious and they are really dangerous in comparable to shitty team rocket from pokemon who appearing every two seconds in episode and then they being defeated by Ash again... Again and again. Isn't it annoying?

So I gladly recommend people to watch this! For everyone who got annoying watching naruto, pokemon, bleach this is something really different.

Detective Conan is the best! I love it when Kaito and Shinichi fights, they're both so Hot!

Conan is so awesome. I love it when he tranquilizes Richard Moore and Solves the whole case. I think that this is the best manga ever. Plus Rachel is so hot!

I've only read the first twenty seven volumes and watched the anime released in English, but Detective Conan, or Cased Closed, is wonderfully brilliant! It is my all-time favorite manga and anime series.

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14Slam Dunk

Seriously this manga is the best ever I don't know why its not at the top of the list I guess that it was only a huge hit in Japan everything about this manga is good the story the art the characters I mean it has everything action drama love and its funny so vote for this manga

This is my favourite manga above all. I'm not saying the others have nothing to do, but for me it's simpy the one which has make me cry, laugh and feel the emotion between every match while I was reading and watching it. Not only that but also the art is amazing, realistic but refreshing, you can see in their faces what they feel, simply too expressive. Now and then I think I'm becoming more of a 90's manga lover than nothing, there're good mangas now, but in that decade there were very good ones.

It's not strange is one of the most beloved manga in shonen jump and all Japan, sure it's... For me is a masterpiece.

This manga single handedly increased the popularity of basketball in Japan! Also the story is well told and the art is amazing both the art and story have amazing chemistry. This manga actually might be top 5 all time...

Man this manga is masterpiece, from the story, character art, everything... Comparing Slam Dunk and Kuroko is like comparing UFC fight to WWE Smackdown in realistically speaking

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15Hajime No Ippo

As this Manga has over 900 chapters one can say it's simply good because it was never cancelled. That has to mean something. Furthermore the story of the weak Ippo keeps you reading until you want to know what happen, until you are enlightend by Ippo's trainers words: Off to the world, brat.

This manga has turned this lady into a boxing fan. It has a great blend of humor, friendship and love mixed in with some challenges. It's a must read for any sports fan!

Simply outstanding, my blood gets pumped just reading. And the tenacity, and the ever evolving characters can actually teach you a thing or two about life. The mangaka has managed to put a soul into his work that for all it's fans makes Hajime No Ippo immortal. It's the only manga that wants me to burn through it as quickly as possible also savor each page as long as possible.

The best manga I ever read

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16Rurouni Kenshin

Rurouni Kenshin demonstrates that strength isn't just being able to hold one's own in a fight or be the last man standing in battle. There's courage in finding the will to keep living no matter how hurt one has been in the past or how unworthy they find their own lives.
Kenshin is a very human character in that he has made some grevious errors in his past. Everyone makes mistakes or have done something they regret, but instead of letting it drive him to ruin Kenshin finds the strength to help the people he sees around him as some measure of atonement for his past. As the story progresses the reader can really appreciate how different some character's lives may be if Kenshin had never been been involved their lives.
The emphasis on how great change can happen when simple citizens choose to act and the appreciation and value for life make this manga something that will always hold a pretty special place for me.

Kenshin, a vagabond who chose he will never kill someone anymore after he has been the most terrible assassin of a political war. It's the story of man who fight against his past and his own self in order to make a peaceful society. The cross on his face is the nodal point of all the story.

I have always loved this manga and I personally think it should be number one, I really enjoy not only the characters, but also the storyline and the historical inputs. All in all, it is just a wonderful manga

I remember this was the very first anime I ever watched, This is what got me in love with anime and manga. I love everything about this manga and I highly recommend you read it.

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17Soul Eater

Yes, I voted Soul Eater. Honestly, I think it's one of the most successful manga in recent years. The plot is as original as the characters and the drawing style. The author doesn't want to create an "endless story" such as One Piece, Naruto or Bleach, and I appreciate it.
A meandering story would not have the same "flavor"! )

P.S. : Sorry for my bad english, I'm italian.

Set in the Shinigami technical school for weapon meisters, the series revolves around 3 groups of each a weapon meister and a human weapon. Trying to make the latter a "Death Scythe" which is the highest title for a weapon and thus fit for use by the Shinigami, they must collect the souls of 99 evil humans and 1 witch.

Maka & Soul Eater, Black Star & Tsubaki, and Death the Kid with Patty and Liz Thompson are the characters Soul Eater revolves around. Besides taking the time to gather souls, these students of Shibusen defend Death City from some of the most powerful of creatures while still attending school and trying to become stronger.

And.. Cut. This manga's still budding, but it's kickass with an awesome plot and a just as epic anime.

Soul Eater is just plain amazing, it has a fantastic storyline, character cast, setting, and soul

I wish I was in that school

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18Ouran High School Host Club

Ouran High School Host Club has a great story line and I loved every single episode in the anime and every single book in the manga.

It's very adorable it's fun and amusing I just couldn't stop smiling I really liked it

So funny best comical manga and anime I have ever seen

Great story what the heck is it doing down here

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The plot is ironic in real life. Kikyo is somebody's past inuyasha represents as a choice of the possible futures you may have, and kagome reflects you, the reader. The story is very deep. You wont understand it unless you think outside the box.

I don't see how you could not like this manga, the plot it wonderful, the characters are diverse and have epic backgrounds, the feudal period is demonstrated very well, the art is quite quite good and from the first chapter I've been completely hooked

Ahh... InuYasha, my obsession of six years! It may focus a lot on romance but the characters are very unique and are bursting with potential! The plot can drag on a lot (Naraku I'm looking at you! ) and Kagomes personality would drive a lot of males away from the show- as she strays from the every day shounen main girl characters. InuYasha fights in almost every episode/chapter but tends to rely on only a hand full of attacks. But he makes up for that with quite a bit of personality.

Although there are MANY flaws in this story from Miroku and Sango being the narrators of Almost EVERY battle. (Sango: "did InuYashas wind scar just bounce back at him!? " Miroku: "yes! It seems the foe has a barrier that reflects demonic attacks! " Shippo: "I still exist! " Kind of a thing.)

It is without a doubt a mostly girl fan base (but males DO know quite a bit about it.)

My best advice is to try it and take it as you go, not everyone will see the charm but the ones who do won't find anything else much like it.
In my opinion the adventure of the feudal era mixed in with demonic abilities and very different characters all mixed into one make the perfect fudal fairy tale that had me hook for years and I wouldn't be as into Manga without it!

As this one is my first and best anime although I've not gone through the manga. I love it how so ever.

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Vagabond is the most amazing manga I have ever read. (And I've read them all! )
For me, the two things that matter the most is artwork and character development and depth. In mangas like bleach or Naruto, the characters are very one dimensional and predictable. The reason is of course because these manga are aimed at a younger audience. But vagabond blew me away. I finished reading the last update and then a few months later I read the first few chapters again. AND I COULD NOT RECOGNIZE THE GUY! In those 300 chapters, the hero's character had changed so much, and it felt so natural while it was happening! But it was unbelievable. What a moment. What a manga!
It is the only manga where two people can just stand and stare at each other without a word for two whole chapters, and just the thoughts going on in their heads are so riveting! I love this manga man! Vagabond is the best!

I can't believe Vagabond is so low rated.
The story of Miyamoto Musashi and his crusade to be the greatest samurai ever, seeing him improve at every fight and training its very exiting and of course the art is really amazing. It's a must read.

This story is very fun to read, it has romance, fighting, realizations, and it is very exciting from start to finish. The art is insane and the story draws you in from start to finish.

Amazing in every possible way

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