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One Piece
I have read some great manga including naruto and bleach, but this anime is just so good. The story, character, plot and everything about this anime is awesome. Oda is so much brilliant! ONE PIECE FOREVER!
I really love this manga... It makes my heart flutter... It can make me laugh and cry at the same time.. The story is amazing... All are connected to the main characters.. Eichiro Oda is the BEST!
A long story manga with a single group leading character, best fighting, best twist, best art, best storytelling, best adventure theme, make every reader cry-laugh-angry-and touching in the deepest of heart...
[Newest]One Piece is the all time highest selling manga in the world for a reason. leading the second best seller by OVER 100 MILLION COPIES... And the second best seller is dragonball.. DRAGONBALL... Yea... It's safe to say that One Piece will most likely NEVER be removed from that spot. You aren't a manga reader if you don't read One Piece, and if anyone says otherwise, THEY'RE LYING.

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Naruto is the best!
I really like the "never-give-up" attitude of his
These manga is the only one which makes you feel all kinds of emotions... Laugh, cry, angry, sad, depress, happy, etc... Naruto is the best Ever!
I understand you liked it, but have you ever read any other manga? It's not the only one that makes you feel like that.
Out of the other manga/anime Naruto is My ultimate favorite not just because of the cool ninja techniques and how awesomely cool it is to walk on water, but its because of Naruto's personality the way how he doesn't give up and that he works hard for others to appreciate him not for money or fame and that is the most pure thing that I love about Naruto!
[Newest]One piece is a joke compared to Naruto, Naruto's characters are much easier to comprehend and don't have names like Luffy. Best manga BY FAR
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3Death Note
Should be number 1 for manga quality!
The others are only in front of it because they are mainstream...
Clearly by 'mainstream' you mean well-known or famous, so why do you think they are well-known and famous? It's because they are great manga that have gained popularity for being so great. Granted, Death Note is fantastic, but in my opinion it is in its worthy place on this list. Your opinions are not facts, so please don't act like they are.
L. Lawliett V.S. yagami Light! Really different from the usual fighting mangas, this psychological duel it really draws you in!
This manga gave us the two best characters manga/anime could ever have...L... And Light...!
[Newest]I've read the while series!
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4Fairy Tail
How the hell is this down here, this manga would be in my top five. The art work is amazing and so is the story. Its much better than rave master, the authors previous series.
This manga is just amazing, in my opinion they have perfected the combination of Naruto and DBZ. Action and emotions on every episode. Genius work and keep on doing it.
This manga is far too good with the story and the characters to not even be close to top 5

This is too good to not be above naruto
[Newest]The feels in fairy tail overpower everything ;-;
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5Dragon Ball
Dragon ball is the first series but the second series of dragon ball (dragonball z) is the best ever it's awesome anime in the world and we can't compare dragon ball z with others because it has the best storyline and most action packed and adventurous anime. It's number 1 anime created in the world ever.
I absolutely love this manga. Akira Toriyama is an absolute genius. There are long complex arc always topped off by fantastic fight scenes, you have to like this manga!
Just plain badass the "greatest battle manga in the world" it even says it on the first page
[Newest]If this surveyed everyone in the world and not just those of us with a lot of time on our hands. Dragon Ball would be number 1 by a hilarious margin.
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6Fullmetal Alchemist
Fullmetal Alchemist's characters are AMAZING. So is its plot. And it's art. Or maybe I'm just too obsessed with it" READ IT!
Full Metal Alchemist is a fascinating anime. I am the biggest fan of it since it's first series.
Full Metal Alchemist is very interesting and they are very brave characters, even when they took the risk of trying to bring their mother back.
[Newest]Heard that it's good
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Ahh this is 100000000000 % better than Naruto or anything I love it so much no anime can compare to it even the fillers are interesting well in my opinion anyways it has really good character development hahh at first ichigo had this funny huge temper about useless things like when rukia didn't know how to put a straw in a juice box hah I loved the first ep when he and his dad had that mini plight and he punched him and they were kitty fighting oh and then when he met rukia he was so cute he was like ah a burglar ( normally people can't see her she is a shini gami also known as death god or shinigami and he told him the story about her being dead and destroying hollows then he said well I believe that ALONG WITH FLYING PIGS AND THE TOOTHFAIRY! Ok so the whole story of bleach is this: ichigo kurosaki is a teenager gifted with the ability to see spirits his life is drastically changed by the sudden appearance of a soul reaper ( one who hovers the should between the soul presipus human world and the soul society were the dearly departed go to rest. Rukia kuchiki a soul reaper following a hollow a lost soul that did not pass on because of regrets of how they passed there souls get consumed by darkness and once your a hollow there is no turning back they take souls stick in the human world and consume them only later turning them into hollows there white masks are a descendent of the hollow wholes in there chest which later turn into there white mask. A soul reapers job is to pass over hollows to the soul society or pluses which are pure souls that have not been taken over with a konso one day a hollow attacks a girl since ichigo can see spirits he tried to aid her. Rukia kuchiki a soul reaper assigned to Karakura town helps ichigo and the young soul ichigo later thinks about what he saw while another hollow attacks the young spirit girl for her spirit energy wich is a main source of a hollows power he leaves the girl declaring he has found someone with more spirit energy while rukia is inbestigating what motivated that hollow she meet ichigo wich was not convinced about the hollow beings until that is one attacked him at his house hurting his sisters (Uzu and Karine) and trying to consume there spirit energy because gifted humans like Karine and ichigo have a large amount from there gift Rukia is severely injured saving ichigo from a deadly hollow attack and can not fight the hollow ichigo desperately wants the power to save his family from the hollow and rukia tells him he can borrow her power only for the sake of his family by stabbing her zanpacto in the center of his being a zanpacto is like a katana except with special powers the more spirit energy you have the more power your zanpacto has. Rukia manages to stab her zanpacto in the center of his being with in turn makes him a shinigami taking all of rukias powers he destroys the hollow and saves his family yet the next day his family remembers nothing about the attack. Ok that's the first ep summed up for ya now it's character and plot developing time first up it's the cheery oriheme inoe in the second ep her dead brother turns into a hollow later getting saved by the new SUBSTITUTE shinigami carrot top ichigo kurosaki in the huco mendo arc were oriheme goes with the arancars and espadas under aizens controls ( we will get to that ) she confesses her love interests with ichigo stating if I were to die and love on I know I would fall in love with the same man over again ( sappy I know) ichigo later goes to huco mendo to save oriheme and defeats the 4 espada ulquirra ( espadas are rankes from 1 to 10 on there power levels ) espadas are so powerful he died but came back as a HOLLOW his first hollow transformation was introduced in ep 20 were he had to save rukia from execution ( giving your shinigami powers is a huge offense and penalty is death harsh I know right ) rukia left him for dead saying you are going to die so why not lstay there and live a little longer crying she confessed to ichigo that if he even got up and came after her she would never forgive him of course he went after her anyways ichigos hollow transformation is different he can alter his appearance with a hollow mask instead of losing control like he did at kiske uraharas shop ( kiske was a soul reaper captain of the 13 court guard squads but later got sent to the presipus world for punishment of not obeying orders ) later after that time he introduces his GETSUGA TENSHO after his hollowfied battle with byakuya kichiki rukias brother he has his zanpacto scatter zenbonzakre Kageoshi and he almost killed ichigo but his hollow side took over see at near death experiences ichigos hollow takes over and he turns to black GETSUGA TENSHO oh yeah GETSUGA TENSHO is a special power ichigos zanpacto has and each one has a different power ichigos is that he can make a huge shokwave out of his ABNORMALY HUGE zanpacto ( lots of spirit energy ) and it is very powerful more power he has more better it becomes anyways GETSUGA TENSHO is blue because of his huge amount of spirit energy it is out of control so if he is in his hollow form for like uhh more than 11 seconds he loses control and could destroy the human world soul society and destroy the world yeah the soul reapers aren't perfect long ago there lived a race called a quincy they did not have a zanpacto they had a bow and arrow concentrated from reishi wich is like spirit energy the Quincy's only destroyed exterminated and killed hollows while shinigami passes them on to the soul society this made a huge argument if the Quincy's continued there way the balance of souls hollows and humans would be in balanced so the shinigami had to kill em all the last surviving quincy was later found to be uryu ishida at first he hated ichigo from there true nature but became friends and protected some thing then there was Chad his big dark haired strong quiet type who could also see ghosts and had a huge arm that could create huge blasts while he was punching oh did I mention he's Spanish his special attack is Diablo were he can shoot a huge amount of spirit enemy at his opponent oh oriheme also has powers and there called sent an keshune I reject her power is pretty cool she can reject what has happened to any physical body which means she has incredible healing abilities she can grow back limbs and shoot laser bolts out of her shields when some one Is trying to break it her powers come from 2 pins that her brother gave to her before he died they go on adventures and stuff with ichigo also oriheme hates ichigos hollow side wich reminds her of her hollowfied brother later in the huco mendo arc final fight after ichigo fighted grimmjow jaggerjaques he lost badly to ulquirra he got thrown through a lot of building punched kicked and ulquirra used cero and espadas final move OH it was so sad oriheme loves ichigo but watched as ulquirra shot a whole through his stomach and watched him fall of the building to his death desperately trying to help it didint work he was dead she was crying she always thought ichigo would protect her she thought he would always win ichigo herd her crying and had to protect her so he got up and to everyone's surprise not just the mask ichigo was a full hollow out of control he best up ulquirra in 82 seconds in counting and killen Jim by stabbing him in the head were he could not regenerate Uruyu tried to stop ichigo but his hollow stabbed uryu in the stomach and his hollow was gone he was to heart broken lying on the ground helpless but he actually has high speed regeneration ahh and to think he is just a human ok I forgot to introduced the capitains there really important ok there the leaders of squads in the soul society like squad 12 is research and development and squad 4 health and medical there all inportant some capitains are toshiro hitsugaya byakuya kuchiki ( there is 13 squads ) retsu unahu ukitake kenpachi and more and the powerful yammamoto who later dies in the continuing 2014 ark when the soul society finds out there are more Quincy's and there coming to destroy the soul society after the fight with Aizen ( the capitains who turned on the soul society's and got beat by cool less cocky quiet powerful 17 year old ichigo ) the truths gets revealed and he finds out that his silly dad was a captain of the soul society and his mom was a Quincy wow he is a shinigami a quincy a hollow and a full bringer ( I'll get into it) and his mom really didn't get hit by a train a hollow killed her you see saving isshin Shiba ( ichigos dad) life she got bit by a hollow he fell in love with the quincy Masaki kurosaki ( ichigos mom ) but she was turning into a hollow cause of it and the only way to save her was for him to give up his powers and put a constant block up but when ichigo WANs born it broke and then isshin got his powers back and she lost hers in that fight with the hollow so that is what killed her but it turns out that ichigos mom was supposed to marry uryus dad so there practically cousins anyways there at the ark were the Quincy's can take away bankai wich is the second stage of the zanpacto see first is shikai and you can't beat bankai in shikai so bankai is very special it's very powerful and it takes 10 YEARS to learn but ichigo rocks and learned it in 3 days toshiro hitsugayas bankai is a huge I he dragon and it is very cool and powerful he gets it by saying rain across the frosted heavens hyorinemaru Maru and byakuyas scatter zenbonzokra Kageoshi are chery blossom petals that are all little knives there are like 1000000000000000000 of em so there like inpossible to dodge and if toss don't work he has a second plan he has 10000 zanpacto sand he can use each one against his opponent till he gets tired then he can kill them :) but by far ichigos the coolest his is shory but sweet its tensa zangetsu he can go at incredible speeds like the flash like teleporting and he can block byakuyas bankai no sweat it actually happened in there fight ahh cool right he also has a super charged hollow mask and GETSUGA TENSHO ad for some reason ichigos bankai is the only on that can't be stolen and the cool thing is he doesn't even know how to use it and it so powerful already ok last but not least the xcution ark I'll sum it up after ichigo used his final GETSUGA TENSHO wich was EPIC he baca me GETSUGA itself ohh of track her anyways if he used that he had to use all his shinigami powers it turns out that the powers rukia gave him he didint even need he already had them from his dad oh so it WANs Aizen he was so hard to beat cause he had the sugeoku in his chest which had all shinigami a spirit energy that's a lot oh ichigo beat him but then lost his powers and his ability to see spirits but he meet execution who got em back with his full bring powers but later gingo riruka and all of execution turned on him and took his powers only to get them back times 2 and with a new powerful bankai oh there is so much more to explain oh yeah one more thing all the capitains put there powers in to give him his powers so he is SO powerful AH awesome ok I could talk abou the 4 bleach movies but it would take to long all I'm saying is that bleach has drama love action adventure suspense and all that awesome stuff it is the worlds best anime and I find that it has really funny disses hehe and they have really cute arguments and it's just really fun watching there adventures if you don't like the first ep keep watching it really grows on you I know what your thinking she is a crazy fan girl and your RIGHT I found it out by accident I love how there are twists and turns oh fun fact did you know that if you know the name of your zanpacto it gets 2 times better by ten way ichigos bankai is zangetsu and each zanpacto has it's own soul and being I found that out when muramasa made hollow ichigo fight against his own zanpacto yay he won anyways it's really good and it's just an all round awesome anime better than any anime I have seen and the fights are epic your like are is he gonna make it and it's kinda cute cause I worry for him ITS NOT WEIRD REALLY LOVE THIS SHOW watch it and you will se what I'm talking about GO TEAM BLEACH oh I recommend watching the movies he'll verse fade to black memories of nobody there just SO good watch it it rocks I love it BLEACH
Bleach was the top second manga series in the world for the longest time as legendary #1Naruto and #3One Piece. The Big Three. Or even hailed as the "Holy Shonen Trinity. " Bleach had a wonderful heart-gripping return as Rukia just as in the first beginning chapter gave him shinigami powers. He returns with his shinigami robes and a brand new Zangetsu (what a thing to look forward to! ). Who knows what hollow ichigo and zangetsu look now, and the epic huge getsuga tenshou for the first time in ages! How is that for a comeback! Another thing I think we should look at is what Ichigo's mask will look like now, and what his new hollow powers will hold. Is he going to join the ranks of a Vizard and gain the ability to produce his Ceros? The wonderful reality and possibilities are endless and what if Rukia finally achieves Bankai! And will Kenpachi finally see his zanpakuto...?
Let's return Bleach to it's rightful place as the top three.
And... What will happen finally, seeing in the end, who will turn out Ichigo's romantic love interest...?
Halibel's alive and being held captive. What are they going to do about it, how is the relationship and communication between Ichigo and Halibel going to come about anyways? Yoruichi hasnt been seen as of yet. She SHOULD have an epic and badass return too.
Is the "Shinigami+Quincy" war going to have a bad effect on the relaionship between Ichigo and Ishida? Maybe even everyone's relation with him?
The anime died from filler arcs but I still really love the manga~ Maybe it's the characters but I love how the emotional stuff are mainly kept close to reality (like, nothing too dramatic) and it's full of twists and turns that you wouldn't expect~ Ichigo might be a little too powerful, but he works for it so it doesn't bother me too much.
[Newest]It's a really good manga, don't be put off by the slightly bad drawings at the beginning, it gets better and better
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Most people have no taste is literature or deep story line that's why berserk is so low on this list. Berserk is easily the best manga ever made
Berserk has the best art, the best story, and the best characters in any manga I have ever read. Berserk gets a 5/5 from me.
can't be matched.
the greatest manga ever.
[Newest]Best manga ever. ,!

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9Hunter x Hunter
Why is Hunter x Hunter here? It must be in the top ten! I LOVE the characters, their personal problems and lives (the friendship between Gon and Killua is amazing, really), the themes and the fights... Everything is AMAZING! It keeps me glued to the pages! The mangaka made a brilliant work, I hope it will gain success!
Hunter x Hunter is the prime example of how action/adventure shonen manga should be. The characters, the plot, the landscapes, the tension, EVERYTHING is a joy to follow and explore. Forget Naruto, Bleach, One piece and Fairy Tail. This is what action/adventure fans are looking for!
I first saw the anime and loved the logic of the characters way to deal with hunters test and after, when they learned how to use nem, it's awesome to see how Gon gets stronger and helps everyone he mets while trying to find his father. After the last anime episode in treasure island, I had to see if he met Gin, I found the manga and its 10 times cooler and more bloody! Maybe not the best Manga in the world, but it's my top 3.
[Newest]Fantastic manga, amazing arcs and personalities especially Killua
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10Detective Conan
The best manga/anime definitely! Unlike other shounen animes this series learns you how to think logical. Beside that the genre of this series is really varied it is a mix of mystery, action, comedy, drama, detective fiction, adventure and a bit of science fiction. There are also many interesting characters.

The most interesting thing in the whole series is the main antagonist appearing really rarely what makes them really mysterious and they are really dangerous in comparable to shitty team rocket from pokemon who appearing every two seconds in episode and then they being defeated by Ash again... Again and again. Isn't it annoying?

So I gladly recommend people to watch this! For everyone who got annoying watching naruto, pokemon, bleach this is something really different.
Detective Conan is the best! I love it when Kaito and Shinichi fights, they're both so Hot!
Conan is so awesome. I love it when he tranquilizes Richard Moore and Solves the whole case. I think that this is the best manga ever. Plus Rachel is so hot!
[Newest]Cool manga nothing more to say but one piece is better though

The Contenders

11Dragon Ball Z
What the heck is this doing here?
It should be in the top 10
Are you kidding me
It should be at 1
Are you stupid this should be number 1.
[Newest]Dragon ball z is a great manga filed with action. It has its funny and sad moments. This should be at least number ten.

This is so far from mainstream and yet it still is so interesting, no fighting but the plot is interesting, the characters are interesting and how it involves all other manga and anime in it is interesting... Far from being cheap..
If I may add, this is the manga that I read in the slowest manner, takes me 10 minutes to read a single chapter, that's how good it is, recommended by all means!
It's amazing. It explains to the world what mangaka's really are. It just makes me so excited eveytime I read it. It makes me want to write, draw, and try my best on grades. I don't think this manga could be any better.
In a few words I would describe this Manga as one of the best out there.
You get the feeling for what it means to be a mangaka and how hard this job is.
Every chapter is great and I will enjoy reading this manga till the very end with hopefully enough chapters to read.
Personally I would like to see this manga at the #1 spot of every ranking.
The mangaka of this manga is simply great. First comes a masterpiece like Death Note and now this. Awesome.
I have read this manga a dozens of time and never get tired of it.
[Newest]I can't say that it's the best, necessarily... I think Death Note is the best. However, Bakuman is my favorite and I wouldn't feel right if I didn't give it my vote.
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13Attack on Titan
I'd stay sleepless with no food to watch the entire series. There's a lot of bloody scenes in there which I still recommend you even though you might be some of those creepy-pasta coward. It gives you a lot of experiences and I think that it's also very emotional.

(More like Attack on Feelings)

Most of my friends who watch Shingeki no Kyojin cried on the first episode. FIRST. EPISODE. Now I don't know about you but for me, I'm a cold heart lizard when I heard my friends crying on the first episode but they still watch it and even read the manga. I didn't actually cry until the 20th or 20 something episode where (SPOILER ALERT) they throw the bodies of their dead comrades. One drop... I'm such a cold hearted person.

It's very realistic how the characters act even though they only exist in the fictional world. There's a lot of feelings put into it, and there's this intense sense of fear in the story line which just makes me love it more. Most of the time when mangas and animes shows a death scene of somebody the main character loves, he/she only acts sad or just cry off silently with some short words. But in Shingeki no Kyojin when an important character dies, it's like they're obsessed with the feelings that come. The author puts a lot of emotions into it as if he saw somebody's death before. I've heard there's a rumor when the author was going to a cafe or something and then somebody grabbed his collar. Physically grabbed his collar. And there's nothing else I could find that tragically inspires the author as if his emotions are that big.

I think the reason why people don't really vote for this anime are these:

1. It's bloody
2. They didn't update anything

Regardless these reasons, it's still worth it. You have no idea, what I'd give up for this one series.

A few last words, I know I'm younger than an average manga/anime readers/watchers. But hey, I know for sure regardless of my age, this is one sad and beautiful masterpiece that needs more followers and more support for this amazing manga/anime.

I also recommend you guys to read the manga but don't watch the anime (unless you're an anti-spoiler free) because the experience is so amazing, you might get tired of the time it takes to make these animes. The manga goes out slower but it goes out. I've heard that the anime will come out for like, next year or the year after that or something. There's an official date for it, there will be a lot of sources.
This is probably the one best manga/anime I have ever read/watched. After hearing from my best friend that this anime/manga series was die-hard epic, I decided to give it a try...

I stayed until 5 in the morning after one episode of this series.

It's full of emotion that makes you feel the same way as they do; Tears were already coming out in episode ONE. It made me sob during the last half of episode 5. I cried the whole entire of episode 6.

It was heart-wrenching, but so realistic in terms of how people felt and their fears. I mean, not everyone is perfect in our world and Shingeki no Kyojin mirrored the true personalities of people in this manga/anime. Eren wasn't a perfect person, who was always trying to push and push -- He cried, he was scared, he bled, and he acknowledged people -- But, his character was truly amazing. All the characters were so... Human -- None of them had that perfect personality or perfect knowledge or strength... (Execpt for Mikasa, but she was scarred for life. So she's an exception)

It's full of action, not to mention mature action and lots of blood and gore. I'm not a fan of lots of blood and gore, but this is the true reality in Eren's world. This anime/manga is honest in feelings and the true mechanisms of their abilities.

The suspense... UGH, it kills YOU! Like, I'm telling myself at 7:00 in the morning to just stop, but I can't... I just hoped that I could leave off at a good part -- No cliff-hangers or something so tragic, otherwise I couldn't sleep. OTL

I even converted my brother, who didn't like any animes except for Fairy Tail. So, now, we're die-hard Shingeki no Kyojin fans too. &
My all time favourite anime and manga series. There are no words to describe how good this appeals to me, especially with the characters and their different ways of acting. The fandom will tear you apart though, get ready to cry, you're favourite character might die. This is the only reason I hate fandoms. You get attached to do many characters, and especially in this series, they're bound to die at some point. (Levi... My bae... (I know it's technically a rumour and all but still))

All in all; it's a great show. You're gonna laugh, you're gonna cry, you're gonna kill some Titans! Hopefully you're favourite character will last.
[Newest]This manga is awesome! It shouldn't be so low. It should be in the top ten. It's characters and their feelings are portrayed very well. The arcs are amazing. People who haven't read/seen it yet should read/see it right now!
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14D. Gray-Man
D. Gray-Man's a Gothic beauty and the art is amazingly beautiful. It's inspirational, and the characters are seemingly and REALLY hawt :3 On top of all THAT (waves hand), D. Gray-Man's plot and storyline intermingle with all of the main characters, telling their life stories and struggles. It brings to mind of horrors which normal people wouldn't have ever thought of.
With only 217 chapters as of 1-2-13, this manga is quickly gaining strength in the world of otakus. Mangaka Katsura Hoshino does a beautiful illustration of this manga, and her art has been praised readily by many. Her career is already becoming more and more illustrious, and will continue to add more glory to the D. Gray-Man series~!
This manga is so awesome! The story and artwork are just amazing. The story actually makes you want to read more. There is only one problem with DGM... It takes a whole month just for a new chapter to be released, but apart from that, the manga is amazing. One of the best ones out there.
I think the plot is very interesting and getting more interesting as it advances. The plot twists around quite often but never in the direction you were expecting. Not to mention the lovely art and the awesome and exciting moments too
[Newest]I have dis book it's so AWESOME

15Slam Dunk
Seriously this manga is the best ever I don't know why its not at the top of the list I guess that it was only a huge hit in Japan everything about this manga is good the story the art the characters I mean it has everything action drama love and its funny so vote for this manga
This is my favourite manga above all. I'm not saying the others have nothing to do, but for me it's simpy the one which has make me cry, laugh and feel the emotion between every match while I was reading and watching it. Not only that but also the art is amazing, realistic but refreshing, you can see in their faces what they feel, simply too expressive. Now and then I think I'm becoming more of a 90's manga lover than nothing, there're good mangas now, but in that decade there were very good ones.

It's not strange is one of the most beloved manga in shonen jump and all Japan, sure it's... For me is a masterpiece.
This manga single handedly increased the popularity of basketball in Japan! Also the story is well told and the art is amazing; both the art and story have amazing chemistry. This manga actually might be top 5 all time...
[Newest]Best sports manga ever written and superb ending

16Soul Eater
Yes, I voted Soul Eater. Honestly, I think it's one of the most successful manga in recent years. The plot is as original as the characters and the drawing style. The author doesn't want to create an "endless story" such as One Piece, Naruto or Bleach, and I appreciate it.
A meandering story would not have the same "flavor"! ;)

P.S. : Sorry for my bad english, I'm italian.
Set in the Shinigami technical school for weapon meisters, the series revolves around 3 groups of each a weapon meister and a human weapon. Trying to make the latter a "Death Scythe" which is the highest title for a weapon and thus fit for use by the Shinigami, they must collect the souls of 99 evil humans and 1 witch.

Maka & Soul Eater, Black Star & Tsubaki, and Death the Kid with Patty and Liz Thompson are the characters Soul Eater revolves around. Besides taking the time to gather souls, these students of Shibusen defend Death City from some of the most powerful of creatures while still attending school and trying to become stronger.

And.. Cut. This manga's still budding, but it's kickass with an awesome plot and a just as epic anime.
Soul Eater is just plain amazing, it has a fantastic storyline, character cast, setting, and soul
[Newest]Really nice manga. the Anime version lacks a lot of important stuff and the quality sucks

The plot is ironic in real life. Kikyo is somebody's past inuyasha represents as a choice of the possible futures you may have, and kagome reflects you, the reader. The story is very deep. You wont understand it unless you think outside the box.
I don't see how you could not like this manga, the plot it wonderful, the characters are diverse and have epic backgrounds, the feudal period is demonstrated very well, the art is quite quite good and from the first chapter I've been completely hooked
The story has many level to it.. It's just not another love revenge story.. It's the best anime and the best manga ever.. It deserves to be in the top ten list..
[Newest]As this one is my first and best anime although I've not gone through the manga. I love it how so ever.

18Hajime No Ippo
As this Manga has over 900 chapters one can say it's simply good because it was never cancelled. That has to mean something. Furthermore the story of the weak Ippo keeps you reading until you want to know what happen, until you are enlightend by Ippo's trainers words: Off to the world, brat.
This manga has turned this lady into a boxing fan. It has a great blend of humor, friendship and love mixed in with some challenges. It's a must read for any sports fan!
Simply outstanding, my blood gets pumped just reading. And the tenacity, and the ever evolving characters can actually teach you a thing or two about life. The mangaka has managed to put a soul into his work that for all it's fans makes Hajime No Ippo immortal. It's the only manga that wants me to burn through it as quickly as possible also savor each page as long as possible.
[Newest]The best manga I ever read

19Ouran High School Host Club
Ouran High School Host Club has a great story line and I loved every single episode in the anime and every single book in the manga.
It's very adorable it's fun and amusing I just couldn't stop smiling I really liked it
So funny best comical manga and anime I have ever seen
[Newest]Gives it a good proper ending from the anime. I love it so much.

20Rurouni Kenshin
Rurouni Kenshin demonstrates that strength isn't just being able to hold one's own in a fight or be the last man standing in battle. There's courage in finding the will to keep living no matter how hurt one has been in the past or how unworthy they find their own lives.
Kenshin is a very human character in that he has made some grevious errors in his past. Everyone makes mistakes or have done something they regret, but instead of letting it drive him to ruin Kenshin finds the strength to help the people he sees around him as some measure of atonement for his past. As the story progresses the reader can really appreciate how different some character's lives may be if Kenshin had never been been involved their lives.
The emphasis on how great change can happen when simple citizens choose to act and the appreciation and value for life make this manga something that will always hold a pretty special place for me.
Kenshin, a vagabond who chose he will never kill someone anymore after he has been the most terrible assassin of a political war. It's the story of man who fight against his past and his own self in order to make a peaceful society. The cross on his face is the nodal point of all the story.
I have always loved this manga and I personally think it should be number one, I really enjoy not only the characters, but also the storyline and the historical inputs. All in all, it is just a wonderful manga
[Newest]I remember this was the very first anime I ever watched, This is what got me in love with anime and manga. I love everything about this manga and I highly recommend you read it.

I can't believe Vagabond is so low rated.
The story of Miyamoto Musashi and his crusade to be the greatest samurai ever, seeing him improve at every fight and training its very exiting and of course the art is really amazing. It's a must read.
This story is very fun to read, it has romance, fighting, realizations, and it is very exciting from start to finish. The art is insane and the story draws you in from start to finish.
Vagabond has the most beautiful artwork I've ever seen in any manga.
The characters are very interesting, and it's very fascinating watching them develop over the course of the story.

Also, Kick Ass fight scenes!
[Newest]Honestly should be in the top ten, I've never seen such wonderful art. Not to mention it is based upon an historical character and gives context to much of the period. Great character development as well. True work of art

This is highly underrated. Give this masterpiece more recognition!
The fact that this story isn't in the top ten is an absolute shame. Monster is a story that will wow you on many levels. Urasawa manages to craft a magnificent story that makes you think, it will shock you, you will be so involved, you will love it from maybe the first few chapters alone.
I is underrated but AMAZING MYSTERY.
I have become a big fan of it.

It holds you till the very last second of the very last episode.

It takes time to set it plot (Because it is huge and complex), thus a bit slow in the starting but once you r in it, you will be in it.

I highly recommend everyone to watch it.
Warning : It is one of the darkest manga/series I have ever come across. especially the series cause of its music.

[Newest]Wonderful mystery and suspense.

23Code Geass
Code geass is by far the absolute best manga out there
Even though death note is amazing code geass still beats it because it is just awesome
Sometimes its really funny and sometimes its really deep.
It reaches everything from discrimination and racism, to love and friendships
The best anime in the world so far (other then fma brotherhood) if you liked death note, then you'd love code geass
the only one that can stand death note maybe even better
[Newest]All hail lelouch! #1 manga/anime, in the following decades people will remember this as THE manga. I watched the series over and over until I memorized every line and sequence. It is that good. I could orally retell the entire 2 seasons.

24Great Teacher Onizuka
Yeah! this manga is like the best manga I've ever read :D
it's funny and the storyline isn't boring
Onizuka taught his students with different ways and I mean really different!
A large cast of characters and still, each of them are kept active and interesting throughout the episodes
For me GTO is the best manga I've ever read because it gives us a very strong message: Whoever you are, whatever your age, no matter what you have experienced, you can change, you can be happy.
The main character: Eikichi Onizuka is in my opinion very interesting because we know he has struggled, we see his evolution. He help and inspire others people. This is a very charismatic person.

Sory for my bad English I'm French
[Newest]I have read almost all manga from different top 100 list and GTO and Mx0 are my all time favorites.

Come on! The protagonist is super badass as well as the baby! And hilda is so hot!
This manga in my opinion is the best manga compared to all the other manga I've read. The story plot is something that makes the reader continue reading, the characters are all awesome and above all, this manga has made me laugh out loud countless times. I'd really recommend this to anyone.
I think Beelzebub is the best manga because it is very interesting, funny at times and overall enjoyable. I like that there are frequent battles that are captivating and that the main character is so funny and like-able (to the audience not the other characters) that we enjoy watching him and want to win. Even the minor characters seem to have really deep thought out characters that makes me want to see them befriend oga, the protagonist. The art is great and the cute demon overlord (baby) who can't get enough of badass oga is absolutely adorable.
[Newest]When you start reading, it's like a baby on his back... this is going to be rubbish. BUT REALLY GIVE IT A CHANCE. It's badass and really funny. The characters are interesting and wide ranged. The battles are can't be compared, I thought they were just as good or better than One piece

26The Breaker: New Waves
The single best manga (manwha) that currently runs in my opinion
Great art, Good storyline, thrilling characters.
And very inspiring as a life lesson about willpower

Every chapter that releases makes me hold my breath and sit on the edge of my chair till the very last page.
Then makes me grind my teeth waiting for the next release..

This is something that the current top 5 haven't succeeded at for me lately.

This manga is undervalued, and under appreciated
And deserves to be in the top 15 at least..

If you're interested in reading it, I suggest you read the breaker first
(which is the first part of this storyline)

~20 male
He breaker caught my eye about a month ago, beautiful art, complex storyline, complex character development and a great twist at the end. New waves continues where the breaker left off, with all of the above aspects. An absolute must read for action manga fans.
It's storyline is complex yet easy to follow, with emotions abound. You get attached to multiple characters as you see their continued progression and development.

Truly a work of art.
If you are looking for the action New Waves got it.
If you are looking for how a boy grows to a man New Waves got it.
If you are looking for a story with fighting and a epic storyline New Waves is what you are looking for.

The only bad thind with New Waves is that you have to read The Breaker first to understand. But I promise you that The Breaker is a story of epic proportion. And so is The Breaker New Waves.
[Newest]Amazing manga, shows a great main character that is not funny or dumb.

27Fruits Basket
This series was amazing and so sweet. It was cute, and had such a rainbow of emotions so beautifully splayed out. The romance was perfect, it wasn't overdone for the series but obviously such an integral part, and as one person commented, also its very hilarious!
I can't believe this isn't in the top ten. I adore this series! I do like on other manga better (Kaze Hikaru) but its not listed so I voted on this. And really, Furuba should be higher.
It's very touching and sweet, I loved it because it made me very happy and also it helped me to learn the life's perspectives and Torhu is very strong. Also it's very hilarious.
[Newest]I will always have a spot in my heart for Fruits Basket. It is, after all, the first anime I ever watched that I was aware was an anime.
More comments about Fruits Basket

28Katekyo Hitman Reborn
The beginning is a bit slow, but it really starts to pick up the pace, the more you read it! It's really addicting as well, and I highly recommend it to anyone who hasn't read it yet! And the characters are really hot as well ;)
When I first watch it, I was confused but when it last longer I understand it.
Funny characters, great story (not like other senseless storys), a lot of action. So read it.
[Newest]The first couple chapters are more like a gag manga but it is only setting up the story through doing that then eventually everyone becomes completely badass

This is the only manga that uses blood and gore to convey a highly controversial topic not talked about nearly enough
With the constant flow of new characters the main antagonist must face everyday problems as well as moral and ethical issues, while coping with the death of everyone he comes into contact with
One of the best manga's ever (and still ongoing). It is very dark and disturbing but has a great story line with incredible character development. Easily my favorite manga of all time.
Literally the best manga ever. The manga brings controversial realistic feelings into the picture. If you are tired of cliche characters with cliche outcomes this is the place to go.
[Newest]Best manga I has read

30Yu Yu Hakusho
The artwork was great in this story! Not only that, it gave us suspence and humor, as well as seriousness and a romantic relationship. The plot was original as well as the character design.


I think this anime is an all time classic, I mean really 36, it deserves way better. The characters are wonderful, the romance, the fightinh even the plot line is quite impressive, besides this came out way before bleach, Naruto etc and should be given more credit than 36.
The story is great and the artwork is superb. Yoshihiro Togashi is a wonderful storyteller.
[Newest]Made my middle school time

31Black Butler
Perfect story, perfect characters, perfectly drawn. It just draw you into itself. Filled with darkness and sometimes I can't breath from its awesomeness. Not because of Sebastian and other amazing character, but because of the mystery and overall awesomeness. Who haven't read won't understand. I am surprised it is on 34th place... It should be on 1st! So everyone - Read Black Butler (Kuroshitsuji) manga. Now! ~ Have a nice day.
I love the characters in this manga and Sebastian is a butler I wish I had!
The storyline is great and when I get to the end of one chapter it's hard to stop reading and wanting for more!
Black butler is so dark, I love it! I don't see how it wasn't already on the list I mean the characters are amazing and this book is also hilarious at times.


[Newest]EPIC in every way possible! Demons, mystery, humor, epic, hilarious and gorgeous characters, intriguing plot etc. It definitely doesn't lack inside jokes and puns. >. < I've read it in 2 days because once you start, you can't stop! Everyone should start from manga and then watch the anime because the story is different and it would be very confusing if done vice versa. Plus Sebastian is just ONE HELL of a butler. ;D

Simply so simple, so pure to be the best. The one build up my childhood and still being something inside myself until now. And may forever.
Doraemon is really for all kinds of people. It's creativity will entertain those who like sophisticated story. It's comedy will keep those who like simple story laughing.
Just the best. I am from Vietnam and I still can remember how much of an effect this legendary manga used to have when it first entered Vietnam laugh out loud.
[Newest]Doraemon is the longest manga and it rocks to core

33Kuroko's Basketball
Kuroko's basketball is definitely the best sports manga that I have ever read. I enjoy the story and the unique people involved in the manga but I would have to say what interests me the most is Kuroko's background with the generation of miricals and how he becomes the shadow in basketball. The story always kept me thinking what's going to happen next. This manga should definitely be in the top ten in my opinion.
Greatest basketball manga with cool moves and awesome characters. Also, the main character kuruko is not like all the main characters who are strong he is weak and supports kagami and the rest in the sidelines
Kuroko no basuke is AWESOME! Hehehehe The entire manga is so suspenseful, it just makes you want to read on and on and on! The main character, Kuroko is the most unique character that I have seen so far! He is "lifeless", yet "fires" uo easily! His BB skills so cool (HEHE not telling you what his skills are... Spoiler)

In short, out of all the basketball mangas I have read, Kuroko no Basketball is the BEST!
[Newest]Kuroko is awesome the end

34Vinland Saga
Vinland Saga is just really awesome, and the plot's developing in all kinds of directions. Heck, I even enjoyed the Farmer's Saga. It also has a really nice way of portraying the character's emotion, and what drives them in a realistic way, which is something a lot of mangas lack a bit.
Not much is out right now, which WILL most likely urk you if you love it, since you're probably going to read this in one sitting. I like to explain this as a slice of life/brutal viking war/philosophy challenging/coming of age physically, mentally, and spiritually story. needs to be in at least everyone's honorable mentions list.
Amazing drawings which shows you the hard life of vikings, with moral debates and an original story
[Newest]Best historical manga in my opinion

Scratch everything else THIS has the best story he best characters and is just amazing. READ IT. Before you know it you will be totally in love with it. ( this is vampires but with a twist great comedy fight scenes and just bad ass in general. )
P.S. read up to the first 10 chapters before you decide it won't take long )
Wow seriously!? I expected noblesse at least in the top 10. I high recommend everybody to read this manga. Best thing about it is the amazing well thought story. Unlike other manga where the main character grow stronger as the story goes, the main character in this manga is already the strongest
Great manga! Every chapter in colors. You get mystery, comedy, great fights and deep characters. Still on going. Oh the art work! Gotta see it to believe it!
[Newest]The history is great, and the characters are also very good.

36Tower of God
Its a work of art really, it gas comedy, action, a tad bit of comical romance, and a plot that doesn't stop getting better. There are always plot twists, and new surprises. Very original, the world, the people, the very concept is very interesting, every chapter leaves you with some sort of question, never a disappointing moment with The Tower of God.
[Newest]Love the dark setting this manga is based on its honestly one of the best manga I've read EVER!

37Skip Beat
Reasons why we love it:
1. The art! So awesome. Yeah.
2. The character! All of them, even sho. They're developed well and have mysterious side too. Reen, love you!
3. The storyline! *gasp. Read it. I can't explain it. And you can not imagine how awesome the plot
4. No insta-love. There are reasons why you would fall for him or her, not mentioning about their good looking.
5. Many, many, MANY. I can't mention all of it. But this manga is much WORTH to try. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
oh I can't wait for the next chapter!
This was the best anime I watched and the best manga I ever read in my life.. It's fantastic and incredible.. LOVE IT
Should be on top 10 AT LEAST!
The plot and the slow romance is just incredible!
VERY highly recommended~ :)
You will for sure love the main character Kyoko.
[Newest]Ren sucks. Period. I just watch this anime because of Sho. ❤️

38Black Cat
Great Story with a great protagonist. The characters have amazing powers, this is quite an original anime.
I love this MANGA! Ggrr to however disagrees with me I will send my eyeliner after you hehe eat my bubbles! Hehe laugh out loud! Never knock it until you read reading it! Its one of the best mangas to read EVER! Muah I kissed the manga hehehe! Love you black cat series!
It's a really good story and has some awesome action. Love Train aka Black Cat. I also miss Saya, wish she didn't die.
[Newest]Good manga but short

39Pandora Hearts
HAVE YOU READ THE LATEST CHAPTERS?! IT DROVE ME INSANE! Pandora Hearts is like a part of my life now! What ever happens to the characters deeply affects me and my emotions. Like when somebody dies, I cry my eyes out for the next week. I watch plenty of anime but this is the only manga I keep up to date with because it's so totally WORTH IT! The artwork is the most gorgeous I've ever seen and the plot is brilliantly thought up and with a very unexpected twist that will drive you mad! No manga is ever going to beat Pandora Hearts in my book.
A lot of series have good art, good plot, good characters. But Pandora Hearts is the only manga I dare say that has the best all of those BECAUSE EVERY PAGE PULLS YOU IN DEEPER into a MOOD that is so haunting, beautiful, tragic, and unbelievable.


This is better than Naruto or Bleach, trust me. Pandora Hearts has something for everyone. Read between the lines.
The story is so interesting. You just can't stop wondering who really is Oz. Specially who KILLED poor Alice. Who really is responsible of the TRAGEDY OF SABLIER.
[Newest]Pandora Hearts will play with your feelings and twist everything you've ever come to believe in in life into shreds. Prepare yourself. This is not a manga to underestimate.
More comments about Pandora Hearts

4020th Century Boys
It's a shame that 20th Century Boys wasn't even mentioned in the list.

Naoki Urasawa is one of the best mangakas of all time.
This was just a manga I thought had quite a few chapters so it could pass time. I started reading it with the mentality that it would pass time and that I would move on to something else afterwards. I know it is a bit older, and action-wise, it's no Naruto. You should still READ IT because of the plot. I personally hate mangas and animes that come out these days that are only about how good the graphics are and where the plot is awful. They don't make 'em like 20th Century Boys anymore. Sorry for the wall of text I had to get it out.
It's a masterpiece. I went to the manga store in my town and had no clue what to read. I asked for advice and he mentioned 20th century boys. To be honest, I didn't want to buy it. He said buy the first volume if you didn't like it come and change it with anything you want. I went home and started reading and never stopped till I finish the first volume. then the day after I went to the shop and bought all the volumes.
[Newest]For me, best manga ever, hands down.

Toriko is the best out it is awesome how the eat a lot of food and I really like sunny how he thinks he is beautiful and the bald dude who always says (did you say I am handsome) awesome so lovely bye bye
Really is just as good as one piece and naruto, can't believe its so far down, advise everyone to read!
I have read lots of Popular mangas, such as Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball, Hunter X Hunter, Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Fairy Tail and more and in my opinion this manga should be at the top of the list with them! The creativity and artwork are amazing! I would recommend that you read this manga if you like any of the above! I promise you will be hooked!
[Newest]If you want to look for story line that with both adventure and action comparable with one piece, you might want to try to read this manga. Especially to fill some of the gap from Naruto leaving the "big three".

42Rave Master
This is the best manga ever. My most favorite. The plot is great and the ending was just... Awesome. This should be in the top 10.
Rave Master is definitely one of the best manga ever, it spawned Fairy Tail afterwards! It inspired so many after it. How it's so low, I don't know though...
I've read this three times and it should be so much higher on the list. The character development is awesome to watch as well.

43Elfen Lied
Unsure why this is only 22 on the list, this manga really does a job on your emotions. Some may get turned off by the violence, but the story of the manga itself is compelling, and over time will capture your heart and play with your emotions. This will leave you thinking about it long after the story is finished.
It shows many aspects of life in a way that is out of the ordinary, a perfect combination of humour, action, adventure, tragedy. I just can't understand why it's in such a low place on this list
I am shocked that Elfen Lied is only the 19th in this list, because I imagined it to be in the top 5 at least. On the other hand (! Maybe! ) there are many people who shouldn't read it, because it is such a emotional manga (the anime is also pretty good, but I don't like the open end =/). Just think of yourself being depressed and then you watch little battered baby dogs, it's like a punch in your face.
Although I was depressed for at least one week it's a great story and I am still happy that I read it.
[Newest]So emotional, bloody, and heart wrenching! I cried so much! I got headaches thinking about how the storyline should've went, but it's already good if I'm still thinking about Elfen Lied after such a long time... Totally deserves to be at least a couple ranks higher!

44Gakuen Alice
This manga is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, EXCITING, ROMANTIC, AND FUNNY. I love the story line it amazing. There is emotional scenes that will make you cry and some will make you laugh your head off. So please read it but my advice is also watch anime. SHOULD BE ON TOP TEN SO WHY IS'NT IT... UGH I'M SO UPSET! The characters have such interesting powers and it just drives me crazy to wait for the chapter. I've read it like 3 times and it still makes me want to read again so please read.


Friendship, courage, power, unique capabilities... I'd say you really want to read this, and watch it for you can never be the same for what its worth. The story line for the anime is a lot more for the kids but the manga is preferably for the all.
I love gakuen alice. It's the perfect funy romantic manga. The story plot is amazing and there are scenes which make you cry espiacially the death of... If you don't know about gakuen alice please read it. Its super good and is for both guys and girls mostly girls because its romantic. Watch the anime first.
[Newest]SUCH A GOOD MANGA! I was crying when... Died and all the past events. The characters are so creative and the arcs are also really interesting. Please read. IT SHOULD BE IN THE TOP 10!

45Gin Tama
Gintama is a manga that once you read it you will cherish every moment of it. Every character is so unique and full of greatness that you just can't help but to just smile every time you see them. And did I mention that Gintama is absolutely HILARIOUS! I'm not kidding. Even if you think you are a cold blooded person who can't be moved by things that are to be funny, you will laugh after chapters or episodes of this (by the way Gintama is an anime and an manga). You may think it is boring in the beginning and you don't get Gintama, trust me. READ MORE! As the story progresses the characters get stronger both physically and mentally and the bonds they hold are strong. Even during tough times Gintama never fails to make you laugh and smile. I may be biased but if you read Gintama you will understand.
It's just plain crazy! Gin-chan is hot, and the others are a bunch of cool but idot character but that what makes me love them, cool and stupid at the same time! The quality of the video also the best! The comedy and parodies are extremely funny!
Gin Tama is a funny manga that mostly consists of short stories, but includes many important arcs, some serious, some made for people to laugh at.

46Hikaru no Go
After reading this, you get the urge to play go, no matter if you like board games or not.
Just read, then you'll see how great it is. I love Gin Tama.
Most underrated manga, read it and you'll love it!
[Newest]I love sai he's such a fun character I cried when he disappeared

47The God of High School
When you read God of Highschool (GOH) you will fall in love with it. The action scenes are... just so amazing. Every time I see it update I literally tremble with anticipation. Their moves are in slow motion kind of, and you can perfectly see how they do their moves. So those times where the character does a complex move but you can see only so much of it, GOH doesn't have that problem. Every characters are astounding. They are really strong. They have this slick way of fighting and their moves are just honestly something you shouldn't miss out on. The main character is Mori Jin. He is the cool, smart but dumb, easy going, protects what's close to him and just wants a good fight type of guy. God of Highschool is amazing. Amazing. Really amazing. It is really amazing. You will love it. It is just amazing.
This is a superb color manga.
Not one piece but worth a read

48Liar Game
This manga isn't just about "the games" they are more or less forced to play
(which are quite manageable on the first glimpse and become way more complicated as you follow Akiyama's train of thoughts and those of his opponents. )
It is also about the true nature of human beings and you are always wondering who (out of the two main characters) has the right image of humans.
Akiyama : who thinks that you should never trust anyone in the first place because there is always the possibility that they are going to betray you
Or Nao: the girl who is confident that you should give everyone the chance to be a good person without prejudices, no matter what this person has already done.

Although Akiyama's opinion is the more sensible one I can't help but cheer Nao on.

Well but see for yourself
One of the most intrigued manga ever! All the characters are great, and the progress of the manga is extremely hard to guess. The development of the main character makes the manga even better. Love liar game
Have you ever had shaking hands while changing pages? Well that's what Liar Game did to me in multiple occasions. Each game is thoroughly thought out and, although very complicated, has no logical holes. Also there's this point in most games that you are most desperate and don't know how they're gonna get out of this situation when Akiyama (the supporting character and the smart guy) comes and says: "I found a fool-proof strategy! " and you go YES!
[Newest]Read this manga and your hindsight/rear sight will not function. You can only think about just jumping into what's gonna happen next, but you won't be able to do it, because you just love how revelations are being executed. So yeah. Read this shi.

49Hayate the Combat Butler
The thrill in every chapter just makes me so exited. This manga or anime just makes me laugh, cry, makes me want to get angry. The Athena arc was good too and the art is cute
I really like this manga & also the anime. I get much joy from the manga and anime. It is full of everything like comedy, action, romance & other things. So it is really cool. I think that this should be on top ten of the list. The characters are different and all are really awesome.
One of my absolute favorites I love how it is able to make you laugh when Kotetsu is trying to get some, or smack yourself in the face when Hayate is being an idiot. Overall the plot is good and the artwork is lovable. Hayate No Gotoku for the win!
[Newest]Love the misfortune this guy gets into every chapter

Claymore is in its own league. The characters have depth and you will fall in love with them. The storyline is gripping and keeps you wanting to more about the world Claymore is based on. Each chapter is filled with great content that keeps the reader interested. It's a nice change of pace with women as the powerful characters, and that they can hold on their own. Overall it is an amazing manga and everyone should give it a read at least once.
You guys are unfair! Claymore should have been in the top 10!
I can't believe that some unknown manga above has a higher rate?! Maybe some people don't like the fact that most of the main characters are women? It's too shallow to think that way!
Just read this manga trust me it worth your time!
It has an awesome Plot and badass Characters, and the dark atmosphere and the medieval touch makes this manga an must read!
[Newest]Amazing plot, characters and the art is pretty decent overall deserves higher then 54

51The World God Only Knows
Good story but I thing there are to many love triangles for the main character (at least from what I read so far) that it gets kinda' tiring to watch. And I think they kind of stretched the story too far. But overall, I thing it's a great manga/anime because it has a great story and great artwork and it's very very hilarious.
This combination of Hell, love, and devils make it a interesting manga with a awesome story line!
This in my opinion but this should be number one because it is the only manga that I fell in love with and all the others I just stopped reading because I got bored with them

52Jojo's Bizarre Adventures
It is divided into 8 parts, each part has a different protagonist, but always the protagonist from the previous part is somehow related, except for the 1st 2 parts the drawings are awesome and really original (in my opinion) and the story is so great and creative, the name "bizarre adventure" is not for show this will be the most crazy manga you will ever read story wise, and story is always unpredictable you can never guess what will happen and good doesn't always win. A MUST!
JoJo isn't an awesome manga because of the story or characters... Its awesome because damn near everything that happens is a "DID YOU SEE THAT PART?! " moment. Definitely worth the read. Phantom Blood is a little slow but once you hit Battle Tendency and especially Stardust Crusaders, it's a blast.
Love it... With bizzarre characters storyline powerful stands that can even beat dragon ball! And also the authors a vampire!
[Newest]Amazing fight scenes, compelling plot twists and great characters make this manga series so awesome.


53Blue Exorcist
But anyway this manga is seriously amazing although it's a bit underrated for some reason but it's just so interesting and awesome and Rin is just awesome and he's really an amazing character and the other characters are really awesome too (especially Shura! She's so cool! )
It has an anime too and it's really epic although there's only 25 episodes and they made some changes so that it would end in a certain way but that never happened in the manga, plus the manga isn't finished. The way things are going now I doubt it'll be ending anytime soon.
BUT ANYWAY. AMAZING MANGA. DESERVES TO BE IN THE TOP 10 SERIOUSLY WHY IS IT DOWN HERE? I am telling the truth when I say it's on par with Fullmetal Alchemist.
It has most original and interesting plot that I had read up till now, personally I would prefer the anime but the manga has more stories which make it even more interesting~ it's just AMAZING!
Seriously people this manga is just amazing, just you wait it'll be up there on this list. It's REALLY interesting and the main character, Rin, is super cool. He's had it rough and you can really connect with him and feel his pain. Seriously guys, really great manga, it'll keep you hooked.
Plus there's an anime--it's completed because they changed the ending, but it's still really good. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT (duh that's why I'm writing this)
[Newest]Should be a lot higher. It should be in the top 20. The story is really interesting and has devils and demons and ghosts.

54Shaman King
Best manga I have ever read
Good manga for beginners too
By far, the best hero ever: being a non-stream kind of hero and apparently a weak one, it really comes as a surprise how much he evolves considering his unusual resolve.
Incredibly good plot, develloped extremely well (at least for the first 250 chapters). From that point on it starts to lose quality.
Average art work.
The characters are all very unique, and you could love them all.
[Newest]Simply nice story of my childhood

55Blade of the Immortal
Guys, this is the single best manga that I have ever read. A man with immortality forced on him has his ability to survive and protect others tested over and over. Beautiful, brilliant, sad, and superbly drawn. Please read and love this.
This is one of the best. Hiroaki Samura's drawings are great! He uses sometimes pencil instead ink. Anatomy is great, details are terrific and story is a lot better than other popular mangas. If you want to see good artwork, you should read this one.

56Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple
Do you like Martial Arts? Well developed characters? Ecchi? Then you should be reading this, right now.
This storylines the top class
As awesome as Naruto, bleach,1 PIECE FAIRYTALE, inuyasha. All the qualities you find in the above mentioned manga is here in this manga. It should be in the top ten or above.
That's good manga for martial arts. There have some interesting situation, although here is some "ecchi" moments.
[Newest]Should be top 20 at least

57Cage of Eden
It's awesome so sad that it's over but I advise you to read this because its of the hook
This manga is definitely under rated. I mean it has a nice story line its nicely drawn. I mean I see Pokemon above it now I know that must be a mistake I mean really people Pokémon. Moving on this manga should definitely be read. Its just an amazing story that has some interesting turn of events
Well it's a very good plot but it saddened me that it ended but I advise you read it you will love it
[Newest]It's so awesome that I read all the chapters in just two days.

58Akame ga Kiru
Love this manga. Got me into the whole manga scene after strictly watching only anime. I love the dark messed up scenes that make your heart turn into a knot. Or how they get the pace of the story to being a real up lighting tone then your suddenly forced to watch your hopes come crashing down as you share your despair with the characters. Can't get enough!
Oh man I don't know where to start but this manga is a blast! It's like a roller coaster of events and the story is never a letdown. It's a bit fan service-y but besides that this manga should have more ratings I give it 7.5/10!
For me its in the top three

Way better than Pokemon. Watching both shows from childhood, digimon is not afraid to convey different types of themes and emotions to the audience with death, depression, loss, vengeance, jealousy, survival, with not only one character. It provides an intriguing storyline, has very strong character development and plot. While pokemon has none of the above and shouldn't even be called "anime".
It's the best to grow with, it teaches you indirectly a lot of things, plus the values showed at its best, with an awesome and endless-like for a child, combination of monsters that can entertain you so much, 0% boring.
The anime that I grew up with. Action packed and yet heartwarming... It shows so much values in life! What more do you want? Watch it if you haven't!
[Newest]Are you kidding me this has to be in the top 5!

Epic anime. I especially love the plot which is one of the best in mangas, anime also was quite well made but the most interesting is definitely manga.
Nana is the greatest anime that I have ever seen even if it's touching in the last chapters but still so good and I'm already dying to read chap 85 :'( really it should be in the top 10
The manga and anime are both good although the manga is incomplete, it shakes your heart and I love the plot and music. Just beautiful!

61Sket Dance
Sket Dance is a really awesome anime! My friends recommended this anime to me and at first I thought it was just another anime. But as I watch it, I didn't regret watching it at all. It's a really fun anime as you're able to see how the club-Sket Dance help out other people and what other experience they are also facing, plus the background story of the members of Sket Dance are really sad and they moved on! Is one anime you MUST NOT miss! Have fun reading and watching it :D
It is super hilarious! The three main characters are awesome: Bossun, Himeko and Switch! It is super well made.
Hilarious! I can't hold it that I laugh very hard till my stomach aches! Even my family thought that I was crazy. But their pasts are just very sad! It's so moving that I can't stop my tears flowing!
It has an amazing story! Must read and watch the manga and anime!
[Newest]Sket Dance is one of the best manga out there. No doubt about it. Art, Character Development, Enjoyment, Everything.

The Pokemon Adventures/Specials is totally the best manga I've ever read. It's just awesome! You start to love all the characters. The plot of each chapter is really, really good. The whole Pokemon world thing is great. The drawings are okay in the first three chapters. It's just that the characters look younger for their age. But in the 4,5,6,7,8, and so on chapters the drawing has greatly improved. The characters look up to their age. To all those who have not yet read the Pokemon adventures manga, I greatly recommend you to do so. Believe me, you'll grow to be addicted to it!
Pokemon is a spectacular series ' the characters are so great 'the plot summary is great' you know what people from this series only some pocket monsters were created
Its been with me since my childhood
[Newest]Absolute best, yellow is my favorite character.

63Vampire Knight
Matsuri Hino makes a great storyline with amazing artwork. Much better than Twilight~
Intriguing and arresting, this story fascinated me with it's myriad of detailed, realistic and relatable characters. The central and passionate love triangle is not the only thing that will keep you on your toes!
The artwork is the BEST I've have ever seen in ANY manga. Like no joke! The plot might consist of a love triangle between oh Bella/Edward/Jacob types. But it is very respectable in it's own way! However despite this the main heroine is a mary sue and a plain jane. She has practically no personality even though she isn't specifically described as a tsndere. Still besides this I LOVE it!
[Newest]I did not like the ending but it was good

, today I asked myself what the best thing that happened to me today was and I said I got a donut. Well now I have to change it because Noragami is WAY higher than I thought it would be. I am so dying waiting for new chapters! It's a definite MUST READ!
I love Noragami! I so wish they could make new chapters faster! I started reading it because the anime left off a little fuzzy, and I definitely like the manga better than the anime. Definitely worth your while.
It's getting so intense! You have to read it it's great!


Most hilarious manga that I have ever read
Awesome manga ever the storyline is great.
Best storyline? Nope. If you want a good laugh, just try this one. It won't disappoint.

67Deadman Wonderland
Still one of my favorites, this story has fun, yet complex characters, a riveting storyline, and just get you hooked. Being but one chapter away from completion, this is the most anticipation I have ever felt for a manga. The only thing I dislike about it is I don't know what to read that can even compare!
One of my favorites, it has a really good story-line and cool characters, but is too short and ends too quickly :(
One of my favourite manga/anime highly recommended. The story revolves around ganta igarashi just an ordinary student whose class is brutaly murdered including his close friends. He is then convicted of this crime and sent to Japan's own privately operated prison called deadman wonderland. Where he meets a weird girl and also develops powers. Deadman wonderland is actually no ordinary prison it is a place where people with the same powers as ganta the maincharachter are forced to battle eachother in a bloody, horrifying kind of way. Deadman wonderland is really an amazing manga/anime that features drama, action, tragedy etc etc definitely a must read /watch anime/manga by the way in my perspective I find the manga just that much cooler than the anime. Damn this took a really long time to write so be sure to check it out.

68Shugo Chara!
I love it! Reading the story reminds me of myself. The main character are same as me, always shy and having trouble to show it's true personality. Thanks to her guardian character, she slowly fulfill her dream of being her own self. This is not only about dreams, but also about who you want to be.
BEST MANGA EVER! Seriously, its a must read! Also, Sailor moon and kitchen princess are SO GOOD! ALL OF THESE ARE A MUST READ!

Anohana is the best and saddest anime ever! The drawing is great and the characters personality totally fit in the story. It also very emotional!
Found the plot really good and I fell like I was in the story, should be 5 or 6.
Saddest anime ever... Amazing story!

Great Development, and art
The setting is surrounded by Magic (a magic school) but the protagonist is a non magic user
Lots of things happened
Well I think this should be at least best 30
But the ending is quite sudden so it's not exactly your favorite manga
How is this not at least top ten?!
Too short. Add more Chapters..

71Shokugeki no Soma
Shokugeki no soma in my opinion should be in the top 20 my reason being that it fully grips the readers' attention, it's unbelievably creative, it's educational, and leaves you 'begging for more'. I look forward to future chapters and I would recommend this manga to EVERYONE who knows what a good manga is 8/10
This manga is so interesting. Good art, good detailed graphics. Good challenges. So much fun.
It's a completely different strain of manga, that just grabs your attention, and holds you rooted.

This is my most favored manga and I have read all the manga in this top 20, so this means something. Yes, you need to get past the first story arc, before it gets really good (both for the story and the art). Butt, I tell you afterwards it will be the best manga you ever read. It has such a good story-line, it has a good pace, the characters are all interesting, and the art gets better every chapter (witch is a relief because in the first 50 chapters the art is just awful, I must confess). Making it now the best art work, I have come across. And Finally, the battles are so EPIC (and I mean Lord of the Rings epic). Truly a recommended to everyone, you will not be disappointed. Really start reading already!
Easily on par or just below berserk, great art fantastic characters and amazing battle scenes and by battles I mean tens of thousands of men cutting of each others arms legs and heads, the story is paced beautifully none of that 5 chapter long wait just before each battle as seen in naruto, bleach and so on, truly recommend it to anyone you will definitely not be disappointed
I just recently started reading the manga and the word AWESOME alone does not begin to describe it. Excellent war manga. I will be sad when some of them die, cheer when other do and cheer even louder when others make it! I promise you will not regret reading this one
[Newest]At first glance kingdom may seem like crap to you, but please take your time and read this absolutely amazing manga

73Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo
This series is absolutely awesome, it's low ranking is absolutely absurd. I'd say the storyline is most probably one of if not the best I have read so far and it has a fantastic blend of romance, humour, and many other elements which contribute to a great manga series. I feel that this series is severely underrated and deserves much more recognition than it currently receives. All in all, it is fantastic read.
Yeah it's a good manga

74Honey and Clover
I think Honey and Clover is pretty funny and it's gotta pretty good animation and the storyline is basically of a love triangle. It's cute and funny
One of the best and the most original love stories I have ever read.10/10

7507 Ghost
I love the manga it was awesome!, it was really annoying at first having to wait for the chapters!, but apart from that it was awesome!
The story is very good as well as the fact that you will be sucked into the story and you will feel what the main person is feeling and understand everything that is going through his head to a degree. but anyway it was a awesome manga! People should read it!
The anime is so cool... Though I never read manga because it's really troublesome to know the characters in black and white page as this is the battle manga...
I have no idea how this got all the way down here (well I know it's really not that popular ) but it's really one of the best out there it sould be on the at least the top 25

Love this manga finished the series the only thing I don't like it the murder knives and blood the worst part ever is the romance for the main character (NOT ARISA) epic FAIL!
A thrilling manga about mysteries and friendship. It really gets you thinking. The art is amazing and so is the plot. It is a must read. :D

77Maid Sama!
Best anime ever. At least this anime should be in the top 5... (short introduction about the anime :)) Brilliant and overachieving, Misaki Ayuzawa is the President of the Student Council at Seika High School, formerly a boys' school. Unfortunately, most of the students are still male and stuck in their slovenly habits, so man-hating Misaki really socks it to 'em in an attempt to make the school presentable to attract more female students. But what will she do when the sexiest boy in school finds out that after school, Misaki works in a maid cafe.
! Can't understand why it's on 112 RANK! D:
It's the best manga EVER! <3
I dare you to READ IT!
BEST. SHOJO. MANGA. EVER! 'enough said. :D
[Newest]Dude. One of the cutest couples ever.

Its really good Romance story with good characters and good fights. It was my first anime that I saw. I really enjoyed when I saw it. Its one of my favorites
One of the best for the character and the details in the drawings.

79Eyeshield 21
It;s tied for me with One Piece definitely one of the best manga ever. It teaches you to never stop giving up on your dreams, and is a true underdog story
It's the best sport manga... Hiruma is the one of the best characters ever imagined... And the game plays are too good. ! Its should be among top 15 at least.
It's an amazing story that will inspire you not to give up

This book is awesome! I'm so adicited to this book I want more but can't find any at my school
I love it so much, it's odd, at times but it's really awesome

81Samurai Champloo
It is great and entertaining

82Battle Angel Alita
This was a huge step in the sci fi genre that does not even need an anime series to show that it is great, so why on earth is it so low in this list?!
I heard James Cameron intends to turn this into a movie.
Simply put sick as hell you keep reading and read ahh if inished all the series its just perfect trust me on this!

Mega funny and awesome, now me and my friends are crazy fangirls ahaha pasta%%%~ Poor Canada, They never notice him. Love you bro the
Hilarious and always cheers me up when I'm in a bad mood
BEST EVER! I AM Germany! COSPLAY people!
[Newest]I like this why is it so low "cries"

84Rosario + Vampire
Rosario for the win! Best series ever if your up to date. It's my favorite many a and always will.
On of my favorites! It has a very interesting story, awesome battles, and above all - Fan service! - You won't regret it!
This manga is silly, funny, filled with action and an amazing storyline.. should be at least in the top 25

Kekkaishi is one of the best all rounder mangas yet!

86Fist of the North Star
Set in a post apoctolyptic world. About a man defeating evil. Should be in the top 5. Lots of action and violence, splendid story. A very good read.
A manga for men
This master piece should be in the top 10. Fantastic characters (Rei, Toki), great fights. The story delivers a strong, deep and unexcpected message.

87Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou
Some stories are about heroes going on journeys to save the world. Others are about love and war, gain and loss, or the powers of teamwork and friendship. This is not one of them. YKK is about Alpha, a robot who runs a coffee shop after the end of the world. It's not your classic nuclear armageddon, alien invasion, or zombies, either. There's no looters, no mutants, no bandits... Exactly what happened is a mystery, but the civilization (and humanity as a whole) has settled down and is in the process of exiting the stage. Not with a bang, not with a whimper, but with a smile and a bow. It's a cheerful tale about the passing of time and the wonders of life, that written in any other way would come off as depressing.
The art is absolutely wonderful, and to this day contains the best scenery I've ever seen. Grassy hills, cozy seasides, gazing at the clouds, plants growing on old buildings... It has a Ghibli vibe to it, of sorts. Even the simple things come off as detailed. It has entire chapters that are just trips through the lush countryside without dialogue, simply appreciating the beauty of the world.
The OVAs are pretty good, as well, and the calming soundtrack is absolutely wonderful.
It's the most relaxing, beautiful thing I've ever read, and maybe ever will. Gonna sound a bit cheesy here, but it sorta changed my life. Gave me a new outlook on it and, if nothing else, put a smile on my face. I cannot recommend it enough.
The art is beyond amazing. It pays attention to every blade of grass without becoming overly complicated.
It's got beautiful art, a whole bunch of philosophy, and lesbian androids. What's not to love?

It seems that no one has ever heard of this manga. The story is so touching and at times can feel like a visceral gut punch. Takehiko Inoue (author of Vagabond and Slam Dunk) hold nothing back in this series. By far his best work. If you or anyone you know have a disability or have ever gone through a hard time, you owe it to yourself to read this series. All I can say is that it is amazing.
This manga is so underrated. It has a complex but down to earth storyline, and the art is just simply superb.
The author of Slam Dunk and vagabond takes a different approach here, for a more personal manga, about early adulthood and finding your place in the world, with all the downsides of life.
I can't recommend it enough
Easily my favorite manga. There's something for everyone in it whether you like comedy, drama, or action.

89Beast Master
It might look normal but it has a deep meaning in it:Everyone has their monsters in them.
The manga is very fanny and romance the story is very good and awesome

90Neon Genesis Evangelion
After crossing all the thoughts in my mind, I would like to rate this Anime/Manga best on the basis of:-Three words: "Depth of imagination". Enough said.
I really like their story with these futuristic robots and all that futuristic stuff.
One of the deepest anime, where it takes multiple viewing just to know what really is going on

91Saint Seiya
Saint Seiya's is one of the early greats, such as Dragon Ball, to how One Piece, Bleach and Naruto are now. The story is about self sacrifice of young men and the true pursuit of manliness. It's a must for all fans that love hot blooded manga!
Saint Seiya is one of the best anime/manga of all time. The story, characters and the fights are awesome!
How is this so low ir should be top ten if not first

92Prince of Tennis
I agree this is not a top 5 manga, but it at least belong to the top 25.
The story is good, the match are exciting.

Without any hesitation the best sports manga ever.

From a huge manga fan.
A well done manga with cool characters and hard tennis matches,
Everyone who like good sport mangas should read it

93Maximum Ride
It's the perfect animated/manga book series in the entire world! It is the perfect starter for anyone and I've already read the whole series more than ten times! Plus, I'm am trying so hard not to explode while waiting til August when maximum ride book 9 comes out! I loved and hated how the ending of book eight well, ended! Anyway if I could recommend it on a scale of one to ten, I'd give it a ninety seven! Good luck if you read them and have fun!
It is very good. It is also interesting because they have no parents. Then all of a sudden, monsters chase them! But in the end it was all just a dream... They wake up and find they are gonna be killed!
If you are a true maximum ride fan than you'd know that they only made it sound like a dream but max had the scar to prove them wrong, so if you give info tell the truth

94Pokemon Adventures
Pokemon Adventures/Special is not well known but a very good manga- it starts of childish but later it gets much, much better. If you are looking for action, adventure, a good plot, the characters ageing instead of staying ten all the time, romance and a Pokemon manga more mature then the Pokemon anime, this manga is perfect for you!


96Captain Harlock

97Itazura na KIss

98Dengeki Daisy
Er. I love this manga. It made me laugh, cry, fall in love and it also taught me that not everybody in this world can not be trusted.. Now because of this manga I trust almost everyone more than ever.. Waiting for Chapter 49.. I hope that I can read it soon. I would like to thanks the author for making such a wonderful manga.
I read this manga and I feel so happy. The story is very good, characters are very hot (the boys), comedy. Romance. Very good art. Really love itI wish for an anime adaption
This manga really makes me feel happy! I like it because it isn't just a "romance-comedy" manga but it has a more complicated and more interesting story line... Plus... I'm in loovee with Kurosaki!
[Newest]BEST! You fall in love

99Onani Master Kurosawa
It's a lot better than it sounds, actually. The main theme is, as the title gives away, masturbation, but there's also a pretty deep, psychological storyline in there, too. I also think that the character development is good, especially considering the very last chapter.

I really recommend it, it's not a very long read either.

Oh my gosh this obviously has to be good so you should read it. Its obvious because its been made into a live action T.V. show in Taiwan, Korea, abd Japan.
I loved this manga, it was so cute and very funny
This story seemed like a cliché with a dumb female protaanganist just chasing some stupid guy. It ended up being that, but without the dumb, stupid, and cliché parts. Great manga and I think I'll read it again.

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