Top 10 Most Attractive Hetalia Guys

It doesn't have to be hot, sexy, cute or handsome it's just who in your eyes is the most attractive man in Hetalia.
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1 France

I find it hard to believe Japan and Canada are higher. I know everyone has their preferences, but France SCREAMS sex appeal. By far the sexiest in the series. Only he could be so feminine, yet so masculine, so confident, suave, chic... yet so sensitive. He has THAT accent and he speaks French, the language of love! I bet he smells incredible too, and he's a GREAT cook!

I thought he'd be higher than 7. He's got great fashion sense, fabulous hair, and he's really sweet.

I like the fact that he isn't "teenage-boy" hot, but is more classically beautiful.

2 England

He has such a unique disposition, plus the bright green eyes, messy blonde hair, and deeply intricate personality, which is incredibly endearing.

With a cute accent and sense of style, this guy is one of the most adorable tsunderes I know. He can be cruel and has a very short temper, but he is also very understanding and loyal, with strong beliefs and a personality to match. It's hard to resist him.

The eyebrows are what stuck with me when I saw Arthur Kirkland for the first time ever. At first, I thought he was weird, but as I saw more and more of him in the series, bloody hell.

His gentlemanly personality, his dashing looks, all his imaginary creatures, that accent, and those hot and attractive eyebrows, are what caused me to be drawn to Mr. Kirkland.

3 America

Like most characters in the show, he's got both his good and bad qualities. He's complex and he's got this unstoppable attitude that seems to allure me to him. He's confident, silly, and sometimes stupid in a cute way. But what really intrigues me is that he can be tough and cunning when he wants to be. Plus, did I mention that April Fools episode?

I just love how Alfred can be absolutely precious while extremely hot at the same time! Despite all he's been through, he never fails to make me smile with his blissful and energetic nature. Also, his strong sense of justice (wanting to be the hero and protect others!) and super strength, both physically and in spirit!

When he gets serious (Hnngg *grabby hands*), I can't help but fangirl all over the place! Alfred, baby, I love you!

4 Spain

He is cute, passionate, caring, dense, attractive, positive, and friendly! The question here is HOW not to love a character like that. And he has an incredibly sexy body. Did you see him in the April Fools episode? He is too hot for me. And his booty is just the finest thing I have ever seen.

Hmm, Spain really is all-around attractive. He has a nice personality (not nice like Canada, but nice like well-rounded) and a nice body, especially the booty! I'd eat that ass like a cupcake any day! I'm quoting Nicki Minaj there, or at least referencing her, in case any of you didn't catch that.

5 Japan

Whenever I join a fandom, I sometimes develop a crush on one specific character. Japan is the one character in Hetalia.

I can understand some of the things that Japan feels. He may seem emotionless and indifferent, but he really is quite insecure about how the other nations view him. He is an otaku and likes kawaii things, and I can't get the image of him petting a bunny and a guinea pig out of my head, by the way, and he is very kawaii himself. I practically screamed when he blew a kiss toward the screen when he tried to copy France.

Also, without Japan, we wouldn't have anime.

6 Canada

Canada I really like for some reason. He can be sweet and innocent or really dominating and controlling, and either is hot! I especially love him with America for some twincest. A guilty pleasure (only in fics, not real life!).

He's a precious cinnamon roll! He should get all the love! The poor thing! He's so cute! I wish he was real. But, damn, that accent...

Canada is really shy, and that is what makes him cute. Every other guy in Hetalia is big, bulky, and strong.

7 Germany

The boy has beautiful blonde hair and blue eyes and is a total hunk. He's strict but extremely soft, and he can make me smile in a heartbeat. He'll never leave people behind and will stick with them till the end! His muscles cause me to melt though. So hot.

He's super sexy in my opinion. So far he's my favorite, and I like how serious he is. He is much my taste and probably that is my point of view for an ideal boyfriend. Serious but soft and caring? Just SO HOT!

I've always had a thing for blondes and blue eyes. Germany's physical looks are, in my opinion, extremely handsome and cause me to make dying animal sounds and make my friends question my sanity levels.

I've always loved his personality too. He's tough and hard on the outside, but on the inside, he's a teddy bear. I always love it when he's angry. I don't know why, but I fangirl when he's angry >//w//<.

8 Prussia

The thing I like about Prussia is that despite boasting about how he prefers to be alone, you can see that he is actually rather lonely and that there is more to his character than meets the eye.

I couldn't help but think how cute he was when he discovered Hungary was actually a girl. Rather than be a pervert as someone would expect (especially considering how often he boasts about being "awesome" and the infamous "crotch cloth" from moments before), he gets flustered and does the exact opposite by looking away and giving Hungary his cloak with just a calm, "Keep it." No mocking, no teasing. He acts like a decent person for once and leaves.

Also, I can't help but gush a little when he interacts with Germany, aka his little brother! The guy clearly cares for Germany in his own way, and seeing the interaction in canon and all of those fan arts with Germany and Prussia (NOT GERMCEST MIND YOU!) makes my heart melt every time!

It doesn't hurt that Prussia is quite toned under that shirt. Sure, not Germany levels, but still! Plus, I love his accent! I'm really attracted to it every time he talks. Finally, the guy is genuinely awesome! He's still alive even in the modern world despite his country no longer existing!

So yeah, he's a cocky bastard who has more to show than what he says!

9 Denmark

Denmark should be higher up the list! Everything about him is amazing! His personality, his hair, his eyes, his voice, how much he cares for everyone, and he's super funny! How can you dislike Denmark?! He's adorable!

OK, I can't BELIEVE Denmark isn't higher on this list. Like, have you LOOKED at him? He is SO handsome! He's a beautiful combo of cute and hot. His hair is PERFECTION and he has the cutest eyebrows and eyes in existence. He just looks at you and SPARKLES NORDIC SUNSHINE.

Look at that boy. He's tall, handsome, muscular, and a total HUNK. DAMNmark indeed. Like America, he's also just preciously happy and optimistic and wants everyone else to be too. It is every fangirl's dream to become his Queen of Scandinavia and build a Lego castle to live in together. Denmark is PERFECT, OK?

10 Austria

Austria is attractive, but I don't particularly like his personality. I do, however, admire his devotion to music. It's truly inspiring, and I find most of his beauty through his music.

How is this guy only at 11? In my opinion, he's one of the most attractive out of the lot.

I love his piano playing skills. It's been six months since I started playing, and I can't play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"!

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11 Northern Italy

Adorable, optimistic, and happy to be alive. He seems to have this innocent air around him that draws people in. Also, looks-wise, he's very attractive. Auburn hair, pretty golden eyes. He'd be popular if he went to school.

He is not dumb like people think. He just looks at a brighter future. He started the Renaissance! It produced so many things people didn't think could be and new ways of thinking people had never imagined before!

Italy would be a perfect boyfriend! He is so cute, and I love his accent. He also can make delicious meals. He has got an adorable curl. I just love every part of him!

12 Romano

He is just SO CUTE! He was absolutely adorable as a little chibi, how he would call Spain a jerk bastard all the time, how he would be munching on a tomato all day long, and his reaction (as a chibi) when Spain pulled his curl was priceless! Also, all those cute brother-to-brother moments!

And one cannot simply forget the time when Romano and Italy got their curls stuck together!

He's Italian! Proclaimed to be God's gift to women! That's got to have something going for it!

He should totally be in the top 3. His tsundere personality makes him so cute and hot! I totally wish he was real. Like, I'd die!

13 Scotland

I thought Scotland would be in the top three at least. He is hot as hell.

Scotland is a sexy bastard. I'm surprised he's not higher on the list.

Even though he's not canon, he's awesome.

14 China

The best character in Hetalia for me. I like both his versions: in the first seasons and the new version. I just love his personality and looks. He's good at cooking and is absolutely adorable. My number one character.

My, my, I just love him. I know that in reality, I love Japan (and I want to go there), but China is an awesome place. And Yao has his charm, his hair, his eyes... Ok, I can't tell you why, but he is the most awesome character in Hetalia for me.

Like one of the comments said, you gotta admire someone who can beat a katana and a gun with a kitchen tool.

15 Ancient Rome

Something about him draws me towards him. I don't know if it's his personality or his looks, but I know the narrator was right when it said he was unusually handsome.

16 Greece

He's very laid back and loves cats. Soft-spoken, weird, and very adorable. If we got to learn more about him, he'd be the kindest laid-back guy in Hetalia. He needs to be noticed more, and I'm still surprised he's more fit than the rest of the guys!

Greece needs more love. I love him as a character in general and think he's attractive, but I'd rather he had a more active personality. Sorry, Herc. But hey, at least I voted for you. You know who else needs more love? China, that's who. rambles on about Yao

I'm part Greek, so I have a small level of attraction toward him. He's pretty much me, turned male.

17 Sweden

Sweden is love. Sweden is life. Seriously, he should be higher up the list.

18 Netherlands

Green eyes, spiky blonde hair, tall, stoic, but he has a soft spot for bunnies! How sweet! And he gardens! What more could a girl want than a guy in touch with his feminine side? In my mind, he is totally sexy.

He's tall, he's sexy, he's sweet, and he can handle finances. Who doesn't want a guy like him? He should be higher on the list.

19 Iceland

Iceland is probably one of the cutest Hetalia characters. If not the very cutest, in my opinion.

Iceland and Norway are too underrated. I mean, have you looked at them?

20 Russia

Imagine waking up next to this silver-haired male. He engulfs you in a warm hug while you two are spooning for warmth because it's freezing not being under the covers. Then he murmurs in your ear, "Good morning, Sunflower," in his cute Russian accent or whispers Russian things in your ear.

He is very cute, but different from China. Russia is like a Siberian brown bear guarding its territory. He has strong fighting power, independence, and possession. He looks powerful, but his heart is soft.

21 Latvia

I think Latvia is honestly adorable. He is so perfect and needs more love!

22 Norway

What the hell, why is he at 24? He should be in first place. He is my favorite character. He is sooo cute. I love him! I also love his butter and coffee! It is the best. I love his whispery voice. I want to go to Norway sooo bad! Someone used to think he was a girl because of the phone to call trolls. They even thought that he was Ukraine and they looked exactly alike!

Norway is rather underrated for such a developed character. You can't tell at first, but you have to go more in-depth with the character and its relations to the real Norway. I could give so many more reasons, but I don't think I can fit them all.

23 Holy Roman Empire
24 Romania

He's an adorable little trickster! What's not to love? He believes in magic and loves his little brother! What a cutie!

Adorable little vampire baby. A much better version of Twilight (just my opinion). A mysterious charm to an attractive, well-dressed man.

He is just so attractive with his ruby red eyes, and that little hat tops it all off!

25 Poland

I'll fight you about my opinion on this.

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