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1 Kaneki Ken

The best thing about can Ken Kaneki (to me) would be his personality. This is only my opinion because I can relate to his life (not the Ghoul part) but not only losing your friends and both parents but yourself as well. This would be my favourite ANIME!

Leaving anime in manga one if the best protagonist character development ever, black-white-white-black-white, personality changes just like clothes.

He is so relatable badass, hot, just overall an amazing character it just wouldn't be the same without him! Love is character development!

2 Suzuya Juuzou Suzuya Juuzou is a character in the manga and anime series Tokyo Ghoul, created by Sui Ishida. He is initially introduced as a Special Class Ghoul Investigator under the Commission of Counter Ghoul (CCG). Suzuya possesses a disturbing love for violence and torture, an attribute stemming from a traumatic... read more

He is the BEST charcter for me! I don't care about what people say... He is hands down the mascot of this series for me... This twisted series is best depicted through him! Sure Kaneki might be the main character but Suzuya gives it a strange form of life... He has such an awesome squad... His squad and their relationship is the REAL penultimate squad goals collection!

Poor baby. His childhood was so sad. What do people mean when they say Kaneki's was worse? Okay,

Kaneki actually knew at least one of his parents. Juzo was kidnapped and never knew his real parents. Juzo has his balls cut off by force to physically live a girl forever, he was raised to be a serial killer, that's why he's mentally ill. Need I say more?

3 Touka Kirishima Touka Kirishima is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Tokyo Ghoul created by Sui Ishida.

Touka is beautiful, badass, and a very interesting character. And even though she seems a bit short tempered at times, she's actually a kind and caring person. She's my favorite character in the show.

She is my favorite character (other than Eto). I instantly loved her personality. She's a badass and seems lot get really angry sometimes, but she's actually very nice and adorable.

I love this character for her personality her looks and even her fight scenes. This is why she's my first and only waifu

4 Ayato Kirishima

I love him a lot, he's my favorite Tokyo ghoul character since he appeared in the first time, ayato is so hot and strong, I love him.

I think Ayato had a ton of character development and the anime could've highlighted it more. he's definitely the one who caught my attention first he's really hot

He's so cool! Ayato's voice actor is very awesome too! I think he should be 1st

5 Hinami Fueguchi Hinami Fueguchi is a character from the "Tokyo Ghoul" series. She is a young ghoul who is initially seen with her mother, Ryouko Fueguchi. After her parents are killed, Hinami finds solace and protection with Kaneki and Touka, main characters in the series. She possesses two types of Kagune, a ghoul's... read more

Despite with ayahina shipping.
I founded more with kaneki x hinami and hinami x touka.
Let's face it touka and kaneki been with hinami in entire series they're like real siblings to her and hinami see touka as big sister and see kaneki as big brother to her. Which make it very cute and adorable hinami.
Hinami is arguably best girl and the cutest and adorable character.

Hinami And Touka spend through a lot together since Tokyo ghoul and Tokyo ghoul re. Touka wanted to save Hinami from death sentence from ccg and risk her life to do so.

6 Hideyoshi Nagachika

He reminds me of Sam Gamgee from Lord of the Rings. I love him. I wish I could have a friend like him, but at the same time I will try to be a friend like him.

The best friend anybody would need or even want! He is so funny and I just love him! I..I..I have no more words...

He's so loyal! It makes me envy Kaneki for having such a good friend... He went to such lengths to help Kaneki.

7 Kishou Arima Kishou Arima is a major antagonist turned protagonist of the manga/anime, Tokyo Ghoul, and its successor, Tokyo Ghoul:re.

In the first part I hated him, but in the second part he really grew on me I thought he was kinda funny. When he died I was really sad

Despite being the less screen time in part 1, Tokyo Ghoul:re's deuteragonist Arima always love Jaise/Kaneki like his son, he knew that he will not survive long so he needed a successor and Kaneki gave him that. RIP One Eyed King.

Arima Kishou is UNDEFEATED!
Like Aomine says "The only one who can beat me is me" and I hope that he will be revived because I'm still not over his death.

8 Uta

I still love Uta and he is still one of my personal favorites, but it really really disappoints me that he turns out to be a villain and a member of the Clowns. He seemed like such a good and friendly character and I thought he was. I hate how the best characters are always evil, especially when they seem like a good guy when they first appear. It kinda ruins it for the fans even if they do still like them. It still love Uta all the same, but it's still disappointing that he turns out to be a villain.

He to me, he is an amazing character and has so many cool things about him like his tattoos and his piercings and just the fact the his eyes mostly stay the same, (black and red) is so cool.

9 Amon Koutarou

As much as I love Kaneki, Touka, and a few more characters, Amon is pretty cool. He had more screen time in season two and I thought he had a good personality. His devotion to rid the world of ghouls and make the world a better place is what makes him awesome. Not to mention he's also pretty handsome.

He's an amazing character. I loved seeing him devoted in killing ghouls to save other people's lives and he was such a heroic character!
Also, he's really funny and REALLY loves training.

If ken is the main character in the series I can argue the second lead protagonist in the series.

10 Ken Kaneki
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11 Koutarou Amon
12 Akira Mado Akira Mado is a character from the manga and anime series "Tokyo Ghoul." She is a Special Class Ghoul Investigator and is known for her analytical skills and dedication to her job. She is the daughter of Kureo Mado, another investigator, and inherits his unique quinque, a weapon used for fighting ghouls... read more

She's level headed , smart , gorgeous and strong I really like her character.

I love her she's beautiful and badass and obviously deserves more love,she also reminds me a lot of Annie Leonhadrt.

Beautiful and hot and sexy and cool and badass...shes one of the best girls I have seen in anime world

13 Eto

One Eyed Owl (Eto) got one of the best character development in the series and after learning her past no one can hate her.

Eto is best girl, she's op, and has an interesting character.

14 Nimura Furuta

He's literally the best character into the entire series. The anime didn't do him justice tbh.

Furuta is weird and doesn't take anything seriously. He's great

15 Shuu Tsukiyama Shuu Tsukiyama, also known as the "Gourmet," is a ghoul character in Tokyo Ghoul. He hails from a wealthy and influential family, possessing an aristocratic demeanor. Tsukiyama has a fascination with literature and fine arts, but he is also obsessed with consuming high-quality human flesh. Despite his... read more

First introduced as a jerk and at the end become everyone's favourite.

16 Noro

-Awesome Character, He raises Eto protecting her from V and even after he loses most his mental capacity to them he still remains by Eto's side.Then on top of that he is one of the most powerful ghouls in the series.

Most badass character after Ken Kaneki, doesn't care when people attack him, he wipes them off in the blind of an eye.

17 Renji Yomo

Really just love his cool and quiet personality.

18 Tooru Mutsuki

Most in depth character and even though he goes evil he is still the best

19 Itori Itori is a character from the "Tokyo Ghoul" series and is a part of the mysterious group known as the Clowns. She is an information broker and owns a bar where ghouls and humans gather. Itori is known for her playful and mischievous personality. She has a long history with Uta and Renji Yomo, other... read more
20 Rize Kamishiro Rize Kamishiro is a central character in "Tokyo Ghoul," known for her role in Kaneki Ken's transformation into a ghoul. She is initially portrayed as a beautiful and seductive woman but is later revealed to be a voracious and dangerous ghoul. Rize is the source of the organs transplanted into Kaneki,... read more

Burn Rize. You caused all of this. All Kaneki wanted was a date. Instead, you made his life a living hell.

21 Nishio Nishiki

Nishiki is my favorite character! He is such an complex character, and I love his backstory. Nishiki should get more love, and less hate!

Nishio is literally the definition of perfect. When he came back in :re all badass I was squealing.

He's like so col and he made me cry at some point and I just love him his so caring and sexy!

22 Takizawa Seidou

I feel really sad about what happend to him. I would join Algiori just to be his friend.

23 Yomo Renji

Mr.Yomo is one of the most well made and best characters in the anime/manga even though he seems so forgotten. Seeing his backstory and his past makes you like him even more, knowing that he is so strong, yet even he has moments where you see his emotions show through his stone-like persona. Mr.Yomo is one of the best characters you can have, being powerful and a mentor of sorts to Kaneki in the beginning, also proving himself one of the smartest characters in the show from his battle with Tooru. Maybe there is also going to be a reveal where he is a Kaguja as well in the manga after reading through is past and realizing that he cannibalized. Who knows?

24 Kuki Urie
25 Kureo Mado

I don't know why everyone hates him, I love him even in though I am in re chapter 130+

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