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Makes me think of Air Bud and the Buddies series. Buddy was such a good dog- I even name my cat Buddy, but that's because I kept calling him that on accident, it's probably because the name fit him so well, because he was my pal. Not better than my puppy though. Dog's are the best friend you an ever have, and I'm not just saying that because it's true. I've learned from experience.

I knew this would be the best one! Buddy is my favorite dog name and my sister used to have a dog named Buddy. BUDDY!

Buddy is a awesome name for a dog

Buddy means friend and dogs are mans best

It is a terrible name shadow is number one

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Because what if it is black? It could be shadow

Shadow makes me think of something dark, and mean. But on the bright side, shadow is a nice puppy name because a shadow follows you everywhere. Just like your puppy!

Shadow is an amazing name I find

My dog is named shadow it is a great name and I recommend it

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I agree also a great dog name my dogs is defiantly going to be lucky. Great name!

you think your dog is lucky name him that - allisa

Such an awesome name for a dog that's well... LUCKY :-)

My Lucky is the Best

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It's a hip name. The best there is. Finnick, Biscuit, and bronzey are awesome too. But Spike is the best. Snoop and browser are cool too.

I name my puppy spike because It is a bulldog and in the tom and jerry there is spike the bulldog

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Biscuit is ADORABLE! Perfect for a small fluffy dog, like a Maltese or a
Even a golden retriever. But personally, my favourite name EVER for a dog is; Socks or yogurt. They're totally funny names that will suit dogs with fun and affectionate personalities

Hi my opinion is that people should call their dog Biscuit because it is a really cute name my brother and I want a new puppy and we both really want to name it biscuit if it is a boy. I LOVE THE NAME BISCUIT!

My dog's name is Biscuit, she's a mutt. So cute, she still thinks she's small, so she sits in my lap, but sort of crushes me.

Unique. Elegant. Beautiful.

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Are you kidding me? That's my boyfriend's name! I bet he'll get pretty mad when he find out that his name was actually voted #11 in for "Best names for dogs"! It's kinda hilarious, don't you think?

Max is a lovely name, because my mother had a dog called Max, and it makes the dog sound happy and playful, which you always want in your dogs name, I think that it is just truly a brilliant name, and I would recommend it to anyone with a boy dog. PS: I wish I could call my dog Max, I would love to.

What an awesome name I have a German shepherd named MAX and Max is a great name for a dog I LOVE IT!

One of my dogs are named Max! - Pegasister12

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I named my dog scooby 5 years ago and I've always loved the show scooby-doo


I'm thinking to name my dog this name it's so cute and adorable and it reminds me of the show scoopy doopy doo

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I like the name

Going 2 b my dog's name


Hahahhahahhahahhahahahahah that's awesome. Thumbs up for this choice even though none of my dogs are called it XD!

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I Just Adore That Name For A Little Puppy!

toby is an adorable name for a smaller dog

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11Bob Barker

Just imagine: every time you call your dog you get to employ your best Johnny Olson or Rod Roddy hollering: BOB BARKER! "

An obvious choice. Bob loves animals and I'm sure would feel truely honored. Plus, it's a cute name.

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Snoopy is such a cute and awesome name for a dog. Its like one of the most popular. Good grief!

I think that snoopy is a great name it reminds a person of Charlie brown

This used to be my dogs name, until he died. I still get very sad. I get so sad I sometimes call my five month old dog snoopy. :-(

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Bob is by far the most sensible name on this list. It is short, sounds funny, and is just plain awesome. Heck, it's a good name for a BABY!

Bob is the name of my dog... My family fought me but they all love the name... Just gets awkward when you meet someone with the same name as your dog lol

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I LOVE Nigel it is adorable who wouldn't like his name but everybody has different opinions.

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15DariaV1 Comment

My bff is called that but spelt Robyn

20Karl Barx

Genius! Pure genius! That's all I have to say. This is a good dog name along with Bob Barker.

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