Best Nickelodeon Shows of All Time


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SpongeBob SquarePants
This show USED to be the best show EVER until about 2008 or 2009. If you watch an older episode(example: Squidwards "Best Day Ever" to later episodes(Example: I can't remember the name, but it involved Patrick's cousin coming over), you will definitely see the difference. Pretty sad.
Spongebob is like one of the best T.V. shows in my childhood. It's been around like even more than a decade. All kids & adults really enjoyed it. It's far far far too good to not be number 1. The Spongebob character is super sweet. If you don't even like or love that show you have to be a huge shame on yourself. The greatest show on Nickelodeon. GO SPONGEBOB!
I love Spongebob Squarepants because the T.V. Shows are funny. I especially like it in Spongebob Sqarepants the Movie when Spongebob said, " There's something I need to tell you, " when Mr. Krabs tells Squidward to give Spongebob the place of being manager for the Krusty Krab 2, and Squidward says that after Spongebob's journey, Spongebob realized that what he wanted was not really what he wanted. But then Spongebob said, Are you kidding? I was just gonna say that your zipper was undun. MANGER?! This is the happiest day of my life! Yeah, that part was funny.
I can't stand this show its not the best show winx club is
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2Avatar: The Last Airbender
Listen here, Avatar is and always will be the greatest achievement in nickelodeon's history. Avatar has all of the key components to keeping anyone interested; romance, comedy, action, adventure, chaos, a good protagonist and antagonist, as well as a great plot and story line. This is by far the best show nickelodeon has ever produced. Hopefully the new avatar mini-series will live up to the achievement of the original series. Anyone can watch this television show; child, teen, or even adult. Spongebob in comparison used to be great, but after the movie the level of hilarity decreased and the interest went down. Now I see spongebob as a child specific show rather than a show for any audience. Good luck appealing to 5 year olds Spongebob.
One of the best shows on T.V. you'll find in the USA.

It boasts one of the most original storylines, and captivates kids and adults with the shows' immense world, character development, and good blend of action, comedy, and a touch of romance.

Plus, it simply looks cool!
More creative and emotionally in-depth/involved than any other show Nick's ever produced. I'm glad its getting a sequel series. Legend of Korra coming this November.
I think Avatar is the best because of its great story, cinematic views, unforgettable characters, and its ability to be considered anime. That's final.
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3Drake and Josh
ICarly is nothing compared to Drake and Josh. Not only are the jokes not funny but also the acting especially Miranda Cosgrove's. She did a great job as Megan but the non-evil role doesn't suit her
By far the best Nickelodeon show ever! Spongebobs right behind it though. Get this to number one guys because I carly is a knock off of this show
All of the T.V. Shows on the channel are good, but those compared to Drake & Josh they are pieces of Poop. DRAKE & JOSH IS THE BEST!
Josh is the funniest, but on ICarly Spencer is awesome.
Bottom line is Drake and Josh RULES
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4The Fairly Oddparents
This show is amazing! Worth watching as spongebob.. Thumbs UP!
Can't believe it's not 1... Come on guys, this is epic! In fact, I'd not in calling it the best Nick show EVER. But this show is amazing!
Thumbs UP!
HOW THE HECK IS THIS NOT NUMBER 1? I have loved this show all my life. It is funny, weird, and Poof made a great add to the mix! This show is the greatest and 10x better than SB. I love Avatar, but its nothing compared to this. Number 10? Come on everybody vote this up so it can be where it belongs. 1st place!
Love this show, It's a fun cartoon. Still excited for more episodes, Thanks you very much Nick!
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This needs to be like the number one... This one is the legend and then spongebob, this is what we watched as young children and it was one of the creative shows ever.
Wow the reason why this is in 4th place is because the voting is mostly coming from younger kids who weren't around for rugrats. I really don't see how avatar is number one I watched that show once and I couldn't believe how boring it was.
Re-watching this right now and I never thought I would enjoy it now as much, if not more than I did as a kid! I love the scripting of this show and hearing what the adults have to say, especially old gramps, he can be really funny. I also like how the plot isn't so predictable, for example that episode where tommy's clown lamp broke, not once did it cross my mind that it was possibly Angelica! (because she had entered the room pretending she had been woken up from her nap) Also what I think really makes this show great is the voice acting, sound effects/music and the story telling. Also the characters are all easily likeable. Having just re-watched season 1, I never really remembered how evil Angelica actually is, I was surprised and how manipulative and cunning she can be for a 3 year old. All in all this show is under-rated!
My first show on Nick
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I love this show! Its so funny and cool! But sadly its ending this November ;( But I'm glad there's a strong fan base to it! My Favorite character is Carly, she's funny, sweet, fine caring, and not spoiled! I also like Sam and the fat kid (I think his name is Gibby) who rips his shirt off and starts dancing ;) Don't listen to some of those haters they just don't understand comedy! Thank you Dan Schneider for making a wonderful show! PS you also did well with Victorious, Amanda Show, and especially this Drake and Josh!
Icarly is very special show
Finished! This is so unfair 'cause iCarly was and still IS nickelodeon's best show ever. Why unfair? Because it's at tenth place, one of the reasons thet it had so much seasons was because, it was great and had so much fans too! Much of them don't know this website or so, they would put this in the first place!
Miranda Cosgrove is awesome
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Victorious Is Awesome I know It's new but some of the characters like Cat is hilarious
Because it has stories. Hollywood Arts is making easily a friendship like Tori and Andre. I wish Beck Oliver and Jade West are now good couples. My favorite part of Victorious is Wok Star because it has a lot more fun and I love Jade's Play call Well Wishes than Trina! An one woman show.
My Judgement of play stage:
Well Wishes- I love it! Jade I saw so many connections like Mrs. Lee make sure your play is creative and beautiful. I saw a wonderful stories my favorite part of the story is when a girl fall down into a well then there was a guardian angel. Excellent Job!
Uptown, Downtown- I saw that rocking musical part it was fantastic!
Steamboat Suzy- Do not please. Change roles.
Trina! - Too boring people are not allowed to laugh 235,000,000 people don't want a one woman show including your parents because you might make Cat and Tori cry and Jade very angry.
There was no stories, not nice voice and no connections around your character and Someone own Chicago.
I think victorious is one of the best show because it is very funny and interesting to watch. Please continue doing it!
I love Victoria justice and every one else
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8Invader Zim
This show gives me such an intense feeling in my human belly! The best Nick show ever. Period. It has it all. Comedy, awesome characters, a good story line, and ALIENS! It has had a HUGE impact on everyone, and it has a BIG fan base that still keeps it alive after it being cancelled by Nick (CURSE YOU, HORRIBLE NICK DEMONS! ). IT EVEN HAS IT'S OWN CONVENTION! What other show can say that!?

I believe it deserves an ending! What do you say, fellow human Pig-Smellies? We deserve to find out what happens next! WE ARE ZIM-WORTHY!
I can't believe Invader Zim is #6. I also can't believe Nick cancelled it. WHY!? WHY!? Invader Zim deserves to be #1 and with a crown on top. INVADER ZIM SHALL RULE!

"Vote for me or I'll destroy you"- Zim, Voting of the Doomed
I've been a big fan of Invader Zim for about 3 years, and I knew about the "Bring Back Invader Zim! " petitions, and the rumors that someone would squirt out of their butts every 2 months that it was "RETURNING IN 2009! 1! 1! 23", and I was disappointed. Invader Zim has the most devoted, creative, and just down right awesome fans I've ever seen. When we get together in a community, crazy awesome stuff happens. Last September I started an online campaign called "Operation Head Pigeons", and now we have over 11,000 active participants. We campaign, this isn't a petition. Every few months or so we sent letters to Nickelodeon saying how much we cared and we inspired by Invader Zim. Now, we're working on a massive event, code-named "Project Massive". I'm working with several impressive partners, who's identities I can not expose until Project Massive starts in late July. I know it's a long wait, but I really can't express how close we are to having Zim again. Because of Invader Zim I've met Nickelodeon representatives, the cast and crew of Invader Zim, and the active associates who are working with Nick to bring it back.

Invader Zim inspired me to take charge and DO something. To show the world that when something you and others love is taken away, do all you can, join together, and get it back.

I don't think Spongebob can do this.
Invader Zim has changed my life.
Invader zim should rule the world zim should be number one wa ha ha ha πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ‘½πŸ·πŸ·πŸ·πŸ·πŸ·πŸ·πŸ·πŸ·
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9Hey Arnold!
I love this show. I use to watch it all the time! Now all these shows are horrible. Spongebob has gotten from funny to disgusting and boring. What happened to the old Nick?
Hey Arnold is so far the best Nicktoon I have ever watched, great characters with great stories. This show is not just plain fun to watch and with heartfelt moments in just about every episode, but it teaches people life lesson like look on the bright side and how young people deal with their problems like friendship, love and others. It brings great memories and has been loved by many kids, teens and even adults around the world. I recommend Nickelodeon bring back Hey Arnold so that every one will know how great this show is!
Hey Arnold is such a brilliant show. It is the only Nicktoon that I can say maintained its high level of quality throughout its run, AND it's one of the only ones that actually gets BETTER with age. We all loved it when we were kids, but I've found that the more I go back and rewatch the episodes today, the more I appreciate them. Hey Arnold was an incredibly subtle, heartfelt show that explored all kinds of real issues--from broken families to social anxiety--and it never talked down to its young audience. The writing on this show is still staggeringly good--it's impossible not to feel something when you watch episodes like "Parents Day" or "Helga on the Couch, " where our favorite characters are given deeply moving back stories that help us understand the struggles they are going through every day. Even the lighter episodes were always beautiful, funny and heartfelt and always entertaining. I believe this show deserves to come back to Nickelodeon. There was supposed to be a second Hey Arnold movie in which Arnold would have tried to reunite with his missing parents, but it was never made. I strongly believe that audiences would FLOCK to see this movie, especially since Hey Arnold reruns are always extremely popular in the ratings. This show deserves a comeback more than any other Nicktoon, for sure.
Hey arnold was amazing, I miss this so much. 5 seasons, and SpongeBob is at 10 and counting? Its just horrible. SpongeBob had the decency for that once, but any decency they had is gone now.
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10House of Anubis
People think that just because of the lame commercials, House of Anubis is lame, too. But it's not! I watched the first episode, and to be honest I didn't really like the show. But then I watched the next few episodes and I was hooked! It's sort of a slow start, but once you actually get into it, it's hard to take your eyes off it! Plus, there's one episode Monday-Friday so you don't have to wait a week for a new episode.
Why isn't this part of the top ten? Unlike most shows on Nickelodeon, this actually has drama. It's the perfect balance between mystery, comedy, and romance. I don't understand how this is number 48 on the list. 0.1%? Really?
This T.V. show has a good plot. Mostly good acting. It makesyou sit on the edge of your seat. I can't remember a T.V. show in Nickoldeons History.
This is the best show ever! Sibuna!
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The Contenders

11Danny Phantom
One of the only Nick shows that kids and teens could both like and relate to. I consider it one of the last good Nick shows.
Danny Phantom pretty much owned my adolescence. It helped me realize that it's okay to be different. That you'll still have people who love you no matter what happens.
Besides that, it was a show with a creative story, amazing characters with much more development than I've seen in a cartoon before, and it was funny to boot. Danny Phantom will always be my favorite Nick show.
Danny Phantom is one of those one of a kind shows. It had something for everyone, action, adventure, humor, friendship, family, little bit of romance, and morals. Despite the cartoony animation style, it is not just the typical cartoon. The characters feel real and you can relate to them. Danny and his sister, Jazz, don't have the typical brother/sister hate relationship in the cartoon. Sure, sometimes they argue like all siblings do, but they have such a great, strong bond with each other, something you normally don't see in cartoons. You get to slowly grow up with Danny as he goes from an unsure, clumsy boy to a brave super hero, willingly to do anything for the ones he loves. Even marked as "Public Enemy Number 1" for a bit, he still decides he is going to try and be the hero. This such a creative and well thought out show. It may be a cartoon with plenty of humor, but it also has amazing relationships and life lessons. Hopefully Nickelodeon will one day realize their mistake and bring back this gem of a show.
One of the most epic shows I've ever seen. Fantastic concept! Great show!
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12Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide
Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide and Drake and Josh are both my favorite shows on Nickelodeon! I really wish they continued both. But I can't imagine Daniel Curtis Lee, Drake Bell and Josh Peck. They look so old now...
An incredible show, both funny and actually very insightful. And Moze has to have been one of the prettiest girls on T.V. period
Oh GOD! That was really the best show ever! I din't Have NICK at home but my granny did so I always watched it when I visited her!
Its really bad it doesn't show anymore because it was awesome!
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13The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
JN should be at least in the top 5. It was once Nick's highest rated shows
This show was great. It such a great plot and all the characters were well designed. On top of that it was completely unique and had stories that haven't been used in a million shows before it.
I'm surprised that Jimmy wasn't at least in the top 10. As another commenter already mentioned, it was one of Nick's highest-rated shows, plus the 2001 movie is the only animated Nickelodeon film to receive an Oscar nomination. The show is also missed by many fans.
This is a great classic. Sheen was my favorite character.


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14Zoey 101
I love zoey 101 so much. Best show ever. Some of the shows on this site I've never heard but zoey 101 is my favorite show of all times. Go zoey, chase, Dana, Nicole, Lola, Logan, Michael, Stacey, Lisa, FireWire, Quinn, James, Vince and so many other people like dean rivers etc.
Cool show. It annoys me how people say it got 'cancelled' because Jamie Lynn got pregnant.. Laugh out loud
If they were really into Nick, they'd realize it was supposed to (and did) run for the full four seasons.
Loved Michael and Logan's characters the most by the way. Very entertaining!
Why this isn't ranked higher, I have no idea! This programme was the best! I love Dan because he made shows such as 'Drake & Josh' and 'Kenan & Kell' and 'Victorious' and 'The Amanda Show' and kids these days don't appreciate that! I was born in 97' and loved these shows so much. It was pure entertainment x this show was the bomb and got 7 million viewers on its last episode. Not saying the others ranked higher are bad but this deserves to be one of the top ones with 'Drake and Josh' and definitely 'Kenan and Kell' πŸ’•
Why did they end it? It was an awesome show!
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15Kenan and Kel
They got their start on ALL THAT. Which is also a top 5 show!
The best Nick show ever. For proof, watch the episode "3 girls, a guy, and a movie. " I think that's the title, may be slightly diff. On youTube.
I was so upset when they canceled it...


This show should be ranked 1#
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16Sam & Cat
Awesome show it is my favorite show it is very funny if you watched it you would think the same if you want to have a good laugh and a smile on your face just watch "Sam and Cat"!
I love the show. you no the saying opposites attract well this show is like that saying but they don't date. the show is funny from Cats crazy ways to Sam being mean. this show will give you a good laugh and a smile on your face. Its crazy how they took two stars from two popular shows to combine them into one.
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17Big Time Rush
Really? 22 at least be in the top 15
This show inspired me to sing and I have gotten better at it
I am a Boy Rusher and I have watched this frum the beginning
I can't believe that season 4 is the last season and that they are going separate ways I'm going to miss them
Big time rush are an awesome group of boys that are passionate about their music and are facing sacrifices of hockey sticks to microphones! This Show allows you to witness the change of Hollywood pressure and find out how they cope with it! I honestly believe they deserve to be in the top 10! THEY ARE AMAZING no doubt! They are a fun Loving group!
There is no doubt about this awesome show because if you hate it or not like it people would not like you because you are such a mean girl or boy because this band have experience a lot of hard work and they give their work and talent an improve if you have experienced the same this show should be in number one of the top ten list of Nickelodeon shows ever you think is that the best show in the top ten list of Nickelodeon shows
This show is awesome it wish there could be more seasons it's super funny there music is. Great and the boys are super cute
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18Rocko's Modern Life
Best Nickelodeon show ever bar none. This show was funny, clever, and had an adult feel to it. Season One was just released, pick it up and see for yourself! (ICarly belongs in the Top Ten worst ever)
Best show on this list, 2nd is Ren and Stimpy, I can't forget the high five of doom
Easily the best show Nick ever made. If you voted Spongebob, you've probably never watched Rocko's Modern Life.
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19Full House
I like watching full house I watch it Mondays, tuesdays, wendsdays, thursdays and fridays.
This show is so funny
I LOVE THIS SHOW! I have watched this show ever since I was little and I still like it today. It has everything combined: comedy romance humor...everything! THIS SHOULD BE THE FIRST ON THE LIST! ITS AN AWESOME SHOW! IT ALSO TEACHES KIDS LIFE LESSONS WHICH IS GOOD!
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20The Amanda Show
Best show ever! With Amanda Bynes! And all those skits! Was such a good show! And I loved the judge judy sketch with the dancing lobsters!
I honestly don't understand why this is all the way down here! Maybe I'm a bit partial to the show, but I do think it was one of the funniest live shows that Nickelodeon ever aired. "Stranded" was my all-time favorite skit - I could watch those again and again, even today, and still laugh like crazy. Oh, and Tony Pajamas :) It may not have run for the longest time, but The Amanda Show was a small piece of comedic genius that kick-started the careers of its main actors.


#1 shown in Nick with Rugrats, rocketpower, chalk zone, hey Arnold, Ned spongebob and avatar are the best shows, ohh and Jimmy Neutron^^^^Fairly odd parent, Catdog
I think it has a more grown-up name.
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21Avatar: The Legend Of Korra
It's gonna be like Avatar! so why shouldn't it become one of the best showas on nick? at last it's not one of these non-sense productions which is nick riunning all the time now... so thumbs up for Korra
Ok, I know it hasn't even come out yet, but it's bound to be epic...
Can't wait for it! This I'll be at the top of the list in no time! Hooray for the Avatar!
I really like this show!


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22Ren & Stimpy
Ren and Stimpy's creator, John Kricfalusi, wanted nothing less than perfection. Consequently he was fired for missing deadlines and replaced with.. terrible people. Regardless, those first two seasons were some of the best cartoons ever made. Even if you don't like it, you must remember than Ren and Stimpy is what brought us out of the dark age of animation, when all cartoons were just 30 minute toy commercials (Transformers, G.I. Joe, etc. ). Without Ren and Stimpy we wouldn't have SpongeBob or Zim. We'd still be trapped in the dark ages of animation. Thank you R^^S for saving cartoons!
Well, I love this show, but the whole show went downhill after John left. But yes, it was an awesome show, but I could see why it got cancelled. Still, you have to give it some credit for the first two years. I was stuck between the old Spongebob, and then this, but I thought about the new Spongebob, and then I voted for Ren and Stimpy! But still, awesome show, and Nick should bring it back. (With John! ) I always loved this show, and I even bought some episodes on my IPod.

If only the new Spongebob was as merciful...
The original, not Spike T.V.'s horrible attempt at remaking it!


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23All That
This show was the kids version of SNL and it was one of the best kid shows of all time it led the way for many of the stars that came from that
Is this the show with the on person from hairspray and it also had the drake and josh people well if it is it was pretty funyy
Miss that show I loved it so much!
I wish it was still on, everybody that was on that show are now big stars! :-o
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24Rocket Power
I watched ungodly amounts of this TV show as a little kid...
If you were into sports at all as a kid this show was amazing. I wish I could have been half as good as otto in sports. Tito and Raymundo were great role model and I wish my parents were as cool as them. This should be in the top 10!
Best show of all time. This should be in the top 5 at least. Who rates these? Whoever rated this 29th needs to be fired.
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25The Penguins of Madagascar
The Penguins of Madagascar is the best show I have ever scene and am a fan of shows such as Doctor Who, Modern Family, Invader Zim, and Futurama. I think this show has high end humor and jokes that kids and adults will like! I think it is sad that POM does not get the credit it deserves. The characters are wonderful and the actors rock! And they mention things like the Higgs Boson particle. And this is coming from some one who was not a big Madagascar fan.
These are so fun! I'm suprised that is not in top 10! They are the best! They should be in top 10 cartoons! The penguins from madagascar rocks!
This is the best show ever created! I think this should be number 1, or at least in the top ten. It is funny and the stories are exciting. The characters have amazing personalities!
Whoa guys. Get ready for this, because Nick has just defied all logic with this one. It's a modern Nickelodeon show-as in after 2006-and it's GOOD.


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26Kids' Choice Awards
I Watch This Every Year... They Better Keep Going With It Because Its Probably One OF The Last Good Shows Left On Nickelodeon, And I Don't See Disney Making An Award Show Anytime Soon.


Meh... I watch it every year. Its fun though
Men it's awesome many celebs! Wish was free 2 watch
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27My Life As a Teenage Robot
It was a very good show everyone I knew watched it. I hope they reboot it an continue the seasons
A very worthwhile and amusing show. Plus, robots! You can never go wrong with robots! And the standard growing up theme, with robots!
Why is it not in the top 20? Is it because people aren't as fond of robots as they are the 90s?! ;-;
My Life As A Teenage Robot was a show I grew up with since 3rd grade. When nickelodeon stopped airing it I was torn apart then when nicktoons quit airing it I was completely destroyed.
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28The Legend of Korra
This show has to be one of the most beautiful things I have seen. It has brilliant and smooth animation. Fans of The Last Airbender have stormed over it and have approved of it. I simply love it, being a fan myself. It has great quality and great plot. The characters are brilliant and I think it deserves a higher vote.
This show has really set a benchmark for what a good show should live up to in the 2010's. The trasition from The Last Airbender is phenomenal. I watch re-runs all the time and they never lose quality.
This Show is one of the most intelligent shows ever to be on Nick. The story telling is brilliant, the scenes they create are beautifully done. It's entertainment for both adults and children. It is even better than the last Air Bender. I don't understand how it's so low on this list.
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29The Wild Thornberrys
It was amazing! I loved every bit of the show; it even had an episode where they described ecology and how helping one animal/organism can completely throw off the balance. You even learned about so many different types of animals and dealing with different family members/friends and keeping hope in crazy, hopeless situations!
This show was awesome! I loved it! I love animals so this was like heaven in a show for me!
Well done show this is awesome, except it was made in 1996.
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30Are You Afraid of the Dark?
How did this get behind iCarly? Obviously you know nothing about the awesomeness of this show.
Are you you afraid of the dark is one of the greatest shows in nick history
Nick should show reruns around Halloween
Scared my twelve year-old pants off!


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31Aaaaaaah! Real Monsters
Come on this is much better than big time idiots!
This cartoon is epic!
A want to so this show

32The Angry Beavers
Not only is The Angry Beavers good for Kids, it's also a hilarious show for anyone...
A Nick show that had a quality very few others possessed. Unlike just about every other show on the network, it wasn't stimulating as hell. Spongebob was always my favorite as a kid, but now I'm starting to realize how much better this show is. (It's at least better than the new episodes of Spongebob)
Each gag had several dimensions to it that would allow it to appeal to multiple demographics at once. Very universal.
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BEST SHOW EVER it is not a girls show I'm a guy and it is my favorite show great cast pretty girls great acting and the kids do the dummest things and I love the drama and action that happens on this show

It is really funny, and it has a lot of drama, but the main reason why I think it is so great is because of Eli Goldsworthy. He may me messed up and bipolar, but he is the awesomest person ever. Even his actor, Munro Chambers, is awesome! I use to think that Degrassi was stupid, then I watched it and I loved it! So if you have never seen Degrassi and think that it is stupid I suggest you watch it, who knows it might become your new obsession!
There's so much drama. You never know what's going to happen next!
Its an amazing show. I mean this can teach you a lot of life lessons. the things these kids go threw is reality. I love the drama and how it catches your attention.

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How is this show all the way down here?! Doug is like the coolest guy ever.
Don't tell that to the Nostalgia Critic
Dog-gone! Doug Doug all day!
Come on peeps vote this up all the way to number two!


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Cat dog was the greatest and piece of my childhood
So cool an funny
Miss it
Who didn't love catdog?
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Chalkzone was an awesome show back in the very early 2000's it was my all time #1 favorite show on Nickelodeon and Nickelodeon cancelled it a couple of years later, and Nickelodeon was really retarded to take that show off. I mean I know it wasn't really all that popular but was a really good show anyway! And it's still my favorite nick show to this day!
The 90s Nicktoons get all the attention they deserve, the 2010s Nicktoons are trash, SpongeBob and Fairly OddParents have been going on for over 10 years, Jimmy Neutron and Avatar both got sub-par spin-offs, and every other 2000s Nicktoon has been tossed off to the side like it never existed. Sure Invader Zim was underrated during its original run, but it's overrated now. ChalkZone was truly original with its idea about a dimesion of chalk. It had a creative premise, great animation, interesting characters, and exciting plots. It could be funny and serious at the same time It saddens me that this show never got a DVD release and most people don't remember it. In Comparison to ChalkZone, Invader Zim is lame.
Underrated classic! A lot of people hate but I thought it was funny!
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37All Grown Up
I loved this show so much I grew up with rugrats and always wondered what they would be like grown up then they came out with this and I was ecstatic!
This show completed my childhood from about age 9-11 I used to wake up at 6 am just to watch it I must say very good show even though the plot didn't always make sense
We should forget this is a spin off.


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38True Jackson, VP
Hilarious, it's about a teenager being in a big buissness, it has a really fun contrast between teenagers and adult buissness, and they mad it completely hilarious, I have to say this is my favorite nick show!
This was the best show ever. I am so mad they stopped airing it. Amanda was hilarious with ryan. The teacher was by far the funniest. Mr. Madigan was also extremely chill but crazy at the same time. I loved true and jimmy and lulu. Stupid bucket and skinner took its place. I miss the show so much

39As Told By Ginger
As told by Ginger is one the best shows on nick! Along with Rugrats and Hey Arnold. I can't believe it is so low. We need to get more older kids to vote up the good shows other then stupid shows like spongebob and Big Time Rush. Come on everybody lets keep the actual good shows alive like All That, Kenan and Kel, Danny Phantom, Fairly Oddparents, The Amanda Show, Doug, and any other show besides the stupid new ones (excluding Dan Scheider shows, He's untouchable! )
I agree I can't believe this show is so low. This show, hey arnold and rugrats were the best shows on nick!
I guess the ones who have voted wasn't around when these golden shows aired.
The show wasn't dumb like many of the shows that is on today and it tackled some serious issues.
ANYWAY if you get the chance to watch it DO IT you will never regret it! I just wish they could make a nickelodeon channel with old shows!
So many things were touched upon in this show, and watching it makes you learn life lessons or made you learn life lessons that you hadn't learned in your life. Really. I rewatched it and it made me cry. Ohh it is so good, with such good morale, I am telling you, watch it!
More comments about As Told By Ginger

40T.U.F.F. Puppy
I Really Love How This Show Is So Unpredictible. And Doesn't Have To Destroy The Writers Thought Process To BE Funny
Good Plot, Animation, Comedy, and it is the 2nd most Watched Show with kids 2-14! Better than Penguins, Anubis, and Spongebob
Very underrated show it is one of the best since ZIM GO TUFF PUPPY

41Dragon Ball Z Kai
Whats better than watching goku fighting serious threats and trying to save the world? I don't know! Avatar the last airbender is awesome but you gotta the number 1 spot to dbz kai!
It is a good brawl between good and evil! Its action packed, and keeps you at the edge of your seat!
This show is their bet Japanese animie violence series besides avatar. It is very interesting to watch. It has lots of fighting and the side show with the z fighters has comedy and is entertaining.
More comments about Dragon Ball Z Kai

I love Brain surge when the people from the television shows come on. I love the brain drain because its all slimy. I went on the Nick site and I went on Brain surge and did the quizzes and the game to test yourself and I did awesome. The only bad thing about this show is that it doesn't come on Nickelodeon that much so I can't really watch Brain surge that much anymore. Brain surge is also awesome because you can win prizes even if you lose. If I were on the show I would probably make it to the story part because at my age now, I have really bad comprehension. Why is it not on Nickelodeon anymore? That's probably why nobody voted for this show! The shows on the top are on still. I'd really like to know why it's not on Nickelodeon anymore because I watched this show all the time!
Brainsurge is cool about the puzzles and knockout round. Even Family Brainsurge. To bad its not in nickelodeon anymore.
Because its show that it works kids brains
More comments about BrainSurge

43Dance Academy
Ilovett but in the fainal tara get eathin or Christian I love you you my hero

44Cat And Dog
Catdog is my favorite memory of watching cartoons as a kid the only parts I remember well are dog chasing after cars with cat being super pissed all the time =-D
Needs to be back on T.V.. More then ever it funny cute and lovable
Dog Is Simply Adorable and My Favorite CatDog Chracater!
More comments about Cat And Dog

45George Lopez
George and Benny are about the top 2 funniest
On the show. Especially in the simple life when George mentions SeΓ±or Chewy & Benny says "SeΓ±or Chewy loved
You" and when George calls her a bat. It's tambien (also) funny when george and Angie fight.
Wapah! Funniest show nick had and will ever have George you're halarious

46H2O: Just Add Water
I used to love this show so much. When I watched it I thought I was a mermaid... But then again I was 7...
H20 will always be the best show ever. They can come out with millions of shows, but nothing will ever replace it. Even if this is number 47 I stand by my vote. Come on people! Get this show to the top!
I LOVE this show. I've watched every episode. How can it be number 47!? This should be in the top ten!
More comments about H2O: Just Add Water

47Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
This a really great take on the tmnt universe.
It has a light-hatred comedic tone of the 1987 series and the more darker tone, and action of the 2003 series, a stylistic fess of the mirage comics and also clever nodes to of the movies.
I really love this show and I think its one of the best shows on nick, tied with legend of korra.
I really hope it gets more attention instead of Victoria, SPONEGBOB! And also Icarly and big time rush.
Not saying those are bad shows, but this show is really over-shadowed and it should've been MUCH higher.
I don't care if I get so many rage at me for this but i;m glad its higher than FANBOY AND CHUMCHUM, THANK GOD!
So with an engaging story, good character development, and some of the best action scenes on a nick action show this was a really step forward for nickeloden so I hope this show lasts for quite a while and get the right amount of attention it deserves.
This should have been #1. This is an amazing show and I feel like it's one of the only good shows left on Nick. It has a good balance between action and humor, and the plot like and the characters are mind-blowing. I feel like this is the best version of the turtles. And to all those adults complaining because it looks nothing like the turtles you grew up with, THEN SHUT UP! This is 2014! Not the 1987's anymore! And to those complaining because Mikey says booyakasha instead of Cowabunga, then you're just stupid. ITS JUST A PHRASE! You're PROBABLY NOT EVEN GONNA NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE!
The turtles is the best show ever! It is hilarious and entertaining. I think it should be the #1 show on nick. I have seen every episode and I know most of the lines! Even Mikey is my screen saver. It is so funny my 11 year old brother likes it. If I can't go to sleep I watch it on my I pod. Best show ever!
This show sucks! I mean really people? This show is nothing compared to SpongeBob. This piece of crap for a show should be at the bottem of the list
More comments about Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

48Robot and Monster
I love Robot and Monster. I really hope that it will receive another season, becasue it's really adorable and I simply cannot get enough of it. I love the characters and their unique personalities. It will do very well! Buddies, bacon, BOOM! Marf.
They ripped of Fanboy and chum chum, nice Job because that was the worst show on nick.
My new favorite show to watch every time it's on. Monster is adorable and the show actually is entertaining :)
More comments about Robot and Monster

49The Troop
I love the troop. It's about them fighting monsters and it's awesome. They fight all these weird monsters including one that can shape shift! If you love monsters you will like this show. It has a lot of action and adventure.
I love this show, one of my top 10! It's really cool!
This show is so stupid! I hope they nuke it FOREVER.
It's just so horrific it sucks so bad that it's for babies just killer
Plus I hate this show.
More comments about The Troop

50Sabrina, the Teenage Witch
Guys why did nick remove it

51Legends of the Hidden Temple
I loved this show when it was on. I was also a fan of endurance, and when that canceled, this was the next best thing. When this got canceled I alost cried. It was the fourth best reality show I've ever seen.
Best show in Nick history, I am just scrolling through this list, and just a FLOOD of memories is coming back
This show had everything, trivia, endurance, and so much more
So many good memories! I also remember endurance which was my favorite show ever. Legends of the hidden tmple was a great reality T.V. show. Now its just celebs trying to find out answers to questions to aviod getting slimed. I miss legend of the hidden temple. I even have the silver snakes t shirt.


More comments about Legends of the Hidden Temple

This is a great show! Kinda stupid at some parts but still funny.
Amaizing but they don't always appear on kids choice awards nick

53Watch My Chops
Probably one of the only good and funny shows to air on nick and nicktoons after 2004
Most people including me know it as Corneil and Bernie, but its awesome.
It's like a combo of Wallace and Grombit, family guy South Park, simpsons, and beta is and butthead

54Every Witch Way
This show is the best show ever. I wouldn't say it is better than Zoey 101 but it is such a good show. WHY DID IT HAVE TO GO ON FOR ONLY A MONTH! It could have gone on for maybe a couple of years. Nickelodeon, please put some reruns of this show. I just love that show!
Why ending so fast? I love it. Emma and daniel are perfect together. Emma is my favorite girl character and daniel is my favorite boy character. PLEASE DANIEL MARRY ME
This show is actually very good! It gives you so many cliffhangers which is awesome, then you get to see it the next day! It's very interesting. Don't take it off nick.
Really fun show. Season 2 was really good.
More comments about Every Witch Way

55The Nanny
I love the nanny. Why has it not been on nick lately
When and where will I be able to see it again.
Amazing plot, cast, and crew. Best show I've ever seen.

56Clarissa Explains It All
Love melissa joan Hart. Period. She's an amazing actress.
Melissa Joan Hart before her "Sabrina" days.


57Iron Man: Armored Adventures
Iron man armored adventures was an awesome show. It had at least one more good season left when they cancelled it. Where did they leave the Tony-Pepper romance?

58The Naked Brothers Band
Best show ever!
My favorite season was 1
And I loved polar bears!
Awesome show from my child hood c: its an amazing show one of the best in nick history
More comments about The Naked Brothers Band

59The Secret World of Alex Mack
Totally awesome show! I rewatched a few episodes on youtube. Awesome and full of great characters and so full of action! Everybody should want to be like Alex because not only is she nice and kind...

Ack-hem? Did we forget about our amazingly relatable middle school mutant girl here? I rented the first season on dvd but couldn't find much more. I wish they'd show it more but it's so underrated. I love it!

60Salute Your Shorts
Come on, this show needs to be way higher than #54! It totally rocks!
Miss show so much should re make

Catscratch was one of my favorite shows growing up. It might be because I love cats or this show is what made me love cats but no matter what this is my favorite show. By the way it is called catscratch not catsratch.
I love cats, because I will have a female ragdoll cat, who is a bit heavier than her upcoming best friends
I have three other cats and make it a cat farm.

62The Ren and Stimpy Show
Such a classic they showed it like a year ago on nicktoons all the kids know is happy happy joy joy
I bet most of you kids have never even heard of this classic. Well, go right now and look it up. You won't be disappointed.

63Life With Boys
Life with Boys is one of the best shows on Nickelodeon, every character is great in their own way. Allie is my favorite and also Tess is great, Sam is funny and I think that Nickelodeon needs to show this show more often. Vote for Life with Boys.


Awesome show with Maddison Pettis... Should play it more because it really rocks, love it to bits... Gonna be like Drake and Josh...
This show is awesome. I feel really bad for Tess. So Sorry tess
More comments about Life With Boys

Friends is one of my favorite nick shows! I especially like chandler and joey and my favorite episode is chandler in a box. Seriously guys, this is the best nick show and should be number one, not eighty-eight!
I absolutely love friends I have all 10 seasons and I can't stop watching it all time favorite show!
I've seen every episode and I especially love Phoebe. This should be at the top.
More comments about Friends

65The Haunted Hathaways
Love this show it is about these ghosts that start living with people and they come across all these normal family problems as well as learning spells
This show is really good, but there are few shows I like better.
Haunted Hathaways is one of my favorite show in one of ohe best shows I've ever seen, the plot is really good and the storyline is amazing I'm really mad its not in top 10, I love this show
More comments about The Haunted Hathaways

66Blue's Clues
Watch an ep with steve. Steve is better than joe
Yeah its awesome! Its even better than spongebob! Lets keep voting until it reaches number 4, 3, 2 or 1!
I had a lot of fun playing with Steve and Blue in my youth. I wish I could go back to those days!
More comments about Blue's Clues

Oh I love this show I remember the intro. : ITSS KABLAM A NEW KIND OF CARTOON SHOW! I loved that show it was so entertaining and creative way different then any other show.

68Power Rangers Samurai
It is the best show every should be the first
I love this show! Stop hating it

69Marvin Marvin
How could anyone like this show
Very stupid show. It's just like Fred.
It's just like Fred, but Fred's voice is more annoying.
More comments about Marvin Marvin

70Kappa Mikey
I love this show even though they don't reruns anymore hopefully they will eventually put it back on air or make a new season of it I really miss it.
This show was awesome and funny but did not last very long so I guess it deserves to be at 67
I miss this show, they really need to bring it back.
More comments about Kappa Mikey

71Hey Dude
This show should be higher for anyone whos a 90's kid


73Figure It Out
The best show using celebrities
I miss you summer sanders

74How to Rock
Good show man. Get it to the top. Seriously, although it's really cheesy still good show. I mean with the whole "perfs" thing. I mean that doesn't exist in real life, now one does that. And they can't just hang out in a janitors closet. But still I like this and spongebob. But not new spongebob. New spongebob sucks. But until like 2009, spongebob was the best show by far. Great plots, and funniness, with some pop-culture references that little kids wouldn't get so I don't know why it's in there. Anyway How to Rock is a good show. Dammit I should've voted 4 spongebob this will never be in the top. Oh well.
Okay why isn't this in the top? I know this show just started but so far this show is actually really funny. This show is way better than Victorious. Don't get me wrong I don't mind Watching Victorious and this show has its funny moments but the show How to Rock so far all the episodes are really funny. Watch every episode of this show and you'll be laughing your head off not like Victorious and their non funny scenes and random scenes with fake laughing in the background with their non funny characters. I'm sorry to say this but Cymphonique beats Victorious big time!
O M G I love how to rock I wondered when this show would be on here it should have been number 1. My fave character is stevie. She is funny to me but the worst people on the show is maybe zander and kacey.
More comments about How to Rock

75The Thundermans
How could this AMAZING show come in 83rd place!?!? It is my #1 favorite show I love all of the characters and that they have super powers! And it is hilarious! I LOVE THE THUNDERMANS! These people are Crazy!
I think the thundermans is good show and when it comes out it will be even more funnier than ever its AMAZING
Just so people can vote when it comes out soon.
No it isn't. Take it off.
More comments about The Thundermans

I feel very nostalgic every time I watch now. I remember when I thought it was going to be a horrible show, bit it wasn't. It was actually very hilarious cartoon. And after learning it has the same Creator of Invader Zim, I'm not suprised at all that this show was pure GENIUS! Even though this show lasted for only one year, like Invader Zim, it has to be in the top ten.
Yes! But why so low ): waffles was my favorite!

I know it was Canadian but it's C.C. oo. YOU IDIOTS AT NICK BRING IT BACK. NOW! What happened? Well anyways it was cool

78Pete and Pete
I grew up watching this show and I learned a lot from it. This has to be one of the best shows Nick has ever made. It had funny and quirky characters and good stories about being a kid and growing up.
Perhaps the most underrated show Nick ever produced. Brilliant, surrealist comedy! Probably too far ahead of some Nick viewers.
Discovered this show in my 40's... great absurdist humor. I love how the show is completely through the kid's perspective using children's logic and mythology. Brilliant.
More comments about Pete and Pete

79Oggy and the Cockroaches
I love this show it's kinda like tom and jerry
It is on the angry birds toon section. I watched it and it is like Tom and Jerry, except with 2 cats and 3 cockroaches. I love how Jack ( the 2nd cat) acts like he is an army sergeant.

80Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness
Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness tells the continuing adventures of Po as he trains, protects, fights, teaches, learns, stumbles, talks too much, and geeks out as the newest hero in the Valley of Peace. Now living in the barracks with the Furious Five, Po will have to take on his many new responsibilities, his many new adversaries, and his many old pounds in the continuing adventures of the Dragon Warrior. And kick some serious boo-tay


Po is my favorite character because he's a dragon warrior makes me want to get in that show.
This is the best show ever
This is dumb nobody watches most of the shows on this anymore
More comments about Kung Fu Panda: Legends of Awesomeness

81Martin Mystery
I remember watching this as a kid. It was so awesome! I loved how it had everything, from comedy, to suspence, and of course, action. Every episode would give me chills up my spine! I wish they still at least have reruns of this.
Espero que vuelva a la T.V. :((

I don't know why a lot of people don't like this show... It's one of my favorites.
This is a Cartoon Network show


Yeah this is a cartoon net work show this should be not here! GET LOST! :( >:( :/ -_- O.0 >:o :3

83Malcolm In the Middle
Wow. I'm suprised this isn't towards the top. Always loved the show since it camed out. They ended it perfect. I wish they still could have aired it longer though!
Man this show was awesome
This show is the best. But was not really played on Nick. But it is for sure on top 20 shows of all time. I love it.
More comments about Malcolm In the Middle

84Double Dare
Next to legends of the hidden temple, dd2k is the best game show ever.

85Nick News with Linda Elerby
This is, without a doubt, the most intelligent show for children in history.


I don't get why you people don't like this show. If you watch it, it is pretty good.
Great game show with Mike OMalley

87The Backyardigans
Seriously guys? You are mad about the backyardigans on this list, and yet Friends and Full House are on this list too and they aren't even nick shows. Come on people think!
How can this be a good show if the characters waste their time singing and dancing? They'd probably waste their time singing and dancing if someone was about to die!
More comments about The Backyardigans


89NFL Rush Zone: Guardians of the Core
Honestly, one of the stupidest shows ever to come out on nick. I think thise people can do better, and I understand why its not in the top 100, and it should be put maybe 200 spaces below what it already is.

90Wendell & Vinnie
Vinnie and Wendell will be the best forever
It is the best ever I love wendell
I love wndell and vinniw

91Genie In the House

92Everybody Hates Chris
This may be a completely stereotypical show but it was still funny and Chris rock made it so its ok if it's stereotypical

93Making Fiends
I love this show so much. I also miss it a lot

94Sanjay and Craig
Sanjay and Craig shouldn't be allowed any more! A snake that popped out of a boy's stomach and created a hole THERE!?! I mean, come one never watch this show!
Enough with the bad ideas, Nick. I seriously think that some shows on this channel, Nick Jr., Disney Jr., and Sprout should have most of their shows taken off the air (the last 3 being the entire channels).
This show sucks so bad I rather watch paint dry then 1 minute of this stupid show
More comments about Sanjay and Craig

95Hotel 13
Very good show for kid's and teen

96The Upside Down Show
I still like this show from 10 years ago. Don't judge me.

97Zig and Sharko
It is funy if watched in hindi dubbed

98Random! Cartoons
Um why the hell is this here
Person Below Me, It is here because a lot of the shows were good.

This show is amazing. It may not be an original Nickelodeon show, but it was and still is one of the best cartoons in existence. I love the variety of comedic skits in this show, from the Warners to Slappy and Skippy to Pinky and the Brain to Rita and Runt to Buttons and Mindy to EVERYTHING ELSE!

100Winx Club
Such a nice show, the story is amazing! The show has two full length CGI films that last 84 minutes, and over 130 episodes available! Also the toys are great!
This show is so lame. Why did nick have to bring it on air. Stella is the worst. All of the winx idiots think they are so awesome and they think they wind fights but they don't. The whole show is stupid and it should be cancelled. - Garmatron. ok so garmatron is my freinds brother and his vote is totally not true it is stupid and my vote is that a lot of people like winx club and it should have a season 7 also winx club should be the first best nickelodean show plus ninja turtles should be the number 100 worst show -suhi
Amazing Show! The top girls brand on Nickelodeon!
I love winx club it's the best show in the universe I watch at least 3 hours a day I love the toys I love everything about it I never want it to end
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