Best Nickelodeon Shows of All Time

What are your favorite shows on Nick, past and present? It's up to YOU!

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1SpongeBob SquarePants

This show USED to be the best show EVER until about 2008 or 2009. If you watch an older episode(example: Squidwards "Best Day Ever" to later episodes(Example: I can't remember the name, but it involved Patrick's cousin coming over), you will definitely see the difference. Pretty sad.

Spongebob is like one of the best T.V. shows in my childhood. It's been around like even more than a decade. All kids & adults really enjoyed it. It's far far far too good to not be number 1. The Spongebob character is super sweet. If you don't even like or love that show you have to be a huge shame on yourself. The greatest show on Nickelodeon. GO SPONGEBOB!

Not anymore, it was good back then, but in 2008, it hit rock bottom, with bad stuff such as suicide jokes. - nelsonerica

I love Spongebob Squarepants because the T.V. Shows are funny. I especially like it in Spongebob Sqarepants the Movie when Spongebob said, " There's something I need to tell you, " when Mr. Krabs tells Squidward to give Spongebob the place of being manager for the Krusty Krab 2, and Squidward says that after Spongebob's journey, Spongebob realized that what he wanted was not really what he wanted. But then Spongebob said, Are you kidding? I was just gonna say that your zipper was undun. MANGER?! This is the happiest day of my life! Yeah, that part was funny.

What used to be good back then, now it's crap, ever since 2004, the show lost humor and brought in suicide references and gross images, it's horrible. - nelsonerica

SpongeBob is the best Nickelodeon show. Best T.V. show I have seen. BEST T.V. sHOW EVER - lizard302

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2Avatar: The Last Airbender

Listen here, Avatar is and always will be the greatest achievement in nickelodeon's history. Avatar has all of the key components to keeping anyone interested; romance, comedy, action, adventure, chaos, a good protagonist and antagonist, as well as a great plot and story line. This is by far the best show nickelodeon has ever produced. Hopefully the new avatar mini-series will live up to the achievement of the original series. Anyone can watch this television show; child, teen, or even adult. Spongebob in comparison used to be great, but after the movie the level of hilarity decreased and the interest went down. Now I see spongebob as a child specific show rather than a show for any audience. Good luck appealing to 5 year olds Spongebob.

One of the best shows on T.V. you'll find in the USA.

It boasts one of the most original storylines, and captivates kids and adults with the shows' immense world, character development, and good blend of action, comedy, and a touch of romance.

Plus, it simply looks cool!

More creative and emotionally in-depth/involved than any other show Nick's ever produced. I'm glad its getting a sequel series. Legend of Korra coming this November.

Not just a great Nickelodeon show, but one of the greatest shows of all time.

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3Drake and Josh

ICarly is nothing compared to Drake and Josh. Not only are the jokes not funny but also the acting especially Miranda Cosgrove's. She did a great job as Megan but the non-evil role doesn't suit her

I love drake and josh they funny and the best but I don't know where they are now so

All of the T.V. Shows on the channel are good, but those compared to Drake & Josh they are pieces of Poop. DRAKE & JOSH IS THE BEST!

It shouldn't be number one, it wasn't the best show on Nick, but it was the best show about mainly jokes to have on Nick. - nelsonerica

By far the best Nickelodeon show ever! Spongebobs right behind it though. Get this to number one guys because I carly is a knock off of this show

I agree with Drake & Josh being stale compared to Ned's Declassified except for it's jokes, the jokes were the only good part of Drake & Josh and Ned's Declassified had much more stuff besides just jokes. - nelsonerico6

Me and my family's favorite show - Danguy10

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This needs to be like the number one... This one is the legend and then spongebob, this is what we watched as young children and it was one of the creative shows ever.

Re-watching this right now and I never thought I would enjoy it now as much, if not more than I did as a kid! I love the scripting of this show and hearing what the adults have to say, especially old gramps, he can be really funny. I also like how the plot isn't so predictable, for example that episode where tommy's clown lamp broke, not once did it cross my mind that it was possibly Angelica! (because she had entered the room pretending she had been woken up from her nap) Also what I think really makes this show great is the voice acting, sound effects/music and the story telling. Also the characters are all easily likeable. Having just re-watched season 1, I never really remembered how evil Angelica actually is, I was surprised and how manipulative and cunning she can be for a 3 year old. All in all this show is under-rated!

Wow the reason why this is in 4th place is because the voting is mostly coming from younger kids who weren't around for rugrats. I really don't see how avatar is number one I watched that show once and I couldn't believe how boring it was.

How is Avatar above this masterpiece? That show sucked! 90s cartoons forever!

There was a lot of action, emotions and lessons, which made that show a true masterpiece, so are the 90's Nicktoons. - nelsonerica

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5The Fairly Oddparents

This show is amazing! Worth watching as spongebob.. Thumbs UP!

Can't believe it's not 1... Come on guys, this is epic! In fact, I'd not in calling it the best Nick show EVER. But this show is amazing!
Thumbs UP!

HOW THE HECK IS THIS NOT NUMBER 1? I have loved this show all my life. It is funny, weird, and Poof made a great add to the mix! This show is the greatest and 10x better than SB. I love Avatar, but its nothing compared to this. Number 10? Come on everybody vote this up so it can be where it belongs. 1st place!

It WAS awesome until Sparky came into the picture. I mean, in the early 2000's it was my favorite show! Because Wanda wasn't a nag, Cosmo wasn't 100% moron, and Timmy was a likeable kid who wasn't a selfish jerk. Over the years this show got bad, and I hope they fix it soon. I vote for the ORIGINAL Fairly Oddparents, but not the current one.

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I love this show! Its so funny and cool! But sadly its ending this November ;( But I'm glad there's a strong fan base to it! My Favorite character is Carly, she's funny, sweet, fine caring, and not spoiled! I also like Sam and the fat kid (I think his name is Gibby) who rips his shirt off and starts dancing ;) Don't listen to some of those haters they just don't understand comedy! Thank you Dan Schneider for making a wonderful show! PS you also did well with Victorious, Amanda Show, and especially this Drake and Josh!

ICarly was bad and had lots of sex references, which kids shouldn't get into, the jokes were old and overused, the laugh tracks blocked every part of the show and was overused (any laugh track is bad), the lighting was dark even at the school and outside, live a cave, the quality was blurry and choppy, the camera directing was too static, you need a bit of camera movement every second which is realistic, overall the acting is bad, the only good Dan Schneider shows were Drake & Josh (except for the laugh track), Zoey 101 and Victorious (except for the laugh track).

Icarly is very special show

It's a stupid show that only imbeciles watch if you see the show that Miranda Cosgrove was previously "Drake & Josh" you could see she gained laughs from everyone who watched that amazing show! Whereas iCarly is just utter crap! Ugh! The 90's Nick (Drake & Josh, Zoey 101, The Amanda Show, Kenan and Kel, All That, Clarissa explains it all, Ned's Declassified, Rugrats, Doug, Hey Arnold, Cat-dog and The Ren and Stimpy show and all other shows they aired) were absolutely the best!

Finished! This is so unfair 'cause iCarly was and still IS nickelodeon's best show ever. Why unfair? Because it's at tenth place, one of the reasons thet it had so much seasons was because, it was great and had so much fans too! Much of them don't know this website or so, they would put this in the first place!

ICarly is stupid and lame, the girls are overacting & jumping like high heads, they talk about rotten crap, there's too much innuendo and the plot is bland.

I love I carly I hope the come new shows

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7Invader Zim

This show gives me such an intense feeling in my human belly! The best Nick show ever. Period. It has it all. Comedy, awesome characters, a good story line, and ALIENS! It has had a HUGE impact on everyone, and it has a BIG fan base that still keeps it alive after it being cancelled by Nick (CURSE YOU, HORRIBLE NICK DEMONS! ). IT EVEN HAS IT'S OWN CONVENTION! What other show can say that!?

I believe it deserves an ending! What do you say, fellow human Pig-Smellies? We deserve to find out what happens next! WE ARE ZIM-WORTHY!

I've been a big fan of Invader Zim for about 3 years, and I knew about the "Bring Back Invader Zim! " petitions, and the rumors that someone would squirt out of their butts every 2 months that it was "RETURNING IN 2009! 1! 1! 23", and I was disappointed. Invader Zim has the most devoted, creative, and just down right awesome fans I've ever seen. When we get together in a community, crazy awesome stuff happens. Last September I started an online campaign called "Operation Head Pigeons", and now we have over 11,000 active participants. We campaign, this isn't a petition. Every few months or so we sent letters to Nickelodeon saying how much we cared and we inspired by Invader Zim. Now, we're working on a massive event, code-named "Project Massive". I'm working with several impressive partners, who's identities I can not expose until Project Massive starts in late July. I know it's a long wait, but I really can't express how close we are to having Zim again. Because of Invader Zim I've met Nickelodeon representatives, the cast and crew of Invader Zim, and the active associates who are working with Nick to bring it back.

Invader Zim inspired me to take charge and DO something. To show the world that when something you and others love is taken away, do all you can, join together, and get it back.

I don't think Spongebob can do this.
Invader Zim has changed my life.

I can't believe Invader Zim is #6. I also can't believe Nick cancelled it. WHY!? WHY!? Invader Zim deserves to be #1 and with a crown on top. INVADER ZIM SHALL RULE!

"Vote for me or I'll destroy you"- Zim, Voting of the Doomed

Best show ever 😱

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Victorious Is Awesome I know It's new but some of the characters like Cat is hilarious

It's boring and a bit violent, especially on the episode where the crew shot an arrow on a woman's hand, that's not safe for kids to watch.

Because it has stories. Hollywood Arts is making easily a friendship like Tori and Andre. I wish Beck Oliver and Jade West are now good couples. My favorite part of Victorious is Wok Star because it has a lot more fun and I love Jade's Play call Well Wishes than Trina! An one woman show.
My Judgement of play stage:
Well Wishes- I love it! Jade I saw so many connections like Mrs. Lee make sure your play is creative and beautiful. I saw a wonderful stories my favorite part of the story is when a girl fall down into a well then there was a guardian angel. Excellent Job!
Uptown, Downtown- I saw that rocking musical part it was fantastic!
Steamboat Suzy- Do not please. Change roles.
Trina! - Too boring people are not allowed to laugh 235,000,000 people don't want a one woman show including your parents because you might make Cat and Tori cry and Jade very angry.
There was no stories, not nice voice and no connections around your character and Someone own Chicago.

I think victorious is one of the best show because it is very funny and interesting to watch. Please continue doing it!

We love Tori - she is so cool

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9Hey Arnold!

I love this show. I use to watch it all the time! Now all these shows are horrible. Spongebob has gotten from funny to disgusting and boring. What happened to the old Nick?

Hey Arnold is so far the best Nicktoon I have ever watched, great characters with great stories. This show is not just plain fun to watch and with heartfelt moments in just about every episode, but it teaches people life lesson like look on the bright side and how young people deal with their problems like friendship, love and others. It brings great memories and has been loved by many kids, teens and even adults around the world. I recommend Nickelodeon bring back Hey Arnold so that every one will know how great this show is!

Hey Arnold is such a brilliant show. It is the only Nicktoon that I can say maintained its high level of quality throughout its run, AND it's one of the only ones that actually gets BETTER with age. We all loved it when we were kids, but I've found that the more I go back and rewatch the episodes today, the more I appreciate them. Hey Arnold was an incredibly subtle, heartfelt show that explored all kinds of real issues--from broken families to social anxiety--and it never talked down to its young audience. The writing on this show is still staggeringly good--it's impossible not to feel something when you watch episodes like "Parents Day" or "Helga on the Couch, " where our favorite characters are given deeply moving back stories that help us understand the struggles they are going through every day. Even the lighter episodes were always beautiful, funny and heartfelt and always entertaining. I believe this show deserves to come back to Nickelodeon. There was supposed to be a second Hey Arnold movie in which Arnold would have tried to reunite with his missing parents, but it was never made. I strongly believe that audiences would FLOCK to see this movie, especially since Hey Arnold reruns are always extremely popular in the ratings. This show deserves a comeback more than any other Nicktoon, for sure.

I loved Hey Arnold! This show was the best show ever! We need more shows like this.

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10Danny Phantom

One of the only Nick shows that kids and teens could both like and relate to. I consider it one of the last good Nick shows.

Danny Phantom pretty much owned my adolescence. It helped me realize that it's okay to be different. That you'll still have people who love you no matter what happens.
Besides that, it was a show with a creative story, amazing characters with much more development than I've seen in a cartoon before, and it was funny to boot. Danny Phantom will always be my favorite Nick show.

Danny Phantom is one of those one of a kind shows. It had something for everyone, action, adventure, humor, friendship, family, little bit of romance, and morals. Despite the cartoony animation style, it is not just the typical cartoon. The characters feel real and you can relate to them. Danny and his sister, Jazz, don't have the typical brother/sister hate relationship in the cartoon. Sure, sometimes they argue like all siblings do, but they have such a great, strong bond with each other, something you normally don't see in cartoons. You get to slowly grow up with Danny as he goes from an unsure, clumsy boy to a brave super hero, willingly to do anything for the ones he loves. Even marked as "Public Enemy Number 1" for a bit, he still decides he is going to try and be the hero. This such a creative and well thought out show. It may be a cartoon with plenty of humor, but it also has amazing relationships and life lessons. Hopefully Nickelodeon will one day realize their mistake and bring back this gem of a show.

Much better hero than the "heroes" in Henry Danger since he actually has a personality and his side kicks are his friends/sister who also have unique and interesting personalities instead of them all being idiots. I also LOVE the villains from the Box Ghost to Vlad to Dark Dan again for their originality. This show is a million times better than Henry Danger, Sanjay and Craig, or Breadwinners.

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The Newcomers

?Rugrats All Grown Up!
?Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer was the most retarded cartoon of all time, it retarded everyone's brains and it stereotyped Mexicans, She is deaf and blind, she can't even see anything nearby or in front of her and she can't hear whatever the audience is saying, yet she might have made some kids wander alone.

You guys hate her, don't you? And you want to eliminate her, right?

Dora Sucks why is it 12 I hate this - lizard302

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11The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius

JN should be at least in the top 5. It was once Nick's highest rated shows

This show was great. It such a great plot and all the characters were well designed. On top of that it was completely unique and had stories that haven't been used in a million shows before it.

I'm surprised that Jimmy wasn't at least in the top 10. As another commenter already mentioned, it was one of Nick's highest-rated shows, plus the 2001 movie is the only animated Nickelodeon film to receive an Oscar nomination. The show is also missed by many fans.

Never seen this show before. Only saw the theme song, but it was cool, wasn't it?

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12Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide and Drake and Josh are both my favorite shows on Nickelodeon! I really wish they continued both. But I can't imagine Daniel Curtis Lee, Drake Bell and Josh Peck. They look so old now...

Drake and Josh actually seemed boring in all episodes, Ned's Declassified had the stuff that entertained everybody, not the stupid laugh track and dumb antics shows including Drake and Josh that lack awesomeness and comfort. - nelsonerica

An incredible show, both funny and actually very insightful. And Moze has to have been one of the prettiest girls on T.V. period

Ned's Declassified, was the only live-action sitcom to ever to be the best on Nick in the 2000's, better than the more popular Drake & Josh, Drake & Josh was stale, with just jokes, along with a laugh track and they just fight together brother to brother, but Ned's Declassified had more stuff than that, it had amazing special effects, no laugh track, it had good dialogue and no sexual content, such as having sex or babies, it had futuristic music and scenes, which are good and entertaining, and yet it taught you things, like how to make life fun and better, since it's cancelled and since Nick has gone way down the dump, the only good show now is Every Witch Way. - nelsonerico

Every Witch Way and 100 Things To Do Before High School are the only good shows on Nick as of now. - nelsonerico6

One of the best 2000's sitcoms on Nickelodeon.

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13House of Anubis

People think that just because of the lame commercials, House of Anubis is lame, too. But it's not! I watched the first episode, and to be honest I didn't really like the show. But then I watched the next few episodes and I was hooked! It's sort of a slow start, but once you actually get into it, it's hard to take your eyes off it! Plus, there's one episode Monday-Friday so you don't have to wait a week for a new episode.

The lamest part is the genre, it is more of a soap opera than even a teen drama (yes, teen dramas have soap opera elements, but don't have all the pieces in the puzzle to count as a soap opera, such as the age target which, for teen dramas, is variable, and for soap operas, 13+), soap it should still remain the latest soap opera on Nick, House of Anubis has enough pieces for it to count as a soap opera.

I heard that there is a movie of the show premiering sometime in June on Teennick though I don't know if it's true or not I just know that it's about the residents of Anubis House graduating so I'm afraid that there won't be a new season of the show unless it's about the new cast members that moved in the house. But maybe we can change all that with us, the fans, and the thousand times we vote on this awesome show to be number one and make sure they give us a new season with the original characters in it. They can't just remove the characters when there is so many things that were left unanswered.
Like the tears of gold, the Osirian's powers, the Chosen One's powers, how Robert Frobisher-Smythe's ghost was seen on the season one finale and was suddenly back alive on season three - because that little film we saw on the show didn't necessarily answer much - what would happen if the Chosen One and the Osirian were close to each other, the elixir of life, what is Nina's real destiny as the Chosen One - because I highly doubt that it's just to keep the world safe, every good person, even with the most pure heart, has an inkling of darkness in them - the ancestors of Sibuna members: Patricia, Alfie, Joy, and Jerome - we don't know anything else about their family history but only that they were on the exhibition with Robert - how is Nina connected to the house and Sarah - no one can just be connected to something like that, and a bloodline has to be with someone related to the other, so I think Sarah and Nina are actually distant relatives and she didn't know about it but Sarah did and didn't get the chance to tell her because she died or waited for the right time to tell her - how are Eddie and Nina connected through their bloodlines - there must have been some sore of secret piece of history between Osiris and Amneris that we don't know about for their descendants to be connected - how is Eddie connected to KT somehow - the show never showed how Eddie's bloodline is connected to KT's family history - will Amber ever come back from fashion school, will Fabian and Mara get together or will Nina and Fabian reunite again, will KT get a boyfriend, will Amfie get back together or will Walfie remain strong, what was the relationship between Victor's father and the Frobisher-Smythes - he must have been more than just a caretaker to their daughter - how did Louisa Frobisher-Smythe die, what happened to Robert's first wife that made them divorce, does KT's grandfather know anything about the Chosen One and the Osirian, and will Victor finally manage to gain immortality just like he wanted?

So you see? This is why they can't just make these characters graduate or make a whole new start of the show! There are so many questions left with no answers that it would just make us, the fans, left disappointed but the poor way how we were left and the jokes will be on Nickelodeon and Teennick because if they do this then they will lose a thousand viewers and might have to probably shut down by the lack of viewers. Maybe the movie is about them being close to their graduation but now them actually graduating - I hope it's not. The show still has many secrets left to be answers and if them make the new characters solve them then it just would be more ridiculous because they never struggled through what Sibuna had struggled. I still think there will be a season four because I remember a scene from an episode of Eddie saying "maybe I should try out for next year? " so they probably have one year left and plus there were originally four seasons of Het Huis Anubis and since this is a spin-off of the show, it should originally be four seasons, too! If you don't believe me then rewatch all three seasons again and give me your opinion and tell me if I'm wrong. New questions are now found which makes the show even greater and more addicting to the fans and now we are anticipating for the new season with Sibuna - the ORIGINAL Sibuna, not the newcomers. And after you read all of my reasons why they shouldn't cancel or make the characters graduate, you tell me; should they or should they not make a new season with the same generation of character and end it with all of these questions answered and yes you would be sad it would be over but you will be happy to know that everything makes sense? Let me know because I know I would be left upset being left unsatisfied by the any questions not being answered.

Greatest soap in Nickelodeon history, no other soap opera can beat this.

Why isn't this part of the top ten? Unlike most shows on Nickelodeon, this actually has drama. It's the perfect balance between mystery, comedy, and romance. I don't understand how this is number 48 on the list. 0.1%? Really?

It's teen-appropriate drama because it is a soap opera type of drama, not for kids.

House of Anubis is such a show. And it's not the illuminati... The show defiantly deserves to be higher on the list, especially higher than someone of the shows put there...

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14Zoey 101

I love zoey 101 so much. Best show ever. Some of the shows on this site I've never heard but zoey 101 is my favorite show of all times. Go zoey, chase, Dana, Nicole, Lola, Logan, Michael, Stacey, Lisa, FireWire, Quinn, James, Vince and so many other people like dean rivers etc.

Cool show. It annoys me how people say it got 'cancelled' because Jamie Lynn got pregnant.. Laugh out loud
If they were really into Nick, they'd realize it was supposed to (and did) run for the full four seasons.
Loved Michael and Logan's characters the most by the way. Very entertaining!

Why this isn't ranked higher, I have no idea! This programme was the best! I love Dan because he made shows such as 'Drake & Josh' and 'Kenan & Kell' and 'Victorious' and 'The Amanda Show' and kids these days don't appreciate that! I was born in 97' and loved these shows so much. It was pure entertainment x this show was the bomb and got 7 million viewers on its last episode. Not saying the others ranked higher are bad but this deserves to be one of the top ones with 'Drake and Josh' and definitely 'Kenan and Kell' 💕

Zoey 101 is the best show ever! Season four was my favorite season I loved how Logan and Quinn ended up together I love this show everyone should watch it it is so amazing I love it

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15Sam & Cat

Sam & Cat was not something to enjoy or watch as a matter of fact, it was horrible, the character was bad, even in real life they're idiots, Also, they made too many messes and let kids imitate that immaturely, and there were butt jokes and lots of rude things, there was violence, especially in the last episode, when Cat attacked a guy by ripping his long hair off, thinking he was wearing a wig, and right after that, he got sent to the emergency room and Cat got arrested and put into jail, this show even had bad lessons that taught kids that it's ok to hurt others and annoy them at the same time, Nick shouldn't have greenlit Sam & Cat in the first place.


Yeah, Because Nickelodeon Wanted to Make Room for Henry Danger, Another Dan Schneider Show that I think is Terrible. I Haven't watched it, though

Awesome show it is my favorite show it is very funny if you watched it you would think the same if you want to have a good laugh and a smile on your face just watch "Sam and Cat"!

Stupid show with stupid girls hurting kids with their stupid babysitting acts.

This was the most awful show ever. It is so stupid and wretched. It has horrible acting and it is so stupid. Boo Sam and Cat):. Never watch Sam and Cat unless you want torture

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16Kenan and Kel

They got their start on ALL THAT. Which is also a top 5 show!

The best Nick show ever. For proof, watch the episode "3 girls, a guy, and a movie. " I think that's the title, may be slightly diff. On youTube.

I was so upset when they canceled it... - clerkatron

I'm glad they cancelled it, it was just another crappy show not worth watching.

Go Kenan and Kel!

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17Rocko's Modern Life

Best Nickelodeon show ever bar none. This show was funny, clever, and had an adult feel to it. Season One was just released, pick it up and see for yourself! (ICarly belongs in the Top Ten worst ever)

Nickelodeon is for kids, and Rocko's Modern Life is not, so Rocko's Modern Life was a bad decision.

Best show on this list, 2nd is Ren and Stimpy, I can't forget the high five of doom

It was an adult show and Nickelodeon is a kids' channel, so Rocko's Modern Life as well as Ren & Stimpy was a HUGE mistake.

Easily the best show Nick ever made. If you voted Spongebob, you've probably never watched Rocko's Modern Life.

Rocko's Modern Life is not really a kids show, it's more for young adults.

, funniest show. Before everything on Nick was about boyfriends and girlfriends; just a hilarious show.

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18The Legend of Korra

It's gonna be like Avatar! so why shouldn't it become one of the best showas on nick? at last it's not one of these non-sense productions which is nick riunning all the time now... so thumbs up for Korra

Ok, I know it hasn't even come out yet, but it's bound to be epic...

Can't wait for it! This I'll be at the top of the list in no time! Hooray for the Avatar!

When they started this show in was awesome and still it is. Korra, you rock

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19Full House

I like watching full house I watch it Mondays, tuesdays, wendsdays, thursdays and fridays.

I LOVE THIS SHOW! I have watched this show ever since I was little and I still like it today. It has everything combined: comedy romance humor...everything! THIS SHOULD BE THE FIRST ON THE LIST! ITS AN AWESOME SHOW! IT ALSO TEACHES KIDS LIFE LESSONS WHICH IS GOOD!

This show is my favorite show ever I LOVE IT and you wouldent even know! Love the catchphrases; "you got it Dude! ", "Have mercy! ", "how rude! " "Hi people" etc. ! In conclusion, this should be #1! I love the funny moments, heartfelt moments, and the sad moments! Top-notch acting and the cutest baby! And Dave Coulier is the best at impressions! I like Zoey 101 but Full House is truly the BEST! You can't get any better then THIS! Truly, Truly, truly, truly THE BEST!

It's not a Nickelodeon show, but it's owned by Nickelodeon, same thing goes with Friends, Plus, this seems like a family targeted version of Friends.

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20Ren & Stimpy

Ren and Stimpy's creator, John Kricfalusi, wanted nothing less than perfection. Consequently he was fired for missing deadlines and replaced with.. terrible people. Regardless, those first two seasons were some of the best cartoons ever made. Even if you don't like it, you must remember than Ren and Stimpy is what brought us out of the dark age of animation, when all cartoons were just 30 minute toy commercials (Transformers, G.I. Joe, etc. ). Without Ren and Stimpy we wouldn't have SpongeBob or Zim. We'd still be trapped in the dark ages of animation. Thank you R^^S for saving cartoons!

Well, I love this show, but the whole show went downhill after John left. But yes, it was an awesome show, but I could see why it got cancelled. Still, you have to give it some credit for the first two years. I was stuck between the old Spongebob, and then this, but I thought about the new Spongebob, and then I voted for Ren and Stimpy! But still, awesome show, and Nick should bring it back. (With John! ) I always loved this show, and I even bought some episodes on my IPod.

If only the new Spongebob was as merciful...

He got fired because he disrespected Nickelodeon, Nickelodeon is a kids channel and Rocko's Modern Life was not for kids.

The original, not Spike T.V.'s horrible attempt at remaking it! - tarot_contralto

This should be in the top 5 - venomouskillingmachine

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