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Linkin Park
Greatest band of this decade. Awesome. Chester's vocals and Mike's rap are out of this world.
Linkin Park defined the Nu Metal genre. You shouldn't argue about taste and that's why this list isn't really that important but what Linkin Park have achieved nationally and internationally with their style has contributed to the entire audiovisual history as a whole. All the bands in this list are amazing bands with amazing fans. But they just can't top the revolution that Linkin Park sparked and the one they still lead to this day.

When they released they're first music no one wanted to have anything to do with it because it was different and groundbreaking. Just like now, while albums like Hybrid Theory and Meteora are praised for their revolutionary sound. But guess what? Those albums are 10 years old, and only now, in a time of Disney crap and barbie doll teenage stars flying around our ears, we start to appreciate that wonderful noise. Right now it seems like if they are degrading they're own musical style but in reality they're re inventing music. Something they've always done and will continue doing to the very end.

It will probably take another 10 years for most of the simple minds to catch up with they're new style. By that time they will probably already have changed it to something we bitch for now.
Your words are so thoughtful and true. I agree with you. There are so many people who also needs to understand this.


Listen! These guys may have not created nu-metal but they sure took it to another level. Slipknot is good, no doubt about that, but compared to linkin park (chester and Mike ) they have to settle for the #2 spot.
[Newest]It is the best band
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Slipknot is the best band in this list. The band plays awesome music. Each and every member of the band is awesome. Korn are pioneers of nu-metal but slipknot carried to the some other level. Mudvayne and ill nino also carried to different level. LB and LP aren't nu-metal now. But they kicked asses when they were..
1. SlipKnoT 2. KoRn 3. MudVayne 4. Limp Bizkit/Linkin Park 5. Ill NiNo

Slipknot are the kings of Nu metal, they make best Nu metal songs that are melodic and catchy.
Shaped the genre single handed. Pinnacle of nu-metal artists. Linkin Park and the others are no longer metal. Slipknot all the way!
[Newest]To all the Slipknot fans saying they are nu-metal you're a poser. Because if you know the band at all it was that they hated labels and especially being classified as nu-metal. They are their own sound. None like those guys. Love them.
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KoRn are the creators of nu metal. They have the most original and creative ideas and are able to express these with ease. Now that is what we call talent. If there was no KoRn then this nu metal list would have been empty.
So remember if there was no KoRN then there would not have been any nu metal band on earth!
Nu Metal wouldn't exist if it wasn't for KoRn. And none these bands would exist either.
Best band around none of the others in this list come close to the epicness that is KoRn
[Newest]I mean just because they created nu metal, doesn't mean they are the best. They are the best because they are the best at changing the standards of nu metal with each album.
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4System of a Down
no dude no one sucks it's just that system of a down is the best! serj's vocals are far better than the others and their music is really expressing what the song should feel like
S. O. A. D. pissed off awesomes albums! I can say all songs are greats, or better, I can't hate any song! Songs like Cigaro, Radio/Video, Chop Suey, Vicinity of Obscenity, Chic 'n Stu, F*** The System made history of rock music!

I also love other nu metal groups, for example KoRn, P. O. D. and Limp Bizkit, but I still prefer S. O. A. D. , 'cuz they've got more experimantal lines, instruments and they always searched new sounds! In my opinion, S. o. A. D. 's the best group! And not only Toxicity and Steal This Album! are great works, everyone can easily love CDs like S. O. A. D. , Mesmerize, Hypnotize and unofficial works and B-Sides like Toxxic Traxx,... The #1 S. O. A. D. fan in Italy ;) m/
Band with its own characteristics, all personnel are very concerned about the world, from their maneuver that helps to Japan, Iraq, children with cancer and of course the Armenian genocide, etc
[Newest]System has the the perfect mix of Nu-Metal and traditional Armenian melodies. Tankian and Malakian's voices go together like hot dogs and Coke. Each song has a meaningful message (besides, perhaps Bounce, which is still a fun song). They are a band with a purpose and musically, they are the best.
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Disturbed is the greatest band of all time. Draiman's voice with the heavy beats easily put them above amazing.
1. DISTURBED-every song is great from them
2. BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE-your betrayal, tears don't fall, scream aim fire, waking the demon, hand of blood, the last fight, all these things I hate, fever, eye of the storm, heart burst into fire...
3. AVENGED SEVENFOLD-beast and the harolt, scream, bat country, nightmare, afterlife, almost easy, unholy confessions, welcome to the family...
4. SYSTEM OF A DOWN-chop suey, toxicity, sugar, byob, aerials, hypnotize, lonley day, pluck, atwa...
5. SLIPKNOT-wait and bleed, before I forget, psychosocial, eyeless, sulfur, left behind, the nameless, pulse of the maggots...
Disturbed are the best band ever. There is not an album that I have been disapointed with. Slipknot are my 2nd favourite band.
Where is trivium in this list and As I Lay Dying they are really good bands, but Disturbed tops the chart.
[Newest]This is one of my favourite bands. Not every music will produce that feeling of punching something
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6Limp Bizkit
Great band, very definition of Nu Metal, not the best but definitely deserves to be in the top 5 with Linkin Park, Slipknot, Deftones, and Korn
Limp Bizkit are genuine, other bands like linkin park just followed the trend at the time for with a clear commercial purpose..
Limp Bizkit should be number one. My Way, My Generation, Boiler,... just great.
[Newest]Bad voice, but amazingly talented rock band, Limp Bizkit Rocks!
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This list sucks! Deftones is the best Nu metal band. The started back in the 90s and still playing. They even go to central America a few times.
I agree the Deftones are the creators of this genre PERIOD! The melodic imagery the depict in their songs are absolutely unreal! The new album Koi No Yokan is amazing, but all their albums deserve a listen. I agree this list sucks! DEFTONES SHOULD BE NUMBER ONE not Linkin Park!
Most under rated band ever. Deftones deserve to be in the top 5 if not a top 3 rank. Besides, they still release great albums to this day, something you can't say about Limp Bizkit, Korn and the over rated Disturbed. by the way - why is Avenge Sevenfold (a one hit wonder emo band) even on this list?
[Newest]Deftones never really did get their just due during the Era when "Nu Metal" was at the top of the game. That was years ago and Deftones are still doing their thing. The latest album "Koi No Yokan" only proves they are the premier Nu Metal act, even if Nu Metal is the wrong category for them. For me, on the list of all time bands its Metallica, Deftones, and no one close after that.


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Every song is uniquely perfect. If you were to define Nu Metal, this would be it. Mudvayne has a good grasp on the concept of Nu Metal. Though they sometimes use riffs more than once, I can agree they are one of the best Nu Metal bands my ears have ever been graced to listen to.
MUDVAYNE IS AMAZING! Seriously if you haven't listened to them, you're missing out
mudvayne is the best band ever, they kick ass and every album they made is different to each other.
[Newest]You've got nothing to Gein from not listening to them

9Rage Against the Machine
First off they were there from the start they have a more succesful than any other nü metal bands. Bottom line is after songs like take the powe back, sleep now in the fire, bulls on a parade and others they are just the best
What is wrong with you people? Avenged sevenfold is not even nu metal, ratm is the creators of nu metal and is not even in the top ten? You people should hear the early days of nu metal rather than mainstream
[Newest]One of my favourite bands of all time I've been listening to 'em scone I was a little kid

10Papa Roach
the best band ever. Jacob Shaddix has the greatest vocal nowadays. I think the band should play again in Brazil!
They were really a great nu metal band... Of course now they have changed their genre to rock... They were and they are awesome
They should be in the top 5! Not 11! WTF? They belong with Korn, System of a Down, Slipknot, and LP at the top. LAST RESORT! Limp Bizkit can't compete with that. No more Wes Borland no more limp bizkit. Plain and simple
[Newest]Slipknot as a nu-metal?! And higher than PAPA ROACH?! I can't understand it

The Contenders

I love this band, they have so many different sounds, its something everyone can enjoy and listen to.
Great band with an even better message, all of their albums are completely good albums, not ones that you just torrent for one song, also they haven't sold out like linkin park and korn, also they use a variety of sounds from rasta sounds to deep sounding guitar riffs, incredible band, chec em out, one of my favorites, and that saying something
The rap and singing of the same person... It never feels like it... When he raps it feels he is a pro only rapper... When he sings he feels just like a singer and when he screams he puts the level of chester in it 8)
[Newest]Listen to the lyrics, then you'll realise why this band deserve top spot

Not All Songs Are Great but Solitaire unraveling and XII Album Savior sorrow Are Killer... they are Better Instrumentally than Slipknot... though definitely less popular give them a try their sound will grow on you.
Mushroomhead is one of the most original and unique bands out their. The only reason I can think of not to give them a chance is because of peoples prejudice against Nu-Metal. But trust me even if you don't like them at first keep listening they'll grow on you.
Most original deep and dark band ever. They feel really special to me. First the music of course, The industrial rap and the guitars and keyboard are great, but they manage to take me away to the nightmares in my childhood. The illustrations in scary books about forests and witches come to life when I listen songs like Soitaire Unraveling and 43. Mushroomhead deserves to be in the top 10. They are to my opinion the only good Nu-metal band.
[Newest]Some kind of reasons, some kind of evidence

13Breaking Benjamin
Probably the best balance between power, lyrics and tone. Brings something out of our guts. No only one song, but all on all of their albums!
The best band ever. Period.
There awesome but there not metal there rock

Taproot is a great band, they should be at least in the top 10, if not the top 5. They have awesome tunes like Poem, Again & Again, I, Fractured etc.


To be honest, at least Taproot tries to stay with true heavy metal roots unlike Linkin Park and Slipknot

15Ill Nino
As far as nu-metal goes, nobody does it better than Ill Nino. No metal band fuses together radio friendly hooks, beautiful melodies, aggression, variety, and overall balance better than these guys. And their Latin influences only make them even more unique. Even if you aren't a fan of nu-metal, anyone who likes any kind of metal owes it to themselves to check out these guys.
So underrated. But they have epic songs. Don't believe me, look up, This is War, Finger Painting with the Enemy, My Resurrection, Liar.
Extremely unknown and they are so good, together with slipknot, System of a Down and the foot fighters my favorite band

16Hollywood Undead
They're lyrics are inspiring and have a true meaning alongside their rhythm and beat
Really like this band's style. Not putting down other bands but this band's lyrics just speak to me on a personal level and I like that they have songs for all occasions
What a band danny has great vocals and charlie scene funny man j dog and johnny 3 tears are insabne rapers best rapcore band and 10th best nu metal band they are cool as.
[Newest]Should be in top 10

Staind have hit heavy and they have hit soft. They honestly don't sound like any other band. The combine the many elements of Nu Metal and mix it with Post-Grunge
How is Staind only 45th on this list? They are an amazing band, that made a great comeback to their older style with their newest album. Linkin park's music style is getting worse. Staind deserves to be in the top 10.
Why is Staind #44? They definitely deserve the type five spot along with System of a Down, Linkin Park, and Slipknot!
[Newest]I am staind by their music forever as it touches my soul

18Five Finger Death Punch
Great band I like their double bass and their brute vocals and they have very meaningful songs, one of the best bands of our time I really recommend to anyone who doesn't know them to check a song or two from them.
My all time favorite band, Love 100 ways to hate, and every song by them, I own every album, they should be top 5 at least, I mean really guys, this band is awesome.
Five Finger Death Punch to me has really catchy songs that I can keep on repeat. No album dissapoints. A few songs that are really good examples are Bad Company, Coming Down, Far From Home, Under and Over it and 100 ways to hate. FFDP is fo sho one of my top Nu Metal bands right up with Korn, Slipknot, P.O. D and Mushroomhead.
[Newest]Should be higher. Best rising Nu-Metal band for sure. If you like Slipknot this is the band for you too

19Coal Chamber
They are creators of this true nu metal sound, which is based on really simple and raw riffs supported by very fast and powerful drums. They are also creators of that unique dark image and haircuts, which is copied by another million of nu metal bands. They have done a lot for nu metal music and they deserve better position in this list
Korn definitely did not come up with nu metal. Nu metal was started by these guys, Coal Chamber. Look it up.
Half of the bands on this list aren't even nu metal. What is that and why are people voti g for bamds not even in the genre?
They are nu metal a lot of these people are looking for rap metal or rap rock. Nu metal is standard heavy mixed with another genre of music Coal chamber mixed goth rock with metal and some hip hop.

20Thousand Foot Krutch
Love this band; got me into this kind of music!
"Puppet" is one of the best nu metal songs ever! It's sad how these guys are so underrated.
I can't believe tfk is place 78! Are you guys kidding?

One of the best bands ever formed sad lyrics moving guitars awesome bass and hard hitting DRUMMING
I honestly think they should be higher on the list. But they aren't as good as they used to be when they changed the singer.
My favorite, until they changed the singer.

They have lost a step in the past few years, but the 6 previous amazing studio albums more than make up for it. No other band has even 4 albums that good, collectively. 7D rocked from '97 to '06... Longer than anyone did, at that level. 37'th is a disgrace. Some of the other bands higher plain suck!
Should be much higher
They belong top ten.

There is no way Godsmack should be 27. Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet for my Valentine are not nu metal. Godsmack deserves to be somewhere in the Top Tens. This was just an incorrect list. THis list sould look like this:
1. Slipknot
2. System of a Down
3. KoRn
4. Limp Bizkit
5. Disturbed
6. Linkin Park
7. Mudvayne
8. Godsmack
9. Drowning Pool
10. Papa Roach
Awesome drums and really unique voice.
This should go way up.. Vote guys!
[Newest]They should be number 1 the best of all time no question

24Stone Sour
slipknot's vocalist corey taylor's side-project and this band is FREAKING AWESOME! In my opinion, people say linkin park is the best, but I would think that if people had listened to stone sour, they would like it better than linkin park :P


For all the slipknot haters here's the band that will surprise you, Corey Taylor shows his incredible range as a singer, It's a slipknot-Staind mix.
Maggots, vote for Stone Sour.


These guys are awesome! They should be number one easily
These guys are really good. Many of their songs has been chosen as ppb for WWE main events. Let me name some. ALWAYS, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, HUNT you DIWN, TIME TO SHINE, KING OF THE STEREO, CLICK CLICK BOOM


I like the song stellar ^^ Drive even it's more like pop than the others but It's Catchy and sounds cool
Nowhere fast is one of my fave and redefine
S.C.I.E.N.C.E is one of my favourite albums ever.

28Drowning Pool
Honestly, Avenged Sevenfold is not nu metal. They are officially metalcore, heavy metal, and hard rock. Drowning Pool deserves to be at the TOP Tens. Try listening to Bodies and Sinner. They are great nu metal songs to listen.
Their career died with the amazing vocalist known as Dave Williams. Seriously their first album "sinner" was a killer album
Awesome songs like Tear Away, Killing Me etc. put them on the 6th place.
[Newest]Amazing band for the first two albums then they went down hill :(

29Maximum the Hormone
Unbelievably creative band, Daisuke(SInger)can scream and rap, Ryo(Guitarist)can rap and sing in a melodic voice, Nawo(Drummer)she can play drums really fast and also sing, Uehara(Bassist)HE IS AMAZING, one of the best bassists of all time, and also does backing vocals, shouts.
One of the most creative bands, as it seems to me! Every album is a gift to their fans!
There better than slipknot and slipknot are my favourite band for 5 years now. The songs are brillent with the pop chorus's and heavy verse's, all of their songs are different but sound like them haveing 3/4 different vocals in one song takes ball but these guys do it and sound great.
[Newest]They're great, I found them through deathnote


3140 Below Summer
Can't believe now one knows! Easily Numero uno...! Follow Max Illidge's Tracks to a band called Black Market Hero and Now With daggers Drawn... Long story look it up!
That band have to be in top 15, just listen to their last album Fire at Zero Gravity!

Dope should be at least in top 20

Although there are some better bands shinedown is REALLY good and doesn't deserve to be down here at 33, maybe not in top 10 but not anywhere beyond 15. I would say their best album is sound of madness ( my own opinion ) and the amaryllis at second ( own opinion again ) if you haven't you should listen to their work really good and you wouldn't be wasting your time because you can't go wrong with any of their work
This band I believe is the best band of the last decade and today. Brent Smith's powerful, wide-range vocals are absolutely amazing. No to mention lyrically they hit on everything. There live shows are also a must see. Shinedown should easily be in the top 5.
They're great and deserve much more

I see most people voting here do not understand what genre music acts fall under, and worse many people are just a bunch of posers voting for bands like Linkin Park. Nonpoint, though not a pioneer has consistently put out the best music for the longest time.
Korn hasn't put out a good song in a decade.
Deftones have jumped back and forth from making great music to making mediocre and back again.
Coal Chamber and Static x the best nu metal had to offer for the intense moshing sound.
Then there are many bands that came and went such as Darwins Waiting Room and Downthesun.
Nonpoint may not be the best but they are on the that list frontlines is an epic song!

Best band EVER. Its so good. Linkin Park and this band are #1. Amy Lee is the best chick in nu metal music. Every song is so original and deserves to be at least number 2 on this chart
Evanescence is the best nu metal band in the list. Because this band is "Gothic-Nu Metal" and Amy's voice is so beautiful and impressive. Evanescence is very good mixture of Linkin Park music and gothic music. Listen to Bring Me To Life and Tourniquet, absolutely awesome.

Look, Evanescence is gothic band yes, but, this band is very talented and underrated. Best band in the Century.
Evanescence is really good. Just this band is a nu metal band with Gothic influences. Evanescence is very talented and amazing and no reason to be a nu metal band. Seriously how this band is ranked 15? Legendary songs, legendary female vocalist. My opinion, should be in the top ten. Listen to Fallen, Open Door and self-titled album. Amy Lee is the best singer.
[Newest]Evanescence is Number 17? Please everyone vote for them, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!

36Static X
Static-X is tried and true. My favorite band out there. They give it all on every song.
One of first nu-metal bands
No these guys didn't rip off Nine inch nails not at all.

Check out their two albums... Both of them is great!

Prophecy is the Best album, it is much better than Slipknot, Linkin Park & Korn combined...
Primitive a great Album...
Why is Soulfly so far down the list? They are a very good band.

Sepultura are classic thrash metal not nu-metal. Roots Bloody Roots is their only nu-metal album!


Sepultura are way better than black veil brides
They r groove, thrash, & death not nu metal but still they are great

Scars is a fantastic album. Something everyone who enjoys this genre should take some time to listen to.

One of the best bands that never got any credit. Max Holt is an amazing vocalist on par with Phil of All that Remains. The depth of his range is unmatched. His rage is a drug that comes through the speakers and leaves you wanting more and more.
Amazing band all there albums were very good matt's voice is amazing I can't put it in words that are in my head!
I have 3 of their 4 cd's. I love this band. I wish they would have made more. I never seem to get tired of them.


43Machine Head
Amazing music, lyrics and live performances. This is THE band for me, been with them since 97'-98', and they keep producing highquality albums. Every time I think they can not possibly top themselves, they.. Just do exactly that. With albums like Burn my Eyes, Through the Ashes of Empires, The Blackening and Unto the Locust, Machine Head have truly left behind a legacy they can be proud of. I hope Machine Head will be to my kid, as Iron Maiden and Metallica was to me when I was 12-13.
Originally a Post-Thrash (or "Groove" Metal) band after Nu-Metal hit it big they kind of crossed over and created some decent Nu-Metal albums.
I thought they were more thrash metal. If you ever put them on a metal list they belong top ten.

44Pulse Ultra
Maybe to complex for your avarage Nu-metal fan, but damn they were awesome; especially life. Check out Slip in Sin first, then the rest of the album, then on repeat for a month, tattoo the band-name on your face, regret that last part, forget by listening to the album again + drinking, wake up in a haze, have bacon & eggs, feed your pets and then listen to the album while maintaining an -face through-out, then visit friends and tickle their balls every time you mention the band-name.

Lead singer can really sing it's very unexpected and the music is authentic.
Babymetal is Babymetal



Snot is a lot better than most bands above.

49Crazy Town
Not the the greatest but I felt they needed a vote

50Primer 55
Rapish Metal has its own taste and own sound with a hard hitting ear crushing guitar boomers
Way too low, one of my favorite bands in high school. Unique fresh sound. And heavy.
ну блять заебись песня This Life. Rage Against The Machine 'ля чурок хуйня. Так же, как и Maximum The Hormone. Не мужская музыка

51Love and Death
Brain welch is to me one of the best stage performers I have ever seen

Atreyu is one of the founders of the metalcore. Though they never got as big as Avenged Sevenfold they are just as good if not better. Top 10 for their contribution to the metal world I think is deserved
Atreyu is still my favorite band!

Look how pretty she is
When she falls down
But there's no beauty in
Bleeding Mascara
ATREYU DESERVES TO BE IN THE TOP TEN LIST! All of their songs are amazing and they're amazing when they play live!
Atreyu is still my favorite band, kind if pisses me off that they're so low

53Bullet For My Valentine

Underrated and great numetal band. Not a top ten but very worthy of a listen.

55Dir En Grey
Really similar to Korn in some songs so thats why I like them Kyo is a really good singer but I find Daisukes vocals to be more brutal and heavier...

Best unknown band ever a must must listen to

57Puddle of Mudd
What is this doing down here? This band has produced some of the best songs of nu metal!


How are they so low with songs such as 4am forever, last train home, a town called hypocrisy, rooftops and basicly all of liberation transmission
Watch the news mate. One simple Google will tell you all the reasons why no-one will ever listen to them again.

Came from South East Asia. This band proved they're one of the toughest and hard-working NU band based outside western.
This band should be in top 20!

NEW german band just formed and is one the most best acts hope they get signed NU METAL

62Trust Company

63All That Remains
OH MY GOD! ALL THAT REMAINS LYING HERE?! This is not upsetting, it is disturbing to see a divine band of such godly caliber languishing down here at 77! ONce you listen to some of their insane songs with their insane riffs, drumming and choruses, you'll realize the epicness of metal that your eyes were oblivious to. Bring them to at least top 20 or else the Metal Gods will not be pleased.
... Who in their right mind would call All That Remains Nu-Metal?


64Anew Revolution

65Fear Factory
Obsolete came out during that time period. Definitely fit in nu metal, I'd say. They should get bumped up.
Really! Fear Factory is rated 67. Give me a break. No offense to the other bands.

66Faith No More
How is this band not in this list?! They started Nu-Metal! Without them, Nu-Metal wouldn't be here.
Really again! They are the originators of Nu-metal.
This band should be at the top 30 or higher.
[Newest]You don't know who you are

67Dry Kill Logic
Just listen to the songs "Rot" "Weight" and "Nightmare". those songs are fantastic and its sad to see such a great band this far doen the list
Heavier than a swimming pool filled with tar


69Powerman 5000


Celldweller is driven by the same power that rotates the earth. Their music is so epic and dynamic. I can hardly wait for a new album to over play. DO NOT LISTEN TO WHILE DRIVING!
The best compare of awesome voice, beutiful music and deep lyrics

72Linea 77


74Dry Cell
It's sad how only a few people know this amazing band
Check their album Disconnected, expecially the songs Brave, Body Crumbles and Sorry. They are such an amaizing band, it's such a shame they're so underrated.

75Core 10
Working towards being as original as possible!
Thank you for your goodness!

Awesome band. If you haven't heard of'em, check'em out.


78Dead Guy'z Rock

79The Union Underground
Union Underground is a great band, sharing a bass player with disturbed. Their music contains a lot of underlying drug references. 'An Education in Rebellion' is the best album ever created, including 'revolution man', 'trip with Jesus', and 'killing the fly'. There is absolutely no reason why they are so rarely heard of. They are in my personal top 5 favorite bands.

80Lacuna Coil

Amazing vocals, catchy hooks, and awesome use of syth and metal guitar. Stitches, Blue Monday, Fiction (dreams in digital) all amazing songs
Definitely helped make Nu Metal what it was. Bump'em up!



84Hed PE
Really good mix of sounds like so many other unknown bands like snot, motograter, 36 crazyfists, cold, no-one and dry cell
I like them there good

85Dead by Sunrise


87In This Moment
love them! Maria Brink is amazing and their guitarist and drummer are wonderful, too.
Best Nu-Metal band ever surprised I didn't see them Blood is by farm the best album I have ever heard

88Rage Hybrid
This band is great and beautiful

89Blue Stahli
Blue Stahli is electronic-rock, not nu metal... But his music is nonetheless incredible!

90Evans Blue
I just love this band to death, they should be so much more popular than they are. Evans Blue are in a league of their own.
Very good band. Not a lot of people know them but trust me very good band.

91Emil Bulls


93Red 13
"They r new but absolutely Awesome band & perfect nu-metal band... I love there song is 'failure'... Mohaiminul Kabir AMIO from Bangladesh, Dhaka...

94From Zero
What an underrated band such great songs like check ya, jeer, sorry, myself



Red is a Christian rock/metal band not nu metal..

98Entity Paradigm
A Pakistani nu- metal band

99Crown the Empire
Amazing band if you don't listen to Crown the Empire you know nothing about Metal

100Mr. Bungle

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