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41I Wish

This song just says something to me somehow. It's really touching ;) should definitely be higher up the list

Not my favorite song (moments is, love their solos) but how is this the bottom of the list? I love it, I love their voices, and they're all amazing And I can relate a bit, haha.

This song truly deserves to be in the Top 5 and if not then it should at least be in the Top 10. You know some songs which make you think of your first love, it is one of them.

One of the Best songs ever...

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42Save You Tonight

I love this song! Why is all the way on the bottom? Some of the songs on hear aren't even One Direction songs and they have better reviews. I don't know why because this song is definitely one of my favorites

THIS SONG IS SO AWESOME! WHY IS IT AT THE BOTTOM? The funny thing is they say I can't be no superman... But what about Louis?

I can't be a super man but for you I will be super human awesome line

This song is the best. Put it first place, always.

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43Stockholm Syndrome

This song is literally my favourite song in the entire world. In front of every other song I've listened to. Stockholm needs to be up in the top ten cause it is just amazing. The lyrics are winded together so well and the beat is so different and cool. Ten out of ten.

I love this song very much and it should be on top of this list. I love the line " baby I'll never leave if you keep holding me this way... ! "

THIS SONG. Amazing.

Their voices in this are incredible, and the 80's vibe is great. I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. It should be 1.

This song has a 80's vibe to it which is probably why I love it so much

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44Still the One

This song is just fantastic, this is the very song that made me a directioner!

I think this song really really awesome, people should listen this and don't forget to vote.

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45Drag Me Down


I really do think Drag Me Down is a great pump-up song. It came out right after Zayn left the band, and it made people take them seriously again. It has become quite a hit with its classic repeated lyrics. No other 1D album has a song quite like Drag Me Down:

Honestly this should be way higher! Different than their other songs and much easier and good on the ears with pump up tune!

I love it but I think that this song sung with zayn

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46Change My Mind

It's such a beautiful song. Also, It's extremely underrated. I mean, come on, 45? On the entire list? It's my favorite song by One Direction and it doesn't get enough credit. Shame.

Great song. Great lyrics. Come on people it such a heartfelt song with meaningful lyrics and imagery. I can totally relate to this song, same as "I Wish".

The tune is really awesome! And even the lyrics are really nice.

Should be in the 10 th place

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47Little White Lies

Oh God! These 5 Boys are rocking the world. This is one of their best song! Just amazing! I listen to it almost 100 times a day... Please do listen this thrilling song of One Direction from their album Midnight Memories!

Why is this not higher? The bass drop. WOW. Gets me every time. Better than words is a close second but this is just amazing. Spread the word! But don't tell no little white lies. (You see what I did there? )

Niall loves it to perform this song!
& I love Niall and Litlle White Lies, too!

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Dis is just awesome... Dunno why it's so underrated... A must listen song...

Love this song! It's my favorite! I don't know why it isn't at the top!

Everything by one direction is magic. I love the song

This song is awesome. Simple as that.

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49Through the Dark

Am I the only one who thinks this sounds like a Pocahontas song? Laugh out loud

This is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. This song is AMAZING, I think everyone should go listen to it. The lyrics are really powerful and I cried the first time I listened to this. This should be so, so, so, so much higher.

This song is great shouldn't be here it deserves to be a little bit up
One of my favorite songs ever

This song always makes me cry. It's so comforting. I LOVE this song.

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I love this song... Why on earth is this at the bottom of the list?!? What is wrong with you people this song iss so great!

Why is this song the 17th?
It should be the first
Well at least that's MY opinion...
Anyway, I hope that this will be the number 1 song on this list!
Thanks anyway, I hope you read this...

I love this song! I really love all of their songs, but this one should really be higher up in the list! It is just so touching and catchy and the same time. I love this song. Please listen to it. You'll thank me.

I really like this song why is it #51?

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Most people don't know the meaning behind the song if they aren't caught up with the "news". this is about their break - them promising their fans that "this is not the end, this is not the end, we can make it you know it you know"

Its beautiful I love the melody and its just a great song to just sit down and listen to it.

History is such a catchy song, with meaningful lyrics! you can literally hear loads of guitar in it and lou has a awesome solo too. The fifth album is guna be a blast! can't wait

64? Us Directioners can do much better

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52Teenage Dirtbag

It's a beautiful song and love its solos

ITS GREAT but they don't really sing it they just do a cover

I love this song! The way they sing it is so good

Id buy it if they sold it

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53All You Need is LoveV2 Comments
54Steal My Girl

Amazing song! So catchy and fun, the lyrics are sassy and well done, the guys voices are great, everything about it is just awesome! Great as a love song, great as a song to jump around to... seriously one of their bests.

1d has prove again that they r d best. Zayn has sang awesome. Niall also did well. Liam, Harry, Zayn, Niall, Louis I love you guys. you 5 r my heroes.

This song really tells everyone that ONE DIRECTION IS THE BEST!

What the hell is going on? This song must must and must be in top ten. I loved this song.

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I think you people should vote for this one... The harmony of their voices inspired me... I like this song way better than the original one... Everyone did their best in this one...

I love this song the boys sing it great
And they are fantastic I love you Harry styles Liam Payne Zayn Malik Louis Tomlinson Niall Horan

Best song they ever preformed it gets me in a good mood every time I hear it I listen to it almost every day!
It have the best beet and they sound AMAZING! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! BEST BAND EVER!

They should record this one

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56You are So Beautiful

It's so nice really! Check t out or be tormented because it's so nice!

This songs amazing please listen this song at least one time you will be amazed

I love this song I never stop listening to it I love you one direction I am crying cause I never deen a concert I I love you so much

I'm not voting I'm just annoyed about the title ITS WHAT MAKES YOU BEAUTIFUL OKAY

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Like it say in the title it's PERFECT. Just remember so is everyone!

This song touched my heart when I first saw one direction perform. This song is in particular is my favourite one direction. This song should be number 1

I cried when I first heard this song. It literally is PERFECT the best ever and so super duper sad I'm crying because I love then and there songs so much exspecilly perfect they are perfect no matter what. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH

Best song ever

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58Better Than Words

How is this so low? It's one of their best songs!

This is the hottest song of one direction's new album "MIDNIGHT MEMORIES"

One of their best song. Seriously they need to be more rock.

This song is awesome! Why is it so low? Its rocky but sweet at the same time.

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I hear everyday one directions songs. I can't spend a single day without them. Love you boys.

I LOVE THIS SONG! PLEASE LISTEN TO IT. zayn sings really well. I heard it like a 1000 times

Very catchy sons and released just today

I love this song, it's so beautiful and calming!

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No hate but the chorus sounds like "Lips are Movin" by Meghan Trainor / "Keep On Moving" by Five. - Anggun

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