Top 10 Best Pop Artists


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The Top Ten

Michael Jackson
Yes, he is the best. He will always be the best. I am not really a person who listens to pop music, but I do like Michael Jackson and I think he is an amazing artist! The Beatles are also amazing, but I just had to vote for Michael Jackson. His music is legend and will be here forever.
Michael Jackson has an amazing talent of singing and dancing and writing his own stuff and I think why he has beaten the likes of Madonna is because he doesn't just get his private parts out and makes sex books and doesn't cause controvertiallity he just plain and simpily lives to create, sing and dance to music and that is why he has turned out on top of the likes of katy perry and Madonna because he has sold more than both of them put together and his talent is far greater than the rest below in this category he is also the most awarded artist for grammys and grammys are the most important awards

Michael jackson.. One of the biggest names in the history of music, probably the biggest. His songs are the best lyrics make sense he is just awesome.R.I.P. michael jackson we will always love you.
[Newest]I'm big fan of Michael Jackson.. I miss you

2Katy Perry
Love her love her love her! She is my idol! She has an angel voice, she is beautiful, and she has the best songs! I especially love her new album Prism. She had some wonderful songs! I just wanted to point something out on this list though, Taylor Swift should not get a spot on this list! She always sounds horrid! I really dislike her country music, and how she's always singing about her love life. Maybe if you'd stop singing about your love life, then your love life would be more successful! Anyways, Katy for the win!
Hey everyone Katy Perry should be Number 1! Have you people ever see how many views her Dark horse, Roar, and firework! I waited 1 week to post this comment and her Dark horse went up 25 million! Right now her roar has 823,758,985! Her roar has 803,696,736 views! Her Prism album has had BILLIONS of sales! Her Prismatic world tour was the 2nd biggest tour ever on the internet for people to vote for, Plus she is nice to people who are poor! She is awesome! Katy Perry I love you! I which I could see you Queen of pop!
Okay, so she does have some less-good songs, but most of her songs are really either catchy, meaningful, epic, cool, or all four. Not to mention that she has some pretty amazing music videos, like the ones for Roar, Wide Awake, and Unconditionally... Oh, and Firework.
[Newest]I Love her songs! Her songs are awesome! And it about someone else not always about her life like the son fireworks!

3The Beatles
What can I say. They broke most of the records in music, also had a lot of first's. Still today all there records still stand. Most of them are set so high that they will never be broken.


Not just the greatest pop artist ever, but probably even the best musicians ever to have walked this planet. They deserve a heck of a lot better than this.
[Newest]The Beatles are amazing no madder what year it is there beautiful music will live on

4Lady Gaga
Look at Oscar performance of lady gaga.. Compare it with other artist performance like Katy Perry. She is the worst when it comes to live performance.. Just because your songs are good doesn't mean you are talented. Hate auto tune artists I am pointing at Katy Perry.. Only few living artist deserve respect like Eminem Adele Christina Madonna Taylor Bruno and others few
MOTHER MONSTER! Gaga is not only the most talented musician in pop music today, but she is also the most talented in pop music history. She can play the piano, she can write songs, she can produce her own music, and she can SING. Plus her songs I can relate to, unlike the songs of Nicki Minaj or any other of the pop singers in todays music. Go Gaga!
My Queen! Pop sensation who can actually sing live unlike Katy Perry! Her songs are catchy and original. Her fashion is creative and fun.

5Taylor Swift
Taylor swift is the best singer I have ever heard. I don't care what anybody else says. I thinks she's great no matter what.
Her songwriting are poetic masterpieces and she has such incredible talent in the music industry and is one of the most strongest artists today and can sell phenomenally well.
She is best singer and very cute
[Newest]I think tay-tay should be #1, I was shocked to see she wasn't. Old songs and new, I love you taylor!

Who knows music and understand about vocals always votes for Adele.What a talent, what a voice she has
Adele deserves more than just a 3% vote people! All the wonderful songs that she has sang for us!
Her Rolling in the deep is simply so amazing. Could hear it on repeat the whole day.
[Newest]Deserves a higher spot!

P! Nk is the best, period. She is one of the few artists these days that actually make songs that have real meanings, not just about partying, getting drunk, and hot chicks. P! Nk's songs, like "Try" (so inspiring) and "Blow Me One Last Kiss" are so great! And Just Give Me A Reason, So What, the list goes on and on. She's got her own style. Haha how a couple days ago P! Nk was at #59... So I'm not the only fanatic.
P! Nk is a great artist with a great voice. All of her songs are energetic and fun to listen to.
Pink is a good singer and her songs are inspiring! I love her so damn much.
[Newest]She's great. I really like So What and Raise Your Glass. Great songs.

8Britney Spears
Britney Spears is my favorite artist by far. Don't know much about her new songs but her old songs are great. Taylor swift and Katy perry are still new artists but will never be as good as Britney Spears because they started their career later than Britney and to be honest, will never be as popular. I mean, who doesn't know Britney Spears? Britney Spears is amazing as and is definitely the princess of pop and will always be.
This is crazy. She is the Queen of pop. She should be in third before Michael Jackson and Madonna. Its not an opinion its a fact. She has been famous since she was a child on mickey mouse. Katy Perry is still a new artist.
Britney Spears is a pop legend. She deserves top 3 or top 5 at least. She is known as the princess of pop! Like what! She started her career when she was very young and had her first big hit when she was 16. Britney has put out hit single after hit single for 15 years! She is still going strong today and she is 33! She's iconic.

9Enrique Igleasias
Enrique Iglesias is the greatest artist of all time. This man has so many number one dance songs, and pop ballads. Plus he's been crowned King of Latin Pop. That's got to stand for something. Vote for Enrique Cause it's true
Enrique has to be in the top 10.. He is awesome... His music is one of the best
No other singer can be like him...he is rally so so best singer ever...
[Newest]Should be #1 on the list.

10Avril Lavigne
She is so amazing I love her she should be so much higher on this list. her songs move me and lots of others she helped me get through a lot of problems
She is not a pop artist, first and foremost. Avril is a rock musician. But I'll vote anyway to get her ahead of the actual pop artists.
She is so good at singing and what more writes
Her own songs. She may not be the most popular
But she certainly is the most talented
[Newest]She's not pop but more pop-rock but some songs from her are kind of pop-like but I still love her though

The Contenders

11Maroon 5
Maroon 5 is the best you can't seriously tell me that you guys rate justin bieber better then them also how did one direction get in top ten they are only "good" because girls think they are hot
I don't know how any other band can compare.

Maroon 5 consistently makes catchy songs, in every single album. There is a wonderful energy to Adam's voice that just makes the band so good.

James, Jesse, Mickey, Matt, and PJ seem to also work so well together.

I don't see anything wrong with the band. Behind the somewhat explicit lyrics, we have a band that should be, and DESERVE to be, in the Top 5 of any Band Chart.
Maroon5 is definitely the best band. Let it be moves like jagger or misery or one more night the band has shown its excellence. Maroon5 is the most amazing band ever.
[Newest]I think maroon 5 should be #1 I love his songs so much!

12Elvis Presley
Once upon a time, the honour was undisputed. In the 60s, it was accepted that the Beatles were the world's greatest act. In the 70s, it was the Stones. In the 80s, it was U2's turn. Hindsight tells us, of course, that other acts had legitimate claims - James Brown, notably - but they were ignored by the white rock-and-pop establishment. And so the title of "the greatest" became a competition between a succession of guitar bands, even as guitar rock was being left behind as any sort of pioneering force within music. But, still, people understood what the title entailed: the acts hailed as "the greatest" were those who could make a crowd of 100,000 feel intimate, who had an ability to communicate meaning far beyond the literal meaning of their songs.
Still The King Of Rock N Roll


Who knew oldies can still be high on the list?


13Selena Gomez
Amazing songs! I love the more recent like "The Heart wants what it wants" and "Come and get it" and all of the electronica influence!
Selena is clearly the most beautiful and the best pop singers.. She has poise which the rest lacks.
Selena is awesome! I love her!

14Bruno Mars
Bruno Mrs is like the best male pop artist in this era. Just listen to his songs and his wonderful singing voice.
Oh My God what is Bruno doing @14 he is like one of the best pop artists ever. Why is he below taylor swift kelly clarkson and who on earth are mariah carey and pink?
How can Bruno Mars not be in top 10? His songs are amazing..
[Newest]Put him higher or I ill give you a uptown PUNCH for lunch.

15Justin Timberlake
38? And he's below Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and One Direction? Hahaa
This guy comes second after MJ, It's not an opinion, It's a fact. Justin Timberlake is class <3!
He is so Awesome.. With his.. Singles: Suit & Tie, mirrors..!
How dafuq he is below justin bieber he is lot better than justin bieber
His style is unique and different but justin bieber only sings love confession songs.
He is the best

16Elton John
One Of The Biggest Solo Artist's Of The 70's.


Old old old get down

Is not right, freddy should be disqualified he was doped with giftedness...

She should be one of the top 10
Rihanna is the best
She is the best!

UM 50% of her life she's been doing it, and 100% of that time she has been QUEEN! Learned from the king himself MJ and is the only true modern day artist that can hold a flame to the rest of these legends on the list.
Her voice is amazing. Her talent is God's Gift

Abba revolutionized music. In fact they are so good in terms of album sales they are up there with the Beatles and Elvis. I'm not even kidding. Whether you like them or not you have to admit they have had a big impact on music!
You sure are kidding when a list on the top-10 pop groups does not have a place for ABBA. Perhaps only the Beatles and MJ were among the few to have had the global impact that ABBA had. Their music is melodic and unique and so are the lyrics
Their songs are classic

21Mariah Carey
Diva. her songs are classic.
Past Elvis Presley Just Recently.

Are you serious? Shakira is the best artist of the actual-past decade. She sings in many languages, her music sounds like no other artist and her voice is unique. She deserves to be n top 3, if not on first place.
She is like an angel... Very hot and wild,.. Love her
How tf can she be 21? She has helped the homeless, has 2 children a boyfriend and can sing in many languages. No wonder why she sang in the World Cup 2010 and 2014. She is very talented and I hope that she will at least be in the Top 3 soon


[Newest]She is the best

23Whitney Houston
Her best moment is when she sang "I Will Always Love You". Her Voice was Awesome.

She is... Good? I don't know why I votede just feel like she should be higher because I have heard her songs, she is a very good vocal artist unlike Avril Lavigne at number 6. THIS IS NOT FOR YOUR FAVORITE PEOPLE!
Love her voice. She's plenty successful. Love ya!


24Kelly Clarkson
OK, she isn't number 1 pop artist but she deserves being in the top 10. Kelly has a great voice and many awesome songs. Her Breakaway album was a huge hit that was very important for music industry. Kelly rocks!


I've been a big fan of Kelly probably since I started singing! She's such an inspiration and she deserves the top spot! I love her!
Kelly Clarkson is AMAZING... She can sing all types of music...
Truly the best American Idol... And MY BEST IDOL...
I love her range too... A black woman trapped in a white woman..!
[Newest]I have literally listened to her new song over 100 times no joke

25Robbie Williams
Come on this guy has more number 1 hits!
Already a Legend and an Icon in most countries around the world
One of the biggest solo Artists of the 2000s

No mater what field.. He is king. He is the god of music
Zeus of rap, pop ANYthing


[Newest]I never heard pop rap in any other artists

27Olly Murs
I love you more than anything xxx

28Demi Lovato
Songs like this is me can touch your heart
She is amazing should be higher
I love singing heart attack

29Stevie Wonder
He Had Alot Of Great songs Spanning 40 Years, And Still Kickin'.

30Chris Brown
Amazing songs why is he in 63rd.
He's definitely the best
He is a great artist with a good voice who is also very good at rapping


This band is one ma favourite... Don, t have words to say...

32Ed Sheeran
Come on guys 32? Have you heard his songs,
'The a team' and 'I see fire', they're just magical

33Christina Aguilera
She has everything! She can sing, dance, act and produce timeless songs and catchy pop songs! She's the queen, THE VOICE OF OUR GENERATION. I wonder why that she's not included on the top 10, even at top 20, shes deserve more than this debut artist (Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Rihanna).
How the hell is this not in the top 10?
Justin Bieber, Olly Murrs, Little Mix and 1D first? Seriously?
I don't wanna live on this earth anymore.


35Backstreet Boys
No other boy band has been more influential worldwide than the Backstreet Boys.
I love those boys but all boy band and girl band group just fails...
They are definitely best boy band ever... My favourite

36Steve Winwood

37Gwen Stefani

38Bryan Adams

39Jessie J

40Cody Simpson

41Celine Dion

After hearing computing stars you will forget what you are

43Ricky Martin
He is best pop singer.
Livin la vida loca is best pop song

Hope more people know about them...
Written in the stars is awesome
Simply the best
Don't care not number 1 still they're the one for me

No words... simply best

46Agnes Monica
She has amazing voice
Good dancer
Good songwriter
Perfect woman in this world
She is singer, dancer, songwriter, actress, producer
She is gorgeous, smart, sexy & supertalented
A beautiful diva
Asian biggest pride
The most followed asian artist on twitter
She is a beautiful diva and the most followed asian artist on twitter!

47The Spice Girls

48Girls' Generation
The 9 muli talent girls. Have amazing voice, a ideal body.
Sunny is cutest girl in the world
SNSD is the best

49Bon Jovi
I think they are rock? But they are the best too
I love Living on a Prayer. Super cool.


50The Supremes
The Only Group To Attempt To Catch The Beatles In The 60's. They ended up with 11 #1 Hits (The Beatles Had #20, 2 in The 70's)

51Bee Gees
Definitly Had 2 Of The Best Disco Songs Ever Made,"Stayin' Alive" & "Night Fever". From The Movie "Saturday Night Fever".


The Bee Gees should DEFINITELY NOT BE THIS LOW. This list is crap way too many contemporary artists on here that had no impact on the music industry (Avril Lavigne at number 6!?!? You've got to be kidding me)
They are the best bro band ever! Sadly with a bad story.


52Little Mix

53Morteza Pashaee
Morteza Pashaei was a genius young musician, composer, singer, designer from Iran. His life has a great message "love, courage and resistance". He was 30 years old and passed away last November. We learned a lot by his accomplished goals. It doesn't matter how many years to live, it is important how many hearts can make happy. He is the best.
MorTeza Pashaei is or was a young song writer, composer, singer with very beautiful voice and handsome look and exceptional character from Iran/TEHRAN. he passed away 3 months ago because of cancer. He has been loved by millions of people around of world.

MorTeza's Music is very romantic. In my opinion world lost the best one of the all time.
I saw the pictures of Morteza Pashaei, His face and body shape remind me an handsome fashion realistic mannequin! Amazing! A man battling with stomach cancer for a year to have such a great look, voice and full of energy and positive attitude and top level of creativity! He is unforgettable... always number one!
[Newest]Your voice was very nice my dear

54Miley Cyrus
Miley is the best! 💜💜💜
HOW THE HELL IS Miley Cyrus ABOVE LIONEL RICHIE! Miley should be way below Lionel Richel


The Best pop artist ever

55Frank Sinatra

56Ariana Grande
Ariana Is one of the best singers, she's way better than all the trash they show now she deserves to be higher. Why she down here at 79
Very important to our generation is the best singer I know she is very talented
She is very important to our generation she deserves to be number 12 at least

57Super Junior
Super junior. The handsome boy is in super junior.
The biggest boy band I ever knew. Even they are from Southern Korea, but they managed to put themselves into international chart. They even won "BEST WORLDWIDE GROUP" in Mnet Asian Music Awards 2012 recently. They are really really really the best boy band. Forever a lagend!

58David Guetta

59Carly Rae Jepsen
Call me maybe, good times, this kiss
I like her better than my favorite katy

60Aria Tesolin

They got groovy kind of songs.

62Lenny Kravitz

63Nicki MInaj
She is amazing! She believes in herself and looks past the haters. Plus her music is great.
Should be number one
She's great and all but why is she 74?


The Artist with Purple Rain, Sign 'O' The Times, 1999, and The Gold Experience sits at only 62? Come on people! Especially you bubblegum-loving teenyboppers. Amazing at guitar, among the widest vocal range for popular singers (and even wider than Freddie Mercury, who people seem to be crazy about for no reason), pioneered a sound (specifically the Minneapolis Sound), referred to himself as a symbol for some time (you know, the Love Symbol), first artist to sell music on the Internet, wrote his first song at age 8, best Super Bowl halftime show ever (in 2007; he finished the performance with 'Purple Rain' when it was raining and the audience lit purple lights). And that is the tip of the iceberg. Face it, not only is he is a phenomenal artist, he is The Artist.

65Janet Jackson
Her dance routines have influenced all music video of next decades plus her "Velvet rope" album is among the finest music of the 90's
To have 2 Jacksons In The Top 10 Is Impressive She was Just As Big As Michael In The Early 90's.


66Adam Lambert
How will I describe Adam Lambert? Oh, yes. He's nominated for Grammy! He should be at least in the top 20. Who wouldn't think that he's the only one who really brought such glamour to the stage? And take note that it's global. His voice moves the mass.
Amazing singer deserves more credit

67Duran Duran

68Amy Winehouse

69Florence + The Machine
Very good pop artist and probably the best pop artist currently. Don't say that PSY is better as he does not even sing in English and you do not understand one word he says.
So sick of people saying he uses autotune! In sll of the Black Eyed Peas concerts I've seen he sounds exactly the same as he does on record!

Give me one good reason why Zendaya is this low.
Really why is she down here also very important to our generation
Lets vote for her and get her to the top because she is so talented

72Ellie Goulding
After her third album in 2015 I bet she's gonna go superstar.
Ritual = best song ever
She makes good songs


73Nelly Furtado
Nelly is cool. I added her because she always mixed pop music with other genres and she sounds great


74Kate Bush
To call Kate Bush a pop artist is pretty much an insult to her flawless career but since she's on here I'll argue she should be higher than all these no talent pop tarts

75Marina & The Diamonds

Love all of her songs. They're simple and relatable.


I love coldplay! Why are they down here?!


A great combination between pop and rock, some songs are even tearbreakers

79Meghan Trainor
I mean come on bros! She is the best new pop artist and she rocks it! You all know you love 'er! #DatBass



82James Blunt
For me, James is one of the best artists

83Christina Perri
Buring fire is a fantastic song

84Rita Ora
How is Miley Cyrus better than Rita Ora.

Why are aha underneath miles Cyrus, they should be at least in the top ten

86Barry Manilow

87The Wanted
Best songs ever! Love "Chasing the Sun"


How can anyone forget about her?
I toataly love her. also her song want you back is the BEST!

, these guys are amazing, highly underrated...


92Cliff Richard

93Union J
Carry you and rocks in 2013 and till it ends

94Olivia Holt
She's really good at singing never the less

95Ross Lynch
He's so cute why is he down here he is better than some of those up there like way better
He is the best in singing



98Lionel Richie
I love his slow songs. Easy, my favorite. Why is he down here.. he deserves better than that.


99Kenny Loggins

Miley Cyrus should be top ten I love her music who ever made this list need to do it again how could you put britney spears top ten she sucks and was never able to sing

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