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Infected Mushroom
Just listen to vicious delicious, heavy weight, and killing time... You l definitely vote thi...
Melodically complex and interesting and stands out from the crowd, there are tracks that would make you dance on ceilings and walls.
I've been listening to Infected Mushroom for some time now... It has (Amazing) replay value. Great for working out. You have terror injecting songs like Dracul, and mind wrenching visual arts created by songs like The Gathering, or Cities of the Future. And, Now with their new album Army of Mushrooms, all you need is 45 seconds of any song to make Infected Mushroom you new favorite Psychedelic Trance artist of all time.
[Newest]I wish, serve my thirst, vicious delicious, now is gold, HEAVY WEIGHT, and many more infected is it

If you want to listen a real psychdelic music just listen to poison, scintific reality, sex style,...
If you are high or something just listen to Astrix any song, I bet you will have a good trip.
Trance4Nations exclusively in my iTUNES. 2 months and counting...
[Newest]THE BEST psychedelic MUSIC, Never Forget

3Azax Syndrom
Just listen to tracks like "The Better Man", "Flawless Victory (Bliss Remix)", "Live or Die" and "The Truth"... A work of art!
Azax syndrom :D some good music

Watch the animated DMT flashback video of Divine Moments of Truth.
That's some good stuff!
Such a wide variety of sounds from around the world, really is an immersing experience. Many songs very accurately capture the feeling of a psychedelic trip.
One of The best Artists have ever come acros...
Juz counting on ma breath for shpongle 5...

5Vibe Tribe
Cum 2 Mumbai and experience the acidic public...
Wonderful trance... What a beats? Wow.. Magnificent... This type of trance generally rocks the j-bars america... Lovely..
Melodrama and spun are my favorite tracks...
Amazing! He terminated me while dancin' off his tracks live!
He's truly a gifted psychedelic artist, extreme vibes, fantastic beats..
Vibe Tribe will OWN you when you listen to him live!
[Newest]Pure full on psychedelic

61200 Micrograms
Awesome tracks... This is a joint
Shiva's india.. This THE song.
"Double Helix" real good music..!
[Newest]Should be in top 5

This guys a bomb!
He is nothing really
He use just one main melody in a track and do some very little changes on it
And it's really nothing
Just do a comparison between this guy and infected mushroom
The word "Revolution of music"

8Astral Projection
Its exactly what their group name is
Dancing Galaxy - my favorite trance song ever.
The best band ever
[Newest]Let there be light


You just have to hear the guy... Mind blowing

The Contenders

11Sesto Sento
Best remixes ever heard

12Ace Ventura
Best progressive psychedelic artist.
Especially their epic track 'connected'

13Bizzare Contact

The Most Avant-garde, Experimental Cyberdelic Trance ARTIST... THE MOST MIND BENDING SPACE MUSIC EVER>... KING DZA DZA

15S.U.N. Project
Some nice guitar stuff.
Full on.. Rocking psychedelic music.. He is god of psytrance

God! Of all psychedelic Dj's of ALL TIME!
Waaay too low on the countdown...
Talamasca es padre de todosestos chavos que estan arriba de el! Talamasca rules

Nobody can reach him. He is the only one!
Get a grip guys #61, should be at least top ten, one of the pioneers of the sound!

18Shiva Chandra
How can they not be in the top ten?... Come on...

19Electric Universe
Simply the best out of all.
One of my all-time favourites. Brings beautiful memories.
How can he not be the first place...

Hi-tech psychedelic music! Superbomb!

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