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Eminem should allways be on the time of the best rapper list.
You always have to respect slim shady. Opened the rap genre to so many listeners. His next album will be quality.
Eminem was beast as soon as he started out, and is still beast today.
You have to respect him no matter if you like him or not, if he is offensive
Or not, he is better than anyone else! I am 12 years old!
[Newest]He inspired me! So boom like a volcano when hear he's lyrical!

2Kendrick Lamar
Listen to good kid maad city with skits and how the songs tie in and tell me otherwise
All Hail King Kendrick freshest rapper ever his flow is great and this lyrics are too deep for the ordinary rap fan
The tupac of this generation! Hands down best rapper of 2013
[Newest]J.Cole and Kendrick Top rappers since 2013-2015 no doubt about it.

3J. Cole
One of the most lyrical, deepest rappers of 2013, just listen to his newest album "Born Sinner" to see what I mean
J. Cole should be right behind Eminem. he song lyrics have meaning and talk about struggles of the African American men and women in their communities. he does have some songs that are about money and girls but that's why he shouldbe number two cause Eminem doesn't play and his rap is about real life and tough situations. not being hooked on drugs like it is a good thing
Please tell me how j cole is #6? I'm going to break down the list with people that are supposedly above himm.. No wayy is lil Wayne over him he didn't do anything in 2013 no album few features nothing special who the hell is #4 keep it in the us please! Now I like drake but I believe j cole was stronger likeeise wit kendrick born sinner was the best album in my book it was real diverse and he did it himself! He didn't feature but only 2 artists that's what sets him apart and em is great but I just feel like he had a down year compared to his previod years

Lyrically cole is one of the best artists in the game his flow is on another level and born sinner proved it best artist of 2013
[Newest]Cole and Kendrick spit bars on every album

Drake shows talent in every song, not only in his voice, but also in his lyrics. He transmits so much energy, deepness and heart. He is special because no other rapper shows or rap their perspective and sense of life that Drakes shows. Drake you are my idol because you are the best example of being unique and following your oun heart no matter what others tell you. Thank you
King of hip hop today, when I say this I mean he is the most complete rapper we have today, Kendrick may be more of a pure MC, but doesn't have the perfect balance drake has to make commercial radio hits and still be a lyricist of meaning and purpose, This guys has been able to make the most number 1 rap singles in history in just 4 years. From stage performance to club presence to radio dominance and still remaining lyrically, this guy is at the top. Kanye told us its Drake season, he want lying.

Artistically speaking, Drake is probably number 1 Hip Hop artist today in the music industry along with Kanye, but he is not the king of Hip Hop. I think the king of Hip-Hop should be the best RAPPER out, skill-wise, MCing, and I think we can all agree that the best today is Kendrick.
Drake is a fresher rapper who hit the top of his rhyme and has a good way to phrase. For me Gus,
He is the best in the world
[Newest]There is a higher human connection to his words than other rappers. Whatever mood he got ya.

5Kanye West
Kanye's creativity is matched by none. He is more than just a rapper but an artist whether it be his music, video visuals or even his eye for fashion there is no competition, eminem is great and one of the best but way over rated.
He's very clever with what he do with his rap. I enjoy his style. Nice. I public he say crazy things. But that's him.
Kanye is a beast, musically the only rapper to change the game completely
[Newest]Although he is a jerk. He is also one of the best rappers in history

We can all relate to Macklemore's songs. Unlike other rappers his songs have meanings. He will always be number 1 in my mind and many people all over the nation.
Mack is the dopest of em all. He beats are fresh and unique. His lyrics capture and inspire the listeners. Ryan Lewis is a gnarly producer. King macklemore is the best
Macklemore is a terrible rapper he's for white people that think they know rap but don't even know a single song by 2pac, eminem is a way better rapper. Macklemore only had a handful of hits, eminem had dozens
[Newest]Best of all rappers

7Lil Wayne
Lil weezy Was born to be a rapper to people is a hobby but for him it's what his life, rapping to him is his way of talking, he is an idol to those who love rap, his punch-lines are just too good on one can touch them and they make total sense unlike other rappers
Lil Wayne got free style, he is much more inspired than the others and so he has got what it takes to be a rapper
Multi platinum albums sold in row
[Newest]Lil Wayne is the best! People stay hating on him, well a course broke people would. Get ya money up!

8Jay Z
The king of rap since 1990 and the 2nd oldest in the game shawn is the most famous rapper and ritchest married to pop star beyonce on of the biggest singer in the world and hottest stars and jay-z is friends with tons of rapper and famous basket ball player and is an enemy to the game who has been in the game for 11 years and jay-z has been in the game for around 24 years and is currently 44 years old and is enemy to birdman who came around 1998 so not as long.
Jay z is nice
Its J-Hova for Gods sake. The Godfather of rap
[Newest]Hov is the best! Listen to My First Song and vote again.

9ASAP Rocky
A$AP needs to be top 15 his lines are so catchy with modern rap fans. While he goes hard in his verses, he also gets funny with some lyrics and he opens up one of the best rap songs of our generation, "f***** problem"
Because he is the best
So much more talented and better then Macklemore. He should be in front of Macklemore

Besides jay Z... He is the only one that still raps about songs that people can connect to... No one can really see him in the booth...
Tip should be in the top five of this list period in what kendrick doing down there?
I still to this day can't belive how underrated he is. He should be in the top 3, he got the swag, flow, lyrical talent, what more can you ask.

Long live the king

The Contenders

11Wiz Khalifa
He's just the man
He is so great rapper
Him and Kendrick Lamar are tied in my eyes
[Newest]No one understands how hard he works for him self and taylor gang

Can't deny he is the best rapper. The best lyrical rapper.
Can't mad here lil Wayne.. Lil Wayne is whack
Nas the best rapper alive
[Newest]Greatest of all time

He is an amazing rapper!
Wale is so dope. He needs to be up there with J. Cole
Wale is the beat rapper in #MMG and he should be in the top 5, and what the hell is Lil Tunechi doing in the top 3?!

His song are cool "headband"
I think B.O. B's Underground Luxury is one of the best albums of all time. Straight up.
He is a awesome rapper I like the song airplanes by B.O. B

Lil Wayne should not be on this list, nor should Drake. Hopsin should be higher, Joey Bada$$ should be able to fit in somewhere in this list and most of all, Dizzy Wright should. There is some really whack rappers on this list.
Great rapper, has been improving since he started, His first album Raw (2010) was great and knock madness will be on of the best releases of the year for sure, and his whole crew is great.
One of my favorite rappers at the time, he can be funny and also get a message across. Rap needs more people like Hopsin, he's been through some stuff with Ruthless but now he's doing good with his own record label. Single handedly one of the best, Lil Wayne shouldn't even be on this list. Hopsin should be at the top of this list, Eminem is over-rated.
[Newest]Hopsin is on the rap game to kill, take over and rule. He lead the list

16Meek Mill
Meek Is One I The Hardest Rappers to Do It I Would Know From Living In Delaware And Getting Every Mixtape That Dropped. Meek Is The Only One Who Can Really Say " Started From The Bottom " Everyone Talks About How He Just Raps About Money, Chains, Cars, Watches, etc. Why wouldn't He. Meek Came From Nothing To Being One Of The Most Known Rappers Alive And I Hope To Be A Rapper On DreamChasers Label To Shine Like Him.
Drake meek mill an Kendrick Lamar are the best but I had to go with meek milly because he has the best flow and he was 14 he should have been 1 2 or3
"meek mill is the realist rapper out"
[Newest]Meek will one day become the best rapper ever

17Tech N9ne
The best rapper I have ever heard of. He has such a unique flow and his lyrics are meaningful. He is like a storyteller while rapping but also is known for rapping really fast with amazing flow. No one around like him. Best ever. Technician for life.
Tech and his entire label are the kings of rap music. They rap about so much more than money, cars, women and other material possessions. Tech tells a story and they way he words his lyrics is so unique compared to any other rapper out there right now.
He is the best rapper alive. If you actually go through and listen to all of his music, you will actually see that he is a better lyricist than anyone else. Better on stage. Annunciates every word perfectly regardless of how quickly he double times the beat. GET OUT OF YOUR MAINSTREAM BUBBLE and listen to it! No one can even compete! Why do yall think eminem wont collaborate with him?
[Newest]His lyrics are fierce and strong


19Tyler, the Creator
I love tyler because he's just crazy and makes awesome music. Its different than a lot of other artists and has good flow
This dude must be in first place!
He's just different and y'all should learn to appreciate his stuff c'mon... Should be around 10

20Lupe Fiasco
Intelligent man doing intelligent thought provoking lyrics that should be seen as the best working after the great Food and liquor 2 and his repairs to Kendrick and the game in SLR 2
This man should be in the top 10 for sure. REAL rap. He defines it. Period.
All of his albums are classics or going to be classics

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