Best Rock/Metal Rap Bands


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The Top Ten

Linkin Park
Chester's smooth singing(or amazing screams) and mikes unbeatable raps

beat that
The king of rock/rap is Linkin Park, no questions asked. I had never even HEARD of r/r until them, and I never liked ANYTHING to do with rap before them. Go Linkin Park!
My favourite band my friends get annoyed at because I'm always walking around playing it full volume
[Newest]A place for my head... All that needs to be said
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2Hollywood Undead
Should be one the first not second! I mean, these people are amazing rappers and I swear this is the best rap/rock band ever!
Holywood Undead has so much variety in their songs... They range from partying (No.5, Everywhere I Go, Comin In Hot), to alcoholism(The Diary, Pour Me, Levitate) suicide(The Loss, Bullet, Coming Back Down)love and pain(Pain, Knife Called Lust, Black Dhalia) anger(Undad, Dead In Ditches, Lights Out)or other meanings(Street Dreams, Paradise Lost, Young, We Are[this is their newest one at the time]Been To Hell, Sell Your Soul, Mother Murder, The Natives)They are an amazing band and of some of the best rappers in the world like Johnny 3 Tears and Charlie Scene... In my opinion they are the best... Better than for Linkin Park or Rage Against The Machine who don't always rap...
Charlie scene is an amazing rapper that needs to get recognised, because I swear he's got the coolest flow I've heard in a long time
[Newest]Best rap rock band
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3Rage Against The Machine
Should be 1st, best rap-rock band ever! Tom morello and Zack are amazing together!
What is hollywood undead doing! They don't even have a message, there music is a JOKE! RAGE have a message and make it clear, best band ever in my opinion, Morello = Best guitarist ever, Commerford = amazing bass lines, Brad Wilk = epic drummer, and zack = one of the best rappers ever, ONE OF, not the best.!
These guys are far better than Linkin Park. In fact anyone on this list that I've heard. For me, they are the undisputed Kings of Rap Metal
[Newest]These guys are great. Tom morello is one of my favorite guitarists. Their lyrics are amazing, but its pretty repetitive.

4Limp Bizkit
I eat you alive and alive and alive... All the others don't come close to RATM they have true meaning to there lyrics and come at you with a variety of rap hard rock with bold lyrics and a bit of metal and funk there awesome
Limp bizkit is the real rap rock band that really makes people headbang
Bring it on! Limp bizkit the best and awesome band that I've ever seen! I eat you alive! Fred!
[Newest]Limp Bizkit are awesome! Haters can die. "I DID IT ALL FOR THE NOOKIE! "

Listen to Freak on a Leash! Great song by great band!
KoRn is the best! I could listen to them constantly (:
They aren't really rap metal but still are good
[Newest]This is nu metal, not rap-rock. Still like them though.

I listened to all the other bands above and nothing raps faster or rocks harder. Nothing compares to slipknot should be number one listen to spit it out and you'll realize slipknots the best.
You have to listen to "Snap" too! Slipknot raps really well in this song! And then, "Diluted"... Although, many of Slipknot's songs are really good to listen, and I just can say that this is the best metal band ever!
When I listen to my ipod I go to artist slipknot and then listen to it over and over. They are the best metal/rock I've ever heard!
[Newest]I like slipknot, but the only song they rap in is Spit it out.

Sonny's lyrics are the best on this list. Listen to "on the grind" (sonny's verse) and "sounds like war". You have to be kidding that Limp Bizkit is higher ranked than P. O. D.

I guess if songs aren't about sex, drugs or killing then they aren't worthwhile.

If you want to hear a good rap/rock song, go on youtube and listen to, P. O. D. Murder one.
P.O.D. rocks so hard! Not only that but their Lyrics are better than any other band on this list. In a world where profane rants are the rule, P.O.D. stands out as something different.P.O.D. should be first with Linkin Park a close second.
P.O. D are the bomb, listen to songs like Southtown, Goodbye for now,... They deserve first place. Linkin Park can only be first if they went back to doing what they did in the albums Hybrid Theory & Meteora, otherwise they don't deserve to be first
[Newest]P.O. D IS NUMBER 1... SUPERIOR TO ALL ROCK RAP METAL BANDS... PERIOD! Too many reasons to explain... just listen to the satellite album...

8Papa Roach
Infest album was the best hardcore rap ever


Just listen to "the connection", their latest album
and you will find who should be on the top!


It feels your brain and your heart in completely!
Every song is perfect and the sound is just heaven to your ears.
[Newest]Their my favourite band and I love them even though they don't do much rap above 2002, their still the best <3 team roach


9System Of A Down
Hands down best band ever. They can rap and sing about anything and still be dope!
What? This band is the legend in this this sub genre, I know they are well known in nu metal but in this style they must be number 2
Awesome! Very nice band
This is a dope band, but its metal, not rap/rock

10Beastie Boys
The Beastie boys were the ones who pioneered rock/rap. With albums like "License to Ill" and "Paul's Boutique" which rank on the list of best albums ever, they are amazing musicians. They rap all the time, but also play all their own music. They don't use samples or anything. Rock music that is rapped over. They are geniuses.
Three guys who are among the greatest bands ever, and are still relevant years later. They cannot be topped.
So whatcha want the beastie boyz are licensed to get ill

The Contenders

11Thousand Foot Krutch
TFK are just too good. Listen to phenomenon and tell me they shouldn't be number 1 Their songs all vary in sound yet sound good in their own way. Get to number 1!
That? Is they do not know good music TFK is the best rock band!
Linkin park does not deserve the top spot!

12Red Hot Chili Peppers
for their complete and awesome composition
The greatest band of all time. A little old but still coming out with good stuff. Don't know this is out of top ten. They rock hard and bust a verse or two.
They are awesome but they shouldn't be on a rock rap band list


13Five Finger Death Punch
He'll yeah man love their songs they are the best go FFDP
In my opinion FFDP is one of the greatest metal bands ever but I do prefer korn and slipknot

Hi disturbed you are one of best band of heavy metal your are my favorite band I love you guys so mach and I am disturbed 4 ever
WE ARE DISTURBED! Just like him! Lovin the band but I don't know why isn't he at top 10?
One of the best it should be no. 1, way better than Hollywood undead

Great band... Deserves the top ten at least...

16Faith No More
How in the hell is the band that invented the genre of "NuMetal, " or whatever you want to call it, #17? They're the originators of this genre and should be #1, no doubt.
The most talented and diverse band on the list by far.
They can do rap, soul, jazz, funk, death metal, rock, punk and they have covered songs by deep purple, the commodores, bee gees, dead kennedys and even lady gaga.
Should be top ten in most genres!
No one can top Faith No More's vocalist Mike Patton. Period.
Maybe some of the other bands' vocalists can rap. But Patton can do anything!

17Three Days Grace
My favorite band of all time. Adam Gontier's lyrics fueled by anything from break ups to his time in rehab. One X is my favorite album with Transit of Venus up there too. Barry stock's killer guitar skills. Brad's a bass god. And who can forget Neil's hypnotic drums.
I like these guys, but this band is in no way rap-rock. It is alternative rock.

18Hed PE

These guys get no credit! The most unique sound in the last 30 years! Should be A lot higher on this list!
How are they rap rock or rap metal I listened to their 1995 self titled album album and it didn't sound like rap metal/rock it just sounded like pop with rap and metal influeces
You've got to Come Original. Nobody above can come original.

Slapshock is the best...

21Insane Clown Posse
These guys suck ass
Man these guyd arr awesome

Agreed they really revolutionized the idea of using open strings to create tonality.
Their sound was so good.

23Crazy Town
Should be higher on this list (if not #1 overall) - the ONLY reason I can even fathom for why they aren't is because they only had one "mainstream" hit ("Butterfly"), which means odds are most people only know them by that one song - which was lame and girly as crap because the lead singer wrote it for his g/f. If people listened to their other stuff they'd realize they sound nothing like that one song.
My favorite songs by them drowning, decorated b-boy 2000 and hurt you so bad

24Stuck Mojo


Really? 26th? This is dumb. Just because they're not as famous as Linkin Park or Hollywood Undead, they deserve way more credit than this. It's incredibly rare to find a rap-rock band that actually has quality instrumentals (a lot of them don't even have actual drummers), and these guys take it to a new level. The guitarist, bassist, and drummer all have incredible skill, and in later albums, the band makes a point to show it, even incorporating solos and advanced musical techniques such as polyrhythms. I'd be willing to accept them not being number 1, if only because of the lack of fame, but 26 is unacceptable.

Although they've become less Rap as they've progressed, they did begin as a Rap-Rock/ Nu Metal band. They're influence from Rap though doesn't just pertain to lyrics, it's present in Abe Cunningham's style on the drums as well.
Deftones aren't really Nu Metal at all, but more of Rap and Alternative Metal. Everything they do is original and no one sounds like them. Easily of the greatest Rock/Metal in history.
27? Are you kidding me? These guys should be number 1! One of the greatest bands in the world! R.I. P Chi Cheng. You were an awesome bass player.


28Run DMC

29Mindless Self Indulgence
Bosses! They show people what rock and rap is all about... There techo mix is off the hook... there number 1!
Because they're the only GOOD choice.
Love this band so much

I have to say... I love Dethklok as much as the next person, but in what universe is Dethklok a rap ock band? If you've ever heard the terms "comedy metal" or "metal" that may be a more acurate description.
One of the most brutal metal bands I've ever heard. And there really funny laugh out loud.

31Pop Shuvit
Old school rocka rock

32Alien Ant Farm

3340 Below Summer
Listen to their songs of 'Invitation to the dance'.

34Inside Out

35Methodes of Mayhem

Why not take a turn by the and find out for yourselves. If you're in to music, don't tell me these youngsters do not belong at the topp of this list. And by the way, why not listen to their first album "Deaf Dumb Blind". Just buckle up and let CLAWFINGER take control off the throttle.
Swedish Hardcore Rap Metal Band Clawfinger belongs at least top 5 on this list

37Styles of Beyond
Styles of Beyond are amazing... Just listen to Nine Thou...


Great band... Deserves the top ten at least...

38From Ashes to New
These guys are good they have much similar sound to both Linkin Park and Hollywood undead if you never heard them check them out trust me and Hollywood undead is my favorite band so I respect there souns
I really love this band I'm hoping they get up there
They are still pretty young, but their popularity is growing, and I can see them going above LP and Undead on this list.

3928 Days


41New Medicine

42One Minute Silence

43Down With Webster
May be a band out of Canada, but they are the best mix of everything good about rock/rap


45Trik Turner

Badass band favorite song is middle fingers up!


48Dirty Wormz

This rap rock/rap metal? NO

50Saint Loco
Bery the amazing rapper

51Gym Class Heroes

52Bloodhound Gang

53The Used


55Sixty Second Track

56Peeping Tom

57Primer 55

58Fort Minor

Though not a rap metal band but one of best, intense and consistent thrash metal band around. With long discography with every album showcasing brilliance this definitely takes the cake
Easily blows away everything else on the list. Best thrash metal band
Every other metal band bows to their supremacy.

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