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21 Bitch Please II Bitch Please II

2nd best in this song after Eminem

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22 Snoop's Upside Ya Head Snoop's Upside Ya Head

Say Snoops Upside Yo Head. Say Snoops Upside Yo Head!. Mad beat and a mad flow. One of his best

23 Wet Wet
24 Doggy Dogg World Doggy Dogg World

This should be in the top 10.. Awesome song featuring the dogg pound

Best snoop dogg song all around (in flow, beats, everything). Anyone will instantly love the song once they hear the beat. Doggystyle is his best album fo sho, second one being the eastisidaz album

This should be at least in the top 15. I love the beats in this song. so relaxing.. you better listen with a headphone n only then you'll know it is the best of snoop's song ever

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25 Sexual Eruption Sexual Eruption

This song, is so good it is weird it is not in the top 10 or top 15.. This song is about having an orgasm (its a little bit weird) but it does not have any words that involve sex but just point to it -I'm gonna take my time
She gonna get hers before
I'm gonna take it slow
I'm not gonna rush the stroke
It is a good writen song and I like it gin and juice is the best song from him but this song deserves some credit

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26 Smoke Weed Everyday

This IS The Next Episode, or are you guys talking about the MLG remix... - venomouskillingmachine

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27 Sweat Sweat

Great song,
Great video,
Great remix,
Great melody,

My favourite song. Best song ever. By David guetta, and snoop dogg. It mixed elements of house music and hip hop musik I iT

Has 2 be on the top 10... Mybe no 5 cause it very good and lovin the music and the sound effect... Quer good for soccer and it keep your motifition alife nice.

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28 Batman & Robin Batman & Robin
29 Kush Kush

His part is short and sweet

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30 Deep Cover Deep Cover V 1 Comment
31 Gz and Hustlas Gz and Hustlas

Sick song definitely a classic of his back in his hustler days

What? This is one of the most DOPE and G song of mr snoop- this should definitely be on top 10

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32 Bitch Please Bitch Please

What! This should be in the top ten, snoop and xxbit kill this song

Great beat but not as good as pt ii to be honest. Was very suprised this wasn't even on the list Xzibit and Snoop do really well on this song

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33 P.I.M.P. (Remix) P.I.M.P. (Remix)
34 Still a G Thang Still a G Thang

This is the same guy who said the last comment for this song it's an awesome free style

Really this song is great it has a good flow

35 Imagine Imagine

One of my favorite songs of all time. The beat is perfect and the lyrics are so real. Should be in top 5 in my opinion

This song has a mad chill beat, should definitely be on top

Such a sick song! Shows how he has matured as a rapper

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36 Riders On the Storm Riders On the Storm

I can't believe this is not on the list. One of the most soothing and relaxing Snoop Dogg songs.

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37 Oh No Oh No
38 Deep Dover
39 Hangover Hangover
40 Wiggle Wiggle V 3 Comments
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