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21Charlotte Sometimes

The girl who took my virginity gave me the Cure in return and this was the song that Standing On The Beach usually was playing during our... well, enough to say that we used to like to park the car and look at the stars...

This is a beautiful masterpiece that deserves to be way above shake dog shake, I hate that song it's one of the only cure songs I do not like cannot believe it was the 1st song they played at the napa, bottlerock festival concert which was an amazing show.

In the top 5 have to be. Is a tremendous brilliant piece of music,top 5 no doubt

22Maybe SomedayV2 Comments
23A Night Like This

This song always makes me think about my first love and the good old days.. To me it's one of the most beautiful songs from the Cure! It's a deep melancholic song that you want to keep in your heart as a memory too.

Every now and then I'll hear this song at a party (never on the radio for some reason) and almost without fail someone will ask "Who is this? This song is great" Timeless classic.

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25Play for Today
26The Same Deep Water As You

To me this song is about having relationships with people you don't always agree with. Powerful lyrics and music from one of the great overlooked bands of the ages.

A beautiful tragedy. The most powerful and meaningful song of The Cure. The heartwrenching synths and thunderous storm and drums echo through this gloomy haze, ripping right through your heart. Roberts ache is pouring out in this masterpiece, leaving you helplessly listening to it again and again. Not only the Cures best song, but one of the most delicate, dark and poetic songs ever written and composed. This is the real Cure

Overall Best Song by Cure... Those who have not voted for it, don't know about real Cure.

How can this song be only rated at no. 21? I am gob-smacked. Such a haunting powerful song and my favourite Cure song up there with 'Pictures of You' as it's only real rival.

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27The Kiss

PLAY IT LOUD! What a rush. Insane how this track pulls you in

2810:15 Saturday NightV1 Comment
29Other Voices

One of the Best Songs! Love it!

30A Strange Day

This should be number one by far

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First song I heard of The Cure. Very meditative and ambient. The repetitive riff is very melodic.

Greatest song ever made. Period.

32The Scream

The whole album faith is a master piece, the completion of what the band had not been able to do on 17 seconds (due to lack of budget) - it all falls in place - only charlotte sometimes is missing. Primary is a shiny Jewel, and as much as I like the studio version, the versions the band played live between 1982 and 1991 are simply awesome, taking the song to yet another level (unfortunately, the ones I've heard since 2005 are simply bad).

Take the double bass for example. So epic.

34To Wish Impossible Things

This is one of the most underrated Songs by The Cure. It's so beautiful and moving. I don't get why it's not higher up.

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This song has everything!

36One Hundred YearsV2 Comments
38The Baby Screams
40Jumping Someone Else's Train

Should definitely in the top ten!

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