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61The Last Day of Summer

The rhythm of the song, it's calm, the instruments are so well conected to each other, it's a boom of relaxation or sth

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62The End of the World

This song is a thrilling experience in itself.
Come on this song deserve someplace better.

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63The Dragon Hunter Song
64All I Want

One of the coolest Cure songs! They showcase so much edge in this one

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65Cut Here

The intro to this song is the "The Cure" signature sound for me. - luistabeliao

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67Hot Hot Hot!!!

The song that someday will change the world!

Great group, great song, outstanding album.

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71Sleep When I'm Dead
73In Your House

Wow. I would have never known this song if not for this list. First time I listened to it. Not the best, but a very good song.

Is this a joke that this song didn't even appear in this rank?! It's absolutely brilliant track.

So deep. This is truly one of the best songs ever. Perfect for a broken heart.

75Last Dance

The live version from In Orange is their best live bit anywhere (followed closely by Three Imaginary Boys, also In Orange).

I cannot believe it's not mentioned in the top 100...

This is my favorite Cure song, followed by Last Dance, Hundred Years, the Kiss & A Forest.

77Banana Fish Bones
78All Cats Are Grey
80The Promise
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