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21Allyson Felix

Allyson Felix is the best sprinter the world has ever seen.

22Jesse Owen
23Pietro Mennea

Are You kidding? He held the world record for 17 years!

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24Frank Fredericks

Frankie Fredericks is a top ten sprinter all day long. Completely and utterly shameful that Frankie is this low on the list.

HE IS Namibia'S BEST SPRINTER YET. he has a 100m personal best of 9.86 and a 200m personal best of 19.68, this is 6th fastest time ever. he is a two time olympic 200m silver medalist and 1 time world championship gold medalist. he is also a 1 time 100m world championship silver medallist..

25Ato Boldon
26Wayde van Niekerk

He crushed Michael Johnson's 400m world record and is the only human ever to run under 10 seconds in the 100m, under 20 seconds in the 200m, and under 44 seconds in the 400. in 4 years he will be second only to Usain Bolt.

For your information, he isn't the first man to go under 10s in 100m, the first man to go under 20s in 200m nor the first man to go under 44s in 400m. Don't listen to this dude who posted without fact checking his info.

No you misunderstand. He is the first person who's ever done all three. Johnson never ran a sub 10 100m. Bolt's never gone sub 44 in the 400m. Van Niekerk has run sub 10, sub 20 and sub 44. ALL THREE!

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27Mohamed FarahV1 Comment
28Jim Hines

Under rated because he came after legend bob hayes.

29Percy Williams
30Paul Nash

In an age before drugs - he might have won in Mexico City if he had been allowed to compete in 1968.

31Wilma RudolphV1 Comment
32Valeriy Borzov

Greatest ever over two Olympics 72 & 76

33Don Quarrie
34Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce

Great athlete who has had longevity 4th fastest all time

She is the only woman to win the world & olympics title simultaneously twice and the only woman to win 3 world title over the 100m

35Peter NormanV1 Comment
36Olusoji Fasuba

The current African record holder

37Steve Williams
38James DasaoluV1 Comment
39Tommie Smith
40Eulace Peacock
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