Best Static-X Songs


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The Only
Heard it the first time on NFS Underground and still cannot forget the memories it brings back when I listen to this epic piece of work by THE ONLY STATIC-X (pun intended)
Good song to have if you are driving on race track or playing a race game!
There are many Static-X songs I like, but this is the only I love.
[Newest]We miss you Wayne

Need For Speed Most Wanted. First song I heard by them. Hard and Heavy. It's a good driving around song.
This song is awesome. Much better than the enemy
Best static x song
[Newest]Great music of all

3Love Dump
Wow this was a hard choice... But it has to be this one. It encompasses everything I love about Industrial Metal


Awesome song, just can't beat it, great tempo and the look on people's faces when you sing the lyrics whilst walkin down the street is pure hilarity
Superepic riff throughout the whole song! This song is truly amazing and out of all my years of listening to Static-x it has stayed my fave!

4Push It
Can't believe this isn't number 1!
This is basically Firestarter by The Prodigy with guitars.
Awesome! The guitars, and Tony Campos' scream are my favorite parts!

5Otsego Amigo

6I'm With Stupid

7I Am
Fast, hard and awesome. The best song that calms me down when I am in a really bad mood. Better then punching a brick wall, I guarantee it.

Hard, ruthless and agressive! The best song from static-x!
It's just classic X...

my fav one after "The Only" of course... it should be in the second place

10Kill Your Idols
Should be #2. Get to the Gone should be #1

The Contenders

11Set It Off
Awesome chill atmosphere then super aggression in the chorus which is one of the many reasons I love this band so much

12Bled for Days

13Shadow Zone

Absolutely melodic song from Static X. Wayne sounds absolutely fantastic in this video

15Start a War
One os the sickest sounding songs I've ever heard. Definitely their best song ever. This song also got me into this band a lot.
Theme from sd! Vs. Raw (the first), really sick! Best song ever of static-x.


Great groove. Great song...

18No Submission
The Real "EVIL DISCO" song (I Think)..
This song have great distortion and it should be on the top of this list..
By: A7X Fans

19Black and White
This is a bad ass song!
Calmer feeling than many, but more skilfully composed in my opinion

20Chemical Logic

Complete with numerous Dio pauses for effect. Love it!

22Wisconsin Death Trip
Get Upon This Wisconsin Death Trip! Title track of their best album. Awesome to just headbang and go nuts on


24Get to the Gone

25Control It



28The Enemy

29Night Terrors


31All In Wait

32Burn to Burn

33Sweat of the Bud




37I'm the One
Great song, my favorites are up above, but my vote goes for this one, too underrated.

Favourite track off Cult of Static and one of the best songs by the X. It's also on the soundtrack to Punisher Warzone

39This Is Not

40Structural Defect

41Get Up and Boogie

42The Trance Is the Motion
Very underrated song by Static-X and probably their most adventurous, needs to be in the top 10.

43Otsego Undead


45Destroy All


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