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1 Wilson

Wilson create true players raquets, as opposed to Babolat, which create poor, flimsy racquets for the boring baseline player to use. Wilson racquets allow for lots of power, touch, and spin (although admittedly not as much as a Babolat). Wilson deserve to be classed as the best racquet because they provide the most versatility.

While Babolat will give you power and spin, Wilson will give you the versatility and feedback needed to take your game to next level. Placement can be a very effective tool, but not fully without Wilson

So besides playing from the baseline well, what else can Babolat do that Wilson cannot?

I use a Wilson racket. It is very easy to grip onto!

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2 Babolat

I use a Babolat Pure Drive Lite, head heavy and I love it. It lets me have power, but also control. I've used Babolat for essentially my entire life, only using Wilson when I was a younger kid. The pattern I see is most players my level (intermediate and a little higher) use Babolat, the better players always either use Babolat or Wilson, pros use whatever they want, and beginners use Wilson, Prince, and Head. I have not seen any children playing with a Babolat racquet.

I used to use Wilson racquets but recently got a Babolat as people around my level typically use them. The Babolat racquets are a lot more balanced than the Wilson ones which felt heavier at the handle. The Babolat racquets offer a lot of versatility from spin and power to control. The racquets are also amazing to serve with.

Babolat has heaps of power its really good from the base line and on serves and the best player use one Raphael Nadal uses one and there really good for smashes wilson is pretty good but babolat is just as god

Babolat aero pro drive is used by nadal for a reason, it has incredible reviews, (check out tennis warehouse review) and is good for all aspects of play. I bought it 2013, a bit skeptical as I have always used head, but this racket is truly incredible. Babolat rackets will suit your style of play be you a net player or a bassliner. With the undisputed best spin in the game I think I've made my point.

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3 Head

I got my head racket not long ago it is fantastic it is quite light easy to grip it has made me play a lot better I thought I had the best racket I could get and that I I was playing as good as good as I could for a year and a half but now I have my head racket the only shots I do not almost always return are the ones that L have a very very small chance of returning

I've been using the Head PCT Titanium Blast for years and never thought of changing it. Very good control, maneuverability, and spin. I recommend it! $150 retail price

I've been using head for all my life, and I never though about switching. I used to have a wilson, but it was just too much power and low control. Head is a great all around racquet brand for both novices and pros.

Got the best racquets and cloths

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4 Prince

Prince is a very controllable racquet. It swings through to your shoulder and the grip is very comfortable to hold. I have tried quite a few other brands and if I had to pick a favorite Prince would be the best. Jordan

I have used Prince Racquets for 25 years.
Prince offers a wide range of racquets
For the beginner, the intermediate player
As well as highly ranked High School
And College players. Prince racquets
Allow players to hit with power, spin and
Allow a player to develop consistency
With their strokes. The bottom line is
That Prince makes quality racquets for
Every type of player at all levels from
Beginners to pro players. I have been
A loyal customer for over two decades
Because they make a quality product!

I got my prince racquet and it's amazing. Prince racquets are light and worth its price. The racket swings well and has great sweet spots. The grip is also great! Totally recommend it.

Best in world!
top brands like head have players in ATP who promote brands used by them. and prince have no such player

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5 Dunlop

I've been using Dunlop rackets ever since high school. I love the power and control you get with Dunlop, especially on serves. The light frames make volleys much easier as well.

I've had a great experience from a variety of Dunlop rackets since the age of 11, constantly finding a perfect upgrade every 6 months. Affordable, high quality and light.

I personally like Wilson but I have a Wilson federer but I don't know what the heck my Dunlop 1 is it's yellow with a blue handle please tell me someone

I have a Dunlop and they are easy to handle as they are light. They are good for serves as well

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6 Yonex

YEAH! NUMBER 1 it's a lil light and yonex did a good job on designing the tennis racquets :P


Yonex is excellent I am impressed and Yonex is very underrated it should be like 3 or 4

I love yonex by my opinion yonex is the best!

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7 Prokennex

The best racket ever. For big genres and best players.

It is one of my best racket I have bought

Developed by scientists with medical-grade technology for reduced shock and arm stress.
Most comfortable racket on the market. Best when paired with Polyfibre Black Venom, Black Venom Rough, and Panthera.

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8 Pacific

Excellent spin. I love its design. Excellent for beginners.

I amazed with it style

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9 Donnay

Hello, this is alex mitchell, long time donnay enthusiast, I love all donnay products, particularly their sensational range of socks. I refuse to wear any other socks or use any other brand for activities such as tennis. I really love my donnay socks. yours faithfully, alex mitchell.

Had my Donnay Racket for 1 year. It is Fantastic! Has lots of Power and Control, which for me is a winning combination. I have not had to change anything about this Racket and I hope I don't have to. I don't think I will have to anyway because it has withstood a big beating. So basically Donnay Rackets are Great!

I really love donnay. I where there socks everyday because they are the best. this tennis racket should be at the top as it should be the best as it is made by DONNAY.

Weak, heavy but give you an alright shot and that's why I think it shouldn't be too high but it's alright!

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10 Adidas Adidas

I like Adidas cricket ball because it is a very good cricket ball and it is a world top ball and I alaways play with Adidas

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11 Vortex

They have a wide string pattern and I hope that one day I can afford one

Best racket I have ever played with

Strong construction. Unique racquets with awesome spin... Best I've ever played with.

Wider string pattern gives the ball extra spin and more power!

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12 Artengo

ARTENGO has a great kind of socks and wristbands, but I would recommend people to buy other brands for a tennis racket. Artengo also has a fair price, and a lot cheaper than the major brands.

I have played with this racquet for a long time.

Ultra lite graphite racquet gives highest control and agility v

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13 Slazenger V 2 Comments
14 Gamma
15 Asics
16 Volkl

Great feel, and control. But you have to bring the power. They offer a variety of racquets for different levels of play.

They are great had mine for 4 years and still strong

I have tennis elbow and my Volkl Organix 1 is exceptional. I highly recommend it for anyone with tennis elbow. I can now play tennis again!

Volkl, like Dunlop, Donnay and Pro Kennex make racquets that are comfortable for your elbow, wrist and shoulders. I would rather play with one of these than any of the major brands.I would recommend that people who use one of the prominent brands should try one of these.

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18 Boris Becker

Boris Becker London, for powerful, aggressive players!

19 Jorex

It is the worst racquet in the world

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20 Maxima V 1 Comment
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