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1 Kookaburra Kahuna

Kookaburra Kahuna - The best bat in the whole world! It has power and can hit every ball for a six! If Ricky Ponting uses the Kahuna, why doesn't he smack often? But Kahuna just rules!

This bat is simply amazing. My grandparents got it for me from India. Originally, when playing with my friends, I would average maybe 30-40 runs. Ever since I've started using this bat, I average around 153. Everything is amazing: the feel, the balance, the power you can get with each swing. There's almost nothing bad about this bat. I love it, and I couldn't agree more.

Sounds like a great bat. If I had one, I would be over the moon, but right now, I have a GM bat. So, when I get a new one, I really want this one badly. If I had ordered one, I would be asking my dad over and over again when it will be here.

So, after I'm allowed a new one, I will try really hard to get this one. Whoever has one, take good care of it so you can have it for a long, long time...

2 Adidas Master Blaster Club

It is the best bat in the world. I too use it. It is a rough and tough bat. They are heavy but still the best. With its use, I am scoring centuries in our league matches.

Very good bat. It can be used in any format of the game. The grip of the bat is good. Even if the bat is not oiled, it is still a very good bat.

Great bat with a low sweet spot for driving, and the ping is nice because of the thickness. The bat isn't necessarily the lightest but packs a punch.

3 SS Ton

I too play with an SS Ton bat. Any ball gets blasted in 2 or 3 shots with an SS bat. It should be the number one bat in the world, which the number one batsman in the world uses.

This is the best cricket bat in the world, and Kookaburra is nothing in front of it. Its stroke power is superb. I own an SS Ton Orange and a Kookaburra Kahuna, but the SS Orange is a thousand times better than it.

A huge sweet spot, big edges, and a good pick-up - what else do you want from a bat? The SS range of bats provides just that. SS is a stylish bat with good stickers and a good grip. SS bats are really the best, in my opinion.

4 BAS Vampire

It's a perfectly balanced bat, hand-picked by cricket experts. The bat's edges allow the batsman to clear the fielder in the deep with ease.

It is one of the best bats ever made. Thick edges are perfect for playing good cricket. I also have an SS Ton, but this seems to be better.

It is really the very best bat. It is the bat that can hit shots everywhere. It is so light that if you play with this, then you can score 100 runs in every match.

5 Grey Nicolls Viper

This bat has a smooth grip, is easy to carry, and is the best for shots, defense, and drive. It's the bat that led me to play perfect shots and wonderful hits. Well, it would be really good if you use it. Kane Williamson is my favorite player, and he uses this bat.

It may not be so attractive, but it is strong. With a touch, it used to four. Thanks to David Warner for using this bat.

It is the best bat ever.

6 Gray Nicolls Powerbow 270

My friend has one. It's beating.

This is a bat that is strong, powerful, and stylish. It feels good when you hit the ball. It's AWESOME!

7 Gray Nicolls Kaboom

The greatest bat. The man himself, David Warner, even uses it. Have a look at how he has cemented his place in the Australian cricket team. I would recommend this bat to anyone who wants to score runs.

This is the very best power bat. Its hits are very powerful, and I'm confident that it will be a six or four, so I use this bat and I voted for this bat. My favorite bat company is Gray Nicolls, and I am using Gray Nicolls Kaboom.

David Warner is my favorite cricket player, and he has the same bat as me. I love it. I hit so many sixes with it!

8 Adidas Incurza

This is the most stylish, strong, and amazing bat I've ever seen, and it is also used by the god of cricket himself, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

I like this bat very much. It is very powerful. I bought this bat and found that it hits each and every ball for 6 and 4s. It has a very nice stroke.

This is the best bat in the world.

9 Reebok Blast

It is the best bat to use. It is used by several people. I asked several people which is the best bat, and they all said the Reebok Blast is the best bat to use. I also handled it. It is easy to handle and comfortable to use. This is why Dhoni uses this bat.

It is very good and comfortable to play with.

My friend and I also have this bat. I always hit it for six or a four. It is a very good bat. MS Dhoni (Captain Cool) also uses this bat. It delivers a very good shot. It is good for T20s and ODIs. You should vote for it.

10 GM Icon

Best bat for hitting any shot. Handling and power increase the performance and it is normally used by many cricketers such as England's Jonathan Trott and Pakistan's Umar Akmal.

A very nice bat to play shots with! I love it. Great quality, and it lasts long! It has a wonderful sweet spot and is ideal for opening batsmen and batsmen who like playing shots off the back foot.

GM Icon has a good-quality structure, made from nice English Willow. I also have this bat. I hit shortly, but the ball goes faster. It is the best bat for me.

The Contenders
11 Slazenger V12

Slazenger V12 is the best in the world. I tried many bats from all companies, but I like Slazenger the most.

Retro champ lives again!

I also have this bat. It is nice and very light in weight. This bat rocks! It is amazing.

12 SG Nexus Extreme

Its very good bat,

13 Kookaburra Angry Beast

This bat is definitely an angry beast! One of the best bats I've ever had.

Good bat for all players. It's light. This bat just throws the ball off.

I love this bat's stroke, the edge, and it is also lovely to play big shots with it.

14 SG Cobra Select

This bat has all the attributes of a perfect piece of art. It can deliver all great shots with quality and a bit of style on the side. SG has a reputation for bats that hit with all aspects of skill. All in all, a great bat has to tick off all factors in the criteria, unlike the 'Kahuna'. This does.

Beautiful bat. I have this bat, and it's excellent for hitting six sixes. Get one of these bats because it has a smooth surface and is a good Kashmir willow bat. I would like you to get one of these stunning SG Cobra bats. I love this bat more than any other I have seen.

This is a really good quality bat. It's lightweight, although it can hit with a lot of power! I would recommend this bat to younger players aged 13-14, but it would be good for older players too.

15 Puma Ballistic

I have this superb bat. A small child can also hit a 6 with this bat. I've hit many sixes with the help of this bat. It is the best bat.

The Puma can smash the ball with every hit. It's light but still very useful. The Puma can play all different shots if you don't want a six.

I have Puma Ballistic 5000. Awesome bat. People, this bat should be number 1. It has a huge sweet spot and is really good for hitters.

16 Spartan MC 329

It's a good bat with a nice middle, but it's a tad on the heavy side. The willow is soft, which gives it great ping, but it can damage and crack fairly easily. It's definitely not the best bat in the world. My comments are honest. The other comments must be by Spartan themselves. SID's Monster Bat is the BEST for ping/rebound performance ever! And I own and have owned over 100 bats in my 30 years of top-grade cricket.

It is expensive, but personally, it is the best bat I've ever come across. My other friends have top-of-the-range SS, SG, GM, and CA... Spartan is miles ahead of these bats. Another good one is SF laminated bats. They're cheap but have heaps of ping.

The best for style and super power for every ball. This should be number 1. The best superstars use this bat. However, I also use it.

17 Nike Opener

I like this bat because this is my bat. It has grip and stroke. Virat Kohli is my best player and Virat used this bat. I like the India team.

This is an amazing bat with a great ping. I've had many great innings with this bat, e.g., 123 and 89*. It is also used by the master himself, Virat Kohli.

My favorite player is V Kohli, and my favorite bat is Nike.

18 Kookaburra Menace

Huge sweet spot, great pick up, 2ib 8oz, with most bats that have a big swell in the middle, they are weak on shoulder and toe end but this bat is strong there as well, but if you hit it in the sweet spot, the ball will FLY!

Best bat in the world.

19 Slazenger V389

I like its shape. It suits my style.

I used it. It's nice.

It is a very powerful bat.

20 Reebok Dhoni D7

I like Dhoni's helicopter shot with this bat. Dhoni is one of my favorite players.

It's an awesome bat. Its blade is very sharp.

I like Dhoni's bat, so I vote for his past bat.

21 Slazenger V200

Had an amazing V200 bat! Unfortunately, it started splitting from the handle joint after 2 seasons. It was the best bat I have owned and played with and I still have not been able to find one similar or close to it after searching for one for a while now...

I have hit 176 out of 101 balls with this bat! With 7 sixes 20 fours! It has a good middle. Very good balance toemaking is THE best! It rules over the world! It is awesome! Very disappointed with the ranking as it couldn't make the top ten! But, it is the best bat in the world!

I have this bat... It hits the ball like a rocket to the fence!
I have hit 3 sixes in an over...
And scored 50 off just 24 balls...
In this bat...

22 SG T20I
23 SS Ranger

Best bat in india

What a nice bat

24 Slazenger V3

The best bat in th whole world! It has the power to hit every balls to boundary. If M.S. dhoni uses Slazenger V3 instead of reebok he can win all of his matches. Slazenger V3 The king of bats. It rules cricket.

I heat six sixes and two four in two overs. I think it is the best bat in the world

I hit 4 sixes and Yuvraj Singh used this bat.

25 SG VS 319 Xtreme

Well executed, good in hitting fours, wow! When I take this bat to my club, everyone looks at my bat and says, Wow!

What a good bat.

Well executed, made from the finest wood, handles are easy to grip, signed by Virender Sehwag, thick edges, very good stroke, good looking.

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