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41Towards Dead EndV1 Comment
42Was It Worth It?

34? This song is incredible

43I'm Shipping Up to Boston
44Scream for Silence
45Banned From Heaven

What, this is by far Number 1 for me. Angels don't kill number 1? Come on!

This is very much similar to every time I die... Deserves to be the 2nd

1-angles don't kill
2-banned from heaven
3-every time I die
4-not my funeral
5-are you dead yet?

46I Worship Chaos

The new album deserves to be listened to. This song is way better than anything off blooddrunk or are you dead yet.

This is my new favorite cob song

47Punch Me I Bleed

Love the mood of this song all the way through. If screaming vocals can be pitch perfect, then that's how I would describe Alexi's work in the chorus. That combined with the melody of the chorus make this song intense. Solo is emotive and is one of my favourite Children of Bodom solos.

Why is this song not in top 10, Amazed to not find it there, this list is crazy! Who votes here man!

Needs More recognition! This deserves to be in top 10, It has the darkest feeling than most of the other songs do. Vote fellas vote it to the top.

Just listen to this one once and you'll end up listen it like twenty times

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48Halo of Blood

The drums in this song are just absolutely stunning, it keeps the pace of the song fast and jumpy, while also retaining that creepy feeling. The lyrics and general tune are very catchy, and the solo is epic! Definitely--and always will be--one of my favorite Bodom songs. I was honestly very surprised not to see this in the top ten.

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49Red Light In My Eyes, PT 1
50Taste of My Scythe

I really like this songs. I am a bit surprised that it is number 45.

Seriously how is this one not higher up. The melodies in this are amazing.

51Waste of Skin

One of the catchiest riffs I've ever heard. Great Song and stupidly good solo as always.

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52Somebody Put Something In My Drink
53Chokehold (Cocked 'N' Loaded)

This song is great guys, great solo and great dueling keyboard and guitar, great chorus too.

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54Cry of the Nihilist
55Lil' Bloodred Ridin' Hood

What an epic song! Listen to the guitar solo, this deserves to be in the TOP 10

56Shovel Knockout
57Northpole Throwdown
59Rebel Yell
60Damaged Beyond Repair

Best song off their new album and one of the best overall - wolphert

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