Countries With the Most Beautiful People


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The Top Ten

Just take a look at the japanese celebrities, and you'll understand. Most people think they all look the same but trust me they don't. They have perfect skin and hair, there eyes aren't as small as everyone thinks too. Examples of good looking actors:-
1-Haruma Miura
2-Hiro Mizushima
3-Meisa Kuroki
4-Inoue Mao
Japan is simply awesome.


Very cute girls with high sense of taste and class.
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They make the best porn
It is the beautifull looking people
Most bautiful people in the world!

I am a 13 year old girl and have been to Italy and I say the men are better in Italy than in the USA but the women are a lot prettier in the USA than in Italy. 💕😉
I've been to four continents and over 30 countries and I am yet to see the any nationality which has the beauty, elegance, style and intelligence of Italians girls. Friends from all over the world who have been to Italy are of the same opinion.
Italian men are the most handsome in the World. They are highly regarded by numerous American polls that American women love Italian men. And as for the women, the fact that Italy gave us Sophia Loren speaks volumes on their beauty. They have large almond shape eyes and beautiful skin.
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Guys from Spain are amazing. My husband is Egyptian and Spanish. Nobody can beat that!
I live in pakistan but I love spain
I'm half spanish ind I'm bloody hot

Red heads are the rarest of them all which make it most attractive
I agree Irish people are beautiful but red hair is actually rare here too laugh out loud.
Irish are really have agreat people of all time their hair, their eyes are really beautiful. I love you Ireland!
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Oh come on, just take a look at Stockholm streets and you will find out what I mean. Hot, ¡hot people!
Loreen, Molly Sandén, Eric Saade, Danny Saucedo, Anton Ewald, Ulrik Munther, Andreas Wijk etc. There are more!
Swedish men are very beautiful.
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Poles have proven that French women are skinny and hot. Besides, they would never even think getting out of their house without being properly dressed unlike people you see down at Wallmart in the USA!
French men are players... but that's why they've got what it takes to be players! France's population is pretty diverse, whatever you preferences are, you'll find someone who suits your criterias in France : tall, small, blond, dark, blue / green / hazel / black eyes, hairy men, non hairy men, light skinned, dark skinned, black skinned, you can even find mixes of all the above!... All wrapped up in pretty clothes!
Man, I Wish I Lived Here.


More cultural diversity and people have a more blunt and healthy perception of beauty
The best looking man

FILIPINOS are awesome and the most country
In having beautiful and gorgeous people.
The filipino people are really beautiful.. Inside and out
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My friend is so pretty and she's half Brazilian and half Spanish- beautiful
Brazil has a very beautiful people and beautiful parents loved being there
Many of the Victoria's Secret models are from Brazil:
-Adriana Lima
-Alessandra Ambrósio
-Izabel Goulart
-Giselle Bundchen
-Isabelle Fontana
-Barbara Fialho
-Emanuela de Paula
-Ana Beatriz Barros
-Fernanda Tavares
-Carol Trentini
-Raquel Zimmermann

The Contenders

Man, a classic English rose is one that'll blow you away! Amazing accents, elegant style and brilliant manners. Don't miss out on these!
Us Brits are very sexy but everyone in the world is beautiful
Michelle Keegan, Kelly Brook, Pixie Lott, Cheryl Cole, Holly Willoughby, Frankie Sandford and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley etc.
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The people of this country is hope full and honest
Real beauty in pakistan
Though pakistani are not stylish, they are simple and without mak up, but they have the real beauty, stylish people look attractive at first glance, but not at second,
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Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Pamela Anderson, Michael Buble
O canada... My native...we stand...your...
Justin Beiber, Nolan Funk, Rachel McAdams, Nina Dobrev.

India is the most beautiful place than other countries. Peoples in india are very lovable and passionate to our and to others. Only peoples in india are very spiritual and following our cultures. They will enjoy their life as much they can whatever they have worries in their life. I love my nation. Jai hind!
They are most beauty full tin the world...!

They have a unik color...!

They are no need any kind of lotions and all...!

Theire life is full of family oriented no one live with out their family...!
India is a large country with a very diverse population, it is very logical and obvious for India to have all kinda people and certainly some of the best looking.
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Come to our beaches in summertime, and look at the naked bodies yourself, decide yourself; there are only 3 countries who has more beautiful men and women then the Netherlands: Finland, Sweden, Norway. Netherlands are 5th best looking people, it is in the north-European Gen. It's not even a discussion, it is a proven fact.
I've spent some time in Europe and I frequently visited the Netherlands. My first visit I noticed the men, I thought one in a million...No, two in five are very very attractive men. Needless to say, I had a very pleasant time. Can I say selective breeding?
Friendly, tall and just generally amazing!
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16United States
Absolutely the most attractive people are in the USA and I can prove it. Our film industry is the worlds best and our music and entertainment business, in addition to our sports teams make us the most copied, admired and imitated country the world has ever known. Our language is the "universal" language and because we are such a melting pot of cultures and races living in an environment that no other country can duplicate. Everyone used to want to be American and secretly still do. Anyone who disagrees is short sighted. Check out the People Magazine commercial on T.V... BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE mostly all American.
The diversity of ethnic background allows many 'types' of beauty. You are sure to find people you consider attractive in America!
In this country you will find very beautiful people


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Israel has a lot of people of different cultures (Ethiopian Yemenite Arabs, Latinos and Asians Russians Moroccans and lots of people from different places)

The Egyptian women have a magnificent magic and beauty

Russian men are all different and they all come in different shapes and sizes there are the cute Blonde and blue eyes Russians who are HOT and then there are the ugly army type. A true Russian is the most loyal person ever and will never betray plus they all have irresistible accents.
Go away! Russians are ugly.
Russian people are very beautiful. They bodies are very fit, perfect and sexy. They have all variety of hair and eye colors, unlike Asian countries. I went to Russia like a year ago, and I was very surprised, because there was a lot of very gorgeous people walking around. I will come there again and again, I LOVE Russia!
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Lebanon is often overlooked because of it's unstable state, but it definitely has some of the most beautiful people in the world.
Been there, beautiful people men AND women.
Lebanon has the most beautiful people in all if the Middle East and possibly in the world this is coming from an Australian from a Lebanese background
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Lots of beauty Queens!
Check out their Miss World contestants!

Better than any other

I like the classic beauty in my country. Women there are beautiful without make-up, too.
Greek men are the beauty it self! The most perfect profile in the world, and most slender body! I truly love them!
Greeks are definitely very attractive. Both the men and women! They should be on the top part of the list... We have a very beautiful exotic look!
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I think Somali people are the most beautiful people in the world
All the human being on earth are beautiful. Thanks to Allah
Probably the most beautiful people in Africa by far.
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27South Korea
South Koreans are the cutest people in the world, they have good shape good hights good skin, good eye color. They are a very good example of beauty
Most Koreans have beautiful shape, skin and hair and their fashion is great.
They are so cute I really like ther looks
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The best looks in middle east.seriously I am not kidding...just google it.
The best in south Asia believe me I am from Pakistan.
If you see on Iranin you think you watching a angles
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Seriously, the most beautiful people I have ever seen!
Forget about Italy, Spain, France etc. I do travel a lot! First time I went there, I was blown away... And the world says the Italians know how to dress? Pure joke, go to Portugal, you will be amazed! What a pleasant surprise this was for me!
They are so beautiful, the beauty is in them genes, the real latin europeans and more than beautiful they are so nice an kindly..
The most beautiful women I ever ever seen (an I travel A LOT)!
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Syrian people are beautiful, braves and very friendly

These people are really nice and beautiful
The real people without make up are really beautiful. Without Fashion gently. That is what you can find in Afghan people. If you don't believe me... Change the their style and vote.
Afghanistan very diverged people in beauty in many ways
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Turkey has the most beautiful people for sure. Beren Saat is one of the most beautiful ladies in my opinion, and there are many others who are beautiful and charming
I think Turkey is on number 1 not Japan there a lot of beauti ful peoples like beren saat, meryem uzerli, pelen, seda guven, nur, tuba, denis, engine ozturk, kaan tasaner they are all beautiful


Wow what a wonderful people, they are the most beautiful people in all over the world in short word ethiopia is a basket of beauty
They are beautiful welcoming people with rich colorful culture. Love their dance, food and proud history. Hope to find me a beautiful Ethiopian girl here in the states :-)
Absolutely! Ethiopia has the most beautiful people in the world country, their skin color, eyes, hairs, teeth... Culture and welcoming people oh my God, I wanna go there again and marry a woman... Have a family... !
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Beautiful women and handsome men
Ever Longoria
William Levy

Definitely the most beautiful women and the most attractive men! Everyone is fit and skinny and all have great personalities... Go there and see for yourself!
Amazingly good looking people, dressed like they just got off a runway! Women are ridiculously beautiful, their hair is like from the Pantene commercials! Serbia IS SIZZLING!
This is way too low ranking for Serbia, people there are extrodinary good looking!


Beautiful, stunning people everywhere.

Beautiful pp both men and women
Mix of indians, spanish, italians, gipsies and arabs.

40South Africa
Rainbow nation, the most beautiful blend of ethnic diversity, complemented by the beauty of the city of Cape Town, total eye candy -- go check it out
Its a Multi ethnic country representing all the races of the world

41Trinidad and Tobago

Nepalese people are naturally beautiful and believe in social work. They are brave and respect all the religion in the world. Mainly girls are charming and beautiful.
They are naturally beautiful people
They are far better than indians.

Vietnamese people r beautiful for sure, they lack of height. but they got everything: nose, eyes, pretty face,... LOve them.

They are so beauty

The most beautiful women everywhere you go!

It is the nicest blondes.


48Sri Lanka
Friendship Means Sri Lanka
People smile with all human in the world you ca never find but in Sri Lanka. and so hospitable.
The people their are stunning. They do awesome stuff because their nice, handsome and smart! They look good!

Bangladeshi people are so kind
Bangladeshi girls have large eyes

Albenia should be placed on the top 5 most beautiful people in the world!
First place... Most beutiful people in the world

Hot people are from Malaysia trust me.
Their beauty is natural beauty


Country divided by the half, southern states have the typical dark skinned people not many people like... but they're sometimes friendly..
The northern part has the real beauties, this is something most people don't know... if they knew what the country hides they would be amazed, forget Salma Hayek, both men and women in the northern areas and states are gorgeous!

I believe Nigerians are the most good looking people in Africa aside Ethiopians and North Africans!
Nigerians are really gorgious poepl, they have real beauty


56New Zealand
Kiwis Are The beautiful also

57Costa Rica
Girls from Costa Rica are really beautiful!



Kurdistan is one of the best 20 place in earth to visit by : New York Times



63Saudi Arabia
The most beautiful people ever

The most beautiful in and out.

They have the sexiest men in Caucas

Armenian women are very beautiful with thick brown hair and brown and green eyes.




Eritrea should be placed on the top 5 most beautiful peoples
All Eritreans are so adorable peoples especially their color are awesome they are the best peoples!

Happy, smiley, and beutiful people!

Most beautiful most in Africa continent and the most people in the Southern Africa.
You will see that the people are natural and they do not do body modifications and decorations, Namibian people are peaceful, helping and really emotional people you will ever get. If you find an ugly person in Namibia he/she may migrated there... , by Saviel Peno

There are a lot beautiful women


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