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How is this song not on this list at all? It's Hilarious! "I don't need to buy any drugs man, people give me them. " come on people, how can you not enjoy this song?!?! It's definitely deserving of a top 20, or at least top 25, placement.. I don't understand why all of these songs off of Recovery are even being considered for the top ten. I mean, ok, some of them are pretty good like Underground, So Bad, and Talking' 2 Myself, but honestly Love The Way You Lie has to be one of the lamest songs on the Recovery album. Then there's Not Afraid, which in my opinion is just a simple Pop single. Yeah, the song has a very positive message about being able to move forward with your life and not being scared to basically take like a leap of faith I guess you could say, but let's face it-Not Afraid is not a song directed at the true fans of Eminem (or Slim Shady for that matter) and it just blew up because finally the kids of this generation could listen to Em's music without having ...more

This should definitely be higher on this list. Dre and Mark Batson really outdid themselves with this rhythm. This mixed with the hilarious original slim lyrics makes it worthy of the top ten.

Hello Hello, allow me to introduce my self, my name is.. shady! So nice to meet you, been a long time long time sorry I've been away so long! My name is shady I never ment to leave you!

Why is it 121 it should be around number 20

142Murder, MurderV1 Comment
143So Much Better

A song that is sang in a bad mood, it has hard beats with a melody that I like. Should AT LEAST been add into the list.

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Come cleaner than Jay Rue jackin of when he showers. Get it? Haha I'm 14 and used to like recovery till I discovered sslp mmlp and infinite. Ems wordplay at it's best

145If I Had

Too many radio listeners voted on this page. This song has one of the best lyrical openings I've ever heard. There are 6 songs in the top ten that I don't think deserve to be there.

I love this song. It isn't fast, but it's real. I still love Eminem, I love his new material and old lyrics. He doesn't need pills to kill it.

Songs like this and rock bottom are songs that a broke mofo like me can relate 2. I love you em & I'm glad you got out.

Great song top 20

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146Never Enough

Both Eminem and 50 cents are amazing in this song. And the voice of Nate Dogg is unforgettable

This song is good, but not the best - Andyandy

One of the 5 best songs from encore.You must listen to this song.50 cent was very good and the chorus by nate dogg was epic (as always)

147Chauvinist Pig
149Fine Line
150Detroit vs Everybody

I think this is a way better collab song than Forever, other than Danny Brown's verse

Detroit vs Everybody is in NELSON NUMBER... man... the song which should be in number 1 is in no 111

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151Calm Down
152Deja Vu

This song is much better than most of the ones that are up there.

Best song by far. Real lyrics and emotion.

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153Where I'm AtV1 Comment
154Remember Me?

One hell of a song even though Em got outshined by his features. Sticky Fingaz just straight up murders this song

Jeez, this song is raw as hell. I mean, you have a really good verse by Em, but Sticky Fingaz... he just straight up murdered Em before Em even appeared on the track. - SwagFlicks

Better song than #133 on this list. Great word play, vocals and lyricism from all 3 rappers.

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155Dead Wrong

Em is with one of the greatest rappers of all time, The Notorious BIG. The lyrics are hilarious and well though out. This song is carved into rap history.

Eminem with one of the greatest rappers ever. Only song that competes is my name is

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156Doe Rae Me

After Ja Rules mentioned Eminem's daughter in his dis track, Marshal responded with this song with some help from D12, Obiee Trice, and G Unit. My top 5 Eminem songs

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157Love Game


I HATED this song the first time I heard it, but I suddenly loved it after the second listen. It takes the depressing concept of being a hopeless romantic and turns it into something humorous. With the silly beat, the corny samples, the hilarious lyrics, and Kendrick Lamar's awesome verse, it's definitely one of the most underrated Em tracks, and it may as well be my favorite track on MMLP2.

This song shows that Em's good when it comes to singing and rapping at the same time.

Em and Kendrick should have done way better on this song

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158Evil Twin

Probably the best song on the MMLP2. Lyrically insane! Best lyrical song I've heard in years. Also it talks bout his evil twin slim shady and how he IS Eminem.

I can't believe this is so low. Evil Twin belongs in the top 20. The lyrics in this song are so clever. This is one of the best songs on MMLP2

It's incredible it's so low! Come on! This song is the most awesomeness in the world!

This song bass boosted would pound. Awesome song

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Not the best Eminem verse ever but damn it's badass

One of Eminem's fastest raps ever

Bloody good even though I despise monster raps..

This is disgusting

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160Atlanta On Fire
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