Top Ten Most Epic Two Steps from Hell Songs

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1Heart of Courage

It builds up in a way no other song has ever accomplished and the ending part is just so ingenious. - chribba

2Protectors of the Earth

It is Epic from the very beginning and has the greatest impact of all songs. - chribba

3To Glory

Epic all the way to the end. - chribba


Awesome, living and has a great impact. - chribba


Different from all other Two Steps from Hell songs, it takes a long time for it to build up, but BANG the main part comes and really shows how awesome one single song can be. - chribba

6United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Happy, full of energy and makes you want to wage glorious war! - chribba

7Immortal Avenger

Awesome buildup and fantastic main part, the voice makes the song. - chribba

8Dragon Rider
10Sons of War

Probably the most epic start a of any other song, silence, weird instrumental noic and BANG all the string instruments are going for Life! - chribba

The Contenders

11Undying Love

Awesome and has a very nice main part. - chribba

12Moving Mountains

It's so intense and I like intense things. Me and my friends choreographed a dance to this and were voted 3rd place out of 50 competitors and the judges all commented on the song choice. We will be performing this year at founders day, and you can see how moving it is. Thank you, bye.

13Merchant Prince

This song is so good, so intense, and so beautiful. Everyone needs to hear it, because it's perfect.

14Strength of a Thousand Men
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