Funniest Moments from the Deadpool Movie

The most hilarious scenes from the 2016 film "Deadpool". While most of you have already watched this movie (if you haven't, then WHY?!?!), there are spoilers ahead.

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1"Twelve Bullets" Scene

I laughed my ass off while watching this part! Here are some of the funniest parts:
- Deadpool counting down his bullets ("I've only got twelve bullets, so you're going to have to share! ")
- "Bad Deadpool." (shoots guy in the head) "Good Deadpool."
- Deadpool getting shot in the rectum - Mercwithamouth

2Green Lantern References

"Please don't make the super suit green - or animated! " - Mercwithamouth

It's nice to see Ryan Reynolds poking fun at his career, which is something very few actors do even in movies like this

3Deadpool's Baby Hand

"You might wanna leave the room. I bet it feels huge in this hand." - Mercwithamouth

Am I'm crazy or your hand is really small? - Blind Woman - Metts


Remember the scene where Deadpool is talking to Bob after killing some of Francis' goons? Hilarious! - Mercwithamouth

5Opening Credits

This movie had the greatest opening credits I have ever seen. "God's Perfect Idiot"? "An overpaid tool"? "The real heroes here"? Comedy gold! - Mercwithamouth

6Deadpool's Most Prized Possession

"My most prized possession." (Throws X-Men Origins Deadpool figure off-screen, then proceeds to break out a WHAM! album) "WHAM! " - Mercwithamouth

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7Weasel's Insults

The funniest insult had to be, "You look like Freddy Kreuger face-f a topographical map of Utah." - Mercwithamouth

8Second Taxi SceneV1 Comment
9"I'm gonna do to you what Limp Bizkit did to music in the 90s."
10Zamboni Scene

"Tell me where your boss is, or you're gonna die!... In five minutes! " - Mercwithamouth

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11Ever seen 127 Hours? Spoiler alert.

Probably the funniest reference I have ever heard. That scene had everyone in the cinema I was in laughing out loud.

The very moment he said that I thought to myself "Oh god this won't end well"

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12Colossus's Heroic Speech

Colossus gives Deadpool a lecture on why he shouldn't kill Francis and about how he can still be a hero. And it ends in typical Deadpool style. Hysterical! "You were droning on! " - Mercwithamouth

13Stan Lee's Cameo

Lets be fair here, every Stan Less cameo is a joy to see

He doesn't get heart attacks seeing naked girls - Metts

14Vampire Teeth Sex
15All The Dinosaurs Fear The T-Rex
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1. "Twelve Bullets" Scene
2. Green Lantern References
3. Deadpool's Most Prized Possession
1. Opening Credits
2. "Twelve Bullets" Scene
3. Deadpool's Baby Hand



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