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101 Ted 2 Ted 2 V 1 Comment
102 Tommy Boy Tommy Boy

Chris Farley is a comedy god! And David Spade plays his typical sarcastic, witty, genius-type comic. Gotta see it

This isone of the first comedy movies I ever saw, who coud ever forget these amazing laughs for the whole family.

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103 This Is the End This Is the End

This movie deserves to be #1! It's the funniest movie of all time, if not, then the best movie of all time!

Really, Jay, it's not that compelling.

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104 Young Frankenstein Young Frankenstein

I was expecting this through the whole list. Did I miss it? I'd argues it for a top ten spot. Also, The Producers should be in the top 100. Zero! - Billyv

105 Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure V 1 Comment
106 Staten Island Summer Staten Island Summer
107 City Lights City Lights
108 Red Red

This was awesome

109 Super Troopers Super Troopers

This movie is a classic. If you didn't like it the first time, watch it again. Trust me. It is So hilarious, and gets to be more so every time you watch it. Broken Lizards' best movie! Plus, Brian Cox in this movie is So funny! "Ursula, I'm Naked! - heather

Can I see your license meow? Right meow! Are you laughing at meow?

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110 Bruno Bruno
111 Pink Flamingos Pink Flamingos
112 Bananas Bananas
113 Boat Trip Boat Trip
114 Scary Movie 4 Scary Movie 4

It can't be this low. Get it higher cause it deserve it.

115 The Hateful Eight The Hateful Eight
116 Ride Along Ride Along
117 Superhero Movie

so funny its an amazing film if you want to have a good laugh!

118 Dude, Where's My Car? Dude, Where's My Car?

Very underrated movie

It's a cool movie

The funniest film ever made! - jkilpin

119 Clue: The Movie Clue: The Movie
120 Due Date Due Date V 2 Comments
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