Greatest Classic Rock Bands Ever


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The Top Ten

Led Zeppelin
There are bands that don't have a single other band to even come close to them. Led Zeppelin had some of the greatest guitar solos the world has ever seen. Jimmy Page re-defined the way people play the guitar. Robert Plant is the greatest screamer ever. He actually sounds good. John Paul Jones was the fastest bassist trying to keep up with Jimmy when he did a guitar solo. Not many people could do that. And then you've got the greatest drummer ever who sat behind a drum kit. His solo in Rock and Roll is one of the greatest I've ever heard. And that brings me o my final quote: LED ZEPPELIN RULE!
This band showed astounding talent in every aspect of music. Listen to any of their songs to listen to Robert Plant's triple octive voice. Listen to Kashmir or Moby Dick to hear John Bonham's drum skills or The Lemon Song to hear one of the greatest bass lines ever.

If you want to hear some great guitar, listen to Stairway, Achilles Last Stand, Since I've Been Loving You, and many many others.

They are Zeppelin, and not many bands can say they can match the pure talent, creativity, and variety that they have.
the musical composition level is magnific.. they put more material in an song than any other band.
Every song is a great song.
Classic rock, blues, incredible ballads, acoustic, hard rock and even reggae and folk style songs.
Incredible guitar, bass, vocals and drums.
[Newest]Zeppelin greatest rock band

Over the years my taste in music has been redefined many times. It all came to a rest at Queen. The pure musicianship of every single member of this amazing band shows that they are the greatest band ever. Each member is credited for writing at least one #1 hit, even the bass and drummer. That is no surprise when you look at each one though. John Deacon has some of the most iconic bass lines ever. Roger Taylor with his intricate drum fills and an incredible voice which could have (and did) front a band of his own.
Brian May, while also having an incredible voice, is one of the greatest guitarists ever. Not to mention he has a PHD in Astrophysics.
Then we come to Freddie Mercury. A legend among legends. Freddie's voice was so powerful and had a range that most singers only dream of acquiring. He is listed as one of the greatest frontman in history, which is no surprise to anyone who has seen it in person or on video. His death will be mourned for many more years.
Because of the caliber of every single member in Queen. They deserve the spot of #1 band ever. A true treasure that will listened to well into the future.
Freddy Mercury was a true performer, and probably still would be if he were still here. His song writing skills were shing there brightest with Bohemian Rhapsody, one of the greatest songs ever.

Amazing Band! Comprised of highly skilled musicians who could write "albums" worth of stellar material every time. The rhythm section of John Deacon and Roger Taylor was known as the "Sonic Volcano" in the 70's. Brian May remains one of the most influential guitarists of all time. What has to be said about Freddie Mercury? Anyone who knows anything about great music knows who he is, what he has done, and how great he was. 5 star band!
[Newest]Should be at no. 1

3The Beatles
Even a poor african child could name you a beatles song
The Beatles are THE best band in history. Rock and roll was slowly disappearing, but then The Beatles started. These guys just about saved rock and roll. If you like The Rolling Stones, then you've got to like The Beatles. I mean, The Beatles and The Stones were friends, and The Beatles gave The Stones their first single. Every song by The Beatles is excellent (even Revolution 9 and Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey). The Beatles had enough songs to keep them rolling 'till TODAY. I mean, just imagine if Imagine, Live And Let Die, and My Sweet Lord were Beatles songs. These are some of the biggest songs in history, and they would have been Beatles songs had The Beatles not split up. It's obvious: THE Beatles SHOULD HAVE BEEN #1 ON THIS LIST. THEY ARE THE BEST BAND IN HISTORY. PERIOD.
they should have been #1 come on this band inspired so many people how can you not love them
[Newest]Simply the best band in history
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4Pink Floyd
Roger Waters is one of the few true musical geniuses. Acompanied by a great guitarist in David Gilmour, along with Richard Wright and Nick Mason. Pink Floyd ruled the sound waves of the 70's with top notch albums and unforgettable live performances.

I think Animals or Wish You Were Here was their best albums. Although I'm obsessed with the concept of The Wall, that and Dark Side, are frankly, over played. Animals definitely had a lot more effort put into the songs and concept. Heck each song (Other than Pigs On The Wing, Part 1 & 2), are all over 10 mins long. Every song on that album is like it's own separate story. People should give Animals more credit than they do.
Come on! I like The Bealtes and Queen, but I don't think they are better then Floyd's! Pink Floyd as a band made so many interesting and powerful songs with great riffs, solos and lyrics. They made such a incredible albums as Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, Animals, The Wall and I think every track on this albums is a masterpiece. On the top I would only see: 1. Pink Floyd 2. Led Zeppelin 3. Metallica... And then Queen and Beatles. That's my opinion!
[Newest]Far too intellectual in their sonic approach to be appreciated by the common beer drinker and amid constant undying tensions, still managed to be the greatest band ever to grace rock music. Miraculous.
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Greatest Band ever (i can't believe Angus Young was voted # 96 on the top 100 guitarists, shouldve been in the top 10)
I love AC/DC they have the best riffs they still play the same as when they begain they never forgot about bon scott either. Brian had a big roll too fall in too but he tryed and success he was amazing I love it great band. Seen them hope I get the chance to do it again best to me thanks

This is reall rock n roll.
[Newest]There is literally no other rock band capable of doing what AC/DC has done

6The Rolling Stones
With Mick Jaggar and Kieth Richards at the song writing helms, The Rolling Stones produced hit after hit in the 60's and 70'sto become one of the most influential bands ever.

WTF... stones after Cheap trick?
you gotta be kiddin' me
The rolling stones... it does'nt get any better than that.
[Newest]The Stones should be at least #2 or 3! This is idiotic!

7The Who
These guys were basically the first to introduce synthsisers, something that most everyone else has relied on in their music. This band has tested rock time and time again and they have revolutionized it, creating some of the best and most favorite Classic Rock songs of all time. It is even said that Led Zepplin and many other British originated groups and singers, including U2, were influenced by these guys. The band includes one of the greatest guitarist, greatest drummer, and greatest bassist of all time. There is a reason they have been around for nearly fifty years and continue to perform.
This bands music has withstood the test of time. From My Generation to Won't Get Fooled Again, The Who have epitomized what rock and roll should be.

The Who is iconic with 4 of the greatest at their individual instruments/ vocals meshing within for my money the greatest rock and roll songwriter of all time Pete Townshend's writing. Equally briliant both live and in the studio. There is nothing within the genre thatThe Who does not excel or or in many cases invented or were the first to do. On a deserted island give me Quadrophenia/Who's Next/Tommy/Live at Leeds and I will survive and maintain my sanity, perspective and outlook.
[Newest]When we talk about classic rock, I think of the who, queen, the Beatles and The Rolling Stones. These should be second.

Journey is one of the most under rated bands. Neil Shone, Jonathan Cain & Steve Perry wrote some of Rock's best known hit's. Perry has been called "The Voice". Neil Shone is as good a guitar player as any & Cain a master on keyboards. Journey is Rock & Roll!
Journey above Aerosmith? That's nuts. Journey belongs somewhere around 60-80. Aerosmith is top 10 with out question.
Show me someone who can find a bad song by journey and I'll show you a liar.

There's a reason they call them America's Greatest Rock n' Roll Band! Listen to:
Dream On
Train Kept-A-Rollin'
Sweet Emotion
Dude (Looks Like a Lady)
Rag Doll
Janie's Got a Gun
I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing
The Bad Boys From Boston came into the rock-n-roll scene in 1970 and the rest is history. Aerosmith reached the rock pinnacle early and stayed late.

Great band! I love their songs! ALL OF THEM!


[Newest]This band is awesome!

10Judas Priest
A great influence for all scenarios, been in their show REALLY good!


Too many good bands on this list. Priest the Beast rules though. I like Floyd but Roger Waters is kinda a commie. just saying.


With the permission of Black Sabbath, the most influential metal band ever existed.
[Newest]Totally above just real good

The Contenders

11The Doors
Their music is absolutley timeless and their music is more unique than any other that I can think of. Not too mention they had arguably the greatest frontman in music history.
This band changed the world, their influence is everywhere, in the music you hear on the radio, in the way poets and writers think, in the stars who don't watch their language on live T.V. , in the attitudes of the people you meet and literally EVERYWHERE!

When their debut album came in 1967, it was the first time they totally reinvented the rock culture, but it surely wasn't the last!

If you love rock music and understand some intelligent poetry, you can't deny they are the best band ever, everything about them was magic! Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Rolling Stoned etc are all great, but when considering the best and not the greatest, hand down, The Doors at #1!

R.I. P Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek.
The perfect band. Intelligent, talented, poetic, and creative. With all four member having each of those qualities. Best damn rock band ever in my opinion.
[Newest]Gad, the most overrated rock band of all time. Without a doubt, the #1 most over rated band of all time!

Absolutely ScorpsSistah! They are the BEST band to see LIVE for sure! For those of you that haven't purchased or even heard their new release yet I highly recommend that you go get it now.

Scorpions Humanity-Hour 1 is amazingly brilliant!
great music, great melodies, the best ballads
Plain and simple, they still rock us like a hurricane! Just see them LIVE and you will walk away transformed!


[Newest]This seriously needs to be in the top 5

13The Eagles
One of the highest album selling bands in history, The Eagles showed the world what a real band should be.

Producing great music from the first minute, these guys took it to the limit! Made many legendary songs like Hotel California, Take It Easy, One Of These Nights etc. Etc. One of the best bands ever in rock, true legends!
By far the best of the best. Not just great vocals and harmonies, but superior overall musicians and instrumentalists. The best withstands the test of time.
[Newest]The best ever number one selling album of the 20 th century beat everybody on and not on this list and their American rockers

14Deep Purple
Listen to Deep Purple In Rock. It set the standard for all hard rock and has arguably never been done better... Period
There was no better band than this one, ever.
Deep Purple is the best rock band and fools don't like it.
[Newest]If you like any of these bands for sure you will like deep purple

15Black Sabbath
Easily the greatest classic rock band, even the most influential (other than the hendrix himself)


No one had the hard, heavy, grinding sound like these guys back in those days and I love it!
This band should be right their with zeppelin had two great singers and Toni can play guitar left handed with missing bits of finger and they are the godfathers of metal this band is ledgendary

16Guns 'n' Roses
They haven't been quite the same since all the original members except Axl Rose left the band, but they rocked. Listen to:
It's So Easy
Welcome to the Jungle
Sweet Child o' Mine
Paradise City
You Could be Mine
November Rain
Knockin' on Heaven's Door
The best rock bands that ever lived, they will give you all what you want in their songs, the best male vocal every axl along with the best guitarist ever slash, makes an epic due for an epic band
Rude, cruel, bad boys band but romantic melodies rock song, axl roses with his act on the stage and slash with his deadly guitar scream. What a wonderful moment
[Newest]Knocking on heavens door was the most heart felt song, I've ever heard.

17Bon Jovi
Bon Jovi is my favourite band of all time. I have not found a single Bon Jovi song that I don't like, loads of their songs have got me hooked and its mainly the reason I got into rock. They are the reason rock is my favourite genre of all time and I'm into a lot of 80's and 90's hard rock. They have had me hooked for over a year and I can't get enough. Jon Bon Jovi is one of the nicest guys you could meet. They are a talented group of gentlemen that have given us the greatest music for 30 years and I hope to see them around for many years to come.
Bon Jovi has and still is putting out the best rock music in the world. His most famous songs from Livin' on a prayer is expected to be heard by. Not listening to this and another couple songs are not like watching the Matrix or like not hearing Don't stop believin'. The lyrics of Bon Jovi speak truth and encourage many people. Unlike some other bands Bon Jovi are still living and playing. Not only does Bon Jovi make a ton of great hit songs they are aslo activist's and help the community. Bon Jovi sold many, many, many records when recording and was said to put on some of the best concerts of that time.
One of the few classic bands that's still puttin' out descent music! Listen to:
You Give Love a Bad Name
Livin' on a Prayer
Wanted Dead or Alive
It's My Life
Who Says You Can't Go Home
We Weren't Born to Follow
Because We Can
[Newest]Springsteen better than Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi pretty good, but more like top 50 than top 20. Springsteen probably top 15.

18Lynyrd Skynyrd
Introducing the world to hardcore southern rock, Lynyrd Skynyrd was at the top of the mountain until a plane crash in 1977 prominently influenced the band to break up. Ten years later the band reformed with the former lead singer, Ronnie Van Zant's brothers taking over the vocal duties.

Hard for me to not go with Pink Floyd, but I enjoying listening to lynyrd skynyrd slightly more, if the plane crash never happened, in my opinion, lynyrd skynyrd would be top 5.
Greatest band to ever play. Ronnie Van Zants song writing abillity and lead vocals, steve gaines, allen collins, and gary rossington produced the greatest guitar solos of all time. There is no such thing as a bad Skynyrd song. Only band that even comes close to Skynyrd is zeppelin. Free Bird greatest song of all time

19The Jimi Hendrix Experience
Jimi Hendrix had the potential to rule the rock scene for decades, but his unfortunate young death put an early end to his career.

Jimi hendrix greatest guitar player ever, nuff said
On the seventh day God created Jimi Hendrix!
[Newest]Jimi Hendrix. That is all

As far as classic rock bands go Rush is very very very very very very good. I mean it is very impossible to play like them and their music is more than music I know this stuff because my dad learned off the internet how to get songs on your ipod playlist on your car radio so I hear a lot of old songs even though I am only turning 13 in a week and a half.
Give me a break. Why is The Who anywhere close to Rush? Same with Heart, Journey, and the Beatles, I just don't understand how any band especially the ones I've listed, could top off Rush. The only band that comes anywhere close to Rush is Van Halen, but they're half as good at best. Rush has by far the most variety, The most music, and I honestly haven't heard a rush song that I don't like. RUSH FOR LIFE!
They were highly regarded by very positioned and prestigious musicians 40 years ago and now they are revered as the greatest musicians of all time by not their fans but by the most credible critic's... Real iconic musicians that do not have one small complaint. Who dare would cast doubt on the greatest musicians of all time hand's down. Rush humbly continues to be even better after 47 years... No other act on the entire list can lay claim to that longevity of commercial success... No one... Not even close no matter how l9ng you try to explain... Rush is still there turning out new and full studio albums then backing them up with sold out shows at the highest dollar around the world... Beatles never done that... Stones never done that... U2 never done that... Acdc never done that... Aerosmith never done that... Metallic never done that... Maiden never done that... Hendrix never done that cream never done that the who never done that... Only one I would consider close would be Neil Young.
[Newest]Rush was my first rock concert. They were playing in support of 2112 and I loved it. I think they went down hill from there. They should be somewhere around 40-50 on this list.

21Creedence Clearwater Revival
CCR are one of the greatest bands of all time! Number 21?!?!? They deserve to be in the in the top 10
I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain?
Hell yeah! CCR kick ass definitely deserve a higher spot on this list

One of the most brilliant bands, and also the most under appreciated. Ann's crazy voice combined with Nancy's amazing guitar skills! What more could you want? Heart should definitely make the top ten. They gave us barracuda. Need I say more?
Heart rocks! Ann's voice and Nancy's guitar was a killer combination!
Everyone should love Heart if you don't you have no taste in good music

23Van Halen
Eddie is the best guitarist, David is the yes vocalist, Mike is the best bassist, and Alex isn't the best, but he's got some skills-Van Halen is an unbeatable band.
Many forget about this band, Eddie Van Halen Is One Of The Greatest Guitarists Ever, When They had David Lee Roth, They Were Unbeatable.... Many #1 Hits, Inducted Into the Rock N' Roll Hall Of fame... Greatest Band Ever


I totally agree! Eddie is the greatest guitarist whose ever lived! And yes, with David, they were the best! Too bad egos got in the way.


[Newest]Number 23? Really? This band deserves to be in the top 3.

Best band Ever. Some of the other bands are okay. Some I've never heard of. Their music creates the most unique and amazing sound ever that no band could ever recreated. First 2 seconds I hear them, I know for a fact its them. I could literally listen to their music all day everyday without ever getting sick of it. That's when you know a band is good. When you don't get tired of hearing them. Sib Hashian, greatest afro in history. Rest in peace Brad Delp. Any true Boston fan will remember you forever.
Boston I think in my opinion is a great classic rock band because Boston isn't too hard rock but just enough classic rock and rock and roll to create the perfect combo. Plus their first and second album were definitely the best. After that it was ok, with the exception of Amanda, that was a great song!
Boston had one good album. There are artists like Oasis, Matchbox 20, definitely Neil Young, who should be way above them. Had Boston kept at the level of their first album they could be on this list, but they didn't.

25Motley Crue
What can I say except listen to:
Primal Scream
Shout at the Devil
Saints of Los Angeles
Dr. Feelgood
Kickstart My Heart
Wild Side
Looks That Kill
S.O.S. (Same Ol' Situation)
Home Sweet Home
This is a great band I'm surprised there not higher

26Def Leppard
This is the greatest band of all time! They have a drummer, Rick Allen (the Thunder God), who had his left arm amputated, and he's still a badass drummer! Plus, Rock of Ages!
Number 105 (at this time) disgraceful! Should AT LEAST be top 10! I recommend pour some sugar on me, rocket, animal and photograph!
best band. i have a photograph and do u have a photograph too?


[Newest]Should be in the top 10 easy what

27The Grateful Dead
Fun and always different. Live shows are an adventure. I miss you Jerry!
Biggest live audiences, most live shows, most dedicated fans.
There is nothing like a Grateful Dead concert!

Anyone born in the 1960's, THIS was our background music growing up!
Lou Gramm in his day could out sing anyone...

Easily in the top 10 of all time. Probably the best collection of musicians playing challenging rock music we'll ever see or hear. Although the music is difficult to play, it is a joy to behold. If you aren't familiar with Yes do yourself a favor, sit back and enjoy Close to the Edge, Fragile, the Yes album, Relayer or Big Generator...Easily one of the finest bands ever.
Yes deserves to be on this list because, like Queen, they were totally unique and very talented musically. Hard to believe bands like Motley Crue are above them. Any decent cover band can play a Motley Crue song as well as the original, but no one even attempts Yes songs because you have to be great musically.
Musically the best ever! To be able to combine the total sounds is out of this world!

30Alice Cooper
Alice should be in the top 5 at least. I mean, he's a badass. He's got a great voice, killer music, and he's a showman, which makes his concerts all the more enjoyable/interesting. Guy deserves so much more credit. I LOVE you, ALICE COOPER!
I love alice cooper he is my god in my opinion he should be number one he is the god of rock without him there wouldn't be a lot of bands we have today.
His music's great, he has so much variety. he should be in the top ten!

31Cheap Trick
Cheap Trick is amazing, but they are so underrated. Surrender should be rated one of the top songs ever!
At one time they were the best in the world. They still are great.
Somewhere, somehow, there is always a Cheap Trick song playing.

32Uriah Heep
One of the greatest yet underrated rock bands ever. A hard hitting sound with the vocals to match. Stealing and Easy Livin, two of the best songs of that era. Only wish I would have had the opportunity to see them.

You have got to be kidding me. Boston is higher than U2? At least U2 did something different to music! Boston made 5 hits. U2 made 15! Name a Boston song more successful than I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For. Plus, U2 was in the rock hall their first year of eligibility. Boston isn't even it it!
U2 all the way. Bono's voice was something different and unique. Deserves to be higher.

34Dire Straits
Listen to their self titled album and Brothers in Arms album. Great collections of music and the best work from Dire Straits in my opinion.
Selling in excess of 120 million albums Dire Straits should be very high up on the rankings.
WHAT? Should Be In The Top Ten!

35Fleetwood Mac
The best band, my life would have no sense without the mac, you would never brake the chain becose the mac is back in 2012
The mix of the masters Lindsey Bucking ham Mick Fleetwood, Stivie Nicks


36Talking Heads
This guys may seem crazy, but really, this guys can ROCK.



38The Moody Blues
The Moody Blues have been going strong from 1966 to the present day. They have led the pack in musical style and in making their own music. They have taught me much about the world and life and how it works. I've met my best friends because of the link we fans have because of this band. They have a nearly sold out cruise coming up in March, fastest selling boat ever. :) They deserve to be #1!
Criminally under-rated in my opinion. The Core 7 albums from 67-73 were amazing, but Bluejays, Octave, Long Distance Voyager and Strange Times are not so far behind them, and even the weaker albums (The Present, Keys of the Kingdom and December) are far stronger than most could ever manage to produce (the two singles aside, even I wouldn't shout about The Other Side of Life and Sur la Mer).
"Never comes the day" was the beginning and today it is still as beautiful as then. When Justin sings "if only... " the earth stops turning and hold his breath. Only a few days and then... Spirits of the Western sky! My ears are waiting and my heart too. Justin Hayward... What a man!
[Newest]A band like no other! Influenced the Beatles. Should be top five bands ever.

39Grand Funk Railroad

This should be much farther up!
David's voice is the best! Whitesnake are amazing!

41Ozzy Osbourne
Ozzy NEEDS to be in the top 5! He is one of the Gods of Rock and he has AWESOME music. He deserves way more credit. And he's not called the Prince of Darkness for nothing. OZZY OSBOURNE FOREVER!
Very underrated in my opinion

42Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are my favorite band since the moment I first saw them. They are GREAT!
This is my favorite band of all time

43Bruce Springsteen
Springsteen isn't a band? He is a solo artist! Remember that many of his albums/songs were created without the E Street Band. The E Street Band however should be in the top 50 bands. Springsteen alone should bein the top ten artists of all time. As far as money made of the classic rock artists he 4th only below Paul, John, and Elton. His longevity makes him worthy of that alone.
He should be on top ten. 46 is really too low for a man who recorded Born to Run, The River and The Ghost of Tom Joad.

There is more to these guys than the supernatural theme song. They have real talent while not Queen level they are very good musicians and a joy to listen to.
When you listened to their lyrics, you never thought they were dumb.

When you listened to their lyrics, you knew you were.

They're great, but underrated.


46The Stooges

47Barclay James Harvest
A really great English band, criminally underrated by the Music "cognoscenti" and relatively unknown in their home country, and still going in two different guises (each led by an original member) nearly 50 years after their formation in 1967. Their album, "Gone to Earth" is officially the third most popular album of all time in Europe's biggest music market - Germany, and, in 1980 at the height of their success, they performed an open-air free concert to 250,000 people in West Berlin. They were the first western rock band to be invited to perform a concert in pre-Glasnost East Berlin to 175,000 people. I saw them at Wembley Arena in 1984 and they were as phenomenal then as they still were on tour last December - 2013! One of the first exponents of the mellotron and experimental music, they were in the forefront of the early prog rock wave of the late sixties and early seventies; yet their 2013 album, "North", was both true to their roots and amongst their strongest offerings in the last 30 years. In my completely unbiased, objective opinion, they deserve a high placement in this list.
If you melodic, symphonic, progressive rock and haven't listened to at least one of their classic albums, believe me, you're missing out!
One of the best bands the UK has ever produced and still going strong in two separate guises (John Lees' BJH, and BJH featuring Les Holroyd), each headed by an original member. Unlike the Moody Blues, who seemed to lose the plot during the 1980s, and also more recently after "Strange Times", they have consistently produced classic albums over more than 40 years, and we are still being treated to excellent new music from them - listen to 2013's "North" by JLBJH and you won't be disappointed.

48The Doobie Brothers
Doobies are way too low. This list is crap.

49Thin Lizzy
Best band of the '70s by far. Phil Lynott carried them with relatable stories of the working class man in beautiful poetic songs. One of the most under appreciated bands today.

Dennis DeYoung is for me personally one of the greatest singers of all time. Plus they had so many remembered hits. Greatest Rock Band of all time!
I have seen them forgotten for the most part in the new generation. They are a great band to listen to because they can rock hard like led zepplin or play soft relaxing songs like pink floyd based on which of they'r 3 singers is singing. They are a top 25 band and hope they won't be forgotten in this generation
Deyoung + Shaw = one of the most underrated vocal/guitar duos ever

51The Police
Super good! HOW are they not too 15 the police are amazing

My favorite band until 75' (phil collins time)

25 or 6 to 4; Beginnings; Colour My World; 'enough said; If listening to one of these doesn't take you back to the 70's you are either too young or too stoned back then to know GOOD music!
Why is this group not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

Wings ROCKED for sure! Some of the most melodic rock of all time! McCartney's voice was NEVER better! Band On The Run, Venus and Mars / Rock Show, Jet, Beware My Love, Big Barn Bed, Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five, Junior's Farm, Helen Wheels, Spin It On, Rockestra Theme, Hi Hi Hi, Maybe I'm Amazed, Girl's School, Morse Moose and the Grey Goose! Rocking' tunes with Paul's strokes of genius! Wings Over America affords a snapshot of how hard the band could rock behind Paul's amazing voice! NEVER underestimate Paul McCartney... He is a rock MASTER!


55The Kinks
Although The Beatles, The Stones, The Who, etc. have been long remembered (for good reason) The Kinks deserve this status just as much. "You Really Got Me" was one of the catalysts for punk, "A Well Respected Man" and "Waterloo Sunset" are wonderful views into British culture, and "Lola" and "Apeman" are both great acoustic rockers that will be stuck in your head for days. Even their revival in the late '70s and early '80s was full of quality material, such as "(Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman" and "Catch Me Now I'm Falling."

An amazing band that should be in the Top 10.
This is one of the most under rated bands of all time. They deserve to be in the top 10.

I am baffled in seeing Supertramp not higher on this list. They were able use a VERY wide variation of instruments. I get shivers listening to some of their songs.
Songs you should listen to :
Take The Long Way Home
Breakfast in America

57Steely Dan

58Electric Light Orchestra
I really do like this list but I have to give ELO some love here. Jeff Lynne is as good of a songwriter as anyone and even John Lennon said that if the Beatles didn't break up, they would have ended up something like ELO. The. Again Jeff Lynne produced for the Beatles. He also wrote for Tom Petty and performed with him, and Roy Orbison, and George Harrison, and Bob Dylan (Traveling Wilburys). So yeah, he's pretty good.
Though I was never a fan of Jeff Lynne's voice all is songs are instant legends and the rest of the band are incredible, particularly bassist Kelly Groucutt, who is now the vocalist.


ELO has so many great songs if you remember some of them were in the movies Rocky. In my opinion they are a top 20 band

35? You're joking right? This band is one of and will always be one of the greatest Rock bands out there. I literally cringed when I saw this at 35. This band is better than most that are higher up in this chart. With songs like For Whom The Bell Tolls, The Unforgiven, Wnter Sandman, whiskey in the jar and covers such as Am I evil? And Tuesdays Gone this band seems to be FAR MORE UNDERRATED than it should be. Outstanding vocals, Bass, guitar and drums I see no reason why this band isn't a great one. Metallica!
124! So much for a band which has enthralled millions over a couple of decades. Might not be the best but should at least be in top 25. Hope sense will prevail here soon.
Best band ever without question! No one matches them for the sheer number of epic songs! Riffs, harmonizing, level changing.

60Rare Earth


62Blue Oyster Cult
Should at least be top 10 in my opiniom

63Bad Company
Paul Rodgers is certainly one of the best rock singers ever. And he is even getting better with years. I am glad that Bad Company is again active and on tour.
Seriously? You folks need to pull out some old vinyl. Perhaps Paul Rodgers talent got diluted by the # of bands that he fronted.
Paul Rodgers... Amazing voice.

64Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Bachman Turner Overdrive also known as B.T.O. is such a great band! Just listen to there greatest hits. "You Aint Seen Nothing Yet" One of there most popular songs. Also hit the soundtrack for Joe Dirt along with quite a few other great classic rock bands. But be wise, Vote for B.T.O. They are the best!
B.T.O. produced some of the best "Blue Collar" Working Man's Hard Rock of the 1970's. They even recorded a song called "Blue Collar" on their 1973 self titled debut album.B.T.O. were a "Truckers Band", long may their music "Roll on Down the Highway". B-b-b-b Baby You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet.


66Bob Seger
#66? Are you serious? Easily should be in the top 10

67April Wine
#73? Oh no no no. They should at least be in the top 20
Always makes me in a good mode!
Just likje all the good canadian bands to far down on this list

68King Crimson
Every time I hear the Epitaph I get chills. Could never yet enough hearing it once, I used to play it over and over. The music seems to enclose you, its absolutely beautiful.
King Crimson should definitly be in the top because they had the most unique style along with very complex music
The first prog-rock band

69The Guess Who

70Frank Zappa & the Mothers

71.38 Special
Most underrated band of the 80s I would say. If they had the same fate as lynyrd skynyrd they would be remembered just as well as them. 38 special was unlike any other southern rock band they are actually one of the best bands to see in concert in my opinion
They sincerely need to be in top 10.
Best southern rock band besides lynryd skynryd

72The Steve Miller Band
Ok there is no reason why Steve miller band shouldn't be in the top 20.
Come on this is a top ten band of ALL TIME they should at least be top 25
I LOVE Steve Miller. A great voice and great music! Needs way more credit!

73Ted Nugent
Better now than even before don't know how they managed to pull that off
Should be top ten for sure

Can't believe you guys forgot poison WTH! ONE OF THE BEST.


75Don Henley

Any band with Michael Schenker in it was awesome.

77The Outlaws
Name two other guitarists that can play "Green Grass and High Tides" regularly!

78The Marshall Tucker Band
Best of the 70s Doug Grays voice super Still going after 40 years

79Billy Squier
Quote from Alice Cooper: “Billy Squier may be one of the most overlooked rock stars of all time. ”

Amen to that.

Billy would be SO MUCH higher on this list if it weren't for that darn "Rock Me Tonite" video. Unfortunately, he lost a lot of his male audience after that. Listen to his stuff - NOT just the hits - and he'll rock your tail off.

Love his voice. Some amazing riffs. Under rated as a guitarist too. (Only by fans, not to his peers. )
I didn't want to vote for him as THE best so I'm putting my comment here. I agree so much with you. He is/was one of the best by far! So sad about that video. I don't even remember the video. I just know I bought the Emotions album and didn't really know what happened to him. I was a big MTV watcher but I just don't remember seeing that Rock Me Tonite video but they do say it severely damaged his career although the song itself was brilliant. But seeing that video now on YouTube I think I understand.
One of the best rock artists of all time. I'm really surprised that he is not higher in the list. You can't compare to most of his songs like "Stroke" and "My kinda lover". The are all just timeless classics!
One of the most underrated musicians of all time.

[Newest]Should be first on the list!

Come on... This band is the 80s! Why are they #2?

81Status Quo
Have the most british hit singles.. Should be higher.. Classic rock band

82Jethro Tull
This is crazy man. Why is this band not even in top 50? Ian Anderson, his flute and pure bliss.
Prog rock needs more recognition in this poll and so does Ian Anderson's band. Should be up there in top 30 at least
One of the best folk-rock And progressive rock bands in the world!
Their music is a gift from Heaven!
[Newest]Definitely the reason that I would ever listen to rock over metal.

83The Clash
The only band that matters. From making extremely influential reggae and punk crossovers, to revolutionizing the way we write lyrics with their highly political lyrics. All of them were very innovative on their respected instruments. They made one of the greatest albums of all time, London CALLING. And Joe Strummer and Mick Jones have a songwriting partnership that challenges Lennon/Mccartney and Jagger/Richards.

84Emerson, Lake & Palmer

85The Faces
Rod Stewart was so much more when he was just one of the boys in the band. This was a great rock and roll band!

Triumph... Best arena rock of the 80's! Loved them!

87Simon and Garfunkel
Paul Simon is one of the greatest songwriters of all time.


89Little Feat

90The Monkees
These guys are below Santana? Seeiously

91Brownsville Station

Underrated; "No Matter What", "Day After Day", "Baby Blue", "Come and Get It", "Without You", and "Apple of My Eye" are all great songs.

93The Hollies
the hollies have been around longer than must of these bands and have more songs out there then any other group they are still playing after all these years and they finally did make it to the hall of fame they have been under rated.

94Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young

95Jefferson Airplane
First San Francisco band to break into the mainstream. And grace slick is just awesome.


97T. Rex
Should be in the top ten, one of the more entertaining bands, can't beat Bolan! Listen to Bang a Gong, Jeepster, Crimson Moon, everything off Electric Warrior, the Slider, Tanx, and Dandy in the Underworld)

98New Order

99Humble Pie
This is one of the best classic rock super groups yet the least recognized of all. It is baffling they have some of the best riffs E.G. Stone Cold Fever and the most notable members Steve Marriott ex-small faces and Peter Frampton.
One of the best singers of all times and one of the best guitar players what more do you need.

100The Raspberries

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