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1 Free Bird Free Bird

If you don't know this song, you don't know the rock! - Teo2390

Best song I've listened to so far. Great music and great lyrics, and the solo at the end part is definitely one of the best ones I've ever heard. Then I read about everything that happened to the band members and it is so sad. They should've been around much longer

Cool Slide Guitar and very nice solo with two guitars at the end!

Nine great minutes of great music, with a genial guitar solo. One of my favourite songs, from my favourite album.

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2 Sweet Home Alabama Sweet Home Alabama

Best Song Ever, makes my Heart Melt, just listening to this song takes me to Alabama. This Should be in number one!

Good classical number... Would like to listen more from this band... Feel great when listen em all alone and sober

Lynyrd Skynyrd's best, must be number 1, Free Bird is great but Sweet Home Alabama takes the prize for me, seamless, fantasical and sublimely-composed are the list of three words which describe this song. Rock on L-S!

Sweet home Alabama I think is much better than Free bird. - Feirceraven

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3 Simple Man Simple Man

Simple Man. The song that non-superficial fans of Lynyrd Skynyrd think of when they think about the band. While "Freebird" and "Sweet Home Alabama" are good songs in and of themselves, "Simple Man" is in a league of its own. It says everything that needs to be said, and is a true pouring-out of the heart by Van Zandt. A classic.

My all-time favorite song. Nothing will ever top it in my mind.

My favorite song ever since I was little can't remember a day I didn't hear it and love it - donovanthorn

My favourite rock song of all time!

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4 Tuesday's Gone Tuesday's Gone

This song is beautifully performed, the guitar is very well played, and this song always reminds me of sitting in a car, going along the road while its raining. Once again, this song is amazing and am surprised that this song is not number one.

The only reason this song isn't number one is because nobody has listened to it. A lot of their "online" fan base ( I use that word carefully ) has stumbled across the first 3 songs ( Free Bird, Sweet Home Alabama & Simple Man ). They are great songs in their own perspective but this tune... Is the good stuff.

This is my favorite song of all time. It displays the hardship of loss in such a beautiful way. Ronnie sings mournfully, but still with anticipation of the future. Their best song by far...

It sounds a lot lik Free Bird and I just like Free Bird a little more. - M4j0r45

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5 Gimme Three Steps Gimme Three Steps

Ahh... Great song, the first billion times I heard it... But, you can't tell me there aren't at least a dozen greater Skynyrd songs than this... If I never heard "3 Steps" again, I'll be happy.

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6 That Smell That Smell

The culmination of all the unique qualities that made Skynyrd special: The prominent punch of Leon's bass with AP's rolling drums, the genuineness of Ronnie's lyrics, the unbelievable guitar work throughout and the girls singing for emphasis in the background make this song their greatest. The definitive Skynyrd song that NO ONE would even consider attempting to cover, much like Saturday Night Special.

May not be their best, but it is certainly my favorite. I also love Saturday Night Special. - AlteredState

The guitar parts are the best they ever did in my opinion

The best song on this album by FAR!

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7 Saturday Night Special Saturday Night Special

Greatest song in the world, should be number 1

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8 What's Your Name? What's Your Name?
9 Call Me the Breeze Call Me the Breeze

This song is the best

10 Gimme Back My Bullets Gimme Back My Bullets

Blown away chills the first time I heard this... And probably the same every time afterwards. Amazing underrated guitar work and singing. One of the best.

So difficult to choose as so many. This is distinctive Skynyrd - not just song as Ronnie so well backed up by the Honkettes, but instrumentally as well. I love Freebird and SHA but about time those yet to get fully into Skynyrd enjoyed the wider catalogue.

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? Mississippi Blood Mississippi Blood
? Red White & Blue Red White & Blue

25th place? You've got to be kidding me, this is without a doubt the best Skynyrd Song the new lineup has ever released.

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11 The Ballad of Curtis Loew The Ballad of Curtis Loew

I love this song. it's a great ballad. - jwileson

That keyboard solo... WOW Billy Powell rocks

Definitely top 5. Great song couldn't ask for more.

Way better than that Sweet Home Alabama cheese.

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12 I Know a Little I Know a Little

Best skynyrd guitar song

13 I Never Dreamed I Never Dreamed

It is a really good song. Yet really under rated

This masterpiece is just a little display of Gaines incredible composing potential. Cannot listen to this without feeling goosepimples. Wonderful! Thanks Skynyrd for everything!

14 Still Unbroken Still Unbroken

Man listen to this one from their album god guns!
This is absolutely their best and its the most amazing lyrics ever by lynyrd skynyrd!
I'm sure you guys will vote after listening to this one!
Just hear it once!

I love that song. This song makes me something lonely. When I listen to that music, I miss someone. I don't know who is appeared in my mind, boy or girl? I think it may be a girl. I sometimes cry when I listen to that music.

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15 On the Hunt On the Hunt

If you don't think on the hunt is up there and one of the best songs youv ever heard you ain't no fan

16 Workin' for MCA Workin' for MCA

That beginning growl is too cool

17 You Got That Right You Got That Right

So underplayed.. This is like the anthem of any down to earth partier

As usual another Skynyrd hit! Great Rock and Roll!

This stuff they are turning out today is CRAP!

I've tried listening to it but there's nothing there! NO BEAT, NO LYRICS,

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18 I Need You I Need You
19 One More Time One More Time
20 All I Can Do Is Write About It All I Can Do Is Write About It

This is the classic that resonates with me most next to Freebird of course. - theforgiventeen

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