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21 Comin' Home Comin' Home
22 Tomorrow's Goodbye Tomorrow's Goodbye
23 Preacher Man
24 Skynyrd Nation Skynyrd Nation
25 Blues Medley Blues Medley
26 The Needle and the Spoon The Needle and the Spoon

Good lyrics, great guitars. What else can you ask for in A Skynyrd song.

How is this not top ten? Great tune.

27 Whiskey - Rock - a - Roller Whiskey - Rock - a - Roller V 1 Comment
28 I Ain't the One I Ain't the One

This song is amayzing! It's way better than sweet home alabama! Please just listen to it and you'll se why it really should be in the top ten!

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29 Cry for the Bad Man Cry for the Bad Man
30 Poison Whiskey Poison Whiskey
31 Swamp Music Swamp Music

Every Lynyrd Skynyrd tune is awesome to me, but Swamp music is just one I was surprised was not listed... WHAT THE FUNK GUYS?

Not one person mentioned SWAMP MUSIC. I am, without a shadow of a doubt, Lynyrd Skynyrd's most dedicated fan of all time.

If you don't know this tune, then you're no Lynyrd Skynyrd fan.

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32 Don't Ask Me No Questions Don't Ask Me No Questions

This needs to at least be somewhere between 11 and 20.

33 Gifted Hands Gifted Hands
34 The Last Rebel The Last Rebel V 1 Comment
35 Devil In the Bottle

This song come with the country rock style, and with riffs amazing

36 Double Trouble Double Trouble V 1 Comment
37 Was I Right or Wrong Was I Right or Wrong

If you are a fan, I just don't understand why this isn't in the top ten. Embodies everything about the band.

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38 That's How I Like It That's How I Like It
39 Mama's Song
40 Same Old Blues Same Old Blues
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