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Prophet Mohammed
He is the last prophet allah has sent to earth he is the greatest person to walk this earth the greatest leader in his years he conquered the world fairly and while he ruled he ruled fairly he is my role model and should be a role model for everyone
I like Prophet Mohammed not because of he was the last messenger sent by Allah. I like/love him for his work for Islam and spreading message of Allah the true created of this world. And restricted us to stop worshipping stone god made by ourselves. He taught us way of living and give message of brotherhood, love, and peace. His every action is a message for humanity.
Yes. You are right. He is most misunderstood due to media hype. Every individual should study his life for right perception.
His enemies who did not accept his message and yet they trust him with their deposit, that he would give it back to them when asked. He was asked by Pagans Arabs to give up on message of Islam in return would make him the richest man in Mecca but he replied them, even if the offer is the sun on the right hand side and moon on the left hand he would not give up the message of Islam.

In New Testament he is recognized as The Spirit of the Truth and Old Testament he is recognized like one who would have characteristic of Moses.

Moses received the word of God at Mount Sinai, Mohamed received at Mount Era. Moses fled motherland, so did Mohamed. Moses won over his enemy and so did Mohamed. Moses married and had children and so did Mohamed. Moses was leader, warrior and statesman with authority and so was Mohamed. Moses had natural birth and death and so did Mohamed and many more similarities in them.
Every Muslim should be accept our nabi sunna. After that allah will protect us.
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2Shivaji Bhonsle
The greatest king ever
Shivaji Maharaj is one of the great national saviours who emancipated our society and our Hindu dharma when they were faced with the threat of total destruction. He was a peerless hero, a pious and God-fearing king and verily a manifestation of all the virtues of a born leader of men described in our ancient scriptures.
The great king and the great ruler who made his people happy. There was no caste or religious discrimination in his rule. Everyone had equal rights even if the person is a poor or rich. No one was out of law. N most important thing, women were safe be it from any caste or religion. He is the inspiration for all the freedom fighters and leaders. The country which has the biggest army and the best constitution always
Greatest king ever, I can just say... Real life "300" leader period.
Never before Never again... The one and only king and his emperor in this universe.
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3B. R. Ambedkar
Such a great person in the world he created the Indian constitution and gave the people equality and freedom. B.R. ambedkar is called BHARAT RATNA and VISHWA RATNA
He is the man who only think about Indian future and give equal rights to all Indians for making modern India
He wrote the world's best constitution that holds the most diverse cultures together.
He wrote the worlds very best constitution that holds the most diverse cultures all together.
He was the Greatest person in India, should be in the wold
He was the leader of humanity, equality, freedom, brotherhood & justice. He is the next Buddha.
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He is the Greatest Human to ever born..
Not to compare Buddha with any other being.

He never killed anyone. He even converted a Angulimala (a Bandit)
Who killed 999 peoples. Can you Imagine a person who killed 999 people got surrendered into the feet of Lord Buddha (Blessed one). So think of the
Moment when the Angulimala would have been surrendering under him..

His teachings spread peacefully unlike others like Muhammad.

He is perfect combination of Both Mind and Body that the world has ever produced.

Victory to Buddha... Victory to Buddhism.
Buddha taught us non violence, peace and love for all the creatures in the universe. He said a man who is born has to die one day. He did not believed in miracles and superstition. He taught us the scientific way of living.
Buddha taught us non violence, peace and love for all the creatures in the universe. He said a man who is born has to die one day. He did not believed in miracles and superstition. He taught us the scientific way of living.
We are blessed to have one such person and his given religion known to us.
Yes you are right Buddha or be ambedkar should be first. Well you wrote a thing which is a great boost people reading it. Thanks for writing
The Buddha spread teachings of Love, Enlightenment and Peace to tens then hundreds then millions after that. He suffered for years to find the Way to Enlightenment, and had great Compassion to all Beings and Saw the Way of All Things.


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5Jesus Christ
One day Satan and Jesus were having a conversation.
Satan had just left the Garden of Eden, and was mocking and laughing
Saying:If Lord. Just seize the world full of people down there. They set a trap, used bait I knew they could not resist.
They fell all! What you do with them? Jesus asked.
Ah, I'm gonna have fun with them. Answered
Satan. Them teach how to marry and divorce, how to hate and
Abusing each other, to drink and smoking and of course, I will teach to invent guns and bombs to
Destroy each other. I really going to have fun! What will you do when you get tired of them? Jesus asked. Ah, the kill. Satan said with eyes full of hatred and pride. How much you want for them? Jesus asked.
Ah, you do not want those people. They do not
Are good. Why would you want to take. You take them and they hate you.
Spit your face, curse you and kill you. You do not want those people!
How much? Jesus asked again. Satan looked at Jesus and said sarcastically:
All your blood, your tears and your life.
Jesus said:
I am happy to read that jesus is accepted as a man and not god... Yes he is a prophet and messenger of allah, like that of moses and muhammed...
This man, whether you believe him divine or not, was without a doubt the most legendary man of all time.
Well, I'm not going to say he's the most legendary man of all time if I don't believe in him am I
I'm atheist, but still, dying for your people is pretty awesome in my book.
Friend, if you're an atheist then you believe that Jesus was killed by the roman government because he was a potential revolutionary, not for his people. Atheists believe that his death was not voluntary and it in no way protected or served his followers in any way besides give them a martyr.
[Newest]His impact on both past and present has been enormous. No one doubts whether he is real - too much evidence. Just whether he was also divine. Though there is even a surprising amount of evidence for his resurrection. Anyway, his impact has been huge.
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6Bhagat Singh
Bhagat Singh lived for India not for becoming famous person. Brave person on World history every.
Its great to die for your county at the age of gettin married..


Bhagat singh is a brave man And. Play a leading role in the fight of independence.
He was the only young man who died for our country. Love him & a very big salute to him.
I am a very big fan of him. He is a real HERO...
[Newest]The great soldier's in a India

7Mahatma Gandhi
The Man of the Century
It took one remarkable man to defeat the mighty British Empire and free a nation of 350 million people. His goal was freedom for India. His strategy was peace. His weapon was his humanity.
I'm Indian But Seriously M. K. Gandhi Is the Greatest Person of whole Universe
Because he'd worked in against circumstances, he'd give us freedom, he fought not only a company he fought against a county That was England. We Love our India.
He was able to do what revolutionaries such as Washington and Lenin did, without hurting anyone
[Newest]What he did for India was remarkable
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8Swami Vivekananda
Its pathetic to see that swami vivekananda doesn't have place in top hundred
"Arise! Awake! And Stop not till the goal is reached". The man who is the real hero of India.
Best for this discipline over women.
[Newest]He was a gentleman and disciplined...

He was the emperor who won entire India and also spread the philosophy of Buddha in entire Asia/world
7B.R. Ambedkar
Dr.B.R. ambedkar, first person in India to fight for depressed community (untouchables), he is the person who give the rights to untouchables to live like human beings which were not allowed by upper class community to them, he is the first Indian to give equal rights to women as me, which were forced to live their lives as a salve of men.
Ashoka become great when he left the path of war and choose peace after adopting Buddhism. He remarkably worked for the betterment of people.
[Newest]Ashoka the great and nothing else

10Mother Teresa
She was a remarkable woman.


We are hundred percent sure about her existence. Although Jesus Christ made a lot of hero- like accomplishment, he still might be legendary
She is a great lady who is very kind towards poor. She serves the society as it is her family. We should learn more from her. She is my inspiration always. She believed that service to poor is service to god. Thus she became the mother of country because of her love, care and kindness towards the people.
[Newest]Mother Teresa. the person who did little things to help others.

The Contenders

11Albert Einstein
He was a great man who perfected many of the raw ideas that Newton came up with. Without him, we would probably have never gone to the moon in 1969, nor made such advances in technology.
I don't know why michael jackson is n he list. I mean he is great but there are far better and greater persons than him. Pop stars like him come and go. He wont be remembered for more than 300 years and that too at the mst. But einstien, gandhi, newton and various others will live for more than thousands of years. They are immortal. And this list is not god at all. It is a pretty ignorant one.
Without einstein, the world never know about space
[Newest]Mind over matter. Great souls

12Jyotirao Phule
He and his wife did a commendable job that no common could do. Started girl education in India in a difficult period. Great person
Jyotirao phule is the real mahatma as his sacrifice for the society. He has done such tremendous and very very difficult work in odd situations. Today whatever we sees development in education in all ranks is only possible due to jyotirao phule.
Jyotirao phule is the real mahatma as his sacrifice for the society. He has done such tremendous and very very difficult work in odd situations. Today whatever we sees development in education in all ranks is only possible due to jyotirao phule.
[Newest]He is not only great but also he is deserve the label of great personal

13Savitribai Phule
Founder of women education in India.. Its unfortunate that she was never given a credit for that.. Still an ignored historical personality.. deserves to be among top 10.
Open the door of education for girls. Brought social and educational revolution in India.
First certified leady teacher of India. Who learned herself and then educated girls. Because of her women empowerment started in India.
[Newest]Also is great with jyotirao phule..

14Sachin Tendulkar
Greatest Sports Person Ever. Greatest Humanitarian, Eh.
He is wonderful and amaging player in the world
He is the god of cricket. HE break all records. No one can not do this, he is an big idol for the cricket fan's and for every indian.
All indian love Sachin Tendulkar.
[Newest]It is top ten on overall or something not on sports. Please do not use

15Nelson Mandela
This person came from being in prison for almost 30 years, and then became the president of South Africa. This person taught people that you must forgive to move on. HE has many more outstanding achievements, but overall, he should be in the top ten in my opinion.
For me he suppose to be on top 10 list beacause of what he did for other the nations
Seriously letting him below chuck norris is a shame... He is the father of piece, love, forgiveness, dignity, equality and of course the father of Africa.
[Newest]Nelson mandela killed people

16Hazrat Ali
Hazrat Ali (A.S. ) was a multi talented personality. He could wield a sword as effortlessly as a pen. In prayer he used to tremble in presence of God and in battlefield he was a fearless lion. No one could match him in eloquence. In charity he was foremost. As a ruler he used to reach to the weakest of the weak and as a judge he used to punish the most powerful wrongdoer. When he was dying from the wound of his assassin he noticed the hand of the assassin was tied tightly and he was hurt. He asked his son to loosen the ropes. Where can you find such a noble forgiving soul. Next to prophet Muhammad (saws) he is the greatest human who ever lived.
The person who was the example of how a Muhammad's follower should be. His wisdom has no parallel.
Hazrat Ali is known by his justice between poor & rich he never differentiate between them when he was ruling he never take advantage if it he use eat dry bread & use to sit on jute carpet he was away from luxury of life due to his justice he suppose to be in top five
[Newest]Brave, strong and intelligent.
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17Guru Nanak
Guru Nanak's religion is very simple. See GOD IN EVERYONE. ALL ARE GOD CREATION WHO created Different religions and colors and animal and plant life. If all religions belief that nothing happens without God instructions and not even a leaf moves without his instructions then how can people on earth can claim that their religion is the only one for all mankind. God wants all type of religions and if he did not want different religions he could stop it as we all claim that God is all powerful. So he don't need mankind to force or entice humans to change their religions. Esp God don't want people to go around killing people in the name of religion because he is the creator and all belongs to him alone. Then who are we to change his creation. Are we and our thinking greater than GODS. Is God at fault for allowing all type of religions. God is one for all. No religion has monopoly on God. So live and let live. God told mankind to pray to him to thank him for all he has done for us to save our soul. We can't save anther soul. You go up alone to answer for yourself and your deeds.
He is the first guru of Sikhs. He has always taught that God is One. Many incidents of His life have proved that he was an Incarnation of God
GURU NANAK was the founder of Sikhism religion in which he insisted the equality of woman and man. though so many religions talk about equality of woman and man but in practical life they do not follow the same. In Islamic countries woman is not treated equally.


[Newest]He sever for humanity stood for equality
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18Bhagwan Krishna
He is the first teacher of the world. He taught how to live even at times of greatest difficulty.
First of all, Bhagwan Shri Krishna never expect anything from anyone. And he never do comparison. He is a god of all human beings and takes birth in different forms to save religion, humanity. Who knows, above all is the list of great peoples might be a different forms of Bhagwan Shree Krishna...
How can we classify God under Greatest Man, if he is a man he cannot be a God, so think?!
I don't want to debate about he was the God or not. But, he sure was the greatest human ever. His philosophy was greatest then, is now and will be forever. He taught the world everything can't always be goody-goody and good path is not always the right path. The first and greatest teacher ever!
He also promote to have extra marital affair and have as much wife as possible
[Newest]Krishna is not god. Its just fake stories.
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Great worrier and great king. Like his father he always care for this kingdom and people. He was the great personality. Our youth should read his books ; read his life; and should keep him as an ideal
He sacrifices his life for self respect and his religion same time he forcefully can convert many people into his religion but he dud not because he was fallowing his father path I. E democracy secular democracy. I heard that he fight 109 war but not single war defeated.
Son of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj
[Newest]Is the king of the world

20Abu Bakr
The second best man After Mohammed (Saws)
First and greatest caliph of Islam
Best caliph of Islam n best friend of our holy prophet (saw)
[Newest]The greatest person after the Prophets.

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