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141 Slaughterhouse - Slaughterhouse Slaughterhouse - Slaughterhouse
142 Fight With Tools by Flobots Fight With Tools by Flobots
143 Yo! Bum Rush the Show - Public Enemy Yo! Bum Rush the Show - Public Enemy
144 Incredibad - The Lonely Island Incredibad - The Lonely Island V 1 Comment
145 Blank Face LP - Schoolboy Q V 1 Comment
146 I Am... - Nas I Am... - Nas
147 1992 - The Game 1992 - The Game
148 Critical Beatdown - Ultramagnetic McS Critical Beatdown - Ultramagnetic McS
149 8 Mile Soundtrack 8 Mile Soundtrack

Em, nas, 50, all go hard here. Rabbit Run is one of the best Em songs ever

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150 Lupe Fiasco's The Cool - Lupe Fiasco Lupe Fiasco's The Cool - Lupe Fiasco

This album has epic songs and they aren't about the crap that most rappers rap about. This album is a classic and Lupe should be getting way more recognition. There is a storyline or saga of Michael Young History also known as 'The Cool'. No other album has a storyline and Lupe is an epic storyteller. This album is just a piece of literature, that's why it's not as popular, most of the mainstream junkies would probably be in a relapse if they even try to comprehend what Lupe is saying. Too bad he ain't gonna 'Dumb It Down' for you. Lupe, just keep doing what you do. You are what hip hop has been missing since 2pac died. Keep it going!

All songs are great, no filler. Not only is this one of the best hip hop albums, but this is one of the greatest albums in music.

Lupe should have 3 albums in the top 100.

151 Violent by Design - Jedi Mind Tricks Violent by Design - Jedi Mind Tricks

Heavily underrated album, Stoupe and Vinnie both produce some of the finest tracks of the decade, if not all time.

152 Earl - Earl Sweatshirt

This album is definitely top 10.
You're an idiot if you think 2Chainz is better than Earl.

This is the modern day Illmatic. This should most definitely be in the 50s

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153 Zakhar Nameh - ZedBazi V 2 Comments
154 Check Your Head - Beastie Boys Check Your Head - Beastie Boys V 1 Comment
155 Lace Up - Machine Gun Kelly Lace Up - Machine Gun Kelly

The website just lost its credibility for putting this album up here

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156 Like Water for Chocolate - Common Like Water for Chocolate - Common
157 Be - Common Be - Common
158 Laugh Now, Cry Later - Ice Cube Laugh Now, Cry Later - Ice Cube
159 Dr. Octagonecologyst - Dr. Octagon Dr. Octagonecologyst - Dr. Octagon

This is, by far, the weirdest hip-hop album I've ever listened to. Kool Keith/Dr. Octagon is an eccentric lyricist, who more often than not makes my skin crawl (in the best way) on this album, and his almost complete lack of rhymes should be concerning, but given the intense vinyl scratching, the unique instrumentation, and the sheer hilarity of it all, yeah, this is a 9/10, check it out. - WonkeyDude98

This is probably one of the most bizzare hip hop albums of all time, if not the most bizzare one. It's lack of rhyming scheme and non sequitur lyrics would usually give it a low rating...if it weren't for the abstract production and incredible scratching. - ArchAces

160 The Massacre - 50 Cent The Massacre - 50 Cent V 1 Comment
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