Greatest Songs from The Cult


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The Top Ten

She Sells Sanctuary
An incredibly distinctive song that can be recognised from the first note. Encourages a good feeling in me every time I hear it. This is one of my all time favourite songs.
Great song, you can really dance on it. This song makes my back burn O_o
Rooted old school sound that hits it hard from note one!

2Love Removal Machine
The solo in this song is Billy's AWESOMENESSSS!


I Love Dis Song.
The guitar in this song is just too much to handle!

3Fire Woman
Amazing song. It does a great job at capturing the inexplicable, overwhelming feeling of being consumed by love. The song is full of raw desperation, giving it a feeling of danger and aggression as the emotions at play in the song begin to boil over. That desperate sense makes it a great hard-rock ass-kicker as well as a love song, great for pumping iron to the tune of.
Should be number one! This is the greatest song by them ever. It actually has a chorus that is substantially better than the other masterpieces that they have created.
Love this song. Its a very appropriate song if you like racing in both video games or (if your rich) in real life. That's right you richies this song is for you!
[Newest]This song was the sound and energy of the time... Classic

How is this 31? Duffy plays an outstanding riff throughout the whole song. This is my favorite.


Where is Sweet Soul Sister my brother?

5Wild Flower
This should definately be top!
Or the un-listed Lil' Devil!
My all time Cult fave... #1

A timeless piece. The Love Album is a masterpiece. The Lizard King would be proud

7Wild Hearted Son
Rocks and you can drink beer and trip to this. If you have an impala and a lot of friends cruising at about 120.

8Edie (Ciao Baby)
This song has always moved something in my soul since I heard it in 88


Love this song in Grand Theft Auto

The Contenders

11Painted On My Heart

12The Witch
The apex of the band's attempt to bridge hard rock with electronica.
By far the best song!

13Sweet Soul Sister
By far one of the best. Second only to She Sells Sanctuary.
The very best of song
The cults beast song

14Lil' Devil

The love album its all great but this song along with the opening track Nirvana is one of the best songs off the love album
Such a great song

Single off beyond good and evil
Great song with catchy riffs


This song rocks!
Hm... Poor quality post?... So, just typing useless stuff... BLablabla... And now I have a post

17Heart of Soul

18Bad Fun

19Sun King
This song does not deserve this spot it should in top 10
This is where it all ends.

20Bangkok Rain

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