Hardest Bosses In Dark Souls III

This list is to count down the most difficult bosses in Dark Souls III, which is a game I consider to be the hardest in the series.

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1Nameless King
2Pontiff Sulyvahn

I stand corrected. This guy hits hard, has high health, and can stun lock you to death. A lot. - MKBeast

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3Soul Of Cinder

Definitely a fitting boss here. Multiple weapon forms, 2 life bars, high health, and high damage. - MKBeast

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4Champion Gundyr

This guy... I loved this fight. An absolute adrenaline rush against an extremely aggressive boss. - MKBeast

5Aldrich, Devourer Of Gods

Good lord. This guy is a pain in the ass. - MKBeast

6Dragonslayer Armour

After fighting this boss, I can safely say that this is one of the hardest bosses here. He hits like a 18-wheeler, and has help on occasions. Only easy thing is that he's predictable. - MKBeast

Haven't fought this guy, so please don't spoil it. - MKBeast

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7Twin Princes

Like Aldrich, these two are a massive pain in the ass. - MKBeast

8High Lord Wolnir

What easiest boss ever in the Soulsborne series tied with Ancient Wyvern

After fighting him a second time, I can safely say that he isn't so bad as I thought. It's just that ****ing poison. - MKBeast

9Abyss Watchers

If it wasn't too hard, why is it even on the list? I beat him first try. Easy to parry and backstab.

Remember, I didn't beat all the bosses at the time. I'm fixing this right now. - MKBeast

Not particularly gruelling, but probably the best fight in the game, it's just fun.

In my top 3 fights in the Souls series

10Curse-Rotted Greatwood

I hate this tree. It has some really cheap attacks, especially the acid. - MKBeast

The Contenders

11Dancer of the Boreal Valley

This is the only boss in the game that I have zero confidence in fighting. She just swirls her arms around and you're dead, plain and simple.

This guy is very fast, hits hard, and his/her/whatever's 2nd form can be hard to avoid. Only easy thing is that its health isn't too high. - MKBeast

12Oceiros, The Consumed King

Nothing too special. The NPC in particular helps you out pretty well. - MKBeast

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13Vordt of the Boreal Valley

Didn't have too much trouble since I know how to dodge, but he can hit like a truck. - MKBeast

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14Deacons of the DeepV1 Comment
15Dancer Of The Frigid Valley

After seeing this fight, I guess it seems hard to predict and Dodge. - MKBeast

This is a typo. Don't vote for this. - MKBeast

16Old Demon King

Nothing too bad, just have some good fire resistance, or you're dead. The NPC phantom can poison him, making the fight significantly easier. - MKBeast

17Yhorm, The Giant

This boss is very easily cheesed. - MKBeast

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18Ancient WyvernV1 Comment
19Crystal Mage
20Stray Demon

While it doesn't have a boss health bar, I consider it a secret boss, due to the fact that 3 of these were bosses in Dark Souls 1. A little side note: DON'T LET HIM GRAB YOU. - MKBeast

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