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1 Bloodbath Bloodbath Bloodbath is a Swedish death metal supergroup from Stockholm, formed in 1998. The band has released four full-length albums, two EPs and two DVDs depicting their performances at Wacken Open Air and Bloodstock Open Air.

Someone below said that only "Intermediate" players can beat it. Intermediate, as defined by the Webster's online dictionary, is " relating to or having the knowledge or skill of someone who is more advanced than a beginner but not yet an expert" check your definitions before posting lol, because there is not an Intermediate player in the world that could beat Bloodbath

This is so hard that it can't be completed in one day. It could take weeks, months, or even years. Tight rocket spaces, precise square and ball areas, ufo timing areas, and deadly wave parts. This is also harder than cataclysm and aftermath which are also apart of the 3 part series.

People, if you did not vote this, you are either an idiot or need to watch the video. It is SUPER hard. It took me about 200 attempts in normal to get 3% and it took me 1589 attempts to complete it in Practice Mode my first time.

1000 att practice but I agree that it's the hardest, bloodlust is coming out and it will verify as the hardest.

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2 Sonic Wave

The wave parts are so precise as well as every jump on the cube and ball parts. The straight flying parts of bloodbath may be harder but a lot of the portions in the second half of Bloodbath are not precise at all and easy to master.

Yeah its only harder because it was hacked yep you heard it here cyclic admitted it and the streams were prerecorded they were filled with cuts and other slow hacks well you get the point

Even Riot himself said that this is at least a little bit harder than Bloodbath.

Why the heck isn't this first lol

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3 Cataclysm

That level is extremely hard I only got to 15% - jbella9000

I only have 10 percent and I already finished ice cream and toe 2

Easily the hardest level. Way harder than bloodbath

Someone is Verifying Infernal Abyss by Ggb0y harder than bloodbath

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4 Back on Track

Probably most difficult level I have ever played next to obviously bloodbath. 66,666 attempts in practice and I know I'm not the best player in the world but with 19 demons under my belt and only being able to get 69% with a total of 12 million attempts proves it's difficulty to be nothing less than overwhelming.

I remember this as being the second easiest level in the whole game...can someone please explain? Unless someone made a custom level that's super hard with this name, I only know the easy RobTop one...

This is the hardest Geometry Dash demon ever. If you tried to beat this, it would take over 50,000 just to beat in practice mode. Even the legendary Riot himself couldn't beat this in practice mode for 3 weeks!

Demon. Insane demon. Never been beaten, only hacked by lord rub rub himself.

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5 Ice Carbon Diablo X

Cyclic no he hacked watch riots video called dedicated to cyclic he exposes him after he quits

The ending is very difficult. Very curvy and tight ship areas as well

This shouldn't be here. Riot, Roadbose, Cyclic and other players had this level verified.

Yes, but Ice carbon has been verified by riot and guitar and souls too I believe.

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6 Sakupen Hell

Was hacked to be verified. That's how it is harder than bloodbath

Sakupen Hell, more like Sakupen Hack.

It's been verified, it should be harder than bloodbath.

This level was in fact verified by Trusta, a level that was MADE TO BE IMPOSSIBLE was verified, I think this should go higher than bb in my opinion

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7 The Ultimate Phase

Good graphics, the dual parts get me every time! But it shouldn't be on this list and supersonic is not that hard

This is not that hard for intermediate players with decent skill

My favorite extreme demon very hard espessially Guitar's and Crack's parts

Hold on a second Isn't Skrillex Right In By Scplanst harder ( SrGuillester Beat It)

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8 Windy Landscape

Windy Landscape is only a Hard-Very Hard Demon and shouldn't be on here - Milesman34

Windy landscape is extremely hard and totally deserves to be at this place on the list, if not higher.

The rhythm of this level is precise and perfected in every little ring or beat.

Knowing that ABP and Phobos are below this on the list, it's really sad how many noobs are here.

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9 The Hell Factory

This level is harder than cataclysm. It has pure cancer sections, extremely tight sections, and basically everything designed to screw up a player, especially parts like Hermes part. - Milesman34

Hell Factory is harder than cataclysm, and almost as hard as bloodbath in my opinion

People just vote for bloodbath because that's the only one they have heard of. Hell factory is harder

Hell factory is not cancer. NIN CIRCLES is cancer. any nine circles level is cancer. and Hell factory is not harder than cataclysm.

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10 Supersonic

You know, it's very long, and very tricky, or just hard to avoid the spikes, it looks harder than number 1, but it's not, but it need to be number 2

! So long, So fast, So tricky. I watched someone get 98% on this level I died laughing

I think deadlocked is the world hardest level

Since recently its difficulty has kinda bumped down from H3LL demon to Hard demon :/

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The Newcomers

? Athenopolis

Now officially the hardest level (yes, harder than Bloodbath and Sakupen Hell now) based on reports since 2.01. Not sure why it isn't on the list yet.

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11 Necropolis

This level is very hard to complete because of the amount of luck needed to get past the last ball. - GeometryJosh2

The timings on this level are lethal, the last ball part is almost impossible to get past first try and once you get past 65 or so percent, the level is as hard as ICDX

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12 Aftermath

I know it got verified with hacks (or at least I think so), but it is the last, and the latest of the Speed Of Light parts. It has MAD parts, even pros have a slight chance of beating it. (The Speed Of Light is a mix of Cc, Bb, and Am, and if ever verified, is the true hardest demon)

13 Alphabet X

It's only hard because cancer and ship parts - Milesman34

The old level that is not completed by more than 100 people

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14 Ultrasonic

Ultra good music and ultra hard level but this level is ultra goood music I have 63% in 1243 attempts I have completed Clubstep and Toe2 Deadlocked 87% :(

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15 Twilight Step v2 V 4 Comments
16 Ice Carbon Zust

Not really a fan this is hard don't get me wrong but I'm just not a fan

This is like ICDX (a.k.a ice carbon diablo x) that has been on drugs for a while...ICDX is still harder than this.

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17 Ultraviolet V 1 Comment
18 Acropolis

The intense ending and precise beginning make this level hell, simply put

Timing needs to be perfect or else

It is not that hard anymore since the average player (GuitarHeroStyles) can beat it.

This level shows that a level dosn't need to be fast to be extreme, this level is epic - Unknownguy

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19 Creeper Force

Hell, that's on the top 10 hardest demons, this definitely needs at LEAST 10th - PedroJogaBR

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20 Artificial Ascent

On the official list, Artificial Ascent is the second hardest possible demon in all of Geometry Dash.

It is a level with many hard timings and tight flying spaces. - MilanNL

Long and extremely hard took me over 12k attempts!

This level has actual cancer. ITS IMPOSSIBLE!

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